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案件 case

案件受理费 litigation fee

案由 nature of case

颁布 issue

颁布 promulgate

办案 handle a case

办理 deal with

包庇罪 crime of concealing the murder

保税区 bonded area

保险法 insurance law

保险凭证 insurance certificate

保证 warranty

保证 guarantee

保证金 bail

保证金 margins

保证金帐户 margin account

保证人,担保人 guarantor

保证书 indemnity

保证书 covenant of warranty

保证条款 warranty

保值利率 inflation-proof interest rate

被裁定为 be adjudged to be

被陈述人 representee

被告人辨解 statement of the defendant

驳回 dismiss

驳回 reject

驳回上诉 reject an appeal

补偿报酬 compensatory payment

不具有法律效力 null

不具有法律效力 void

不履行合同 breach of contract

不履行合约 repudiation of the contract

不名誉的行为及手法 dishonourable conduct and practices

不能成立 unable to establish

不时 frequently

不予支持 unassisted

不作为 omission

财产分割 properties division

财产所有权 property right

裁定 ruling

裁定 order

产权关系 property relations

产权制度 property order

撤消并发回给 reversed and remanded to the original court

陈述 state

承担 assume

承担责任 to be responsible for

承典人 pledgee

承典人 pawnee

承认 confess

城市住宅局 City House Bureau

出典人 pledgor

出典人 pawnor

出口退税制度 the system of refunding taxes on exported goods

出口押汇 bill purchased

出资比例 ratio of investments

处罚 penalty

触犯 violate

传销 pyramid selling

串通 collaborate

从宽处理 lenient punishment, liberal punishment

从轻处罚 lesser punishment

从轻处罚 lighter punishment

从轻处罚 impose a lenient sentence

从轻原则 the principle of lighter punishment

从事 commit

从重处罚 heavier punishment

从重处罚 severe punishment

存款机构 deposit-taking institution

挫折 frustration

措词 worded

错漏 error|mistake

答复 Reply

打官司 initiate legal proceeding

打击 struggle against

打假 crack down on counterfeit goods

打假办 Office of Cracking down on Fake Products

大厂回族自治县 Dachang Hui Nationality Autonomous Region

大股 substantial shareholder

大股东控权人 majority shareholder controller

大化瑶族自治县 Dahua Yao Nationality Autonomous County

大连市 Daliang Municipality

大律师 barrister

大律师的收费 counsel's fees

大律师登记册 roll of baristers

大律师公会 Hong Kong Bar Association

大律师见习职位 pupillage

大律师名册 panels of counsels

大律师事务所 barristers' chambers,chambers of counsel

大律师书记 barrister's clerk

大批 bulk

代理检察员 acting prosecutor

代理人 agent

代理审判员 acting judge

代通知金 payment in lieu of notice

代销 sales by proxy

丹东市 Dandong Municipality

丹阳市 Danyang Municipality

单位 entity unit

单务合同 unilateral contract

担保 guarantee

担保人 guarantor

担保书 certificate of guarantee

但书 proviso

当事人 litigant

当事人起诉要求 the litigants sue for

党政分工 division of labour between the Party and the government

档案工作人员 file clerk

盗窃枪支 crime of stealing firearms and ammunition

盗窃武器装备 theft of military equipment

道真仡佬族苗族自治县 Daozheng Mulao Nationality Autonomous County

得到证实 to be believed

得利者 beneficiary

抵触 contravene

抵押 mortgage

抵押品 pledge

抵押物 mortgage

地方人民检察院 Local People's Procuratorate

地役权 easement

第二审判庭 second tribunal

第三者 the third party

第一审判庭 first tribunal

典当物 pledge

调查 investigation

调查报告 investigation

调查取证 investigate and collect evidence

调节流动性 influence liquidity level

调解 mediate

调解和强制措施 mediation and enforcement measure

调解书 mediation agreement

调解书字号 Written Mediation No.

订货合同卡片 a card of contract

订立 formation

定案结论 verdict

定案理由 reason for decision

定金 deposit

定期减免所得税 regular reduction of income tax

定性 determination on the nature

丢弃 waive

东北人民政府 Northeast People's Government

东乡族自治县 Dongxiang Nationality Autonomous County

董事会 board of directors

动机 intention, motive

冻干健康人血浆 frozen dry healthy human blood

冻干血浆 frozen dry blood plasma

冻结 freeze, suspend

都安瑶族自治县 Duan Yao Nationality Autonomous County

毒品罪 narcotic drug crime

渎职罪 crime of dereliction of duty

独立的不法行为 independent wrong

独立个案 individual cases

独立核算工业企业 independent accounting unit

独立请求书 independent claim

独立审判 independent adjudication

断绝 cease

对等原则 principle of reciprocity

对等原则并参照国际惯例 the principle of reciprocity and in reference to the international practice

对合同词句应当按照事情是有效的而不是无效的来理解 verba ita sunt intelligenda ut res magis valeat guam pareat

对金钱借贷的规定 regulations of money lending

对滥用职权的法律补救 legal remedy for abuses of power

对立的一方 opposite party

对令状的发出作确认 acknowledge the issue of the writ

对上诉抗辩 oppose an appeal

对书面文件的词句应当按照对提出词句的当事人尤为不利的原则来解释 verba chartarum fortius accipiuntur contra proferentem

对外经济法律顾问处 Foreign Economic Legal Consultancy Office

对外经济律师事务所 foreign trade law firm

对外经济贸易仲裁委员会 Foreign Economic and Trade Arbitration Commission

对外贸易经济合作部 Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic

对物诉讼令状 writ in rem

对帐 reconcile, reconciliation

多边公约 multilateral convention

多边国际公约 multi-latreal international conventions

多分 a larger share

多头 long position, bull position

多头仲裁 multiple arbitration

多于一名人士 2 or more persons

多元立法体制 plural legislative structure

多元主义 pluralism

峨边彝族自治县 Ebian Yi Nationality Autonomous County

恩施土家族苗族自治县 Enshi Tujia Nationality Miao Nationality Autonomous County

恩恤付款 ex gratia payment

二审 second instance

二审裁定书 order of second instance

二审法院 Court of Second Instance

二审判决书 written order of Second Instance

二者只能择其一 the inclusion of one is the exclusion of the other

发回重审 remand a lawsuit for a new trial

发货人 consignor,shipper

发生法律效力 be legally effective

发现 discovery

发行审核委员会 the Issuance Examination Commission

发展规划 development plan

罚款 Fine

法案 bill

法定部门 statutory machinery

法定代表律师 Official Solicitor

法定代表人 legal representative

法定代理人 legal agent

法定继承 legal inheritance

法定继承人 legal heir

法定监护人 legal guardian

法定期限 time limit provided by law

法定义务 legal duty

法定语言 legal language