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Potluck Party: 一种聚餐方式,主人准备场地和餐具,参加的人必须带一道菜或准备饮料,最好事先问问主人的意思。
Pull over!把车子开到旁边。 
Drop me a line!写封信给我。 
Give me a ring. = Call me!来个电话吧! 
For here or to go?堂食或外卖。 
Cool:That's cool! 等於台湾年轻人常用的囗语"酷!",表示不赖嘛!用于人或事均可。
What's up? = What's happening? = What's new? 见面时随囗问候的话"最近在忙什么?有什么新鲜事吗?"一般的回答是"Nothing much!"或"Nothing new!"
Cut it out! = Knock it out!= Stop it! 少来这一套!同学之间开玩笑的话。
Don't give me a hard time! 别跟我过不去好不好! 
Get yourself together! 振作点行不行! 
Do you have "the" time? 现在几点钟?可别误以为人家要约你出去。 
Hang in there. = Don't give up. = Keep trying. 再撑一下。 
Give me a break! 你饶了我吧!(开玩笑的话) 
Hang on. 请稍候。 
Blow it. = Screw up. 搞砸了。 
What a big hassle. 真是个麻烦事。
What a crummy day. 多倒霉的一天。
Go for it. 加油 
You bet. = Of course. 当然;看我的! 
Wishful thinking. 一厢情愿的想法。 
Don't be so fussy! 别那么挑剔好不好。 
It's a long story. 唉!说来话长。 
How have you been? = How are you doing? 你过得如何?近来可好?
Take things for granted. 自以为理所当然。
Don't put on airs. 别摆架子。 
Give me a lift! = Give me a ride! 送我一程吧! 
Have a crush on someone. 迷恋某人
What's the catch? 有什么内幕? 
Party animal. 开Party狂的人(喜欢参加舞会的人)
Pain in the neck. =Pain in the ass. 眼中钉,肉中刺。
Skeleton in the closet. 家丑 
Don't get on my nerve! 别把我惹毛了!
A fat chance. =A poor chance. 机会很小
I am racking my brains. 我正在绞尽脑 
She's a real drag. 她真有点碍手碍脚
Spacingout = daydreaming. 做白日梦
I am so fed up. 我受够了!
It doesn't go with your dress. 跟你的衣服不配。
What's the point? = What are you trying to say? 你的重点是什么?
By all means = Definitely. 一定是。
Let's get a bite. = Let's go eat. 去吃点东西吧!
I'll buy you a lunch (a drink; a dinner). = It's on me. = My treat. 我请客 
Let's go Dutch. 各付各的 
My stomach is upset. 我的胃不舒服 
diarrhea 拉肚子 
吃牛排时,waiter会问"How would you like it?"就是问"要几分熟"的意思,可以选择rare,medium或 welldone。 
I am under the weather. =I am not feeling well. 我不太舒服! 
May I take a rain check? 可不可改到下次?(例如有人请你吃饭,你不能赴约,只好请他改到下一次。) 
I am not myself today. 我今天什么都不对劲! 
Let's get it straight. 咱们把事情弄清楚!   
What's the rush! 急什么! 
Such a fruitcake! 神经病!
I'll swing by later. =I'll stop by later. 待会儿,我会来转一下。 
I got the tip straight from the horse's mouth. 这个消息是千真万确的(tip指消息)!
easy as pie = very easy = piece of cake 很容易。 
flunk out 被当掉 
take French leave 不告而别
I don't get the picture. =I don't understand. 我不明白。 
You should give him a piece of your mind. 你应该向他表达你的不满。
hit the road = take off = get on one's way 离开。 
Now he is in the driver's seat =He is in control now.   
Keep a low profile (or low key). 采取低姿态。
Kinky =bizarre =wacky =weird 古怪的。 
klutz (=clutz) =idiot 白痴、笨蛋。 
know one's way around 识途老马。 
lion's share 大部份。
tailgate 尾随(尤其跟车跟得太近)。
take a back seat. 让步。
take a hike =leave me alone =get lost 滚开。 
hit the hay =go to bed 睡觉。 
Can you give me a lift? =Can you give me a ride? 载我一程好吗?
green hand 生手、没有经验的人。 
moonshine = mountain dew 指私酿的烈酒(威士忌)或走私的酒。胡说八道也可用moonshine。His story is plain moonshine.   
chill out =calm down =relax(来自黑人英语) 
rip off =steal:I was ripped off. 我被偷了;rip off 也常被用为"剥夺"My right was ripped off. 权利被剥夺(来自黑人英语)。
我们称美国大兵为G.I. (Government Issue) or GI Joe, 德国兵或德国佬为 Fritzor Kraut,称英国佬为John Bull,日本人为Jap.或Nip,犹太人为Jew都是 很不礼貌的称呼。
mess around (with)瞎混;Get to work. Don't mess around. 赶快工作,别瞎搅和。
snob 势利眼 
sneak in, sneak out 偷偷溜进去,溜出来 sneakers 运动鞋
She is such a brownnose. 她是个马屁精。 
This is in way over my head. 对我而言这实在太难了。
I am an exam jitter and I always get a cramp in my stomach. 我是个考试紧张大师,一考试胃就抽筋。
Keep your study (work) on track. 请按进度读书(工作)。
Did you come up with any ideas? 有没有想到什麽新的意见?    
Don't get uptight! Take it easy. 别紧张,慢慢来!   
Cheese! It tastes like cardboard. 天哪,吃起来味如嚼腊! 
Get one's feet wet. 与中文里的"涉足"或"下海",寓意相同,表示初尝某事。I am going to try dancing for the very first time. Just to get my feet 如需转载,请注明来自:翻译中国http;//www.FanE.cn