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ȵ Abalone and quail eggs
Minced quai

˱ Eight-treasures winter melon(white gourd)sou
˱ Eight-treasuresrice pudding
˱ Chicken stuffed with eight-treasures
˱Ѽ Braised duck with eight-treasures
˱ȫ Roast chicken with eighit-treasures
˱ȫѼ Roast duck with eight-treasures
˱Ѽ Duck stuffed witheight-treasures
˸ Eight cold hors doeuvres
䶬 Soup With Winter melon and minced pork
ǴѼ Braised duck with eight-treasures
Ͷţ Spiced beef
˿ Lotus Seeds in hot toffee
˿ƻ Apple in hot toffee
˿ɽҩ Chinese yam in hot toffee
˿㽶 Banana in hot toffee
ʼ Bawang chicken
ױ㶡 Fish cubes in white sauce
ײ˷˿ Chinese vermicelli with cabbage
ײ Chinese cabbage soup
׶ Stewed pork with white beans
׶ White bean soup
׷ Steamed rice
׹ Sweet taro with gingko
׻Ϻ King prawn in white Sauce
׻⼦ Chicken in white sauce with rice
׻з Crab meat in white sauce
׻Ϻ Shrimp roe in white sauce
׼ Cold boiled chicken
׾֭⼦ Chicken in white wine sauce
׾֭ Steamed fish in white wine Sauce
׾ Braised abalone with fresh mushroom
׾ Fried noodles with mushroom
׾Ƭ Sliced pigeon with mushroom
׾Ϻ King lobster with mushroom
װDZ Braised abalone in cream sauce
װѼ Braised sliced duck in cream sauce
װ Braised sharks fin in cream sauce
װ Braised fish maw in cream sauce
װDz Braised fish maw and heart of cabbage
Ƭ Chicken slices
зʼ Cold steamd chicken
м Boiled sliced chicken
Boiled pork Slices
Boiled sliced pigs stomach
Pork cooked in hot pot
м Stewed chicken
Ҭ Iced coconut with pork
ͼ Cold chicken with pork
ն Sliced cold ckicken
֭ Saute abalone with cream sauce
֭ Mandarin fish with cream sauce
֭ Chicken with cream sauce and rice
֭Ģ Fried fish with white sauce and mushrooms
֭ Saute Squid with white Sauce
֭㴽 Fish lip in cream sauce
֭ Fish maw with white Sauce
Hard boiled eggs
Boiled fish
ƻ Fried oyster with shrimp sauce
Ƭ Fried sliced whelk
յ Fried sliced whelk in a bowl
Ϻ Fried prawn
ٻ Hundred flowersteamed sliced chicken with shrimp sauce
ٻȿѼ Hundred flowerfried duck webs stuffed with shrimp
ٻȿ Hundred flowermushrooms stuffed with shrimps
ٻѼ Hundred flowercrisp fried duck
Ҷ Leaf shaped bean curd stuffed with minced pork
Ҷ˿ Shredded pork with leaf shaped bean curd
躣 Jellyfish in mixed sauce
۲ Celery in mixed sauce
ϺƬ Shreddedslicedprawn in mixed sauce
Scallops in mixed sauce
Ѽ Ducks webs in mixed sauce
꽴ⶡ Stir-fried diced pork in chili sauce
Bonbon chicken
ں Stir-fried mutton
ȫѼ Winter gardenduck
Abalone with asparagus
ɳ Abalone salad
Abalone soup
ɼ Braised chicken and abalone
Ƭ Quick-fried eel slices
Ƭ Quick-fried eel slices with sesame oil and garlic
Fried sharks fin in brown sauce
Գ Fried noodles with dried mushroom
Ե Mushroom and egg drop soup
Stewed chicken and mushroom
ԻѼ˿ Braised sliced duck with mushroom
԰Ѽ Braised half duck with mushroom
ţ Beef cooked in soy sauceBeijing style
Ѽ Roast Beijing duck
ݲ Pickled cabbageBeijing style
㶹 Beijing sweet pease pudding
ݩ Water chestnut cake
ݩ Water chestnut meatballs
ʱ⼦ Belgian stewed chicken
̴ Fried chicken with peppersSichuan style
̻Ӽ Spring chicken with green vegetables
̼˿ʹ Chicken shreds with mushroom on a bed of green vegetables
̽ Fried chicken with green peppers
Fish balls with green vegetables
ⶹ Omelette with beans
ⶹ˿ Shredded pork with beans
֦ Chilled lychees
ɿ˾ Ice cream with cocoa sauce
Ice cream sundae
Ice cream
Glutinous rice stuffed with ground lotus seeds wrapped in reed leavesSpecial fare for the Dragon Boat Festival
Sugar candy lotus seeds
Sugar Candy pork
˻ Grilled ham with sugar candy
White fungus with sugar candy
Chilled fruit jelly
Three chilled fruits
֭Ҹ Chilled peach slices
ʽ Polish style Steamed fish
Glazed shao mai steamed dumplings with meat fillings
ּ Glazed deep-fried sliced chicken
Ϻ Glazed deep-fried prawn
з Glazed fried crab claws
˳ Scrambled eggs with spinach
Թ Spinach with poached egg
ն Stewed bean curd with spinach
ܱ Pineapple cup
ܲ Pineapple pudding
ܶ Pineapple jelly
Pineapple in glutinous rice wine
Cold pineapple in glutinous rice wine
Pineapple and longan
÷Ѽ Duck in plum sauce with pineapple
ѼƬ Sliced roast duck with pineapple
Ѽ Fried duck with pineapple
ɳ Pineapple salad
ѩ Pineapple ice cream
ѼƬ Sliced roast duck with pineapple
Grilled pork chop with Pineapple
㼦 Stewed turnip and sliced chicken
Crme caramel

˰ Minced meat wrapped in cabbage
˳Ƭ Fried sliced pork with vegetable
˳Ƭ Fried fish slices with vegetable
ͼ Poached sesame chicken with vegetable and fermented soya beans
˵ȸ Fried quail breast with vegetable
˵Ϻ Sauted prawn with vegetable
˵ɱ Abalone and vegetable
˵ Frid macao sole fish balls with with vegetable
˟ţ Goulash
˸ Chicken liver with squid and vegtable
˻ Cauliflower and dried mushroom
˻ Cauliflower omelette
ͼ Chicken and vegetable in cream sauce
˰DZ Stewed mushroom and vegetable
˰ʹ Stewed fresh mushroom and vegetable
Ƭ Minced quail meat with Chinese cabbage
೴ Saute chicken balls with green vegetable
Ƭ Steamed rice with sliced fish and vegetable
˿ Julienne soup
Jardinire soup
ıƬ Sliced abalone with heart of cabbage
ţ Beef with heart of cabbage
Ϻ Saute prawn balls with heart of cabbage
Զ Fried abalone with vegetable heart
Զ Fried Chinese mushrooms with vegetable heart
Զλ Sliced conch with chicken liver and vegetable
ԶƬ Slicedshokkanwith vegetable
Զ Fried chicken balls with vegetable heart
Զʲ Chicken giblets and vegetable soup
Զ Fried perch balls and vegetable heart
Զţ Fried sliced beef with vegetable heart
Զʹ Fried mushroom with vegetable heart
Զ Green fish balls with vegetable heart
ԶƬ Sliced snakehead mullet fish with vegetable heart
Զ Fish ball with vegetable heart
ԶF Fried frogs legs with vegetable heart
ԶϺ Fried prawn balls with vegetable heart
ԶϺ Fried shrimp with vegetable heart
ԶѼƬ Fried sliced duck with vegetable heart
Զ Fish balls with ham and vegetable heart
ݹ Bean curd with dried mushroom
ݹƬ Sliced chicken and mushroom soup
ݹ« Straw mushroom with asparagus
ݹ Steamed chicken with straw mushroom
Barbecued roast pork
հ Steamed bun stuffed with barbecued roast pork
ճ Barbecued pork with egg
ճ Barbecued pork fried rice
ճ Barbecued pork with fried moodles
ܽ Barbecued pork with egg white
Barbecued pork dumpling soup
Barbecued pork
ַ Barbecued crispy pork
Barbecued pork noodle soup
Barbecued chop suey
Ҷ Tea eggs
Charles chicken rice
Ǽ Boneless chicken
hԧѼ Boned duck stuffed with minced shrimp
Ѽ Steamed sliced bamboo shootduck and ham
Loaf of bread
Sausage sandwich
Roast gooseChaozhou style
ݳ Fried rice noodlesChaozhou Special
± Spiced gooseChaozhou style
С MeatballsChao choustyle
Fried noodlesChaozhou style
Fish congeeChaozhou special
ը Fried gooseChaozhoou special
Saute spinach
Ϻ Saute Prawn balls with vegetable heart
Omelette sandwich
βϺ Saute shrimps
ܽص Scrambled eggs
ܽظɱ Fried Scallop with egg white
μ Fried liver
ը Stir-fried skin of bean curd
Fried sharks fin
з Fried sea crab meat
Fried sugar peas in the pod
Fried podded sugar peas
Stir-fried walnut pur-e
Scrambled eggsGuangdong style
ƹϽ Stir-Fried cucumber pure
ֵ Fried eggsShanghai style
Ƭ Fried Chicken slices
Fried chicken balls
Fried chickens intestines
ĢѼ Saute mushroom and duck heart
ʽ Scrambled eggs and preserved eggs
Ϻ Saute lobster
ľϬ Saute pork shreds with fungus and eggs
ţ˿ Fried shredded beef
ţƬ Fried ox kidney slices
з Fried crab meat
Saute vegetable
ඹ Fried green peas
Fried green pepper
ĩ Fried minced meat
ĩձ Saute minced pork with sesame cakes
Ƭ Fried pork slices
˿ Fried shredded pork
մ Sauted threenon-Sticknot stick chopsticksplate and teeth
Three pures stir-fried
˿ Fried three slices
Braised eels with bamboo shoots
ɽƬ Saute sliced pheasant
Ƭʽ Saute diced chicken with green pepper
˫ Stir-fried mushroom and bamboo shoots
˫ Saute two pures
˿ Fried mixed vegetables
Ƭ Fried sliced squid
㶹 Fried pea sprouts
嶡 Five special ingredients
ϺƬ Fried Prawn slices
Ϻ Fried shrimp balls
Ϻ Saute shrimp with peas
㹽Ƭ Fried mushroom and bamboo shoots
ѩ Fried salted vegetable and bamboo shoots
ѩ Sauted China peas
Ѽ Fried ducks intestines
Ѽ Fried duck tongue and web
Saute pigs Kidney
Ƭ Fried sliced pigs kidney
Ұ Saute beef shreds with vegetable and hot sauce
Ͳ Saute rape
ͲԶ Fried heart of rape
Fried squid roll
Ӱ Fried chop suey
ӽ Fried hazelnut pure
Fried pigs liver
Fried pigs brains
Ƭ Saute pork slices
Ϻ Fried prawns with bamboo shoots
ƤѼ Stewed duck with orange peel
Ƥ Diced chicken with orange peel
Ƥţ Beef with orange peel
֭ˮ Orange soda
Quick-fried oyster with fermented soya beans and chili
Fried pork rib with chili and fermented soya beans
з Crab with fermented soya beans and chili
ѼƬ Fried sliced duck with chili and fermented soya beans
Fried chicken balls with chili and fermented soya beans
˿ Shredded chicken with chili and fermented soya beans
Ϻ Fried lobster with fermented soya beans and chili
F Fried frogs with chili and fermented soya beans
F Fried frogss legs with chili and fermented slya beans
Oyster with fermented soya beans and chili
ȿ Steamed stuffed bean curd with soy sauce
Steamed fish in soy sauce
֭Ϻ Lobster with black soy sauce
֭Ź Sparerib with chili and soy sauce
֭ Braised pigs rib with soy sauce
֭ Steamed spareribs in black soy sauce
˿ Sliced pork with Sichuan vegetable
Ƭ Sichuan sliced chicken with mushroom
Sichuan fried sliced pepper and pigeon
F Sichuan chicken mildly spiced
Jasmine and white fungussichuan style
Spring roll
ȵ¶ Custard cream with quail eggs
Ӳ Puncture vine and vegetable soup
Puncture vine and egg white
бţ Quick-fried beef with scallions
б Quick-fried pork and scallions
б Quick-fried pork slices with vermicelli and scallions
бѼƬ Quick-fried sliced duck with scallions
б Quick-fried mutton slices with scallions
бYƬ Quick-fried pork fillet with scallions
л Omelette with chopped scallions
мͷ Fried taro with scallions
нţ Mongolian beef noodles
Quick-fried pork with scallions
պ Saute sea cucumber with scallions
Stewed crucian carp with scallions in oil and vinegar
ˮѼ Stewed teal stuffed with scallions
ͷţƬ Saute beef slices with onions
ͷţ˿ Saute shredded with onions
ͷ Saute mutton with onion
ͷţ Beef steak with onion
Ͱ׼ Boiled chicken with scallions
Ͳս Barbecued pork pastry with scallions
ͼ Fried chicken breast and scallions
͟h Baked chicken with scallions
֭Ƭ Fried pork slices with scallions
׽ Stewed live fish in chili and vinegar
׽Ƭ Three sliced ingredients in vinegar and chili
׽ Three vegetables in hot and sour sauce
м Fried spring chicken with vinegar
Ż Live fish cooked in Vinegar
ۼ˿ Boiled downy chicken with five shredded ingredients
ܲ˿ Quick-boiled crucian carp with shredded turnip
YƬ Sliced pork and Shanghai cabbage soup
ܲ Quick-boiled crucian carp with turnip
Ƭ Quick-boiled sliced chicken
ı Quick-boiledfourdelicacies
Quick-boiled white fungus
Ǿ Quick-boiled fish maw rolls
㸯 Quick-boiled fish balls and bean curd in soup
Fish rolls in soup
Ƭƹ Sliced quick-boiled fish with cucumber
Meatballs soup
Ƥ Crispy fried dumpling
Ƥ Crispy goose
ƤϺ Crispy shrimp pancakes
Ƥը Crispy deep-fried chicken
ƤըϺ Crispy shrimp
ըм Fried spring chicken
Ϻ Green bamboo with shrimps
ʽը Fried fish in tartar sauce
Ѽ Braised duck with scallions
F Fried frogs with bamboo shoots
ζ Chicken with three special ingredients
ʯ Marblepudding
ײ Rice pudding
׺ Puff pie
׼ Chicken and rice soup
ϡ Congee
Ѽ Stuffed duck breast in wine
| Bamboo shoots cooked with wine
ƴ Hors doeuvresextra large
ǧ Daqian chicken Sichuan chicken
Ϻƴ Shanghai style assorted cold dishes
ʯ߶ζ Grouper with two special ingredients
ɱ Steamed scallop with garlic
Braised croaker soup
Minced chicken cakes
Ϻ Prawn
Ϻ Fried rice with king prawns
Ϻ Prawn jelly
Ϻ Fried noodles with prawns and eggs
Ϻ Minced king prawns
Ϻⶡը Boiled noodles with fried soy bean paste with king prawn and pork
Ϻɳ Prawn salad
Dan dan noodlesSichuan style
Egg fried rice
Egg curry
Egg yolk soup
Ϻ Fried shrimp cake
ֻ Peanut cake
ɱ Fried scallop with eggs and bamboo shoots
Ϻ Fried shrimp with eggs and bamboo shoots
з Fried crab with eggs and bamboo shoots
з Fried sharks fin with crab meat and eggs
¹ German bread
¹ţ Hamburger steak
ʽţǵ Hamburger steak and egg
Ϻ LanternKing prawns
Vegetarian dishDinghu style
Οh Hakka style braised chicken in gravy
ο Hakka style salt baked chicken
» Dongpo hot pot
Ѽ Braised duck with Chinese caterpillar fungus
Saute dried mushroom and bamboo shoots
Bean curd with mushroom
Ƭ Chicken with Chinese black mushroom
Pigs trotters with mushrooms
ϻ Winter melonwhite gourdand ham soup
ձ Fried pasty with sweet winter melonwhite gourd
Consomm with winter melon white gourd
Ģ Mushroom noodles
񱱹 Bamboo shoots and mushroom
˿ Saute shredded pork with bamboo shoots
Fried squid with fresh bamboo shoots
Ƭ Saute sliced chicken with bamboo shoots
Fried macao sole fish balls with bamboo shoots
Gizzard with bamboo shoots
˿ Shredded pork with bamboo shoots
պ Stewed sea cucumber with fresh bamboo shoots
ò Fried shanghai cabbage with fresh bamboo shoots
ʲ Puncture vine with vegetablescold
Mixed Chinese salad
Cold ham
ȼ Cold chicken and ham
ʲ Chicken salad
ţ Cold milk
ţ Cold beef
ռ Cold roast chicken
ռ Cold roast chicken and ham
Cold roast sparerib
« Cold asparagus and ham
Ϻʲ Shrimp salad
ţ Cold ox-tongue
зʲ Crab meat salad
Cold lamb in jelly
ɳ Steamed dumpling stuffed with mashed red beans
ɳ Mashed sweet red bean cake
Braised croaker with bean sauce
Mandarin fish in black bean sauce
Ϻ Lobster in black bean sauce
Bean curd and egg drop soup
Carp with bean curd
ţ Beef with bean curd
ݳƶѿ Fried bean sprouts with bean curd puffs
Bean curd puffs stuffed with minced pork
շ˿ Stewed bean curd puffs with bean vermicelli
Ƥ Bean curd shin
Ƥ Bean curd skin rolls with minced pork
Fried fish with bean curd
h Baked chicken with bean sauce
ܽص Egg drop soup with bean Sprouts
ƶ Yellow fungus soup with bean sprouts
Ѽ Duck breast with bean curd milk
Egg custard
Сţ Braised veal
Ԫ Trotters in brown sauce
ɫƴ Hors ddeuvres

ţ˿ Shredded beefRussian style
˹ Vodka
Ƹɱ Abalone and goose webs
USAbalone with gooses webs

h֥ʿ French onion soup
French bread
Ũ French thick soup
ҬӲ French coconut pudding
French fish coup
ʽ French style pork chop
ʽȻѼ French style duck with orange zest and curacao sauce
ެѴϺ Prawns tomato sauce
ެѵ Tomato and egg drop soup
ެѻ⼦ Stewed chicken with tomato
ެѼ Fried rice with diced chicken and tomato
ެ˼ Stewed chicken with tomato
ެ Cream of tomato soup
ެţ Fried sliced beef with tomato
ެţ Beef and tomato chow mein
ެƬ Tomato salad
ެ Stuffed tomato
ެζ Tomato sandwich
ެϺƬ Saute prawn slices in tomato and bean curd
h Baked chicken with dried fish
Vegetable soup
伦 Stewed chicken with sliced vegetables
Fish balls with green vegetables
Ϻ Shrimp with green Vegetable
ھ Fenjiu liquor
۹ Steamed dumpling with porkmushrooms and bamboo shoots
˿ţ˿ Beef with vermicelli
Steamed pork with rice
֭YƬ Fried fillet in sauce
γƬ Fried whelk with chicken liver
θƬ Fried sliced pigeon and chicken liver
μƬ Fried sliced chicken and chicken liver
Ϻ Fried prawn balls with chicken liver
Birds nest soup with pigeon
F Salted chicken
β Long tailed anchovy
۸뵰 Phoenix eyepigeon eggs
Phoenix legchicken feetwith mushroom
ˮ Steamed soft-shelled turtle andphoenix legchicken feetsoup
㻨 Phoenix leg chicken feetwith mushroom
־ Finger citron rolls
Crispy finger citron
ܽظɱ Scallops with egg white
ܽظз Fried crab with egg white
ܽظ Pure pigeon with egg white
ܽؼƬ Chicken shreds with egg white
ܽϺ Fried shrimps with egg white
ܽз Fried crab with egg white
ܽ Egg white with birds nest
ܽ Fish pieces with egg white
ܽƬ Fish slices with egg white
뼯ռ Roast chickenfuliji style
Steamed pork with preserved bean curd
Stewed pork with preserved bean curd

ଳƬ Saute mutton slice in curry sauce
଴᷹ Special mixed curried rice
ଶ Curried bean curd
ହ Curried rice with diced mushroom
଺ʷ Seafood curry rice
଼ Curry chicken
଼ Curried eggs
଼ Curried eggs with meat balls
଼ Curried diced chicken soup
଼ Curried chicken with rice
଼ Curried chicken
଼׷ Curried chicken with rice
଼˿ Sliced curried chicken with rice
଼ Giblets curry
ţ Beef curry
ţⷹ Beef curry and rice
ţ Beef curry soup
ţ Curried ox tongue
Mulligatawny soup
ĩ㶹 Pakistani minced beef curry with cried peas
Ϻ Prawn curry
Ϻ Prawn curry with rice
Ϻ Shrimp curry
ⷹ Mutton curry with rice
Ƭ Curried mutton slices
Curried squid
Fish curry
㷹 Fish curry with rice
Ԫײţ Curry beef with cabbage
Ԫײ Cabbage and mutton curry
Ӹη Giblets curry with rice
ɱ Dried scallop and winter melonwhite gourdballs
ɱɴ˿ Scallop shreds with scallions
ɱ Scallop soup
ţ Dry fried shredded beef
ţ˿ Beef shredsSichuan styleSaute dried beef shreds with hot sauce
ɳⶹ Dry saut beans
ɳţ Fried chicken and beef fillet
ɳţ˿ Fried Sliced beef
ɳҰ Fried pheasant slices
ɴм Fried pigs liver with dried onion
ɼϺ Fried whole prawn
ɼ Fried mandarin fish
ɿѼ Roast skewered duck
ɿ Roast skewered duck
ɹϺ Griddle cooked prawns
ɹ Griddle cooked sharks fin
ţƬ Dried beef slices
ղ϶ Dry fried dried broad beans
ɿը Dry fried soft noodles with egg
ն Dry fried bamboo shoots
Dry fried mandarin fish
ջ Dry fried croaker
ջ Dry fried live fish in soy and chili sauce
Dry fried wild rice stem
Dry fried fish slices with chili
Ϻ Dry fried lobster
Ϻ Dry fried prawn
ţ˿ Dry fried shredded beef
Dry fried black carp in chili sauce
ʯ Dry fried grouper
Ϻ Dry fried shrimp
Dry fried noodlessoft noodles
Dry fried fish in hot sauce
ӱ Dry fried abalone with garlic and chili
˿˿ Shredded pork with dried bean curd
㶹 Split pea broth
붹 Pea soup
ը Dry fried oyster
ը Dry fried chicken rolls
ը Dry fried noodle with soy bean paste
ըϺ Dry fried prawn
ըз Dry fried crab meat balls
Steamed live fish
Ƭ Dry fried pork slices
θ Liver paste soup
Liver paste
߼˼ Stewed chickenWestern style
߼ Chicken soupWestern style
߼ţ˿ Sliced beefWestern style
Korean pork
Ѽ Korean duck slices
Silver fungus in chicken soup
հײ Stewed Chinese cabbage
з Crab
뵰 Pigeon egg soup
Clam soup
ʽ Assorted fish
Ϻ Saute prawns with hot pepper and peanuts
Spicy diced chicken with peanuts
Ϻ Prawns in chili with peanuts
ī Fresh cuttlefish in chili sauce with peanuts
ţ Beef in chili sauce with peanuts
ⶡ Diced pork in chili sauce with peanuts
⻨ Spicy fatty pork with peanuts
Ϻ Sliced shrimp in hot sauce with peanuts
Ϻ Fried prawn balls in chili sauce with peanuts
Ϻ Shrimp in chili sauce with peanuts
Ѽ Duck heart in chili sauce with peanuts
Dried squid in chili sauce with peanuts
Sweet and sour pork balls
ţ Beef goulash
ϼ Sweet and sour chicken
Sweet and sour pork
Ϻ Sweet and sour prawn
ϽƬ Fish slices with cucumber and ginger
¯Ѽ Roast duck
Ϻ Fried prawn balls with vegetable
Fried fish balls with vegetable
ζ Chicken with special hot sauce
ζ˿ Crazy spicy chicken
Steamed pork dumplings in soup
˴Ϻ Pot stew prawns
˼ Pot stew chicken
Y Pot stew pork fillet
ţ Pot stew beef
Pot stew fish
Pot stew pork
ͷţ Corned beef
㶫㳦 Guangdong style sausage
DZ Stewed abalone with fish mawGuangdong style
Fish maw and mushroom soupGuangdong style
Stewed chicken and fish maw soupGungdong style
ݳ Fried riceGuangzhou style
IJ Wenchang chickenGuangzhou style
Highest ranking imperial concubine chicken
ę́ MoutaiSpirit
𻨸ɱ Sweet-scented osmanthus scallops with egg
𻨺 Sweet-scented osmanthus jellyfish
ɽҩ Sweet-scented osmanthus with Chinese yam
Ѽ Sweet-scented osmanthus with duck
Sweet-scented osmanthus taro
ͺ Crispy rice crust with sea cucumber
ȵ Fried quail eggs
ռ Fried chicken
С Braised trotters
Ѽ Fried duck
Fried pork joint
Saute abalone
Saute bean curd
Ƭ Braised sliced chicken
Braised asparagus
л Braised three layered ham
㹽 Braised diced mushroom
Dry fried fish
Fried dumplings
Fried bean curd
Fried chicken liver
Y Fried pork fillet
Ϻ Fried prawn
Ϻ Fried shrimp
㹽 Fried mushroom cake
屡 Jam pancake
ʼ Fried diced chicken with nuts
ڱ Tart
ը Fritters
֭츬 Sliced goose breast in plum sauce
Ӷ Fruit jelly
Crossing the bridge noodlesnoodles with shrimpminced pork and egg
ɽ Mountain peak snake clear soup chicken soup

󡱫 Abalone cooked like frog
󡼦 Chicken cooked like frog
װײ Saute cabbage with dried shrimp
װ Cabbage soup with dried shrimp
Steamed crab and sharks fin
㴽 Steamed crab and fish lips
಼ Sponge pudding
λ⼦˿ Stewed sea cucumber with shredded chicken
USAbalone with sea cucumber
ΰǼ Sea cucumber with chicken slices
Ƭ Saute sea cucumber with pork
Saute sea cucumber with fish maw
ζ Braised sharks fin with assorted seafood
Ӱ Assorted sea food
ʲ˵ Cabbage in oyster sauce
Ͱ׼ Chicken in oyster sauce
ͱ Stewed abalone in oyster sauce
ͱ Braised abalone in oyster sauce
Ͳ˼ Sliced chicken in oyster sauce with vegetable
Ͷ Fried mushroom in oyster sauce
Ͷ Fried bamboo shoots in oyster sauce
Ͷ Bean curd in oyster sauce
͹ Stewed fish maw in oyster sauceGuangdong style
ͻȸ Fried sparrow in oyster sauce
͟h Whole baked chicken in oyster sauce
͟h Baked pigeon in oyster sauce
ţ Fried beef in oyster sauce
ţƬ Fried sliced beef in oyster sauce
˺ Shredded chicken in oyster sauce
͞ɼ Braised chicken in oyster sauce
͞ɼ Braised chicken wings in oyster sauce
Ǯ Fried fresh mushroom in oyster sauce
С Fried abalone in oyster sauce
֭Ƭ Abalone slices in oyster sauce
Noodles made from sorghum flour with sea cucumber
ɰ Poached eggs
ɰY Lotus leaf pork fillet
ɻ Lotus shaped fish maw
Ҷ Lotus leaf shaped pancake
Ҷ Steamed chicken wrapped in lotus leaf
Ҷ Steamed pork wrapped in lotus leaf
Ҷ Lotus leaf pork
Ҷ Lotus leaf fish
Ƭ Fried sliced chicken gizzards with walnuts
ҳϺ Fried shrimps with walnuts
Ҽ Diced chicken with walnuts
Walnut pure
Walnut sweet pure
Ϻ Fried shrimp with walnuts
ں Stewed chicken with black pepper
Brown bread
Black caviar
Grilled dried squid
Red grouper
쵰 Red dyed boiled eggs
춹ѩ Red bean sundae
ȵ Stewed quail eggs in brown sauce
⻢Ƥ뵰 Boiled and fried pigeon eggs in brown sauce
ţ Braised ox liver in brown sauce
ţ Stewed beef
ţ׷ Beef balls in sauce with rice
Stewed black fish slices
Stewed eggplant
Stewed pork balls
С Stewed intestines
С೦ Stewed sausage
Stewed mutton
Stewed pork chop
Chicken cooked in red wine
ƻţ Braised ox tongue in red wine
ƻ Braised rabbit cooked in red wine
Consomm with red wine
֭ Kidney cooked in red wine
֭ Pears in red wine
֭Y Fillet cooked in red wine
Red snapper
˼ Braised chicken
˼ Braised chicken pieces
Y Braised fillet
ţ Braised beef rolls with rice
ţϸ Braised beef with noodles
Braised pork in brown sauce
Ǵȹ Stewed whole sharks fin in brown sauce
Ǽ Braised chicken in brown sauce
Ѽ Braised duck in brown sauce
Braised sharks fin in brown sauce
㴽 Red braised fish lips
Ѿ Red wine
հ׶ Fried bean curd in soy sauce
հҶ Stewed bean curd sheets in soy sauce
հѼ Fried duck in soy sauce
ձ Fried mushroom in brown sauce
Stewed flat bream in brown sauce
մϺ Prawns stewed in brown sauce
մ Fried and stewed hairtail in soy sauce
յ Fried and stewed long tailed anchovies in brown sauce
ն Stewed bean curdfrozenin soy sauce
ն Stewed winter melonwhite gourdin soy sauce
ն Bean curd in brown sauce
ոɱ Braised scallop in soy sauce
պ Stewed pike with mushroom
պ Braised sea cucumber in brown sauce
պӰ Braised assorted seafood
ջˮ Fish tails in brown sauce
ջƶ Stewed soya bean In brown sauce
ջƻ Stewed croaker in brown sauce
ջ Braised croaker
ռ Braised chicken in brown sauce
ռѪ Braised chicken blood
ռ Braised soft-shelled turtle in brown sauce
սצ Braised chickens feet in brown sauce
տ Braised pork slices in soy sauce
ͷ Stewed silver carp head in brown sauce
Stewedsaddle shapedeels
Stewed white eel in brown sauce
Braised sliced abalone
÷¹ Braised venison in brown sauce
ţ Braised beef in sauce
ţ Stewed ox tongue in brown sauce
ţβ Braised ox tail in brown sauce
Stewed black carp in brown sauce
ȫ Whole chicken in sauce
ȫѼ Braised whole duck in brown sauce
ȿ Braised stuffed bean curd
ȿ Stewed crucian carp stuffed with minced pork in brown sauce
Braised pork in brown sauce
˿ Stewed sharks fin with three shreds in brown sauce
Fried eel in brown sauce
Braised eel slices
Braised sharks fin in brown sauce
ʯ߿ Braised grouper with sliced pork in brown sauce
ʲⶹ Fried bean curd with mixed meat in brown sauce
ʨͷ Braised meat balls in brown sauce
ϲ Braised brisket in brown sauce
ɼ Braised grouse in brown sauce
ؼ Braised deep-fried bean curd
Braised rump pork in brown sauce
Stewed sinew in brown sauce
F Braised frogs in brown sauce
Braised bears paw in brown sauce
Braised mutton in brown sauce
ҰѼ Braised wild duck In brown sauce
Braised fish in brown sauce
Stewed sharks fin in brown sauce
㴽 Braised fish lips in brown sauce
Stewed fish maw in brown sauce
Ԫ Braised cabbage
Ԫ Stewed pork trotters in brown sauce
Ԫ Stewed soft-shelled turtle in brown sauce
ըƤ Stewed fried pork skin in brown sauce
Braised joint of pork in brown sauce
Braised deep-fried pork in brown sauce
ζ Special fried noodles
м Stewed chicken in brown sauce
м Stewed rabbit in brown sauce
ɴ Stewed oyster in brown sauce
ɸɱ Stewed abalone in brown sauce
ȿ Stewed stuffed bean curd
Stewed mixed meat In brown sauce
ͷ Braised green coat fish head in brown sauce
Stewed pigs intestines in brown sauce
ͳ Sauted diced chicken in chilli oil
ͼ Diced chicken with red pepper sauce
ţ Beef tendon in red pepper oil
ˮ Dumplings with chili oil
ϺƬ Prawn slices in red sauce
Fish soup with tomato
Red caviar
Steamed fish in brown sauce
֭Ģ Sauted fish with mushroom and red sauce
Sea cucumber with pepper
ţ Beef goulash with potato and pepper
Diced chicken with pepper
ܲ Carrot soup
Ư Floating flower soup
Stewed mutton
Stewed pigs hip
Butterflysea cucumber
Ƥ Deep-fried boiled eggs
뵰 Amber pigeon eggs
ʼ Shaoxing chicken
м Shaoxing spring chicken
˿ Fish maw and shredded chicken soup
Steamed bread roll
Ϻ LobsterAmerican style
Ũ American style soup
⻨ Chicken with pork and peanuts
м Chicken with peanuts
ʼ Saute chicken with peanuts
з Sea crab
Ϻ Fried shrimps
ţ Fried beef with scrambled egg
Ϻ Fried shrimp with scrambled egg
˿ Sharks fin with shredded chicken
Y Saute fillet in white sauce
Ƭ Fried fish slices in sauce
ţ۾ Saute beef in rice flour rolls
ʯ Fried grouper balls
̥ Fertilised mandarin fish
ƶ Consomm with yellow fungus and bean sprouts
ƹϰ躣 Mixed jellyfish with cucumber
ƹϰ輦˿ Chicken and cucumber salad
ƹⶡ Died pork with cucumber
ƹϼƬ Cucumber soup with sliced chicken
ƹɳ Cucumber salad
ƾм Chicken stewed in rice wine
˴Ϻ Stewed prawns
˶ Stewed bean curd
˸ɱ Stewed abalone
Ǽ Mulligatawny soup
Baked eels in brown
ͱⶹ Boiled green long beans with butter sauce
Ͳ Butter pudding
Ͳ˻ Cauliflower in butter
ͳ Fried noodles in butter
ͳͨķ Macaroni in butter
ͳ붹 Green peas in butter
ʹ Prathachappati with butterIndia
͸㶹 Stir-fried rfice with dried peas in butter
ͼ Chicken Kievstuffed with butter USSR
˸ Braised pigeon with butter
Ѽ Braised duck with butter
˼ Braised chicken legs with butter
С Braised spring chicken with butter
Braised broiler with butter
Braised mutton with butter
Braised lamb kidney in butter
Y Braised pork fillet with butter
Ģ Saute mushroom with butter sauce
ĢըϺ Fried prawn roll with butter and mushroom
з Crab with butter
Ӱ߲ Mixed vegetables in butter
֭Ϻ Saute prawns in butter sauce
֭ Boiled fish and potato with hutter
Pork stuffed with butter
Croaker thick soup
ع Twice cooked fat pork in hot sauce
عƬ Twice cooked spicy pork slices
⵰ը Stewed soft noodles with egg
ⶹ Stewed bean curd coup with diced meat
⺣θ Sea cucumber soup
⼦ʹ Braised diced chicken with mushroom
Stewed pear
Y˿ Stewed shredded pork fillet
޺ի Stewed mixed vegetables
Stewed peach
Stewed dates
ʿе׷ Fried egg on minced meat with rice
ţ Stewed tripe
ţ Braised beef
Stewed mixed vegetables with bean curd
˿ Stewed shredded chicken
ˮ Fruit compote
ı Assorted duck with four-delicacies
㵰 Stewed cuttlefish roe
Ģ㶹 Fresh mushroom with beans
Stewed apricot
Stewed mutton
Stewed fish
Ը Stewed fish brains
Boiled pork chop
С Meat and vegetables
Chinese dumpling soup
Ϻ Prawns cooked in hot pot
Ƭ Mutton slices cooked in hot pot
Ƭ Fish cooked in charcoal pot
Ϻ Fish and prawns cooked in charcoal pot
Ƭ Pork fillet cooked in hot pot
Assorted ingredients cooked in hot pot
Ѽ Baked heart of duck
ȲԶ Poached chicken with ham and vegetable
ȳ Ham omelette
ȴF Fried frogslegs with ham
ȵ Ham and eggs with rice
ȵζ Ham and egg sandwich
ȶ Ham and winter melonwhite gourdsoup
ȸ Minced pingeon and ham
ȼͨ Macaroni with chicken and ham
ȼhͨ Baked macaroni with chicken and ham
ȼ Chicken and ham sandwich
ȼ˾ Chicken joint with ham and cheese
ȼ˾ըϺ Fried prawns with ham and cheese
ȼ˾ը Fried pork chop with ham and cheese
ȼ弦 Fried ham and eggs
Ham and wild rice stem
Ƚ Braised tianjin cabbage with ham
ĩ Omelette with minced ham
Ȱ ham steak
Ȱ Braised ham with vegetables
ƴƬ Fried chicken and ham
ƴϺ Fried shrimp and ham
Բպ Stewed sea cucumber with pork balls and ham slices
Ham sandwich
ɳ Ham salad
ռ Fried chicken with ham
˿ Sliced ham in clear soup
ͨ Ham and macaroni cream soup
Ϻ Fried minced prawn with ham and lettuce
˿ Ham silver rolls
Ham with fish
ը̻ȸ Fried rice birds with ham
֭ Fried fish with ham in sauce
Pigs stomach and ham soup
ѼҶ Roast duck with rice wrapped in lotus leaves
Ѽ Sliced roast duck and leaf mustard soup
Chicken rice Shanghai style
Fried rice with eggs
ެɳ Tomato and egg salad
ǽ Egg rolls with jam
Minced black carp with egg
ɳ Egg salad
ɳ Egg and potato salad
֭ Steamed fish with egg sauce
Diced chicken
Scrambled egg with diced chicken
㶹 Diced chicken and green pea soup
Cold chicken jelly
Chicken curry
δ Chicken liver shashlik
ζ Chicken liver with bamboo shoots
λȼ Chicken liver with ham
Minced chicken liver
ǽ Chicken bone pure
Chicken potpie
Fried noodles with chicken and ham
Diced chicken noodle soup
Diced chicken soup
Saute chicken and fish maw
Sharks fin with chicken and bamboo shoots
ţ Chicken with milk sauce
ڶ Savoury cake stuffed with chicken
Cream of chicken soup
ඹ Consomm with diced chicken and green beans
¹ Diced chicken and deers tendon
ƤȿϺ Chickens skin stuffed with shrimp pure
Ƭβ Chicken with crispy rice
Ƭ Chicken soup noodles
Ƭ Fish maw and sliced chicken
ɳ Chicken breast salad
Chicken breast balls
򱫸 Braised abalone with chicken balls
Fried noodles with chicken balls
Steamed rice with chicken
ز Chicken with green vegetable hearts
Braised birds nest vith chicken
ظɱ˻ Scallops with cauliflower and chicken
غ Sea cucumber with chicken
«Chicken and asparagus soup
Stewed millet with chicken
׸ Minced chicken and millet soup
Birds nest with chicken
Chicken with sharks fin
Fish maw with chicken
˿ͨķ Macaroni with chicken and ham
Minced chicken
ζ Chicken sandwich
ɳ Chicken satay
ɳ Chicken salad
Chicken soup
Fish rolls in chicken soup
Ⱦ˿ Chicken leg and sliced mushroom soup
ݵ Chicken and egg soup
Chicken sandwich
˿ Chicken fried rice
˿ Fried noodles with chicken shreds
˿ݻ Water shield vegetable soup with chicken shreds
˿ Fried rice with sliced chicken and egg
˿ Chicken shreds and vermicelli
˿Ƥ Cold green bean noodles with chicken shreds
˿ܽ Chicken shreds with egg white
˿ƹ Chicken shreds with Cucumber shreds
˿ Soft noodles with chicken shreds
˿ Sharks fin with sliced chicken
˿ Shredded chicken with fish maw
˿ Cold noodles with chicken shreds
˿ Sliced chicken clear soup
˿ɳ Chicken salad
˿ Noodle soup with chicken shreds
˿ Fried noodles and tomato
˿ Birds nest and sliced chicken soup
˿ Stewed sharks fin with chicken shreds
˿ Sliced chicken chop suey
ո Chicken souffl Europe
Ѫ Bean curd with chicken blood
Ѽԧ Chicken and duck cooked like mandarin duck
Braised abalone with chicken wings
Chicken and fish
Ͳ Sauted Chinese cabbage in chicken oil
Ͷ Black mushroom in chicken oil
Ͷ Bamboo shoots in chicken oil
ͼ Green beans in chicken oil
Ϻ Lobster in chicken oil
ı Four delicaciesin chicken oil
Bream fish in chicken
Ģ Mushroom and wild rice stem in chicken oil
Ӳ Chicken giblets and spinach soup
Chicken giblets soup
౫Ģ Mushrooms and abalone with minced chicken
㶹 Minced chicken with fresh green peas
Minced chicken and peach kernels
Ϻ Prawn cutlets
Bean curd cutlets
Chicken cutlets
ţ Steak cutlets
ţ Beef cutlets
F Frog cutlets
F Frog legs cutlets
Pork chop cutlets
ִϺ Fried prawnJilin style
ը Deep-fried chickenJilin style
ըС Deep-fried spring chickenJilin style
˾ Cheese
˾ Cheese omelette
˾˻ Baked cauliflower with cheese
˾Ϻ Baked prawn with cheese
˾ Baked fish with cheese
˾Ģ Baked fish with mushroom and cheese
˾Ģз Crab meat with cheese and mushroom sauce
˾ Cheese noodles
˾ Cheese sandwich
˻ Shepherds purse and croaker
˿ Shepherds purse and sliced pork
Crucian carp stuffed with pork
Crucian carp soup
Ӷ࿧ Gado gadomixed vegetable salad
ҳ㷹 Home style hot pot
ҳ Home style bean curd
ҳ Home style sea cucumber
ҳ˲˾ Braised cabbage rollshome style
ҳ˼ Braised chickenhome style
ҳţ Braised beefhome style
ҳţ Braised ox tonguehome style
ҳ Home style pork croquette
ҳ Saute fishhome style
ҳ Fish souphome style
Meat sandwich
ɳ Pork stuffed with sweet bean paste
ı Layer cake
Clear turtle soup
з Stewed turtle with fat pork
Sweet hot cake
屡Ƭ Saute chicken slices
屡ţ Saute beef slices in sauce
屡ţ Saute beef slices
屡Ƭ Fried pork slices
峤 HamburgerRussian style
Ϻ Soft fried prawns
嵰 Fried eggs
嵰շ Steamed rice with barbecued pork and fried egg
嵰ζ Fried egg sandwich
ެ Fried tomatoes
ɿ଼ Chicken curry with rice
۹ Fried dumpling with lotus seeds soup
ܽϺ Pan saut shrimps with egg white
Fried dumplings
弦 Fried chicken
弦⴮ Fried chicken shashlik
Sweet French toast
Ϻ Fried Prawns
Ϻ Fried king prawns with soy and ginger sauce
ţ Fried ox liver
ţYǵ Fried beef steak with egg and vegetable
ţƬĢ˾ Fried beef slices with mushroom sauce
Fried pickled fish
Fried pork Hamburger with mashed potato
⴮ Fried pork shashlik with vegetable
ƬĢ˾ Fried pork slices with mushroom sauce
ţ Fried veal with noodles
⼦ Saute chicken in sauce
㼦˾ Fried black carp with egg sauce
Hamburger steak with fried egg noodles
Fried eel
Fried mutton hash
Fried potato
ཷ Fried tomato with green pepper
Saute salted wild rice stem
Fried salted fish
Сţ Fried veal liver
Z Fried salted croaker
Fried bacon
Fried mutton chop
Fried minced mutton with vegetable
⴮ Fried mutton shashlik with vegetable
Fried fish
ᶹ Fried fish with pickled peas
Fried pork liver
Glutinous rice cake
Ginger bread
гз Braised crab in ginger and onion
ţ Mongolian beef with ginger and onion
˿˿ Shredded dried bean curd and ginger
˿ţ˿ Fried shredded beef and ginger
֭ⶹ French beans with ginger sauce
֭ Spinach in ginger sauce
֭h Carp baked with ginger and scallion
֭ɻ Preserved eggs in ginger sauce
֭м Spring chicken with ginger sauce
Ҽ Diced chicken with walnuts in soya sauce
Diced chicken in bean sauce
Y Diced pork fillet in bean sauce
ţⶡ Quick-Fried diced beef in bean sauce
ⶡ Saute pork with soy bean sauce
Ѭ˿ Quick-fried shredded smoked chicken in bean sauce
ѼƬ Quick-fried sliced Beijing duck with vegetable
Preserved bean curd
⵰ Boiled eggs cooked in soy Sauce
Stewed chicken in soy sauce
Ͱƹ Fresh cucumber in soy sauce with sesame oil
Ͱ Scalded scallops in soy sauce with sesame oil
ţ Spiced beef
Ƭ Spiced sliced pork
˿ Shredded pork in soy sauce
ȿ Stuffed tripe in soy sauce
˿ Fried shredded pork In bean sauce
Ѽ Stewed duck in soy sauce
Ѽ Stewed duck wings in soy sauce
Fried pickled fish in soy sauce
֭ Fried fish in soy sauce
֭ Fried carp soy sauce
Stewed pork in soy sauce
Spiced joint of pork
Զ Fried seasonal vegetable
ֻƬ Crispy fried croaker in sauce
ը˿ Eight-slicecrisp fried chicken
Ƭ Spied tripe with chili sauce
鼦 Spiced chicken with chili sauce
Ѽ Duck web with pepper and chili
Ź Spicy fried spareribsShanghai style
Spicy fried fish
ը Spicy deep fried chicken
Spicy fried pork chop
Ӽ Diced chicken and chilli
ţ Sliced beef with green chili
ţ˿ Fried shredded beef with chilli
ţǼ Hamburger steak with egg
Scrambled egg
Wedding cake
Stewed scallop and clam
ţ Beef with cabbage mustard
଼ Chicken curry with leaf mustard and rice
ĩ㶹 Fried ham with peas and mustard
ĩѼ Ducks web with mustard
Ϻ Golden prawn rolls
𻪱̼ Jinhua ham and chicken meat on green vegetable
𻪻 Jinhua ham
Chicken slices and jinhua ham in aspic on a bed of green vegetable
Ǯ Chinese golden coinabalone and vegetable soup
Ǯȸ Chinese golden coinsparrow and vegetable
׾ Gold and silvermushrooms
Ƭ Fried sliced whelk with chicken liver
Gold and silverleg of pig
Ѽ Goldfish-shaped ducks web
ƴ Jinjiang hors doeuvres
˿ Saute partridge slices
Northern crispy fish fillet
˰Ѽ Braised duck with cabbage
ȫѼ Braised duck with green scallion
аѼ Braised duck with scallion
Ź Braised sparerib with sauce
Hot and sour soup
˿ Sauted meat shreds with soy bean paste
Shredded pork in brown sauce
ը Sweet and sour fried won ton
Fried rice with egg
²˳ Fried clams with leeks
»Ƴ˿ Sliced chicken with spring onion
»˿ Sliced pork with spring onion
»Ϻ Shrimp balls with spring onion
» Fish balls with spring onion
ζ Steamed chicken with wine
㼦 Spicy chicken with wine
Steamed chicken with wine
Ѽ Duck steamed with wine
֭ƻ Apple with wine
Drunken cakewith wine
h Baked pigeon
hϺ Baked lobster with stuffing
hϹ BakedPortuguesechicken
h French onion soup
h ltalian baked fillet of fish with garlic and egg
hѩⲼ Baked Alaska
h˿ Baked fillet of fish with noodles
h Baked pigs liver
۸ Lotus seeds in orange soupHunan style
۸Ԫ Sweet dumpling in orange soup
ɳ Orange salad
ˮ Orange juice
ջײ Chrysanthemum cabbage
ջѼ Chrysanthemum ducks heart
ջ Chrysanthemumfish
IJɳ Cabbage salad
Ͷ Bean curd with mushrooms preserved in oil

¶ Coffee cream
ȸ Peacockchicken
ˮײ Boiled cabbage
Ѽ Roast Beijing duck
ܻ Roast ham with pineapple
Roast wild goose
ţ Beef patties
Roast lamb
̻ȸ Rice birds stuffed with liver sausage
Roast turkey
Roast chicken
⴮ Chicken shashlik
˾ Baked fish with cheese
ز Roast chicken with green vegetable
Ƭ Short bread slices
˹ Baked custard
Y Roast fillet
ţY Roast fillet of beef
ţ Roast beef
ţ Beef roll
Barbecued lamb Mongolian style
Roast suckling pig
ɽ Roast pheasant
ɽ Roast goat
Ƭ Toast
Deviled fish
鼦 Roast deviled chicken
Ѽ Roast duck with vegetable
Ѽ Roast duck with pickled cabbage
ͨķ Baked macaroni
ͯӼ Roast spring chicken
Roast potato
Roast rabbit
ɺ Roast crane
Сţ Roast veal
Ѽ Roast duck
Ѽز Roast duck with vegetable
˼ Roast capon
Roast shoulder of mutton
⴮ Mutton shashlik
Roast leg of lamb
Ұ Roast hare
ҰѼ Roast wild duck
ҰѼ Roast wild duck with pickled cabbage
ͼ Roast chicken
ͼز Roast chicken with vegetable
Baked fish
Roast pork chop with vegetable
Roast pork
Բ Pork croquette
Roast leg of pork
˹² Custard pudding
ͼҳ Fried noodlesHakka style
ɿ Chocolate pie
ɿ Cocoa puff
ɿʱ Ice cream with almonds and chocolate
ɿ֭ lce cream with chocolate sauce
ĢϺ Fried prawn rolls with mushroom
Ģ Sliced bean curd with mushroom
Ģ Soft bean curd with mushroom
Ģ Mushroom with crispy rice soup
Ģ Russian style chicken
Ģ Chicken roll with mushroom
ĢYƬ Sliced fillet with mushroom sauce
Ģ Chicken with mushroom
Ģ˱ⶹ Braised mushroom and beans
ĢţY Beef fillet with mushroom sauce
Ģ Mushroom soup
ĢѼ Duck with mushroom
Ģ Steamed chicken with mushroom
ĢѼ Steamed duck with mushroom
Ģ֭ Steamed fish with mushroom sauce
Ȫˮ Mineral water
۶ Sunflowersteamed bean curd

Cold pork sausage
Dried pigs liver with pork fat
Dried pork
ζܲ Turnip and rice flour cake with dried pork
ͷ Dried Pigs head
ײ Cold cabbage with red chilli
ƹ Cucumber slices with chili
Dried chicken with chili
Stir-fried chicken with chili sauce
Ѽ Roast chicken in chili sauce
Ӳ Mixed vegetable with chili sauce
ӹ Mixed fruits in sweet chili sauce
˿ Stir-fried sliced chicken and green chilli
˿ Sliced pork and green chili
߲ Vegetable in chili
֭ͷ Head of fish in chili sauce
ӳ Stir-fried chicken with green pepper
ӳⶡ Stir-fried diced pork with green pepper
Ӽ Diced chicken with green pepper
ⶡ Diced pork with green pepper
Snow peas with water chestnut
Spicy diced bean curd
Bamboo shoots with scallops
ʼ Fried diced chicken with olives
ţ Fried sliced beef with olives
ⶡ Fried diced pork with olives
Fried giblets with olives
Ϻ Fried shrimps with olives
פ Abalone with tender chicken
ü Sharks fin with tender chicken
ӹ Fruit in rice wine
ϼк Black caviar with boiled egg
ϼк Red caviar with hard boiled egg
ӱ Pancake
賦 Cold tea sausage
pickled fish
Cold turkey
Cold ham
߲ Cold ham with vegetable
伦 Cold chicken in aspic
俾ţ Cold roast beef with vegetable
俾Ѽ Cold roast duck
俾 Cold roast pork with vegetable
ײ Cold cabbage with chili
ţ Cold ox tongue
Hors doeuvres
ȵ Hot and cold deserts
Ӱ Cold mixed meat
˼ Cold capon
ͼɳ Cold chicken salad
ʲ Li Gongfried chop suey
Y Fillet shashlik
Y Fillet steak
Yǵ Fillet steak with egg
Y Tournedos
Deep-fried taro roll stuffed with meat
֦ Lichee cup
֦Ƭ Chicken slices with lichee
֦ Squid with lichees
Ӽ Stwed chicken with chestnuts
Fried soft lotus cake
㶹 Lotus seeds and peas
趹 Cold bean curd
Ƥ Cold green bean noodle with mustard and meat shreds
躣 Mixed cold jellyfish
˿ Three kinds of cold mixed meat
̶ Joint of pork in aspic with green beans
Cold noodles
ԴϺ Prawns cooked in two styles
ƳS Fried noodles with bamboo shoots
ܽ Braised sharks fins with two colour eggs
Two types of pastry
ζ Lanternchicken in two styles
Carp in two styles
Deep-fried dried pork
Lingnanbraised pigeon
ּ Fried chicken breast
Toffee yams with sweet date filling
ƴ Six treasureshors doeuvres
, Assorted meat cooked in a hot pot
Stewed snake and wild cat with chicken
Green tea and bamboo shoots
Ϻ Lobster
Ϻhͨ Baked macaroni with lobster
Ϻɳ Lobster salad
Clear soup with asparagus
հ Pork rolls with glutinous rice
֭Ϻ Shrimp with lobster sauce
ۻ Dragon Boatlive fish
®ɽܽʯ Lushan fried stone fish with egg white
®ɽʯ Lushan stone fungus soup
«Ƭ Asparagus and abalone soup
«ţ Beef with asparagus
«ƴ Abalone and asparagus
«ɳ Asparagus salad
± Spiced eggs
± Spiced goose wing and web
± Spiced chicken chop suey
±ţ Spiced ox liver
±ţ Spiced beef
±ţ Spiced ox heart
±ʲ Assorted spiced ingredients
±ˮţ Beef in spicy sauce
±ˮͼ Chicken in spicy sauce
±ˮ Pegs tongue in spicy sauce
±Ѽ Spiced crispy duck
±ζ Assorted spiced meat
±Ѽ Cold spiced duck
±Ѽ Spiced duck eggs
±Ѽʲ Spiced duck giblets
±Ѽ Spiced ducks gizzard
± Spiced liver
±Ӹ Spiced gizzard
± Spiced pigs stomach
± Spiced pigs liver
± Spiced pigs heart
¶ Braised fish roll with asparagus
з Picnic box
̶ѿ˿ Fried shredded pork with green bean sprouts
̶ѿ Fried shredded squid with green bean sprouts
㶹ĩ Curried minced pork with green peas
㶹ͳ Fried rice with green peas in butter
׶ʮ London hot cross buns
޺ Fried noodles with mixed vegetable
޺Ϻ Luohanking prawans
޺ǴѼ Braised duck with mixed vegetable
޺Ƕ Braised bean curd with mixed vegetables
޺ի Buddhas feaststewed mixed vegetable
ʽ Italian style chicken
Ũ Russian style soup
ܲ˿躣Ƥ Jellyfish mixed with shredded turnip
ܲиɱ Stewed scallop with diced turnip
ܲ˿ Patty with turnip shreds
Rye bread

黨 Chinese doughnut
Meat with cayenne pepper
˿ Sliced pork with cayenne pepper
ţ Dry beef with cayenne pepper
Chicken with cayenne pepper
Chicken cubes with cayenne pepper
ţ Saute beef with cayenne pepper
F Fried frogs with cayenne pepper
Ŷ Bean curd with mince and chili oilMa Pos bean curd
ŷ˿ Vermicelli with pork in hot sauce
Ϻ Shrimp with chilli
ȸ Sparrow fish
Sugary sponge cake
ɭ缦 Chicken Marengo
Chinese small irissliced
ʿ Fish mayonnaise
ʿϺ King prawn mayonnaise
Bouillabaisse Marseilles
Ants climbing treesvermicelli with spicy minced pork
۲ Hasty pudding
Ƭ Oatmeal porridge
ͷ Steamed bread
â Mango pudding
õݩ Rose and water chestnut cake
õ͸ Braised pigeon with rose and black bean sauce
õ֥ Fried rose sesame balls
÷˿ Pork with preserved vegetable
÷Ź Sparerib with preserved vegetable
÷ Steamed sparerib with plum sauce
÷ Steamed pork rib in plum sauce
ʽhʯ Baked grouperAmerican style
ζ Delicate tastepudding
ζͼ Delicate taste chicken
Ŷ Chinese door knobplum and peach cake
˼ Braised chicken live
˼ Braised chicken legs
ţ Braised beef
ţ Braised beef with vegetable
ɳ Braised sandgrouse
ɽè Braised leopard cat with sauced pork
Сţؿ Braised veal breast
Braised mutton with vegetables
ͼ Braised capon with vegetables
Braised pork with vegetables
ɹţƬ Mongolian beef with bamboo shoots
ɹ Mongolian lamb with bamboo shoots
׷ Rice
׷⼦Ѽ Steamed chicken and duck with rice
׷ Steamed pork with rice
Ѭм Smoked spring chicken
ɳ Peach salad
Ѽ Shanghai duck with peach
֭ Barbecued pork in honey
֭« Barbecued gourd in honey
֭ Barbecued ham in honey
֭ Date in honey
֭ӣ Cherries in honey
޻ Cottonfish maw
μ Minced chicken with rice
ţⷹ Minced beef with rice
ըϺ Fried king prawn in bread crumbs
ը Fried fillet of fish in bread crumbs
Ƥ Bread crust
м Bread crumbs
Ѽ Duck liver and fried bread
Ǯ Chicken liverpork and ham on fried bread
滨 Crispy noodles
Dumpling soup
˿ Clear noodle soup
ţ Stewed beef with noodles
л Croaker fillet on fried bread
û Oyster on fried bread
Ϻ Shrimp in bread crumbs
ǻ⼦˿ Cod-maw soup with sliced chicken
ǻⱫ˿ Cod-maw soup with sliced abalone
¯ Barbecued pork Guangdong style
¯ն Barbecued goose Guangdong style
ţ Shanghai style beef
ºɼ Red grouseCold dish arranged like moonlight scene
Ħ޼ Chicken pilau
Ģ Mushroom omelette
ĢѼ Stewed duck with mushroom
Ģɳ Mushroom and chicken salad
ĢƬ Mushroom and chicken slices
Ģȵ Stewed quail eggs and mushroom
ĸʹѼ Deep-fried duck
ĸ Mother and son meetStewed chicken and spring chicken
ĵ Oyster soup
ľϬ Saute pork with egg and fungus
ľϬ˿ Shredded pork with egg and fungus
ľϬ Egg soup with meat shreds and fungus
Ŀ Stewed chicken with plaice
Shepherds pie

ص Cake napoleon
̶ Milk curd pie
̿ Creamed salmon
Cheese sandwich
Puff pastry
˿ Vermicelli with milk
Crucian carp in milk
Ͱ׾ Creamed chicken with mushroom
ͱ Cream cracker
ͱƬ Abalone slices with cream sauce
ͱ Creamed abalone soup
ͱ Butter cake
Ͳ Cream of spinach soup
Ͳ Pineapple with cream
Ͳ˻ Cream of cauliflower soup
Ͳ Vegetables in butter
ʹ֭Ƭ Pork slices with butter and onion
ʹ󵰸 Soft cream cake
ʹײ Tapioca pudding
ʹϺ Cream of prawn soup
͵ Cream cake
ެ Cream of tomato soup
ͻƲ˰ Tianjin cabbage with wihite sauce
ͻƹɳ Cucumber salad with cream
ͻ⼦ Chicken in white sauce with rice
ͻ⼦Ƭ Chicken slices in white sauce
ͻС Sausage in white sauce
ͻⷹ Mutton slices in white sauce with rice
ͻ Kidney in white sauce
ͻӰ Mixed meat in white sauce
ͻƬ Pork slices in white sauce
ͻ Cream of ham soup
ͼ Cream of chicken soup
ͼ Souffle
ͼ Cream of chicken soup
ͼ˿ Cream of chicken and ham soup
ͼ Chicken in white sauce
ͼ嵰 Eggs fried in butter
ͼ㶹 Ham and peas in white sauce
ͽ Cream soup with dumplings
ͽ Braised Tianjin cabbage with white sauce
; Cream roll
Ϳ Cream pastry
Ϳ߲ Vegetables au gratin
Ϳͨķ Macaroni au gratin
ͿӰ Mixed meat au gratin
Ϳɿɶ Chocolate pudding
ͿĢ˻ Cream of mushroom and cauliflower soup
ͿĢϺ King prawns with mushroom in white sauce
ͿĢ Fish with mushroom and cream sauce
ͿĢ Chicken with mushroom in white sauce
ͿĢз Crab meat au gratin
ͿĢY˿ Beef stroganoff
ͿĢз Creamed mushroom soup with crab meat
Y˿ Beef stroganoff
ӷ Chestnut pure with cream
Cream of asparagus soup
«S Asparagus in white sauce
ɽè Braised leopard cat in white sauce
Ģ⼦ Chicken and mushroom with white sauce
Ģ Cream of mushroom soup
ľ˾ Mousse
ͰǰĢ Mushroom in white sauce
ƻ Apple and cream
۲ Cream of celery soup
˾ţ Liver in white sauce
Sorgo with cream sauce
Pie with cream
㶹 Pea soup with cream
Cream of tomato soup
ϺɰDz Braised heart of cabbage and dried shrimp in white sauce
㽶 Bananas with cream
з Crab meat cream soup
Ҭ˻ Cauliflower with white saucee
Fish maw with white sauce
Ƭ Fish chowder
Cream fish soup
Ӱˮɳ Mixed fruit salad with cream
֭ Fried fish with white cream
֭Ƭ Chicken in white sauce with rice
֭˿ Chicken stroganoffUSSP
֭ Roast chicken joint with white sauce
֭Ϻ Roast prawns with white sauce
֭з Crab meat au gratin
֭ Roast diced fish with white sauce
ϸ Southern style bean curd baked
ϼ Southern style saut meatballs
ϰػ Southern style assorted vegetable
ӻ Southern style assorted ingredients
ⶡ Southern style saut meat hash with water chestnut
Ƭ Southern style saut chicken slices with water chestnut
Southern style saut pork slices with water chestnut
ۼ Stewed noodles with spring chicken and vegetable
ɽƬ Birds nest and sliced pheasant
ʲ Lemon pudding
ʲ Lemon tea
ʟh Roast pigeon with lemon sauce
Lemon pie
ˮ Lemonade
֭ Steamed fish with lemon sauce
ţ Tripe soup
ţ Ox liver paste
ţY Beef steak with vegetable
ţYм Beef steak with egg
ţYƬ˾ Fillet steak with cheese
ţ̴ Rice porridge with milk
ţֿڸ Lacovo with milk
ţ Beef steak
ţ Steamed dumplings with beef
ţ Hamburger
ţ Beef tea
ţ⳴ Fried noodles with beef
ţܽ Beef and egg
ţ⿧ Beef curry
ţ Dried beef
ţβ Beef with crispy rice
ţ Beef in hot pot
ţ⽹ Chinese crispy bread with beef
ţ Beef with boiled noodles
ţǵ Beef steak with egg
ţƬͨ Macaroni with sliced beef
ţζ Beef sandwich
ţɳ Beef satayMalaysia
ţ߲ Beef and vegetable soup
ţ˿ Minced beef cutlets
ţ Beef soup
ţ׷ Beef ball with rice
ţ Beef ball soup
ţ㳦 Beef sausage
ţ Beef chop suey
ţඳ Tongueoxin aspic
ţʿ Tongue toast
ţ Rump steak
ţβŨ Ox tail soup
ţ Kidneyoxsoup
ţ Butter
ţͲ Suet pudding
ţ͟h Baked pomfret in butter
Ũ Thick soup
ŭξ Furious billowing dragonEel with boiling oil
ŵؿ Normandy style chicken
ǰ Braised pork slices
DZ Braised abalone and vegetable
Ǻ Braised lamb chop suey
Ǽ Braised chicken
Ǽ Braised chicken leg
뱫 Brised abalone with asparagus
Braised asparagus with hearts of green vegetable
㹽 Braised asparagus and mushroom
ţ׾ Braised fillet of beef with white mushroom
ţ Braised steak with sliced scallion
ţ Braised diced beef and chickens liver
ţ Braised beef with vegetables
ȹ Braisedskirt edgeturtle
Braisedthree whitesFishchicken and bamboo shoot tips
˿ Braised three ingredients and sharks fin
Braised three kinds of meat
Ӿ Deep-fried pine nut roll and mushroom
Braised bears paw
˾ Braised birds nest and vegetable rolls
ฬ Braised birds nest
Dz Braised fish maw with vegetable
ţ֭ Braised fillet of grouper in butter sauce
Braised pork chop
Ŵ Crilled pork chop with scallion
Ź Barbecued spareribs
ݲ Pickled vegetables
ݵ Poached egg in clear soup
Ƥʯ Crispy shin grouper
Ƥ Preserved duck eggs
ơƿ Roast ham with beer
ôϺ Pipa king prawns
Ƭ Roast suckling pig
ƬƤ࿾ Crispy goose
ƬƤը Crisp chicken
ƬƤռ Roast chicken
ƴ Hors doeuveres
ƴ Hors doeuveres ingredients
ƻ Apple pudding
ƻ Apple pie
ƻַ Apple souffle
ƻݱ Apple pie
ƻ֭ Roast turkey with apple sauce
Ϲ Portuguese chicken
Ѹɲ Raisin pudding

߲ƴ Seven ingredients hors doeuvres
Oriental sole
Unicornmandarin fish
ͼ Steamed chicken
˳ţ˿ Saute beef shreds with bean sprouts
˳˿ Saute meat shreds with bean sprouts
˳Ѭ˿ Saute smoked chicken shreds and bean sprouts
˿Ѽ˿ Saute duck shreds with bean sprouts
ǧ One thousand layercake
ǧ㸯Ƥ One thousand layerbean curd
ǧ֭ One thousand layersugar cane juice cake
ǯ۲ Shrimp and celery
бϖ Fried oyster and green onion
Пhз Baked crab with ginger and onion
ƹƤ Fried cucumber skin
˿F Fried frogs with ginger
ɿ󵰸 Chocolate cake
Ƭ Sliced ham
ѵζ Tomato and egg sandwich
ѽм Fried fillet of fish with tomato and pepperSpanish style
ѿ Diced ham with eggplant
Mashed eggplant
֭߿ Spotted grouper in tomato sauce
֭ Shokkonballs in tomato sauceGuaugdong
֭Ϻ Fried shrimps in tomato sauce
֭ Fried chicken in tomato sauce
֭˿ Fried chicken noodles in tomato sauce
֭Ѽ Fried duck in tomato sauce
֭Ϻµ Fried whole prawn in tomato sauce
֭ţ Fried sliced beef in tomato sauce
֭ʯ߿ Deep-fried grouper slices in tomato sauce
֭⸬ Crispy pork and shrimp in tomato sauce
֭Ϻ Fried prawn balls in tomato sauce
֭Ϻ Fried shrimps in tomato sauce
֭Ϻʹ Shrimps and crispy rice in tomato sauce
֭ Fried fish fillet with tomato sauce
֭Ƭ Fish slices in tomato sauce
֭ Fried fish balls in tomato sauce
۲ Cream of celery soup
۲ţ Minced beef and celery with noodles
˼ Consomm with chicken and vegetables
ţ Consomm with beef and vegetables
ն Stewed bean curd with green vegetable
г Green onion omelette
ൺơ Qingdao beef
ඹ Egg flower and green pea soup
ඹ Diced chicken soup with green peas
ඹţ Ox tongue and green peas
ඹ Green pea soup
ඹϺ Fried shrimps with green peas
Ƭ Cucumber salad
ཷⶡ Saute pork with green pepper
ཷ Diced chicken with green pepper
ཷţ Beef with green pepper
ཷţ˿ Shredded beef with green pepper
ཷȿ Green pepper stuffed with minced pork
ཷ˿ Shredded pork and green pepper
÷ Plum wine
㶹 Chicken with green peas
㶹ⶡ Diced pork with green peas
ǵ Fish maw of black carp
㻮ˮ Tail of black carp in clear soup
峴 Fried razor Clam
峴 Omelette
峴 Stir-fried cabbage mustard
峴 Stir-fried peas
峴˿ Stir-fried three kinds of vegetables
峴շ˿ Stir-fried sliced camel hump
峴Ϻ Stir-fried shrimp
Clear mushroom soup
Stewed venison
ţ Beef tea
ţ Stewed beef
ȫ Stewed whole chicken
Stewed pork rump
Ѽ Stewed duck
Stewed mutton
㴽 Stewed fish lips
м Stewed spring chicken
弦 Clear chicken soup
弦 Fried eggs
弦 Chicken croquette
Fried carp
Fried potato cake
Сţ Fried veal cutlet
Fried pork chop
Clear soupconsomm
Soup witheight-delicacies
Consomm with abalone
ɸ Clear soup with dry cakes
˿ Consomm with three kinds of meat shreds
Consomm with egg
Chicken noodle soup
˿ Chicken consomm with ham
Consomm with meat dumplings
Ģ Mushroom consomm
American abalone soup
Noodle soup
ɢ Clear sharks fin soup
߲ Consomm with vegetables
˿ Consomm withthree shreds
Թ Consomm with poached egg
ϸ Consomm wih thin noodles
ѩ Consomm with white fungus
Birds nest consomm
Clear soup with birds nest
Consomm with white fungus
ȵ Consomm with white fungus and quail eggs
Sharks fin in clear soup
Fish maw in clear soup
Ӱ Clear soup with assorted ingredients
Bamboo shoots clear soup
ըY DeeP-fried pork fillet
ըѼ Deep-fried pork duck liver
ըӸ Deep-fried gizzard and liver
ը Deep-fried pork liver
ըY Deep-fried pork fillet
Steamed silver carp
Steamed bream with scallions and black beans
ʸ Steamed pigeon
Steamed mandarin fish
Steamed seafood
Steamed chicken
ƺ Steamed Yellow river carp
Steamed live fish
Steamed crucian carp
Steamed carp
Steamed perch with scallion and black beans
Steamed perch fillet
ȫ Steamed whole chicken
ȫѼ Steamed whole duck
ȿ Steamed stuffed bean curd
ȿ Steamed stuffed silvery curp
з Steamed crab
Steamed layered fish
Steamed hilsa herring
F Steamed frog
зǯ Steamed crab claws
Steamed fish
Steamed fish fillets
Ԫ Steamed soft-shelled turtle
ӻ Steamed assorted ingredients
Steamed black carp with wine
ȫҸ Family delightassorted ingredientssavoury
ȫտ Barbecued whole pig
ȸȵ Quail eggs in a nest
ȸ Diced chicken in a nest
ȸϺƬ Shrimps in a nest


ȿ Stuffed mushroom
ȿ Stuffed winter melonwhite gourd
ȿ Stuffed bean curd
ȿ Hair like vegetable soup
ȿƹ Stuffed cucumber
ȿ Stuffed chicken
ȿҶ Stuffed bean curd leaf rolls with minced pork
ȿཷ Stuffed green pepper
ȿӽ Stuffed pepper
ȿ Stuffed dace
ȿڼ Chicken stuffed with pork
ȿڼ Eggs stuffed with pork
ȿཷ Green pepper stuffed with pork
ȿ Tomato stuffed with pork
ȿСţؿ Veal breast stuffed with pork
ȿ Fish stuffed with pork
ȿǾ Stuffed sheeps tripe with mushroom
ȿ Stuffed bamboo shoots
Ȳ Hot dishes
ȹ Hot dog
ȼ Fried chinese savoury pancakehot
ţ Hot milk
ƴ hot hors oeuvres
չ۸ Sunshine cake
Poached egg with minced pork
Minced meat puffs
ĩձ Minced meat with sesame cakes
ĩ Fried rice with minced pork
Ƭ Sliced pork soup
ඹ Minced pork with green beans
ɳ Meat salad
Stewed cuttlefish with pork
˿ Pork omelette
˿ Pork fried rice
˿ Fried noodles with sliced pork
˿ Sliced pork soup with kelp
˿ Shredded pork with boiled noodles
˿Ƕ Stewed sliced pork with bean curd
˿ Shredded pork noodle soup
˿ Sliced pork and dried bamboo shoots
Dried meat floss
Meat broth
迧 Meatball curry
ӷ Meatballs with rice
Meatball soup
ڼ Savoury pancake filled with pork
ڼ Pancake roll with meat filling
з Fresh crab
Բ˿ Minced pork balls and bean vermicelli soup
Ӱ Assorted meat
Ӱ Mixed meat soup
֭ͨķ Macaroni with meat sauce
ⶬ Perfectbamboo shoots
鵰 Custard cake
ҟhз Crab meat with cheese
ҟh Fish with cheese
ζ Cheese sandwich
Ϻ Soft fried prawns
Soft fried fish
ըлY Soft fried fillet slices with onion
ըϺ Soft fried prawns
ըƬ Soft fried croaker
ը Soft fried chicken
ըY Soft fried fillet
ըϺ Soft fried prawns
ը Soft fried fish slices
ʿ Chicken wingsSwiss style
ʿh Baked chicken with mixed sauceSwiss style
ʿӸ Chicken gibletsSwiss style
ȸ Liver sausage and chicken pie
з Crab meat styleegg
h Baked chicken with spices
մ Threenon-sticksweetsmade of egglard and flour
ƴ Three kinds of hors doeuvres
Ʒ Three kinds of meat in hot pot
ɫƹϾ Three coloured cucumber stuffed rolls
ɫƴ Three kinds of cold meat
ɫ Three coloured chicken soup
ʽƴ Three kinds of hors doeuvres
˿ Fried noodles with three shredded ingredients
˿ Sharks fin soup with three shredded ingredients
˿ Three shreds with winter noodles
˿Ѽ Duck with three sliced meats
˿ American abalone with three shredded ingredients
˿ Sharks fin with three shredded ingredients
ʱ Abalone with three shredded ingredients
ʳ Friednoodles with three fresh delicacies
ʶ Winter melonwhite gourdbowl withthree fresh ingredients
ʶ Bean curd withthree fresh ingredients
ʸ˿ Vermicelli soup with three fresh ingredients
ʹ Three flavour crispy rice soup
ʹ Three flavourfried meat dumplings
Three flavourmeat dumpling soup
ʽ Tianjin cabbage with three fresh ingredients
Three flavoured fried noodles
ȿѼ Ducks wing stuffed withthree fresh ingredients
Three fresh delicaciesshaomaidumplings
ʱ Fresh vegetable withthree fresh ingredients
ˮ Boiled dumplings with three fresh delicacies
Three fresh delicaciessoup
Three flavournoodles soupShanghai style
ʞɱ Abalone withthree fresh ingredients
Fish maw with shrimp ballsfish and minced pork
ɢ󶹸 Braised stuffed bean curd
ɳ Satay pigeonMalaysia
ɳ Sardine sandwich
ɳ Sardines
ɳ Sofachicken
ɳϺ Lobster with sandgrouse
ɳ Salad
ɳʽ⼦ Chicken chasse
ɰ Soup in alms bowl
ɰײ Cabbage in casserole
ɰ Bean curd in casserole
ɰ Sharks fin in casserole
ɰ Chicken in cusserole
ɰȫѼ Duck in casserole
ɰ Three fresh delicaciesin casserole
ɰʲ Assorted meat in casserole
ɰ Meatballs in casserole
ɰ Fish in casserole
ɰ㴽 Fish lips in casserole
ɽ Shandong vegetable
ɽ Shandong sea cucumber
ɽռ Shandong roast chicken
ɽڽ Fish dumplingsShandong Style
ɽ Pheasant shashlik
ɺ븬 Coral stylestuffed pigeon with crab sauce
noodles with eels
Ϻ Shanghai spring roll
Ϻ Shanghai style thick noodles
Ϻţ Shanghai beef broth
ȵ Quail eggs and vegetable soup
Clear fish maw soup
Poached chicken and vegetable soup
Fish balls in soup
յ Clear swallows nest soup
Roast quail
հ׸ Roast pigeon
ձ Griddle cooked savoury cake
ն Grilled winter melonwhite gurdand pumpkin
ն Roast goose
ն Mushroom and bamboo shoots
շ Deep-fried pigeon and shrimp wafers
շFƬ Fried sliced frog with chicken liver
ոƴƬ Fried chicken and liver
ոƴϺ Fried shrimp and chicken liver
ջ Roast turkey
ռ Roast chicken
ռ Roast chicken with ham
ռ Chicken salad
ռƴF Braised chicken and frogs legs
ռ Chicken with spaghetti
ռը Chicken with puncture vine
ս Roast chicken with soy sauce
՟h׸ Roast pigeon
՟h Roast chicken liver
՟h Roast pigeon
տŹ Barbecued spareribs
ţ Braised tripe
ţ Roast beef fillet
ţ Roast beef
ͷ Stewed head of green coat fish
ȹ Roast soft-shelled turtle with ham and mushroom
ȿϺƴ Stuffed king prawns and roast pigeon
Canton style roast pork
Roast suckling pig
Sautethree delicacies
ʲ Assorted sweets
ʯ Roast pigeonlarge
Whole fried fish with pine nut
ͯӼ Roast spring chicken
Ѭ Smoked croaker
Ѽ Roast duck
Roast saddle of mutton
Roast leg of lamb
Ұ Roast pheasant
Ԫ Braised soft-shelled turtle
Ϻ Fried prawn balls with ham
Roast pork chop
Roast pigs liver
Ӷ Bean curd with minced meat
˾ Shaoxing wine
Ӻ Saute sea cucumber with hot sauce and minced meat
Snake meatballs
ƫ Saute spinach
ƫ Saute Chinese wolfberry
˰Ǽ Braised chicken with lettuce
Cold fish with lettuce
Minced pigeon
Ƭ Saute sliced chicken
ʲ Fried chicken giblets
˿ Fried shredded chicken
Fried minced chicken
Fried whelk with vegetable
Ŵ׷ Fried glutinous rice
Ź Fried sparerib
Ƭ Fried eel slices
Ƭ Fried dry cuttlefish
Fried conch
F Fried frogs leg
Fried fresh squid
ҰƬ Fried sliced pheasant
Steamed silvery pomfret
Raw bean curd
˿ Fried rice with shredded chicken
Ƭ Meat cooked in hot pot
յ Birthday cake
Ƭ Snakehead mullet slices
Ƭ Sliced fish poup
ʥ Christmas pudding
ʲ˿ Vegetable curry
ʲ˻ Sliced conch with vegetable
ʲɳ Vegetable salad
ʲ Vegetable soup
ʲ Assorted cold cuts
ʲ Fruit pudding
ʲ Fried rice with assorted meats
ʲ Fried noodles with assorted meats
ʲ Fried rice with mixed meat and egg
ʲ Winter melonwhite gourdbowl with assorted ingredients
ʲ϶ Diced witnter melon and assorted meat soup
ʲ Pot noodles with assorted meat
ʲ Borsch
ʲˮ Mixed fruit compote
ʲ Mixed meat in chafing dish
ʲ Assorted hors doeuvres
ʲⶳ Mixed meat in aspic
ʲɳ Mixed salad
ʲ± Saute mixed meat and vegetable
ʲˮ Fruit cocktail
ʲ˿ Assorted meats with green bean vegetables
ʲϺ Shrimp with mixed vegetables
ʲС Assorted snacks
ʲ֭ Fried pork with mixed sauce
ʲ֭ţ Beef balls with mixed sauce
ʲ Assorted hot dish
ʯ Grouper
ʯ Steamed grouper slices spread with minced shrimp and mushrooms
ʱ˼Ƭ Sliced chicken and seasonal vegetable soup
ʱţƬ Sliced beef and seasonal vegetable soup
ʱ˰ǴѼ Braised duck with seasonal vegetables
ʱ˰Ѽ Braised duck with seasonal vegetable
ʱƬ Sliced pork and seasonal vegetable soup
ʱƬ Sliced snakehead mullet and seasonal vegetable soup
ʱѵ Poached egg and seasonal vegetable soup
ʱϺ Fried prawn ball with seasonal vegetable
ʱ Pigs liver and seasonal vegetable soup
ʱʹ Seasonal fresh fruits
ץ Mutton eaten with hands
߲˳˿ Shredded pork with vegetable
߲˿Ѽ Roast chicken and duck with vegetable
߲˿ţ Roast beef with vegetable
߲ţ Beef steak with vegetable
߲ɳ Vegetable salad
߲ Vegetable soup
߲ըţ Fried ox brain with vegetable
߲ը Deep-fried mutton chop with vegetable
߲ Minced pork cutlets with vegetable
Mutton stew
Yule cake
Mutton slices cooked in hot pot
Mutton in hot pot
ū Chicken mushroom and bamboo shoots
˫ƴƬƤ Roast sliced goose
˫ɫƴ Two kinds of cold meat
˫ţ Beef with mushroom and bamboo shoots
˫ƴ Two bors ds oeuveres
˫ɫȿ Two coloured stuffed chicken platter
ˮ Fruits
ˮ Sundae
ˮ Fruit cake
ˮ Fruit jelly
ˮ Fruit and bread pudding
ˮɳ Fruit salad
ˮ Crystalchicken
ˮϺ Crystalshrimp cake
ˮѼ Crystalducks tongue
ˮԼ Poached egg
ˮţ Boiled beef
ı Four delicaciessoup
Ĵ Sichuan hot and sour soup
ĴԲ Sichuan glutinous rice balls
ĴϺ Fried shrimpSichuan style
Ĵ Sichuan shrimp with crispy fish
ƴ Four ingredients hors d oeuvres
ɫѼ Four colouredgarnished duck
ʽ Four kinds of pastries
ʽѼ Four kinds of braised duck
ɱ Shortcake
ɴ Crumpet
ɸ Chinese sponge cake
ɻ Preserved duck eggs
ɻƤ Thousand year oldduck eggs
ɼϺ Saute grouse and fried prawn cutlet
Sweet and sour fried mandarin fish balls
Sweet and sour fried croacker
Pinecone live fish
Ӽ Minced chicken with pine nuts
Ӱ Braised pork with pine nuts
Ӽ˿ Chicken with pine nuts
Steamed perch with pine nuts
ը Deep-fried fish with pine nuts
մ Soda biscuits
մˮ Soda water
ո۲ Souffl pudding
ո۸ Scottish cake
ֲƤ Preserved egg with pickles
С Crispy crucian carp
ּŴװ Crispy glutinous ricemushroom and pork dumpling
ը Crispy fried dried mushroom
ը Crispy fried spring rolls
ըβϺ Crispy fried king prawns
ըξ Crispy fried liver roll
ը Crispy fried won tonmeat dumpling
ըӸ Crispy fried chicken giblets
ը Crispy fried dace balls
ըţ Deep-fried beef balls
ըϺ Deep-fried stuffed shrimp
ըз Deep-fried stuffed crab meat
ը Deep-fried crispy sliced grouper
ըӸ Deep-fried liver and giblets
ز˼Ƭ Chicken slices soup with vegetables
زĢţ Stewed beef with vegetable and mushroom
زƬ Sliced meat soup with vegetable
ز Vegetable soup
س Saute bean sprouts
ز˼ Chicken soup with vegetable
ػ Imperialthree delicaciessavoury
ػ˫ Braised black mushroom with bamboo shoots
ı Four vegetable delicacies
׶ Bean curd with sorgo
׹Ѽ Braised duck with sorgo
׹Ѽ Braised duck with sorgo
Cream sorgo soup
˻ Pickled cauliflower
˿ Roast wild goose with pickled cabbage
˿ Roast pork chop with pickled cabbage
˿ Roast pork with pickled cabbage
Pickled cabbage soup
Pickled vegetables with squid soup
Sweet and soup pork
Ƥ Preserved duck eggs and pickles
ײ Hot and sour cabbage
ƹ Sour cucumber
Hot and sour chicken
Hot and sour fish
ţƬ Hot and sour beef slices
Hot and sour noodles
Hot and sour soup
Hot and sour kidney rolls
Hot and sour fish
Won tonmeat dumplingin hot and sour sauce
Ģ Pickled mushroom
ͿĢ Baked mushroom with yoghurt
ţ Yoghurt
ݲ Sweet and sour pickled cabbage
ӽ Sweet and sour green pepper
л Sour tasting turkey
֭ Fried pork chopFrench stylewith sour sauce
糴˿ Saute meat shreds with garlic stems
شIJ Puncture vine soup with minced garlic
̦ţƬ Saute beef slices with garlic stems
ͷջ Stewed eel with garlic
Braised scallop with garlic
泴Ƭ Saute meat slices with vegetable
泴ز Saute vegetables
Ƭ Shredded harley
׼ Saute chicken with peanuts
񳴼 Chicken and bamboo shoots
񳴼˿ Shredded chicken and bamboo shoots
ţ Fried sliced beef and bamboo shoots
˿ Sliced pork and bamboo shoots
Giblets and bamboo shoots
Ƭ Sliced fried snakehead mullet with bamboo shoots
ϺƬ Fried prawn and bamboo shoots
ѼƬ Fried sliced duck and bamboo shoots
Fried pigs kidney and bamboo shoots
񹽼嵰 Fried eggs with mushroom and bamboo shoots

Fried mutton fillet in sweet sauce
̼㴮 Fish shashlik
̼ Fish shashlik
Gizzard balls in soup
ƬѼ Fried duck slice
Sweet dumpling
Ǵװ躣Ƥ˿ Shredded jellyfish in sweet and sour sauce
Ǵ׳Ź Sweet and sour sparerib
Ǵ״ Sweet and sour hairtail
Ǵ׻ Fried yellow croaker with sweet and sour sauce
Ǵ׼ Sweet and sour chicken slices
ǴY Sweet and sour fillet
Ǵ Fried carp with sweet and sour sauce
ǴŹ Sweet and sour spareribs
Ǵȫ Sweet and sour whole fish
Ǵʯ߿ Sweet and sour grouper slices
Ǵ߿ Sweet and sour tile-shaped fish
ǴϺ Sweet and sour shrimps
Ǵ Sweet and sour fish slices
Ǵ Sweet and sour fish balls
ǴY Saute pork fillet with sweet and sour sauce
Ƿը Doughnuts
ǹʽ Sweet bread
ǿˮ Sugar water
ˮ Compote
Steamed dumpling
Ҳ Peach pudding
һ Crispy rice crust with three ingredients
һ Peach flowerricesweet
ʼ Saute chicken with walnuts
㹽 Mushroom with walnuts
ʽƴ House special hors doeuvres
ţ T-bone steak
򹷲 Tianjin Goubuli stuffed bun
F Frog soup
ɳ Sweet fried tato
Sweet capsicum
ͷ Sweet steamed bun
ʳ Sweets
ı Stewed mixed fruits
ἦ Sweet and sour chicken
Sweet and sour pork
Pork kievstuffed with batter
ţ Sizzling beef
Henan style egg cooked in iron pan
DZĿ Grilled sole
ǴϺ Grilled king prawns
ǹ Grilled mandarin fish
Ǽ Crilled chicken chop
Y Grilled fillet
ţ Grilled ox liver
ţ Grilled beef steak
ţƬ Grilled beef slices
ţ Crilled veal
Grilled black carp
С Grilled spring chicken
Grilled mutton chop
Ӱ Mixed grill with mutton
Grilled fish
Mixed grill
YƬ Grilled pork fillet slices
ͨ⽴ Macaroni with pork and ginger
ͨķ۰֭ Stewed chicken with macaroni
ͨķۺţ Braised beef with macaroni
ͨķ Macaroni soup
ͰӼ Spring chicken in salt
Ͱͼ Soy flavoured chicken
Ͳ Pork in salt
Mashed potato and spinach soup
Mashed potato
Minced meat cutlet with mashed potato
Сţ Fried veal chop with mashed potato
弦 Chicken cutlets with mashed potato
Fried fish cutlet with mashed potato
ţؿ Fried veal breast with mashed potato
ɳ Potato salad
߲˱ Fried potato and vegetable patty
Stewed mutton with potato and onion
˾ Toast
Rabbit pie
ǧ Minced ham in I-layer cake
Steamed croaker with flour
߹㹷 Jugged dog meat
㶹 Green peas omelette
㶹 Sweet pea pure
㶹Ѽ Steamed duck cubes with peas
㶹 Green peas with asparagus
ӻ Meatballs in hot pot
߲ Meatballs and vegetable soup
Meatballs soup
ϼӳţ Sunset ox tonguetongue in tomato sauce
͵ Lantern chicken with lard
Ϻ Prawn folls in lard
ը Deep-fried pigeon with wafers
ެ Stewed tomato
л Stewed turkey
м Stewed chicken
м Stewed chicken balls
Stewed fish roll
ά Wafer
ѵţⷹ Steamed rice with beef and poached egg
ѷ Waffle
Ϻ Fried prawns on toast
ͷ Steamed corn bread
Cuttlefish soup
޹Ǽ Chicken fillets
Crispy fried eeslWuxi style
Ⳮ Won tonmeat dumplings
ʴѼ˿ Five colouredbreast of duck
ƴ Five colouredhors doeuvres
Ƥ Wujiapi wine
Fish with five shreded ingredients
ĩ Five ingredients jelly
ʸ Fried sweet taro with mixed nuts
ǰ Steamed dumplings with mixed nuts
ɫƴ Assorted hors doeuvres
˿ Five kinds of sliced cucumber
Spicy quail
׸ Spicy pigeon
϶ Spicy broad beans
走 Spicy tea boiled eggs
㶹 Spiced dried bean curd
Spiced goose
̻ȸ Spiced rice birds
㻨 Spiced peanuts
㽴Ѽ Spiced duck
ţ Spiced beef
ˮѼ Spiced teal
Spiced hare
Ѭţ Spiced smoked beef
Ѭ Shanghai smoked fish
Spiced fish
Ѽ Smoked tea ducK
Five flavouredmutton soup

ʽ Chicken riceSpanish style
Ϻ Prawns cooked in Western style
Watermelon jelly
ɳ Watermelon salad
Tomato omelette
Fried chicken and tomato with rice
Tomato and egg soup
Fried rice with tomato and chicken
Ģ֭ Steamed fish with tomato and mushroom sauce
ɳ Tomato salad
ͨķ Tomato and macaroni soup
֭ Tomato juice
֭ Fried fish with tomato sauce
֭ͿĢţ˿ Sliced beef with mushroomtomato juice and cream
֭ͨķ Macaroni in tomato sauce
֭ Steamed fish with tomato sauce
West lakelive fish
ݻ West Lakewater shield soup
ţ West Lakethick beef soup
ըѼ West lakedeep-fried duck slices
hǧϺ Layered fried prawns with liver pate
± Spicy abaloneXian style
± Spicy KidneyXian style
±ɱ Spicy scallopXian style
±Ѽ Spicy ducks webXian style
ײ Sago pudding
Fried snakehead mullet balls with celery
֭ϺƬ Prawns in tomato sauce
Ģ Mushroom soup with tomato
ϸ֭ Chicken legs with thin noodles
ϸͨķ Thin macaroni
Ϻ˰˿ Sliced rabbit with shrimps and vegetables
Ϻ Whole shrimps
Ϻȿ Mushroom stuffed with minced shrimps
ϺȿѼ Ducksweb stuffed with shrimp
Ϻ Shrimp with boiled noodles
Ϻ Shrimp in lobster sauce
Ϻ۲ Shrimp and celery
Ϻʳ Fried razor clam with shrimps
Ϻʳ Shrimp omelette
Ϻʳ Shrimp fried rice
Ϻʳ Fried noodles with shrimps
Ϻʶ Shrimps with bean curd
Ϻ Shrimps with steamed egg
Ϻܽ Shrimp with egg white
Ϻʸɱ Shrimp and scallops
Ϻʹ Shrimps with crispy rice
Ϻʹβ Shrimp and crispy rice with vegetables
Ϻʹ Shrimp and crispy rice soup
Ϻʺ Stewed sea cucumber with shrimps
Ϻʻ Fried shrimps with scrambled eggs
Ϻɳ Shrimp salad
Ϻ Noodle soup with shrimps
Ϻ˾ Shrimp with croutons
Ϻ Fried fish maw with shrimps
Ϻ Shrimp chop suey
Ϻɳ Prawn satayMalaysia
Ϻ Shrimp soup
Ϻ˾ Shrimp toast
ϺѼ Braised duck with shrimp balls
Ϻ Prawn balls and bamboo shoots soup
Ϻӿ Prawn roe curry
ϺӺ Stewed sea cucumber with prawn roe
ɹ Crystal palacechicken
ʱ Fresh abalone
ʳȲ Orange pudding
ެѳ Omelette with fresh tomato
ʹƬ Fried pork slices with fresh mushrooms
ʹƬ Fried fresh mushroom and chicken
ʹƬ Sliced pigeon with mushrooms
ʹϺ Meat patty and mushrooms with prawns
ʹոɱ Fried dried scallop with fresh mushrooms
ʹϺ Fried fresh mushroom and shrimp
ʹѼ Braised duck web with mushrooms
ʻƹɳ Fresh cucumber salad
Ģ Saute bean curd with straw mushrooms
Ģ Straw mushroom with bamboo shoots
Ģ Saute asparagus with straw mushrooms
Ģȵ Straw mushrooms sauted with quail eggs
Ģʱ Straw mushroom with fresh vegetables
Ģػ Stwed mixed vegetables with straw mushroom
Ģ㶹 Saute straw mushrooms with peas
Ģз Crab meat with fresh mushrooms
ĢͲ Fresh mushrooms with rape
̲ Milk pudding
Birds nest in milk
ܲ Fresh and salted pork with turnips in woup
ˮɳ Fresh fruit salad
񳴸Ƭ Sauteed pigeon slices and bamboo shoots
񳴼˿ Sliced chicken and bamboo shoots
Fried cuttlefish with fresh bamboo shoots
Fish balls with bamboo shoots
㶹 Fresh pea pie
Ϻ Shrimp and bean curd thick soup
Ϻ Winter melonwhite gourdand prawn soup
Ϻ÷ Shrimp dumplings
ϺDzĢ Straw mushrooms with shrimps
ϺǶ Stewed shrimps with bean curd
Ϻʳ Fried noodles with shrimps
Ϻ˾ Shrimp toast
Ϻ Shrimp won tondumplings
Fresh squid
Fresh fish won ton soupdumpling
Tender tips of bamboo shoots
̲Ҽ Roast chicken with salted vegetable
̲˳ҳ Fried shredded tripe with salted vegetable
̲˳ Fried cuttlefish with salted vegetable
̲˳ Fried clams with salted vegetable
̲˶ɳ Mashed broad beans with salted vegetable
̲ţ Fried beef with salted vegetable
̲˿ Fried sliced pork and salted vegetable
̲˿ Sliced pork noodles with salted vegetable
̲˼Ƭ Soup with salted vegetable and sliced chicken
̲ն Fried bean curd with salted vegetable
̵ Salted eggs
̵Ƭ Sliced pork and salted eggs in soup
̵ Steamed minced pork and salted egg
Salted vegetable with chili
ţ Salted beef
Salted black carp
Salt pork
ⶹ Salted pork and bean curd in soup
з Salted sea crab
С Salted vegetables
Ѽ Salted duck eggs
Ѽ Salted duck eggs with steamed minced pork
Salt fish
Steamed minced pork with salt fish
Steamed salt fish and fresh fish
Salted pork
ͷ Salted pigs head
ƴ Assorted cold hors doeuvres platter
ڱ Pie
Ũ Farmhouse thick soup
˵ Egg and Chinese parsley
ݱ Vanilla ice cream
ݲ Vanilla pudding
ѩ Vanilla ice cream
㳦ȿȸ Sausage stuffed with rice birds
㳦ɳ Sausage salad
г Sauteed clam with scallion
Բ Meatballs with scallion
Fragrant crisp water chestnut cake
˿ Shredded pork with dried bean curd
㹽˻ Mushroom and cauliflower
㹽 Stewed gizzard with mushroom
㹽Ѽ Straw mushrooms with duck web
Ѽ Duck with fragrant fruit
㻬 Chicken balls with gravy
㻬 Fried perch balls
㻬 Fried snakehead mullet balls
Ϻ¼ Sauteed whole prawns
㽶ը Deep-fried banana cake
Bean curd with mushroom
¶ƻ Apple compote
ٻ Fragrant sesame flowercakes
ƤϺ Sweet soy whole prawns
Ϻ Shrimp in tomato sauce
ְѼ Crispy half duck
ַѼ Roast crispy duck
ּ Crispy fried chicken
⼦ Fried crispy chicken
Ѽ Crispy fried Beijing duck
Ѽ Crispy duck
Ҹ뵰 Peach shaped pigeon eggs
Ѽ Duck with walnuts
ѼƬ Sliced duck cooked with wine
뵰 Bell-shaped pigeon egg
۸뵰 Elephant eyepigeons egg
ƴ Assorted cold hors doeuvres
С Chinese style unleavened bread
С˸ӵ Side dishes
С Sausage omelette
С pork dumpling
Сţ Beef cooked in small bamboo steamer
Сţ Veal
Сţ⴮ Veal shashlik
СţȾ Veal and ham rolls
Сݲ Pickled Chinese cabbage
С᲼ Cottage pudding
С Small cakes
Сɱ Small cakes
С Noodles with meatballs
Сͷ Steamed bread made with corn flour
См Kipper with egg
з۳ Crab meat omelette
зú Fried crab meat
з Fish maw with crab meat
зƻ Sharks fin soup with crab roe
з˫ Saute two kinds of vegetables with crab roe
зDz Braised vegetable with crab
зǯ鹽 Crab claws and mushroom soup
зǯ Crab claws with bamboo shoots
з Crab meat with heart of cabbage
з⳴ Fried rice with crab meat
з⿧ Crab meat curry
з⺣ Sea cucumber with crab meat
з Sharks fin soup with crab meat
зhͨ Baked macaroni with crab meat
з Saute crab meat and asparagus
з¶S Crab meat and asparagus soup
з Fried crab meat on toast
з Minced crab meat
зDZ Stewed crab meat and mushroom
зDz˵ Stewed crab meat with vegetables
зʱ Crab meat with seasonal vegetables
зʹ Stewed crab meat with fresh mushrooms
зɳ Crab meat salad
зʹ Fresh mushroom with crab meat
з Birds nest with crab meat
з Sharks fin with crab meat
з Stewed fish maw with crab meat
½ܹ Xinjiang honey melon
ɳ Xinqiao salad
Ӻ Stewed pork with almond
ʲ Almond tea
ʶ Almond bean curd
ʶ Almond bean curd with pineapple
ʶ Almond bean curd with mixed fruit
ʹ Sweet birds nest with almonds
ʼ Diced chicken with almonds
Almond cookies
¶ Almond cream
Fortune cookies
ƶ Bears paw with bean curd
ɱ Scallop balls
ѧ˿ Sauteed spring onions with chicken and ham shreds
ѩ Pork with garlic and chili
ѩ Deep-fried whitebait with white of egg
ѩ Snow pudding
ѩ˳S Fried salted cabbage and fresh bamboo shoots
ѩ˳̶ѿ Fried green bean sprouts with salted cabbage
ѩ˴ Preserved vegetable with bamboo shoots
ѩ˿ Shredded pork with salted vegetable
ѩ˿ Noodles in soup with salted vegetable and shredded pork
ѩֻ Croaker with salted vegetable
ѩ Barbecued pork with snow peas
ѩƬ Chicken slices with snow peas
ѩţ Beef with snow peas
ѩϺ Shrimp with snow peas
ѩϺ躣ĵ Silver fungus with prawn balls and quail egg soup
ѩ Partridge and silver fungus soup
ѩϺ Snow flakeking prawns
ѩ Snow flakewalnut pure
ѩ Snow flakesquid
ѩҰѼƬ Snow flakesliced wild duck
ѩƬ Snow flakefish slices
ѩ Pear wine
ѩ˿ Fried shredded pork with salted cabbage and bamboo shoots
ѩ԰ winter gardenboiled noodles
Ѫ Blood sausage
Ѭ Smoked silver carp
Ѭ Smoked eggs
Ѭ೦ Smoked sausage
Ѭ Smoked croaker
Ѭ Smoked ham
Ѭ Smoked carp
Ѭ Smoked black carp
ѬF Smoked frog
Ѭ Smoked fish
Ѭ Noodles with smoked fish
Ѭ Smoked pigs stomach
Ѭ Smoked pigs liver
Ѭ Smoked pigs heart
Ѭ Smoked pigs intestines
Ѽ Duck wing
Ѽ Duck gizzard
ѼϺ Fried prawn roll with duck liver filling
ѼDz Duck soup with vegetable
Ѽ Duck soup
Ѽ Duck in casserole
Ѽ Duck tongues and ham soup
Ѽʲ Duck giblets soup
ѼѪ Bean curd with duck blood
Ѽ Ducks wing and bears paw stewed
Ѽ֭㴽 Fish lip soup with duck gravy
Ѽ֭㴽 Braised fish lips with duck sauce
ѿ˼˿ Sliced chicken and bean sprouts
ѿţ˿ Sliced beef with bean sprouts
ѿ˿ Sliced pork with bean sprouts
ѿ Minced pork with bean sprouts
Сţ Calfs liver and bacon
Ѭ Smoked crispy fish
Salted vegetable
紨 Salted pork in chafing dish
缦 Salted chicken
Salted dace
߱Ƭ Fried tripe with Chinese pickles
ܾY Saute pork fillet with Chinese pickles
ܾ˿ Stir-fried eel slices with Chinese pickles
α Saute salted sliced chicken
μ Saute salted pork slice
Οhʼ Salted poast chicken
Οh Salt roasted chicken
Οh Salt roast pigeon
ΟhϺ Salt roast shrimp
ο Salt roast chicken
ˮ Boiled peanuts with salt
ˮϺ Boiled shrimps with salt
ˮ Boiled chicken with salt
ˮϺ Boiled shrimps with salt
ˮѼ Boiled duck with salt
ˮ Drunken chicken
Swallows nest cake
Ѹ뵰 Birds nest with pigeon eggs
Ų Fried liver and deep fried thin cake
DZ Mutton cutlet
Sheeps tongueGuangdong style
Ź Mutton chops
Mutton patties
⴮ Lamb shashlik
Mutton barley soup
ɳ Satay lambMalaysia
ඳ Sheeps tongue in aspic
Feet and leg of lamb
ͷ Sheeps head soup
ݳ Fried riceYangzhou style
÷ Red bayberries
÷ Ice cream with red bayberry
÷͵ Red bayberry cream cake
бţ˿ Quick-fried shredded beef and onions
л⼦ Chicken and onion
м Pork chop fried with onions
ţ Beef steak with onions
ţŷ Beef steak with onions and rice
ţ˿ Fried shredded beef with onions
Onion soup
Omelette with onions and tomato
pork chop with onion
ŷ Pork chop and onion with rice
ɽ Potato soup
׾ Cashew nut and white mushrooms
Ϻ Fried shrimps with cashew nut
Chicken with cashew nut
ⶡ Diced pork with cashew nuts
ţ Steak with cashew nuts
Noodlds with spiced pork
ʱ Fresh seasonal vegetable with scallops
Ҭ֭ Sweet birds nest with coconut juice
Ҭ֭ Chicken with coconut sauce
Ҭ Coconut pie
Ұ Pheasant pie
һζ One chicken cooked in three styles
˱㵰 YibinSichuanpreserved wine eggs
ʽ⼦ Italian style chicken rice
White fungus broth
ػ Saute vegetables with white fungus
˿ Silver thread roll
㳴 Fried whitebait with scrambled eggs
Whitebait in chafing dish
֦˿ Sliced pigeon with bean sprouts
ӡ Indian soup
ӡ֭ Java fruit juice
ӡἦϺ Indonesian chickenshrimps and rice
ӣҲ Cherry pudding
ӲѬ೦ Salami sausage
̫ʽţ Braised beefJewish style
ͱз Fried fresh water crabs
ͱ˫ Fried two crispy ingredients
ͱϺ Fried whole shrimps
ͱζ Fried fish liver dices
ͼϺ Fried whole shrimps
ͽз Fried crabs with bean sauce
ͽ Steamed fresh fish in soy sauce
ͽĢ Mushrooms in soy sauce
ͽ Fried fish in soy sauce
м Fried spring chicken with bamboo shoots
˴Ϻ Braised prawns
Ģ Braised fresh mushrooms
ݴ Fried scallops
ݵƬ Cuttlefish in sauce
ݻϖ Fried oyster
Ƭ Fried sliced whelk
Saute green coat fish ballsHongkong
Ϻ Saute shrimp
F Fried frogs
Ϻ Fried prawn balls
Ϻ Fried whole shrimps
Ϻ Fried prawn balls
Saute squid
ͯӼ Spring chicken with boiling oil
ը Savoury doughnut
ը Fried strong smelling bean curd
ը Fried broad beans
ը Fried peanuts
ըƶ Fried soya beans
ը Croutons
Squid soup
Sharks fin soup
ǻ˿ Sliced chicken and fish maw
ǰǺ Braised fish maw and sea cucumber
㿧 Fish curry
㼹 Minced fish and leaf mustard soup
㼹ȿ Bean curd stuffed with minced fish fillet
Ѽ Saute duck with fish
Fish steak
Ƭɳ Fish salad
Ƭշ Fried rice noodles with sliced fish
ⶳ Fish in aspic
Fish balls
㳴˿ Shredded pork with vegetable and chili
Ϻ Sichuan prawnsPrawns with garlic and chili
ɱ Fresh scallopsChongqing style
ţ Shredded beefChongqing style
EggplantChongqing style
˿ Shredded porkChongqing style
Ϻ Saute prawn meatballsChongqing style
Բ Fish balls
Բպ Stewed sea cuumber with fish balls
Ӱ Mixed fish soup
F Fried frog legs with vegetables
Ƭ Fried squid with bamboo shoots
ʼ Fried chicken with bamboo shoots
Ϻ Fried shrimp roll with bamboo shoots
ɸ Fried pigeon with bamboo shoots
з Steamed crab balls with bamboo shoots
Corn bread
ȫ Mixed corn soup
Corn congee
Һظ Minced fish and corn soup
Sunflower of universecold dish
F Fried frogs leg with vegetable
ͷ Steamed goose with taro
ԧ쵰 Mandarin duck eggs
ԧ Melon and date like an affectionate couple
Ԫ Sweet dumplings of glutinous rice flour
Բ Clam soup
Բ Cob loaf
Բ Braised chicken in pot
ԭȿ Stuffed bean curd soup
ԭţ Rice flour coated beef steamed
ԭػ Soup with vegetables
ԭ Steamed mushroom soup
ԭ֭ʯ Steamed grouper fish soup
ԭʳ Steamed fresh chicken and dried gizzard soup
Ƭ뵰 White fungus with pigeon egg
Ƭ White fungus soup
˿Ƭ Yunnan ham slices
ƶ Kidney bean roll
Ƭ Sliced porkgarlic and chili sauce
Won tonChinese meat dumplingsoup

Ӱˮ Stewed mixed fruit
Ӱ Mixed noodles
Ӱ Mixed soup
ӻ⺣ Bouillabaissefish soup
Chop suey
Cold pork slices marinated in wine essence
㳴Ѽ Ducks liver braised in wine
㵰 Egg preserved in wine
ƶѿ Soy bean sprouts in wine
Ѽı Four duck delicacies
㼦 Cold chicken cooked in wine
Three whitesin wine
Ƭ Fried fish slices with wine
Steamed salted pork in wine
ж Bamboo shoots marinated in wine
ѼƬ Duck slices in wine
Ѽ Steamed duck liver in wine
Preserved pigs intestines in wine
С Sweet breakfast bread
ùƬ Breakfast cereals
෽ Date pure
ը˿鼦 Eight fried chicken joints
ըϺ Deep-fried prawns
ը Deep-fried sole
ը Fried pineapple
ըĹƬ Fried arrowhead slices
ը Fried egg rolls
ըƤ Crispy skin chicken
ը Deep-fried intestines
ըϺ Deep-fried prawn balls
ը Deep-fried quail eggs with diced pork
ը־ Deep-fried fingered citron rolls
ըм Deep-fried spring chicken
ը涬 Deep-fried winter melonwhite gourdand bamboo shoots
ը Deep-fried mandarin fish
ը֭ Deep-fried fish with fruit sauce
ը̻ȸ Deep-fried rice birds
ը Deep-fried steamed roll
ը Deep-fried peanuts
ը Deep-fried bean curd
ըز Fried porK rolls in butter with vegetable
ը Deep-fried chicken
ըֻ Deep-fried half chicken
ը Deep-fried chicken rolls
ը Deep-fried chicken joints
ըȫֻ Deep-fried whole chicken
ը Deep-fried chicken with cheese
ը Deep-fried chicken balls
ըӸ Deep-fried chicken liver and gizzards
ը Deep-fried noodles with brown sauce
ըǮϺ Golden coinprawns
ը Deep-fried anchovies
ը Deep-fried gizzard
ըYƬ Deep-fried fillet slices
ըû Deep-fried oysters
ը Deep-frieddragon and phoenixroll
ը¹β Deep-fried deers tail
ըȸ Deep-fried sparrow
ըۼ Chicken cutlet in bread crumbs
ը Fried pork chop in bread crumbs
ը Fried pork cutlet in bread crumbs
ըȦ Deep-fried doughnut
ըţ Deep-fried ox brain
ըţ Deep-fried beef steak
ըţ⵰ Deep-fried beef with egg and noodles
ըţƬ Deep-fried beef cutlet with vegetabl, e
ըţ Deep-fried ox tongue
ըţ Deep-fried ox kindey
ըϺ Deep-fried prawns
ը뼦 Deep-fried chicken slices
ըƻ Apple fritters
ը Deep-fried eggplant
ըƬ Deep-fried sliced eggplant
ը Deep-fried salmon croquette
ըɽ Deep-fried legs of pheasant
ը˿ Deep-fried shredded eel
ը˿Ƥ Deep-fried chicken shreds and jellyfish
ըƬ Deep-fried sliced snakehead mullet
ըʯ߿ Deep-fried grouper sliced
ըʯ䵰ƽ Deep-fried grouper with mayonnaise sauce
ը߲ Deep-fried vegetable
ըֺ Deep-fried crisps
ը Deep-fried spring chicken
ը񼦿 Deep-fried spring chicken slices
ը Deep-fried sliced chicken
ը Potatoes
ըƬ ChipsFrench fries
ը Deep-fried meatballs
ը Deep-fried five sliced ingredients with fish
ը˿Ͳ Deep-friedfive shredsrolls
ը Deep-fried tomato
ըϺ Deep-fried prawn cutlets
ըϺ Deep-fried prawn
ըϺԲ Deep-fried minced prawn balls
ըϺ Deep-fried shrimp on toast
ը㽶 Deep-fried bananas
ըСţƬ Deep-fried veal slices
ըСţԲ Deep-fried veal croquettes
ըзǯ Deep-fried crab claw
ըѼ Deep-fried duck liver
ըѼӸ Deep-fried duck gizzard and liver
ը Deep-fried sheeps brain
ը Deep-fried mutton chop with mashed potato
ըƬ Deep-fried mutton slices
ըβ Deep-fried lambs tail
ը Deep-fried whitebait
ը Deep-fried fish
ը Deep-fried grouper fillet
ը Deep-fried fish cutlet
ը Deep-fried fillet of fish
ըϺ Deep-fried fish and prawn cutlet
ըӸ Deep-fried chickenduckgizzards and livers
ըӸѼ Deep-fried gizzards and duck legs
ը֥Ϻ Deep-fried shrimps on toast with sesame seeds
ը֥Ѽ Deep-fried duck liver
ըֽ Deep-fried chicken in paper package
ը Deep-fried pork chop
ը Deep-fried pork croquette
ըƬ Deep-fried pork cutlet with vegetable
ե Hot pickled tuber mustard
եƬ Meat shreds soup with hot pickled tuber mustard
ե˿ Pickled tuber mustard and pork
ե˿ Hot pickled tuber mustard and pork noodle soup
ե˿ Hot pickled tuber mustard soup with meat shreds
迾Ѽ Tea smoked duck
Ѽ Duck smoked with tea leaves
Flour bean curd with coconut milk
Բ Pearl-shaped glutinous rice balls
Pearl-shaped glutinous rice ball soup
P Spicy porkZhenjiang style
Steamed strong smeling bean curd
Steamed dried goose
Steamed pudding
Steamed horseshoe crabs
ƻͲ Steamed salted croaker
Steamed chicken
Egg custard in a mould
̻ȸ Steamed dried rice birds
Ѽ Steamed dried duck
Ͼ̰Ѽ Steamed salted duckNanjing style
з Steamed crabs
Steamed small crabs
ˮ Steamed chicken with fat pork
з Steamed sea crabs
̼ Steamed salted chicken gizzards
Steamed fish
֮ʿ Cheese sandwich
֥鲤 Saute spinach with sesame seeds
֥ʿ Noodles and sesame sauce
֥ը Shanghai style sesame sauce
֥鼦 Chicken with sesame seeds
֥齴 Steamed eggplant with sesame paste
֥齴˰輦˿ Shredded chicken with vegetable and sesame paste
֥ö Sliced rabbit with sesame seeds
֥ Meatballs with sesame seeds
֥Ϻ Deep-fried shrimp with sesame seeds
֥Ϻ Deep-fried shrimp with sesame seeds
ֽ Soft chicken in paper package
ֽ Three kinds of ingredients in paper package
Grilled quail
˰׸ Grilled pigeon
˼ Grilled chicken
ɳ Grilled snipe
Grilled fish
йѾ China white wine
й Chinese coffee
ƴ Hors doeuvresmiddle size
ʽţ Fillet steakChinese style
ʽƴ Chinese style hors doeuvres
Ϻ Prawn
ʽ Chinese style breakfast
Ŷ Pigs feets in aspic
Y Pork fillet shashlik
Ͼ Pork brain cooked with wine
⴮ pork shashlik
⵰ Egg dumpling stuffed with minced pork
⵰ Egg roll stuffed with minced pork
ⶳ pork in aspic
ⶹ Pork and beans
⿧ Pork curry
β pork with crispy rice
Fried dumpling with pork
Boiled small dumplings with pork
ȿ Bean curd stuffed with minced pork
ζ pork sandwich
ɳ pork satayMalaysia
ˮ Boiled minced pork dumplings
Pork balls
㳦 Pork sausage
Fried noodle with bamboo shoots
Ѽ Duck web and bamboo shoots in soup
Bamboo shoots soup
Ģ Soup with bamboo shoots and fresh mushrooms
󼦵 Soft boiled egg
󼦿 Boiled sliced chicken
Ϻ Boiled lobster
ţ Boiled beef
Boiled pork
ʯ䵰֭ Boiled grouper with mayonnaise
Boiled potato
̰ Boiled salted silver carp
С೦ Boiled sausage
ز Boiled mutton with vegetables
Boiled leg mutton
Boiled fish
Boiled fish with vegetable
Boiled fish potato
Ƥ Famous crispy skin chicken
ץY Stir-fried pork fillet
ץƬ Stir-fried sliced fish
װڿСţ Stuffed roast veal
ϲ˵ Seaweed egg flower soup
Ϳ Steamed fried pork
F Fried frogs
Drunken chickenchicken cooked in wine
з Drunken crabscrabs cooked in wine