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abuse n. v. to use wrongly or improperly 滥用;虐待;伤害

accord n. agreement 协议

aftermath n. something following after an event 后果;余波;后期

agenda n. plan, outline of things to be done 待议诸事项;议程;日常工作事项

aid n. v. help 帮助,援助

air v. to make known 宣扬

annul v. to cancel or abolish 废除;取消;废止

arrest n. v. to put in jail 逮捕;拘留

assail v. to criticize strongly 抨击,指责

assault n. v. to attack unlawfully 攻击;袭击

at large phr. free of punishment 未被捕获的;整个

at stake phr. In danger of being lost or at risk 危险;风险

axe v. to dismiss from a job 辞职;解雇;退学

back v. to support 支持

backlash n. A strong negative reaction 反冲;强烈反应

beckon v. to signal, summon; to attract; to lure 示意;打招呼;引诱

baffle v. to confuse or bewilder 使受挫;阻挠

balk v. to refuse to accept 拒绝接受

ballot n. a sheet on which a vote is registered 选票

ban n. v. prohibition 禁止

bar v. not to allow, exclude, prohibit 禁止,阻止

bid v. attempt 试图,尝试,投标

bilk v. to cheat 欺骗

blast n. v. explosion, criticize strongly 爆炸,评击

blaze n. fire 火灾,烈火,火焰

bleak adj. dim, weak, hopeless 黯淡的;没有指望的

blockade n. the closing off of a port , city, etc. by an enemy 封锁

blow n. injury, disappointment suffered 伤痛,打击

boom v. to grow or increase fast 激增;暴涨;迅速发展

boost v. help, incentive 帮助;促进;提高

boycott v. to refrain from buying or use something as a means of protest 联合抵制;拒绝参加;一致与…绝交

budget n. an estimate of expected income and expenses 预算;经费

cite v. mention 提到;引用

claim n. v. to declare to be true 声明;索取

claim v. to kill 杀死;夺去生命

clash n. dispute, violent argument 分歧;冲突

cool adj. uninterested, unfriendly 冷漠;冲突

coup n. revolution, change in government 革命,变更

curb v. limit, control 限制,控制

cut n. reduction 削减


deadline n. the time by which something must be finished 最后期限

deadlock n. a disagreement that can't be settled 僵局

deal n. agreement 协议

defy v. to challenge the power 蔑视;公然反抗;挑战

drive n. campaign, effort 运动

due adj. expected 预期


ease v. to reduce or loosen 减轻,平息

envoy n. diplomat 外交家,外交官

eve n. the day before 前一日

exit v. leave 离开

eye v. to watch with interest 目击


fault v. to find in the wrong 挑剔

feud n. dispute, strong disagreement 争执,分歧

flay v. accuse, criticize strongly 控诉,抨击

foe n. opponent, enemy 对手,强敌

foil v. to prevent from succeeding 阻挠进程

gems n. jewels 珠宝

go-ahead n. approval 认可,同意

grip v. to take hold of 抓住

gunman n. man with gun 枪手

gut v. to destroy completely by fire 烧毁


halt n. stop 停止

haul n. large quantity which has been stolen and later discovered 大笔赃物

head n. v. lead, direct 头目,首脑,领袖

head off v. to prevent 阻止

heist n. theft 偷窃

held adj. retained, kept in custody 受监控

hold v. keep in police control, arrest 拘捕

hit v. affect badly 受怆


illicit adj. unlawful 违法的;不正当的

impact n. influence 影响;作用

impasse n. a situation from which there is no escape 僵局;死胡同

infringe v. to violate 违犯;违背;侵害

ink v. to sign 签署

irk v. to irritate, annoy, or bother 使厌倦;使苦恼


jet n. aeroplane 飞机

jobless adj. unemployed 失业


key adj. essential, vital 重要,关键

kick off v. to begin 开始

lash v. to attack voilently 鞭打;猛击

lash out v. criticize strongly, accuse 指控,抨击

laud v. to praise 赞扬

launch v. to begin 开始,发动

lethal adj. deadly 致命的

line n. position, demand 位置,要求

link n. connection 连接

lobby v. to try to influence the actions or votes of sb. 对(议员等)进行游说

loom v. expected in the near future 发生在即

loot n. stolen money or goods, unlawful taking away of valuable goods 偷窃


man v. representative 代表

massacre n. the violent killing of a large number of esp. helpless human being 大屠杀;残杀

mishap n. unfortunate happenings 不幸事故;灾难

molest v. to bother or annoy 妨碍;干扰;骚扰


nab v. to capture 抓住

net adj. total 总计

nod v. approval 赞同,认可

nominate v. to propose for appointment or election to an office or duty 提名;任命;指定


office n. an important government position 要职

opt n. choose, decide 选择,决定

ordeal n. painful experience, drama 痛苦的经历

oust v. push out, drive out, replace 取代

outbreak n. breaking out 暴发;暴动

output n. production 生产,出品

pact n. agreement, treaty 条约;协议

pay n. wages, salary 工资,薪水

pit n. coal mine 煤矿;洼地;陷阱

plea n. request for help 请愿;请求

pledge v. promise 发誓;保证;许诺

plunge v. steep fall 下降;急跌

poised adj. ready for action 准备就绪

poll n. election, public opinion survey 选票,民意测试

post n. position in government, business,etc 职位

press for v. demand, ask for 要求;迫切要求

probe v. investigate 调查;探测

prompt v. to cause 引起;激励;怂恿


quit v. leave, resign 辞职,退出


rage n. v. to burn out of control 发怒;肆虐

raid n. attack, robbery 袭击,抢劫

rap n. v. accusation, charge, criticize 指控,批评

rattle v. to confuse, make nervous 使惊慌失措

reckon v. to estimate, assume or expect 估计;猜想;指望

reject v. to refuse 拒绝;抵制

resign n. v. to leave the present post out of his or her own wish 辞去;委托;使顺从

revoke v. to cancel 撤回;废除;宣告无效

riddle n. mystery 神秘,谜团

rock v. to shock, to surprise 震惊;摇动

rout v. defeat completely 打垮,打败

row n. argument, dispute 争执,分歧

rule v. decide(especially in court) 决定,判决

rule out v. to not consider as a possibility 不予考虑,排除可能性

sack v. dismiss from a job 失业;开除;解雇

sack v. to search thoroughly and rob 洗劫;劫掠

sanction n. action by a state to force another state to follow rules 制裁

scandal n. a disgraceful action or circumstance 丑闻;丑事

scare n. public alarm 公共警报

set v. decided on, ready 做出决定,准备就绪

slay v. to kill or murder 杀死,谋杀

slim adj. bleak 渺茫的

snag n. problem, difficulty 问题,困难

snub v. to pay no attention to 不重视;冷落;怠慢

soar v. to rise rapidly 迅速上涨;高飞

spark v. to cause, to lead to action 激发,导致发生

split n. v. divide 分裂;裂缝

squeeze v. shortage, scarcity 馈乏;挤着前进

stalemate n. a disagreement that can't be settled 僵局

stall n. making no progress 毫无进展

stance n. attitude, way of thinking 态度,思考方式

standoff n. a tie or draw, as in a contest 僵持局面;平局;冷淡

stem v. to prevent or stop 阻止;挡住

strife v. conflict 冲突;争斗

sue n. v. to charge 控告;起诉

summit n. the highest state or degree 最高级会议;峰会

surge n. strong wave or increase in large amount 大浪;波涛;激增

sway v. to influence or persuade 劝说,施加影响

swindle n. an unlawful way of getting money 非法获取财物

switch v. change, deviation 改变;转轨

swoop v. sudden attack or raid 突袭;俯冲;飞扑

table v. to lay aside for future discussion 提出,把列入议事日程;推迟

talks n. discussions 讨论

taunt v. to make fun of or insult 辱骂;嘲笑;奚落

thwart v. prevent from being successful 阻挠;挫败

ties n. relations 关系

top v. exceed 超过

trigger v. to cause 引发

trim v. to cut 削减

truce n. a cease-fire agreement for a certain period of time 休战;休战协定

tsunami n. an unusual large sea wave produced by a seaquake or volcanic eruption under water 海啸;地震海啸


veto n. a clear refusal to give permission of any sort 否决

vie v. to complete 完成

void v. to determine to be invalid 否决,使失效

vow v. promise 起誓


walkout n. strike 罢工

wed v. marry 结婚,婚姻

weigh v. to consider 考虑,权衡

whitewash v. to hide or cover up the faults or errors 粉饰;掩饰


yield v. to give over control to sb. 向…屈服