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123 Democratic Alliance [123DA] 一二三民主联盟
abolition of a seat 取消议席
abolition of an appointed seat 取消委任议席
absentee voting 缺席投票
absolute majority 绝对多数
absolute majority of votes 绝对多数票
absolute system 绝对票数制
abstain from voting 放弃投票;放弃表决
abstention vote 弃权票
abuse of power 滥用权力
acceptance objected to 反对此选票获接纳;选票获接纳遭反对
acceptance of office as a member 接受议员席位
accountable office rental allowance 实报实销的办事处租金津贴
accountable to... 对……负责
accountancy functional constituency 会计界功能界别
accountancy subsector 会计界界别分组
across-the-board support 广泛支持
act of state 国家行为
ad hoc group 项目小组
Ad Hoc Sub-Group on Population Forecasts 人口预测专责小组
ad hoc tribunal 专责审裁处
adaptation of laws 法律适应化;改编法律
adjourn 休会;散会
adjournment 休会待续〔临时立法会〕
adjournment debate 休会辩论
adjournment of a count 押后点票
adjournment of debate 辩论中止待续
adjournment of poll 押后投票
adjournment of the counting of votes 押后点票
Administrative Appeals Board 行政上诉委员会
administrative boundary 行政分界
administrative district 行政区
administrative district boundary 行政区分界
administrative guidelines 行政指引
administrative review [China] 行政复议〔中国〕
administrative system 行政制度
"Administrator, Department of Justice [formerly known as Chambers Manager]" 律政司政务总监〔前称律政署政务总监〕
admiralty jurisdiction 海事裁判权
adult 成人;成年人
Advance Return of Donations 接受捐赠预先申报书
Advance Return of Donations by a Geographical Constituency List of Candidates 地方选区候选人名单接受捐赠预先申报书
advancement of the poll 提前投票
adversarial politics 对立形式的政治制度;反对派系政治
Advice of Notice of Objection 反对登记通知书
advisory capacity 顾问身分
advisory committee 咨询委员会
advisory role 咨询功能;咨询角色
affirmation 确认
affirmative vote 赞成票
age group 年龄组别
age of candidature 参选年龄
age of eligibility for candidature 合资格参选年龄
age of entitlement to vote 有权投票年龄;选民年龄
age of full capacity 能完全自决的年龄
age of majority 成年岁数
age qualification 年龄规定
agency voter 机构选民
agenda 议程
agent identity card 代理人身分证明名牌
agent of a candidate 候选人的代理人
agent of the Government 政府的代理人
aggregate preference votes 累积选票
aggregate votes 总票数
agreed minute 会议纪要
agreement and understanding 协议和谅解
Agreement between the British and Chinese sides on the Question of the Court of Final Appeal in Hong Kong 《中英双方关于香港终审法院问题的协议》
"""agreement to disagree"" formula" “同意保留分歧意见”的方式
agriculture and fisheries functional constituency 渔农界功能界别
agriculture and fisheries subsector 渔农界界别分组
alien 外籍人士
allegiance 效忠
amendment 修正案〔临时立法会〕;修订
amendment order 修订令
annual vetting exercise [voter register] 一年一度的审核工作〔选民登记册〕
anonymous donation 不记名捐款
Appeal Committee 上诉委员会
appellate court 上诉法院
Application for Polling and Counting Staff 投票站及点票站工作人员职位申请书
Application for Registration in a Functional Constituency 功能组别登记册登记申请书
Application for Registration in the General Electoral Roll 选民总名册登记申请书
Application for Voter Registration (Geographical Constituencies) 地方选区选民登记申请表
appointed ad personam 以个人身分获委任
appointed member 委任议员
appointed seat 委任议席
appointee 获委任的人
appointment process 委任程序
appointment system 委任制度
Appropriation Bill 拨款法案
appropriation of public funds 拨用公帑
approved programme [vote counting] 认可程序〔点票〕
April 5th Action Group 四五行动
"architectural, surveying and planning functional constituency" 建筑、测量及都市规划界功能界别
"architectural, surveying and planning subsector" 建造、测量及都市规划界界别分组
area code 地区代号
area committee 分区委员会
armband 臂章
ascertainment of the qualifications of electors 确定选民资格
assembly 议院
Assessment Office [1984] 民意审核专员办事处〔一九八四年〕
assigned number 获配席位数目
Assistant Counting Supervisor 助理点票主任
Assistant Electoral Registration Officer 助理选举登记主任
Assistant Presiding Officer 助理投票站主任
Assistant Registration Officer 助理登记主任
Assistant Returning Officer 助理选举主任
Assistant Returning Officer (General) 助理选举主任(一般事务)
Association for a Better Hong Kong 建港协会
Association for Democracy and Justice 民主公义协会
Association for Democracy of Hong Kong Limited 香港民主协会有限公司
Association for the Promotion of Public Justice (Hong Kong) 香港公义促进会
assumption paper 征求同意文件
authentic text 真确本
authentication of a candidate's qualifications 鉴定候选人资格
authentication of a nominator 鉴定提名人
Authorization for Display/Distribution of Election Advertisements at Private Premises 在私人物业展示或分发选举广告授权书
authorized representative 获授权代表
automatic dissolution 自动解散
automatic registration 自动登记
automatic registration system 自动登记制度
autonomy 自治
avenue of appeal 上诉途径
background information 背景资料
bad ballot paper 坏票
balance of membership 均衡成员比例
balanced composition 成分均衡
balanced representation 均衡代表性
ballot 投票;选票
ballot box 投票箱
ballot paper 选票
ballot paper account 选票结算表;选票结算书
banner 横额
banner control scheme 管制悬挂横额的办法
Basic Law Consultative Committee [BLCC] 基本法咨询委员会
Basic Law Drafting Committee [BLDC] 基本法起草委员会
Basic Law of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of the People's Republic of China [Basic Law] 《中华人民共和国香港特别行政区基本法》〔《基本法》〕
Basic Law Promotion Steering Committee 基本法推广督导委员会〔基广会〕
basic rights and freedoms 基本权利和自由
"Better Hong Kong Foundation, The" 香港明天更好基金
bicameral legislature 两议院制立法机关
bicameral model 一会两局方案
bilateral agreement 双边协议
bilateral programme 双边协议计划
Bilingual Laws Advisory Committee [BLAC] 双语法例咨询委员会
bill 条例草案;法案〔临时立法会〕;法律草案
Bills Committee [Provisional Legislative Council] 法案委员会〔临时立法会〕
binding 具有约束力
bi-system model 一会两制方案
blank ballot 空白票
blind elector 失明选民
block vote method 全票制
block vote system 全票制
blue bill 蓝纸条例草案
blueprint 蓝本
body corporate 法人团体;法团
boundary [geographical constituency] 分界〔地方选区〕
Boundary and Election Commission 选区分界及选举事务委员会
Boundary and Election Commission Ordinance [Cap. 432] 《选区分界及选举事务委员会条例》〔第432章〕
boundary demarcation 划分选区
boundary description 区界说明
boundary of administration 管理线
boundary of administration between Hong Kong and Guangdong 粤港边界管理线
bribery or intimidation in relation to standing as a candidate 就参选事宜贿赂或威吓任何人
bribery or intimidation relating to candidature 有关参选的贿赂或恐吓
briefing session 演示文稿会;简介会
broadcasting van 广播车辆;流动宣传车
broadened franchise 扩大的选民范围
broadly based 有多方面代表参与
broadly representative 有广泛代表性
Bronze Bauhinia Star [BBS] 铜紫荆星章
budget debate 财政预算案辩论
buffer zone 缓冲区
Buffer Zone Scheme 缓冲区计划
Business and Professional Federation of Hong Kong [BPF] 香港工商专业联会〔工商联〕
by-election 补选
by-election notice 补选公告
cabinet 内阁
call for nomination 吁请提名
call to order 要求遵守规则;宣布开会
campaign 运动;活动
campaign assistant 竞选助理
campaign expenditure 竞选开支
campaign funding 竞选经费
campaign literature 竞选刊物
campaign material 宣传物品
campaign paper 竞选文件
campaign partner 竞选伙伴
candidacy 候选人身分;候选人资格
candidate 候选人;竞选人;参选人
Candidate's Consent to Nomination and Declarations 候选人提名同意书及声明书
candidature 候选人身分;候选人资格
canvasser 拉票人
canvassing 拉票活动
canvassing agent 拉票代理人
canvassing aide 助选团成员
capping 设定上限
casting vote 决定票;主席决定性一票
casual vacancy 临时空缺
categorical vote 决断票
catering subsector 饮食界界别分组
ceiling 上限
censure 谴责
central counting station 中央点票站
central government level 中央政府层面
central institutions of government 政府中央组织
Central People's Government [China] 中央人民政府〔中国〕
Central Policy Unit 中央政策组
central regime 中央政权
centralized address system 集中处理地址资料的系统
certificate for posting of election communication 投寄选举函件证明书
cessation of office 停任
"Chairman, Electoral Affairs Commission" 选举管理委员会主席
"Chairman, Heung Yee Kuk" 乡议局主席
"Chairman, House Committee of the Provisional Legislative Council" 临时立法会内务委员会主席
"Chairman, Provisional Legislative Council" 临时立法会主席
"Chairman, Provisional Regional Council" 临时区域市政局主席
"Chairman, Provisional Urban Council" 临时市政局主席
"Chairman, Standing Committee of the National People's Congress [China]" 全国人民代表大会常务委员会委员长〔中国〕
chairman's brief 主席备忘录
Charter of the United Nations 联合国宪章
check and balance 制衡作用;互相制衡
check digit [poll card] 核对编号〔投票通知卡〕
Chief Electoral Officer 总选举事务主任
"Chief Executive, Hong Kong Special Administrative Region" 香港特别行政区行政长官
Chief Executive in Council 行政长官会同行政会议
Chief Judge of the High Court 高等法院首席法官
Chief Justice of the Court of Final Appeal 终审法院首席法官
Chief Returning Officer 总选举主任
Chief Secretary for Administration [formerly known as Chief Secretary] 政务司司长〔前称布政司〕
Chinese medicine subsector 中医界界别分组
Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference [CPPCC] 中国人民政治协商会议〔全国政协〕
Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference subsector 中国人民政治协商会议界别分组
Chung Hwa Travel Service [of Taiwan] 中华旅行社〔台湾机构〕
circulation paper 传阅文件
citizen 公民
Citizens Party [CP] 民权党
civic awareness 公民意识
civic consciousness 公民意识
civic education 公民教育
civic education body 公民教育组织
Civic Education Resource Centre 公民教育资源中心
civic rights and responsibilities 公民权利及责任
Civil Force 公民力量
Clerk to the Executive Council 行政会议秘书〔前称行政局秘书〕
Clerk to the Provisional Legislative Council 临时立法会秘书〔前称立法局秘书〕
clique 小派别
close of session 会期终结
closed-door discussion 闭门会谈
closing speech [National People's Congress] 闭幕词〔全国人民代表大会〕
coalition 联盟
coat-tail effect 凭借作用;联票效应
code reference number 参考代号
collective responsibility 集体负责制
combined polling arrangement 合并投票安排
"Commander, People's Liberation Army Military Force in Hong Kong Special Administration Region" 中国解放军驻香港特别行政区部队司令员
commercial (first) functional constituency 商界(第一)功能界别
commercial (first) subsector 商界(第一)界别分组
commercial (second) functional constituency 商界(第二)功能界别
commercial (second) subsector 商界(第二)界别分组
Commission on Human Rights 人权委员会
Commission on Youth 青年事务委员会
"Commissioner, Assessment Office [1984]" 民意审核专员〔一九八四年〕
Commissioner for Oaths 监誓官
"Commissioner, Survey Office [1987]" 民意汇集专员〔一九八七年〕
committal [bill] 付委〔法案〕
Committee for the Basic Law of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region [National People's Congress] [China] 香港特别行政区基本法委员会〔全国人民代表大会〕〔中国〕
committee of the whole Council [Provisional Legislative Council] 全体委员会〔临时立法会〕
Committee on Members' Allowances [Provisional Legislative Council Commission] 立法会议员津贴事宜委员会〔临时立法会行政管理委员会〕
Committee on Members' Interests [Provisional Legislative Council] 议员个人利益监察委员会〔临时立法会〕
Committee on Rules of Procedure [Provisional Legislative Council] 议事规则委员会〔临时立法会〕
Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination 消除种族歧视委员会
Committee on the Promotion of Civic Education 公民教育委员会
committee paper 会议文件
committee report 委员会报告
committee stage [Provisional Legislative Council] 委员会审议阶段〔临时立法会〕
committee stage amendment 委员会审议阶段修订建议
common law 普通法
community identity 社区独特性
community organizer 社区干事
Community Participation Scheme 公民教育活动资助计划
Community Participation Scheme on Human Rights Projects 人权教育活动资助计划
Community Relations Department [ICAC] 社区关系处〔廉政公署〕
community sensitivity 社区感
company voter 团体投票人
compartment 分隔间
compendium 民意汇集文件
competent authority 主管当局;主管部门
Complaints Committee [Electoral Affairs Commission] 投诉处理会〔选举管理委员会〕
comprehensive consultation 全面咨询
compromise candidate 在妥协情况下产生的候选人
compulsory registration 强制登记
compulsory voting 强制投票
concern group 关注团体
confidential diplomatic exchange 机密外交往还
confidential paper 机密文件
confidential session 机密会议
conflict of interest 利益冲突
conflicting loyalties 双重效忠
confrontational politics 对抗式政治
congress 国会;议会
conjoin debate 联会辩论
consensus 共识;一致意见;共同意见
consensus candidate 协商产生的候选人
consent by a candidate for nomination 候选人同意提名
Consent of Support 支持同意书
consequential amendment 相应修订
consolidated legislation 综合法例
conspiracy theorist 阴谋论者
constituency 选区;选举界别
constituency boundary 选区分界
constituency demarcation plan 选区划分图
constituent representative body 组别代表团体
constituted by election 由选举产生
constitution 宪制;宪法
Constitution of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference 中国人民政治协商会议章程
Constitution of the People's Republic of China 《中华人民共和国宪法》
Constitutional Affairs Bureau [formerly known as Constitutional Affairs Branch] [Government Secretariat] 政制事务局〔前称宪制事务科〕〔政府总部〕
Constitutional Affairs Policy Group 政制事务政策小组
constitutional convention 宪法惯例
constitutional legislature 符合宪法的立法机构
constitutional presumption 宪法推断
construction of laws 法例的释疑
consular corps 领事团
consular protection 领事保护
consultation 咨询;协商;征询意见
consultation paper 咨询文件
consultation period 咨询期
consultation system 咨询制度
consultative and advisory body 咨询组织
consultative committee 咨询委员会;顾问委员会
consultative system 咨询制度
contested election 有竞逐的选举
contiguous area 毗连的区域
continuity 延续性;持续性;连续性
continuity of the legislature 立法机构的延续
convener 召集人
"Convention Against Torture and Other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment [United Nations]" 《禁止酷刑和其它残忍、不人道或有辱人格的待遇或处罚公约》〔联合国〕
Convention of the Rights of the Child [United Nations] 《儿童权利公约》〔联合国〕
Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women [CEDAW] 《消除对妇女一切形式歧视公约》
convergence 衔接
conviction on indictment 循公诉程序定罪
co-operative partnership 伙伴关系
Co-operative Resources Centre [CRC] [dissolved in March 1993] 启联资源中心〔启联〕〔一九九三年三月解散〕
co-opted member 增选委员
co-ordinating committee 统筹委员会
corporate elector 团体选民
corporate member 团体成员
corporate voter 团体投票人
corporate voting 法团投票;团体投票
Corrective Declaration of Election Advertisements 修订选举广告声明书
corresponding subsector 对等界别分组
Corrupt and Illegal Practices Ordinances [Cap. 288] 《舞弊及非法行为条例》〔第288章〕
corrupt practice 舞弊行为
corruption 贪污;舞弊
Corruption Prevention Department [ICAC] 防止贪污处〔廉政公署〕
Council Agenda Item Book 临时立法会议程事项登记册
Council Business Division 议会事务部
Counsel to the Provisional Legislative Council 临时立法会法律顾问
count 点票
counted ballot paper 已点算的选票
counterfoil [ballot paper] 存根〔选票〕
countermanding of an election 撤销选举
counting agent 监察点票代理人
counting centre 点票中心
counting machine 点票机
counting of votes 点票;点算选票
Counting Officer 点票助理员
counting procedure 点票程序
counting staff 点票站工作人员
counting station 点票站
Counting Supervisor 点票主任
counting zone 点票区
Court of Appeal of the High Court 高等法院上诉法庭
Court of Final Appeal 终审法院
Court of First Instance of the High Court 高等法院原讼法庭
credibility 公信力
cross border 跨境
cross boundary 跨界
cross membership 共同成员
cross-authorization 互相授权
cross-border liaison meeting 边境联络会议
current term of office 现届任期
custody and control 保管及掌管
customary law 习惯法;习俗法
decentralization 地方分权化
Decision of the National People's Congress on the Basic Law of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of the People's Republic of China 《全国人民代表大会关于中华人民共和国香港特别行政区基本法的决定》
Decision of the National People's Congress on the Establishment of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region 《全国人民代表大会关于设立香港特别行政区的决定》
Decision of the National People's Congress on the Method for the Formation of the First Government and the First Legislative Council of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region 《全国人民代表大会关于香港特别行政区第一届政府和立法会产生办法的决定》
decision-making power 决定权
Declaration of Constituencies (Districts) Order 1994 《1994年选区(地区)宣布令》
Declaration of Constituencies (Legislative Council) Order 1997 [made under 134 of 1997] 《1997年选区(立法会)宣布令》〔根据1997年第134号订立〕
Declaration of Election Advertisements 选举广告声明书
declaration of interest 申报利益关系;表明立场
Declaration of Secrecy 保密声明书
Declaration of the Government of the People's Republic of China on the Territorial Sea 《中华人民共和国政府关于领海的声明》
declaratory interest 须申报的利益
declared area 已宣布区域
declared elected 宣布当选
defamation 诽谤
defence affairs 国防事务;防务问题
defence and public order 防务与治安;防务与公共秩序
defence estates 军用土地房产;军用房屋土地
defence land 军事用地
defence responsibilities 防务责任
defensive question and answer 答问资料;补充答问;备用答问资料
definitive roll 确定的名册
delegation 转委〔职能〕;转授〔权力〕
delineation 划定
delineation of constituencies 选区划界
demarcation 分界;划定;划分
demarcation criteria 划定选区分界的准则
demarcation exercise 划界工作
demarcation of boundaries 划定分界
demarcation of constituencies 划分选区
demarcation of constituency boundaries 划定选区分界;划分选区范围;划定选区分界
democracy 民主
Democracy Forum 民主台
Democratic Alliance for Betterment of Hong Kong [DAB] 民主建港联盟〔民建联〕
democratic development 民主发展
democratic government 民主政府;民主政制
democratic participation 民主参与
Democratic Party [DP] 民主党
democratic supervision 民主监督
democratization 民主发展;民主进程
demographic trend 人口分布发展趋向
departure from the population quota 偏离人口配额
dependent territory 属土
deposit 按金;保证金
Deputies Credentials Committee [Standing Committee of the National People's Congress] 代表资格审查委员会〔全国人大常务委员会〕
Deputy Presiding Officer 副投票站主任
Deputy Secretary for Constitutional Affairs 政制事务局副局长〔前称副宪制事务司〕
dereliction of duty 职
designated body 指定团体
designated officer 指定人员
designated spot [election advertisement] 指定展示位置〔选举广告〕
designation of polling stations 指定投票站
determine by a majority of votes 以多数票表决
devolution 权力下放
diplomatic contact 外交接触
direct election 直接选举
direct popular election 直接普选
directly-elected member 直接选举产生的民选议员;直选议员
directly-elected seat 直接选举产生的议席;直选议席
disclose an interest 公开利益关系
discussion paper 讨论文件
disenfranchise 使失去投票权
dismissal 罢免;撤除
disposal of ballot papers 选票的处置
disqualification from registration 取消登记资格
disqualification of a candidate 候选人丧失资格
disqualification of a voter 取消选民资格
dissenting views 反对意见
dissenting vote 反对票
dissolution 解散
Distribution of Number of Members Among Designated Bodies (Election Committee) (Legislative Council) Order 1997 [made under 134 of 1997] 《1997年在指定团体之间分配的委员数目(选举委员会)(立法会)令》〔根据1997年第134号订立〕
district administration 地方行政
District Administration Scheme 地方行政计划
District Affairs Adviser 区事顾问
District Board 区议会
District Board election 区议会选举
District Board electoral boundary 区议会选区分界
District Committee 地区委员会
District Council 区域议会
district counting centre 地区点票中心
district court 区域法院〔前称地方法院〕
district integrity 地区整体性
district level 地区层面
District Management Committee 地区管理委员会
District Office 民政事务处〔前称政务处〕
District Officer 民政事务专员〔前称政务专员〕
district organization 区域组织
district-based constituency 按地区划分的选区
divergence 不衔接
division 点名表决
division bell 表决钟声
donation 捐赠;捐款
donation in kind 实物抵付形式的捐赠
donkey vote 胡乱投票
door-to-door visit 逐户访问
double ballot system 两次投票制
double counting 重复计算
double representation 双重代表
double vote 双票
double voting 双重投票
double voting right 双重投票权
double-member constituency 双议席选区;双议席选举组别
double-seat constituency 双议席选区;双议席选举组别
"""double-seat double-vote"" system" “双议席双票”制
draft 拟稿;草案
draft legislation 草拟法例;法例草案
draft resolution 决议草案
drafting committee 起草委员会
draftsman 草拟人员
duly elected 正式当选
duly nominated candidate 正式提名的候选人
Education Action Group 教育行动组
education subsector 教育界界别分组
educational functional constituency 教育界功能界别
elected legislature 由选举产生的立法机关
elected member 民选议员
elected representation 民选代议制度
elected seat 民选议席
"elected, the" 当选者
elected uncontested 在无对手情况下当选;没有对手而当选
elected unopposed 在无对手情况下当选;没有对手而当选
election 选举
election advertisement 选举广告
election agent 选举代理人
election assistant 选举助理
election broadcasting 竞选广播
election campaigning 竞选活动
Election Committee 选举委员会
Election Committee ballot paper 选举委员会选票
Election Committee counting zone 选举委员会点票区
Election Committee final register 选举委员会正式登记册
Election Committee polling station 选举委员会投票站
Election Committee subsector 选举委员会界别分组
Election Committee subsector election 选举委员会界别分组选举
Election Committee sub-subsector election 选举委员会小组选举
election communication 选举函件;竞选刊物
election corruption 选举舞弊
election cycle 选举周期
election date 选举日期
election day 投票日;选举日
election deposit 选举按金
Election Enquiry Hotline [ICAC] 选举查询热线〔廉政公署〕
election expense agent 选举开支代理人
election expenses 选举开支
election expenses limit 选举开支限额
election forum 选举论坛
election loan fund 选举贷款基金
election material 竞选资料
election meeting 选举会议
election notice 选举公告
election petition 选举呈请;选举呈请书
election platform 竞选政纲
election poll 选举民意调查
election procedure 选举程序
election proceedings 选举程序
election process 选举程序
election publication 竞选刊物
election publicity campaign 选举宣传运动
election related document 与选举有关的文件
election result 选举结果
Election Special 《选举特刊》
election statement 竞选声明
electioneering 竞选活动;助选活动;拉票活动
electioneering activity 竞选活动;助选活动;拉票活动
electioneering material 竞选资料
electioneering team 助选团
elector 选民
Electoral Affairs Commission [EAC] 选举管理委员会〔选管会〕
Electoral Affairs Commission (Electoral Procedure) (Legislative Council) Regulation [129 of 1997] 《选举管理委员会(选举程序)(立法会)规例》〔1997年第129条〕
Electoral Affairs Commission (Nominations Advisory Committees) Regulation [129 of 1997] 《选举管理委员会(提名顾问委员会)规例》〔1997年第129号〕
Electoral Affairs Commission Ordinance [129 of 1997] 《选举管理委员会条例》〔1997年第129号〕
Electoral Affairs Commission (Registration) (Electors for Functional Constituencies) (Voters for Subsectors) (Members of Election Committee) (Legislative Council) Regulation [129 of 1997] 《选举管理委员会(登记)(功能界别选民)(界别分组投票人)(选举委员会委员)(立法会)规例》〔1997年第129条〕
Electoral Affairs Commission (Registration of Electors) (Geographical Constituencies) (Legislative Council) Regulation [129 of 1997] 《选举管理委员会(选民登记)(地方选举)(立法会)规例》〔1997年第129号〕
Electoral Affairs Commission Secretariat 选举管理委员会秘书处
Electoral and Registration System [EARS] 选民登记计算机系统
electoral area 选举区域
electoral arrangements 选举安排
Electoral Arrangements for 1994-95 Compendium of Proposals [1993] 一九九四及九五年选举安排建议集录〔一九九三年〕
Electoral Arrangements for 1994-95 Compendium of Proposals: Supplement [1993] 一九九四及九五年选举安排建议集录:补篇〔一九九三年〕
electoral boundary map 选区分界地图
electoral bribery 选举贿赂行为
electoral college 选举团
electoral constituency 选区
electoral division 选举分组
electoral document 选举文件
electoral franchise 选举权
electoral law 选举法
electoral machinery 选举机构;选举方法
electoral matter 选举事项
electoral offence 选举中的违法行为
Electoral Officer 选举事务主任
electoral package 选举方案
electoral paper 选举文件
electoral policy 选举政策
electoral procedure 选举程序
electoral process 选举程序;选举过程
electoral provision 选举规定
electoral record 选民记录
electoral register 选民登记册
Electoral Registration Officer 选举登记主任
electoral roll 选民名册
electoral system 选举制度
electorate 选民范围;全体选民;选民;选民人数
electronic voting system 电子表决系统
eligible elector 符合资格的选民;合资格选民
elimination count 淘汰点票
elimination criteria 淘汰准则
emergnecy session [Provisional Legislative Council] 紧急会议〔临时立法会〕
Employers' Federation of Hong Kong subsector 香港雇主联合会界别分组
empower 授权
en masse removal 全体撤换
enabling legislation 赋权法例
enact 制定
enacting formula 法案制定程序
enacting provision 制定语式条文
enactment 成文法则
endorse 批注;批签;通过
endorsement 批注
enfranchise 授予投票权
engineering functional constituency 工程界功能界别
engineering subsector 工程界界别分组
entitlement to vote 投票权
Equal Opportunities Commission 平等机会委员会
equal representation 平等代表权;具同等代表性
equal suffrage 平等选举权
“equal time” principle [election broadcasting] “平等时间”原则〔竞选广播〕
equality of votes 票数均等;相同票数
equity 衡平法
Estimates of Election Expenses 选举开支预算
European Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms 《欧洲保障人权与基本自由公约》
European Convention on Human Rights [Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms] 《欧洲人权公约》
evolutionary 循序渐进
executive arm 执行部门
executive authority 行政机关
Executive Council 行政会议〔前称行政局〕
Executive Council Memorandum 行政会议备忘录〔前称行政局备忘录〕
Executive Council proceedings 行政会议议事程序〔前称行政局议事程序〕
executive machinery 行政机关
executive order 行政命令
executive power 行政管理权
executive-led 行政主导
exercise of a power 行使权力
exhausted ballot paper 已用尽选择的选票
exhausted vote 失效选票
existing boundary 现有分界
exit poll 票站调查
ex-officio member 当然委员
expert group 专家小组
expert meeting 专家会议
expert report 专家报告
expert talk 专家会谈
expired provision 有效期已届满的条文
explanatory memorandum 摘要说明
explanatory note 注释
expository bill 解释草案
extended franchise 扩大的选民范围
faction 派别
factual report 事实报告
fair and equal treatment 公平及平等待遇
fair copy 清稿
false claim of support 作出虚假的支持声称
false declaration 虚假声明
false majority 虚假多数票
false registration 虚假登记
false sponsorship 虚假赞助
false statement 虚假声明;失实声明
false statement about a candidate 有关候选人的虚假声明
false statement of withdrawal 退出竞选的虚假声明
federal government 联邦政府
federal system 联邦制
federation 联邦;联盟
Federation for the Stability of Hong Kong Limited 稳定香港协会有限公司
Federation of Hong Kong and Kowloon Labour Unions [FLU] 港九劳工社团联会〔劳联〕
final register 正式选民登记册
final register of electors 正式选民登记册
Finance Committee [Provisional Legislative Council] 财务委员会〔临时立法会〕
finance functional constituency 金融界功能界别
finance subsector 金融界界别分组
financial accountability 财政责任
financial autonomy 财政自主权;财政自主;财政独立
financial provision 财政条文
financial services functional constituency 金融服务界功能界别
financial services subsector 金融服务界界别分组
financing arrangement 财务安排
First Legislative Council Election of the HKSAR in 1998: Brief Note on Electoral Arrangements 《一九九八年香港特别行政区第一届立法会选举安排重点》
first poll 第一次投票
"""first post the post"" voting system" “得票最多者当选”投票制
first preference vote 第一选择票
first provisional register 首份临时选民登记册
first reading 首读
first-choice candidate 第一选择候选人
fiscal policy 财政政策
fiscal reserves 财政储备
flat rate 划一比率
for decision 提交决定
for discussion 提交讨论;以供讨论
for information 提交参考;备考;以供参阅
for noting 提交省览;以供省览
for ratification 提交考虑通过;提交通过
for reference 提交参考;以供参考
formal diplomatic relation 正式外交关系
former political figure 原政界人士
four-sector Election Committee 由四个界别组成的选举委员会
framework 架构;纲领;范围
franchise 投票权;选举权;选民范围
fraudulent voting 欺诈性投票
"""free lunch"" policy" “免费午餐”政策
free postage [election advertisement] 免费投寄〔选举广告〕
freedom of expression 发表意见的自由;表达思想的自由
freedom of information 信息自由
freedom of the press 新闻自由
"freedom of thought, conscience and religion" 思想、信念及宗教自由
free-standing agreement 独立签署的协议
"Frontier, The" 前
full age 成年
fully directly elected Legislative Council 全部由直选议员组成的立法会
function 职能
functional body 功能团体
functional constituencies final register 功能界别正式选民登记册
functional constituency 功能界别〔前称功能组别〕
functional constituency ballot paper 功能界别选票
functional constituency election 功能界别选举〔前称功能组别选举〕
functional constituency system 功能界别制度
fundamental policy 基本方针政策
Garrison Law of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of the People's Republic of China 《中华人民共和国香港特别行政区驻军法》
general election 换届选举
General Electoral Roll 选民总名册
general revenue 政府一般收入
geographical constituencies final register 地方选区正式选民登记册
geographical constituency 地方选区
geographical constituency ballot paper 地方选区选票
geographical constituency boundary 地方选区分界
geographical constituency counting zone 地方选区点票站
geographical constituency election 地方选区选举
geographical constituency elector 地方选区选民
geographical constituency polling station 地方选区投票站
geographical constituency seat 地方选区议席
geographical election 地区选举;分区选举
geographical representation element 地区代表制的成分
geographical seat 地区选举产生的议席;地区议席
geographically based election 按地区划分的选举
gerrymander 选区划分不公
Gold Bauhinia Star [GBS] 金紫荆星章
good ballot paper 好票
government by consultation and consensus 咨询与共识并重的政制
Government Counsel [formerly known as Crown Counsel] 政府律师〔前称检察官〕
Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Gazette 香港特别行政区政府宪报
Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Gazette Extraordinary 香港特别行政区政府宪报号外
government property 政府财产
Government Secretariat 政府总部〔前称布政司署〕
government structure 政府架构
government system 政府体制;行政制度
gradual and orderly approach 循序渐进方式
Grand Bauhinia Medal [GBM] 大紫荆勋章
grand electoral college 大选举团
grass-roots representative 基层代表
grass-roots sector 基层界
green paper 绿皮书
Green Paper on A Pattern of District Administration in Hong Kong [1980] 《香港地方行政的模式绿皮书》〔一九八零年〕
Green Paper on Equal Opportunities for Women and Men [1993] 《男女平等机会绿皮书》〔一九九三年〕
Green Paper: The 1987 Review of Developments in Representative Government 《绿皮书:一九八七年代议政制发展检讨》
Green Paper: The Further Development of Representative Government in Hong Kong [1984] 《代议政制绿皮书──代议政制在香港的进一步发展》〔一九八四年〕
groups with related interests 有相关利益的团体
guideline 指引;指南
Guidelines for Mutual Aid Committees 《互助委员会参与助选活动事宜指引》
Guidelines on Election-related Activities in respect of the 1998 Legislative Council Elections 《一九九八年立法会选举活动指引》
guiding principle 指导原则
Hague Convention on the Service Abroad of Judicial and Extra-judicial document. in Civil and Commercial Matters [1965] 《关于向国外送达民事或商事司法文书和司法外文书的海牙公约》〔一九六五年〕
handbill 传单
Handover Ceremony 交接仪式
Handover Ceremony Co-ordination Office 交接仪式统筹处
Hansard 《香港议事录》
Hare Quota [of votes] 黑尔选举限额〔选票〕
health services functional constituency 生服务界功能界别
health services subsector 生服务界界别分组
Heung Yee Kuk 乡议局
Heung Yee Kuk functional constituency [formerly known as Rural functional constituency] 乡议局功能界别〔前称乡事界功能组别〕
Heung Yee Kuk subsector 乡议局界别分组
High Court 高等法院
high degree of autonomy 高度自治权
higher education subsector 高等教育界界别分组
higher preference 较优先选择
Home Affairs Bureau [formerly known as Home Affairs Branch] [Government Secretariat] 民政事务局〔前称政务科〕〔政府总部〕
home visit programme 家访计划
Hong Kong Affairs Adviser 港事顾问
Hong Kong Affairs Society Limited 太平山学会有限公司
Hong Kong Alliance of Chinese and Expatriates 香港中外联盟
Hong Kong and Macao Affairs Office [China] 国务院港澳办公室〔中国〕
Hong Kong Association for Democracy and People's Livelihood [ADPL] 香港民主民生协进会〔民协〕
Hong Kong belonger 香港本土人士
Hong Kong Belongers Association Limited 香港协进会有限公司
Hong Kong Bill of Rights Ordinance [Cap. 383] 《香港人权法案条例》〔第383章〕
Hong Kong Chinese Enterprises Association subsector 香港中国企业协会界别分组
Hong Kong Citizen Forum 港人论坛
Hong Kong Civic Association 香港公民协会
Hong Kong Confederation of Trade Unions [CTU] 香港职工会联盟〔职工盟〕
Hong Kong Court of Final Appeal Ordinance [Cap. 484] 《香港终审法院条例》〔第484章〕
Hong Kong Court of Final Appeal Rules [Cap. 484] 《香港终审法院规例》〔第484章〕
Hong Kong Democratic Foundation 香港民主促进会〔民主会〕
Hong Kong deputy to the National People's Congress 全国人民代表大会香港地区代表〔香港地区全国人大代表〕
Hong Kong Federation of Trade Unions [FTU] 香港工会联合会〔工联会〕
Hong Kong Observers Limited 香港观察社有限公司
Hong Kong Parliamentary Academic Society 香港议会学会
Hong Kong People Construct 港人建港
"""Hong Kong people ruling Hong Kong with a high degree of autonomy""" “港人治港,高度自治”
Hong Kong People's Association 港人协会
Hong Kong permanent resident 香港永久性居民
Hong Kong Policy Viewers 香港政策透视
Hong Kong Progressive Alliance [HKPA] 香港协进联盟〔港进联〕
Hong Kong Prospect Institute 香港前景研究社
Hong Kong Reunification Ordinance [110 of 1997] 《香港回归条例》〔1997年第110号〕
Hong Kong Special Administrative Region [HKSAR] 香港特别行政区
Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Establishment Day 香港特别行政区成立日
Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government Land Fund 香港特别行政区政府土地基金
honorarium 酬金
hotel subsector 酒店界界别分组
House Committee [Provisional Legislative Council] 内务委员会〔临时立法会〕
House Rules [Provisional Legislative Council] 内务守则〔临时立法会〕
human rights 人权
Human Rights Committee [United Nations] 人权事务委员会〔联合国〕
hypothetical delineation 假设分界
identity document.nbsp身分证明文件
illegal practice 非法行为
illiterate voter 不识字的选民
immunity 豁免权
impeachment 弹劾
import and export functional constituency 进出口界功能界别
import and export subsector 进出口界界别分组
in attendance 列席
in attendance as observer 以观察员身分列席
in attendance by invitation 应邀列席
inadvertent omission of printing details 疏忽遗漏印制资料
incidental matter 附带问题
inconclusive vote 无结果的表决
incumbent 在任的
incumbent councillor 现任议员
incur [election expenses] 招致〔选举开支〕
independent body 独立组织
independent candidate 独立候选人
independent commission 独立委员会
Independent Commission Against Corruption [ICAC] 廉政公署〔前称总督特派廉政专员公署〕
Independent Commission on Remuneration for Members of the Provisional Legislative Council 临时立法会议员薪津委员会
Independent Monitoring Team [Assessment Office] 特派监察团〔民意审核专员办事处〕
independent statutory authority 独立法定组织
indigenous resident of the New Territories 新界原居民
indirect election 间接选举
individual elector 个人选民
individual voting 个人投票
industrial (first) functional constituency 工业界(第一)功能界别
industrial (first) subsector 工业界(第一)界别分组
industrial (second) functional constituency 工业界(第二)功能界别
industrial (second) subsector 工业界(第二)界别分组
infant 幼年人
informal expert talk 非正式专家会议;非正式专家会谈
information paper 资料文件;参考文件
information technology functional constituency 信息科技界功能界别
information technology subsector 信息科技界界别分组
infringement 违反规定的行为
in-house meeting [Provisional Legislative Council] 内务会议〔临时立法会〕
initial 草签
initial question 初步问题
initial screening 初步甄选
inner cabinet 核心内阁
inspection of ballot paper 查阅选票
insurance functional constituency 保险界功能界别
insurance subsector 保险业界界别分组
interest group 关注团体
interim committee 临时委员会
interim report 中期报告;临时报告
internal consultation document.nbsp内部咨询文件
internal voting procedure 内部投票程序
International Commission of Jurists 国际法学家委员会
International Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination 《消除一切形式种族歧视国际公约》
International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights 《公民权利和政治权利国际公约》
"International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights" 《经济、社会与文化权利的国际公约》
International Covenant on Human Rights 《国际人权公约》
international law 国际法
international rights and obligations 国际权利与义务
interpretation of laws 法例的释义
introductory leaflet 介绍单张
invalid nomination 提名无效
invalidated vote 废票
Joint Association of People's Organizations for Promotion of Democracy 民间团体促进民主政制联会
joint committee 联合委员会
Joint Committee for the Promotion of the Basic Law of Hong Kong 基本法推介联席会议
Joint Committee on the Promotion of Democratic Government 民主政制促进联委会
Joint Declaration of the Government of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland and the Government of the People's Republic of China on the Question of Hong Kong [Sino-British Joint Declaration] 《中华人民共和国政府和大不列颠及北爱尔兰联合王国政府关于香港问题的联合声明》〔中英联合声明〕
joint election advertisement 联合选举广告
joint ticket 联票
Judge of the Court of First Instance of the High Court [formerly known as Judge of the High Court] 高等法院原讼法庭法官〔前称高等法院大法官〕
Judge of the District Court 区域法院法官〔前称地方法院法官〕
judicial interpretation 司法解释
judicial leader 司法统领
Judicial Oath 司法宣誓
judicial office 司法职位
judicial officer 司法人员
Judicial Officers Recommendation Commission 司法人员推荐委员会
judicial power 司法权
judicial remedy 司法补救
judicial review 司法审查〔中国〕;司法复核
judicial system 司法制度;司法体系
Judiciary 司法机构
Judiciary Administrator 司法机构政务长
jurisdiction 司法管辖权;司法管辖区
Justice of Appeal of the Court of Appeal of the High Court [formerly known as Justice of Appeal] 高等法院上诉法庭法官〔前称上诉法院大法官〕
Justice of the Peace [JP] 太平绅士
kaifong welfare association 街坊福利会
Kin Kong Society Limited 建港社有限公司
labour functional constituency 劳工界功能界别
labour subsector 劳工界界别分组
Largest Remainder Formula 最大余额方法
launching ceremony [political organizations] 誓师大会〔政治团体〕
law and statutory interpretation 法律及法定释义
law draftsman 法律草拟人员
Law Draftsman 法律草拟专员
Law of the People's Republic of China on the National Emblem 《中华人民共和国国徽法》
Law of the People's Republic of China on the National Flag 《中华人民共和国国旗法》
Law of the People's Republic of China on the Territorial Sea and the Contiguous Zone 《中华人民共和国领海和毗连区法》
Law Reform Commission 法律改革委员会
leader of opinion 意见领袖
legal adviser 法律顾问
legal age 法定年龄
legal and judicial system 法律及司法制度
legal and procedural arrangements between Hong Kong and China in civil and commercial matters 中港之间的民商事法律及程序安排
legal basis 法律依据
legal co-operation 司法合作
legal footing 法律基础
legal framework 法律架构
legal functional constituency 法律界功能界别
legal officer 律政人员
legal person 法人
legal status 法律地位
legal structure 法律架构
legal subsector 法律界界别分组
legislative amendment 修订法例
Legislative Council 立法会〔前称立法局〕
Legislative Council Commission Ordinance [Cap. 443] 《立法会行政管理委员会条例》〔第443章〕
Legislative Council election 立法会选举
Legislative Council (Election Petition) Rules [134 of 1997] 《立法会(选举呈请)规例》〔1997年第134号〕
Legislative Council electoral roll 立法会选民名册
Legislative Council Ordinance [134 of 1997] 《立法会条例》〔1997年第134号〕
Legislative Council (Registration of Electors) (Appeals) Regulation [134 of 1997] 《立法会(选民登记)(上诉)规例》〔1997年第134号〕
Legislative Council (Subscribers and Election Deposit for Nomination) Regulation [134 of 1997] 《立法会(提名所需的选举按金及签署人)规例》〔1997年第134章〕
legislative criteria 经由立法措施订立的准则;法定准则
legislative framework 法律架构
legislative interpretation 立例释义
legislative organ 立法机构
legislative power 立法权
legislative proceedings 立法程序
legislative session 立法会会期
legislative timetable 立法程序时间表
legislature 立法机关
liaison committee 联络委员会
liaison system 联系制度
Liberal Democratic Federation of Hong Kong Limited [LDF] 香港自由民主联会有限公司〔自民联〕
Liberal Party [LP] 自由党
limited franchise 有限制的选举权
limited vote system 限制可投选票制
list of candidates 候选人名单
list of proposed omissions [provisional register] 拟略名单〔临时选民登记册〕
list system 名单投票制
list system of proportional representation 比例代表名单投票制
list voting system 名单投票制
lobby 拉票;游说
local administrative structure 地方行政架构
Local Committee [Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference] 地方委员会〔中国人民政治协商会议〕
local community identities 地方社区的特色
local level 地方层面
local populace 当地人士
local tie 地方联系
localization bill 与法律本地化有关的条例草案
localization of laws 法律本地化
Localization of the Justice of Peace System 太平绅士制度本地化
long title 详题
losing candidate 落选者
loudspeaker 扬声器
lower the voting age 把投票年龄降低
magistracy 裁判法院
main committee 主要委员会
majority of votes 多数票
majority system 大多数票制
maladministration 行政失当
mandatory voter registration 强制选民登记
manifesto 宣言
manipulation of votes 操纵选票
March of the Volunteers 《义勇军进行曲》
margin of population deviation 偏离人口配额的幅度;人口相差幅度
margin rule 相差幅度规定
maximum possible margin of population deviation 可容许的人口相差幅度上限
Maximum Scale of Election Expenses (Legislative Council) Order 1997 [made under Cap. 288] 《1997年选举开支最高限额(立法会)令》〔根据第288章订立〕
Medal for Bravery (Bronze) [MBB] 铜英勇勋章
Medal for Bravery (Gold) [MBG] 金英勇勋章
Medal for Bravery (Silver) [MBS] 银英勇勋章
Medal of Honour [MH] 荣誉勋章
medical functional constituency 医学界功能界别
medical subsector 医学界界别分组
meeting adjourned 会议结束;休会
Meeting Point [merged with United Democrats of Hong Kong to form Democratic Party in 1994] 汇点〔一九九四年与香港民主同盟合并组成民主党〕
meeting resumed 会议恢复进行
Meet-the-Public Scheme 会见市民计划
member 成员〔选举管理委员会,行政会议〕;委员〔选举委员会〕;议员
member of the Local Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference 中国人民政治协商会议地方委员会委员
member of the National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference 中国人民政治协商会议全国委员会委员
membership qualification 成员资格
memorandum of understanding 谅解备忘录
Memorandum of Understanding Concerning the Construction of the New Airport in Hong Kong and Related Questions 《关于香港新机场建设及有关问题的谅解备忘录》
Method for Selection of the Chief Executive of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region [Annex I of Basic Law] 《香港特别行政区行政长官的产生办法》〔《基本法》附件一〕
Method for the Formation of the Legislative Council of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region and Its Voting Procedures [Annex II of Basic Law] 《香港特别行政区立法会的产生办法和表决程序》〔《基本法》附件二〕
military estates 军用土地房产;军用房屋土地
minimum age requirement for nomination 提名人最低年龄规定
minimum voting age 最低投票年龄
ministerial system 部长制
Ministry of Civil Affairs [China] 民政部〔中国〕
Ministry of Foreign Affairs [China] 外交部〔中国〕
minor 未成年人
minutes of evidence 作证记录
misrepresentation 失实陈述
Mission Statement 工作宣言
misuse of election expenses 滥用选举开支
mobile poll 投票车
mobile polling station 流动投票站
mock election 仿真选举
modality 形式;模式;方式
modality for co-operation 合作模式;合作方式
mode of election 选举方式
model agreement 协议模板
Model Rules for Mutual Aid Committees 《互委会规则模板》
modus operandi 办事方式
"Monitor, Survey Office" 民意汇集处监察委员
monitoring committee 监察委员会
monthly progress report 每月进度报告
moral obligation 道义责任
motion 动议;议案
motion adopted 动议获通过
motion carried 动议获通过
motion debate 动议辩论
motion defeated 动议遭否决
motion of impeachment 弹劾案
motion rejected 动议遭否决
move a motion 提出动议
multi-ballot system 多次投票制
multilateral international agreement 多边国际协议
multilateral international rights and obligations 多边国际权利和义务
multilateral treaty 多边条约
multi-member constituency 多议席选区
multi-member preferential system 多议席选择选票制
multiple candidates list 多名候选人名单
multiple nominees list 多名获提名人名单
multiple voting 多次投票权
multi-seat constituency 多议席选区
multi-seat geographical constituency 多议席地方选区
"""multi-seat, single-vote"" system" 多议席单票制
municipal congress 市级国会
municipal councils 两个市政局
municipal services 市政服务
Municipal Services Appeals Boards 文康市政上诉委员会
mutilated ballot paper 损毁选票
mutual aid committee [MAC] 互助委员会
mutual election 互选
mutual legal assistance 相互司法协助;司法互助
Mutual Legal Assistance in Criminal Matters 刑事司法互助
Mutual Legal Assistance In Criminal Matters Bill 《刑事事宜相互法律协助条例草案》
oath 宣誓;誓词
occupational group 行业组别;职业类别
offending election material 违例竞选资料
Office of the Commissioner of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the People's Republic of China in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region 中华人民共和国外交部驻香港特别行政区特派员公署
Office of the Ombudsman 申诉专员公署
office-bearer 干事;执事人员
official capacity 官方身分
official language 法定语言
official member 官方议员
official mission 官方机构
Official Oath 就任宣誓
Official Secrets Ordinance [62 of 1997] 《官方机密条例》〔1997年第62号〕
"Ombudsman, the" 申诉专员
omissions list [electoral registration] 遭剔除者名单〔选民登记〕
omnibus adaptation bill 适应化的综合条例草案
omnibus legislation 综合法例
"""One Country, Two Systems""" “一国两制”
"one person, one vote" 一人一票
on-going commitment 持续承担
on-line equiries 联机查询
open ballot 记名投票
open session 公开会议
Operations Department [ICAC] 执行处〔廉政公署〕
opinion card 民意牌
opinion poll 民意调查;民意测验
opinion survey 民意调查
opportunist 机会主义者
Optical Mark Recognition machine [polling station] 光标记识别仪器〔投票站〕
optional subsector 可选择的界别分组
oral representation 口头申述
oral understanding 口头谅解
order of preference 选择次序
ordinal vote 列序票
ordinary session [Provisional Legislative Council] 一般会期〔临时立法会〕
organ of government 政府机关
organ of power 权力机关;权力机构
original vote 原有的一票
outgoing chairman 卸任主席
overlapping of constituencies 选区重叠
overrule 驳回;宣布无效
overseas elector 海外选民
panel [Provisional Legislative Council] 事务委员会〔临时立法会〕
Panel on Administration of Justice and Legal Services [Provisional Legislative Council] 司法及法律事务委员会〔临时立法会〕
"Panel on Broadcasting, Culture and Sport [Provisional Legislative Council]" 文康广播事务委员会〔临时立法会〕
Panel on Constitutional Affairs [Provisional Legislative Council] 政制事务委员会〔临时立法会〕
Panel on Economic Services [Provisional Legislative Council] 经济事务委员会〔临时立法会〕
Panel on Education [Provisional Legislative Council] 教育事务委员会〔临时立法会〕
Panel on Environmental Affairs [Provisional Legislative Council] 环境事务委员会〔临时立法会〕
Panel on Financial Affairs [Provisional Legislative Council] 财经事务委员会〔临时立法会〕
Panel on Health Services [Provisional Legislative Council] 生事务委员会〔临时立法会〕
Panel on Home Affairs [Provisional Legislative Council] 民政事务委员会〔临时立法会〕
Panel on Housing [Provisional Legislative Council] 房屋事务委员会〔临时立法会〕
Panel on Information Policy [Provisional Legislative Council] 信息政策事务委员会〔临时立法会〕
Panel on Manpower [Provisional Legislative Council] 人力事务委员会〔临时立法会〕
"Panel on Planning, Lands and Works [Provisional Legislative Council]" 规划地政及工程事务委员会〔临时立法会〕
Panel on Public Service [Provisional Legislative Council] 公务员及资助机构员工事务委员会〔临时立法会〕
Panel on Security [Provisional Legislative Council] 保安事务委员会〔临时立法会〕
Panel on Trade and Industry [Provisional Legislative Council] 贸易及工业事务委员会〔临时立法会〕
Panel on Transport [Provisional Legislative Council] 交通事务委员会〔临时立法会〕
Panel on Welfare Services [Provisional Legislative Council] 福利事务委员会〔临时立法会〕
paper 文件;选票
paper tabled 会上呈阅文件
parallel counting 多线点票
parameter 既定准则;既定基础
parent ordinance 主体条例
parliamentary system 议会制
partnership 合伙
party 党派;小组
party identity 所属党派
party politics 政党政治;党派政治
party system 政党制度
party whip 党干事;“党鞭”
pecuniary interest 金钱利害关系
pennant 小旗
People's Liberation Army Military Force in Hong Kong Special Administration Region 中国解放军驻香港特别行政区部队
performance of a duty 履行责任
Performance Pledge 服务承诺
performance report 工作往绩报告
permanent judge 常任法官
permanent magistrate 常任裁判官
permanent resident 永久性居民
personation 冒充行为
personation at voting 冒名投票
petition 呈请;呈请书;质询书;请愿书
petitioner 呈请人;质询人;请愿人
placard 标语牌
place on record 记录在案
planning committee 策划委员会
platform 政纲
plebiscite 全民投票;公民投票
plenary meeting 全体会议;全体代表会议
plenary session 全体会议;全体代表会议
plenipotentiary 全权代表;全权委员
plural society 多元社会
plurality 胜出票数〔当选人比得票次多者多出的票数〕
plurality (relative majority) system 多数票(相对多数)制
plurality (simple majority) system 多数票(简单多数)制
plurality system 多数票制
plurality voting system 多数票制
policy address 施政报告
policy advisory committee 政策咨询委员会
policy bureau [formerly known as policy branch] 决策局〔前称决策科〕
Policy Debate 施政报告辩论
policy direction 政策路向
policy paper [green paper or white paper] 政策文件〔绿皮书、白皮书〕
policy programme 政策纲领
policy proposal 政策建议;施政建议
political activity 政治活动
Political Adviser 政治顾问
political affiliation 政治背景;政治立场
political aspiration 政治抱负
political body 政治团体
political commentary group 论政团体
political commissar 政治委员
political consultation 政治协商
political conviction 政治信念
political donation 政治用途捐款;政治用途捐赠
political end 政治目的
political group 政治团体;政见团体;政党
political harmony 和谐政治局面
political impartiality 政治中立
political influence 政治影响力
political means 政治手段
political organization 政治组织;政治团体
political party 政党
political philosophy 政治哲学
political platform 政纲
political power base 政治权力基础
political reform 政制改革
political reform proposal 政制改革建议
political right 政治权利
political rival 政敌
political system 政治制度;政制
politically neutral 政治中立
politician 从政人士;政治家;政客
politicization 政治化
polity 政体
poll 选举投票;民意测验
poll card 投票通知卡
polling agent 监察投票代理人
polling arrangement 投票安排
Polling Assistant 投票站事务员
polling booth 投票间
polling company 民意调查公司
polling compartment 投票间
polling day 投票日;选举日
polling hours 投票时间
polling method 竞选方法;投票办法
Polling Officer 投票助理员
polling staff 投票站工作人员
polling station 投票站
populace 民众
popular election 普选
population criteria 人口准则
population deviation 人口偏差
population per seat 每一议席所代表的人口
population quota [election] 标准人口基数〔选举〕
positive vetting 正面议决程序
postal voting 以邮递方式投票
postponement of a count 押后点票
postponement of an election 选举延期
potential electorate 合资格选民
potential voter 合资格选民
power 权力
power of disallowance 驳回权
power of final adjudication 终审权
power to inquire into the constitutionality of laws 违宪审查权
pragmatic approach 务实方针
preamble 弁言〔法案〕;序言;绪言
pre-election opinion poll 选举前民意调查
preferential addition voting system 按选择次序合计选票的投票制度
preferential and reallocation of preferences system 按选择次序及重新分配选票票值合计选票的制度
preferential elimination system of counting 按选择次序淘汰点票制
preferential elimination system of voting 按选择次序淘汰投票制
preferential system with a withdrawal requirement 附有得票最少候选人须退出竞选规定的按选择次序投票制度
preferential voting method 按选择次序投票方法
preliminary report 初步报告
preliminary work 前期工作
prerogative 特权
prescribed functional constituency 订明功能界别
prescribed public officer 订明的公职人员
present a paper 提交文件
preservation of local ties 维持地方关系
pre-set principle 已订原则
"President, Provisional Legislative Council" 临时立法会主席
President's deputy [Provisional Legislative Council] 代理主席〔临时立法会〕
Presiding Officer 投票站主任
press briefing 演示文稿会;记者招待会
press council 新闻议会
press statement 向新闻界发表的声明;新闻公报
pressure group 压力团体
pressurize to canvass or not to canvass 迫使他人进行或不进行拉票活动
primary legislation 主体法例
principal official 主要官员
principal ordinance 主体条例
principal place of residence 主要住址;主要居所
principal residential address 主要住址
principle of equality of political right 政治权利均等的原则
principle of free participation in direct election 自由参与直接选举的原则
principle of plurality 多数票原则
principle of universality 普选原则
"principles of ""democracy and openness""" “民主开放”原则
printing details [election advertisement] 印刷详情〔选举广告〕
Private Bill 私人条例草案
private capacity 私人身分
private international law 国际私法
private session 闭门会议
private spot [election advertisement] 私人展示位置〔选举广告〕
procedural injustice 程序上的不公平
procedure for the nomination of candidates 提名候选人程序
procedure for voting 投票程序
proclamation 文告
professional body 专业团体
professional group 专业组别
professional sector 专业界别
programme area 工作范畴
programme of public sector reform 公营部门改革计划
progress report 工作进度报告
progressive change 渐进的改变
Progressive Hong Kong Society 香港励进会
promissory oath 采用承诺形式的宣誓
promotional literature 宣传刊物
proportional representation 比例代表制;比例代议制
proportional representation voting system 比例代表投票制
Proposal by the Drafting Committee for the Basic Law of the HKSAR on the Establishment of the Committee for the Basic Law of the HKSAR Under the Standing Committee of t, he NPC 《香港特别行政区基本法起草委员会关于设立全国人民代表大会常务委员会香港特别行政区基本法委员会的建议》
proposed constituency 建议选区
prosecuting authority 检察机关
prospective candidate 准候选人
prospective nominee 准获提名人
provide for 订定条文
Provisional District Board 临时区议会
Provisional District Board Secretariat 临时区议会秘书处
Provisional District Board Standing Orders 临时区议会会议常规
Provisional District Boards for the Districts in the Regional Council Area subsector [New Territories Provisional District Boards subsector] 区域市政局辖区内各区的临时区议会界别分组〔新界各临时区议会界别分组〕
Provisional District Boards for the Districts in the Urban Council Area subsector [Hong Kong and Kowloon Provisional District Boards subsector] 市政局辖区内各区的临时区议会界别分组〔香港及九龙各临时区议会界别分组〕
Provisional District Boards Ordinance [Cap. 366] 《临时区议会条例》〔第366章〕
Provisional Legislative Council 临时立法会
Provisional Legislative Council Brief 临时立法会参考资料摘要
Provisional Legislative Council Building 临时立法会大楼
Provisional Legislative Council Chamber 临时立法会会议厅
Provisional Legislative Council Commission 临时立法会行政管理委员会
Provisional Legislative Council Panel System 临时立法会事务委员会制度
Provisional Legislative Council question 临时立法会问题
Provisional Legislative Council Secretariat 临时立法会秘书处
Provisional Legislative Council subsector 临时立法会界别分组
provisional recommendation 临时建议
Provisional Regional Council 临时区域市政局
Provisional Regional Council Building 临时区域市政局大楼
Provisional Regional Council Chamber 临时区域市政局会议厅
Provisional Regional Council Ordinance [Cap. 385] 《临时区域市政局条例》〔第385章〕
provisional register 临时选民登记册
provisional report 临时报告
Provisional Urban Council 临时市政局
Provisional Urban Council Chamber 临时市政局会议厅;临时市政局大楼
Provisional Urban Council Ordinance [Cap. 101] 《临时市政局条例》〔第101章〕
Provisional Urban Council Ward Office 临时市政局议员会见市民办事处
provisionally demarcated constituency 临时选区
proxy voting 委派代表投票
Public Accounts Committee [Provisional Legislative Council] 政府帐目委员会〔临时立法会〕
public administration 公共行政
public authority 公共主管当局
Public Bill 公共条例草案
public body 公共机构;公共团体;公众议会
public censure 公开谴责
public consultation 征询民意;咨询公众意见
public consultation period 公众咨询期
Public Fund-raising Permit for Non-charitable Purposes 在公众地方进行非慈善性质筹款许可证
public gallery 公众席
public hearing 公听会
public image 公众形象
public inspection 公众查阅
public meeting 公众集会;公众聚会
public office 公职
public officer 公职人员
public opinion 舆论
public opinion poll 民意调查
public opinion survey 民意调查
public participation 公众参与
public position 公开场合发表的意见
public post 公职
public presentation meeting 公开发表政见的会议
Public Records Office 历史档案处
public representation 公众申述
public response 公众反应;社会各界人士的反应
public scrutiny 公众监察
public seal 公印
public sector 公营部门
public servant 公务人员;公务员
public service 公职
public session 公开会议
publicity board 宣传板
publicity material 宣传资料
publicity programme 宣传计划
publicity van 宣传车辆
qualified elector 符合资格的选民
quarterly progress report 每季进度报告
quarterly review 每季检讨报告
quasi-judicial function 类似司法的职能
quasi-judicial nature 类似司法的性质
"""quasi-ministerial"" system" “类似部长制”制度
question 问题;质询;议题〔临时立法会〕
quorum 法定人数
quota 配额
quota of electors 选民限额
quota of votes 选票基数
ratify 互换批准书〔确认程序〕;通过
reading 宣读议案
real estate and construction functional constituency 地产及建造界功能界别
real estate and construction subsector 地产及建造界界别分组
recess 休会
reciprocal enforcement of arbitration awards 相互承认和执行仲裁裁决;相互执行仲裁裁决
reciprocal enforcement of judgements 相互执行判决
reciprocal judicial assistance 司法互助
reciprocal legislation 相互适用的法律
reciprocal recognition and enforcement of judgements in civil and commercial matters 对等承认及执行民商事判决
recommittal [bill] 再付委〔法案〕
re-count 重新点票
re-election 竞选连任;改选;重选
referendum 全民投票;公民投票
referential legislation 参照性法例
Reform Club of Hong Kong 香港革新会
regional congress 地区级国会
Regional Council [RegCo] 区域市政局
Regional Council Area 区域市政局辖区
Regional Council functional constituency 区域市政局功能界别
regional emblem 区徽
regional flag 区旗
Regional Flag and Regional Emblem Ordinance [117 of 1997] 《区旗及区徽条例》〔1997年第117号〕
regional level 区域层面
register of electors 选民登记册
register of interests 利益登记表
Register of Members' Interests [Provisional Legislative Council] 议员个人利益登记册〔临时立法会〕
registered body 注册团体
registered elector 登记选民
registered electorate 登记选民总数
registered residential address 登记住址
registrable interests [Provisional Legislative Council] 须予登记的个人利益〔临时立法会〕
"Registrar, High Court" 高等法院司法常务官〔前称最高法院司法常务官〕
Registration and Electoral Office [REO] 选举事务处
registration cycle 选民登记周期
registration exercise 选民登记运动;选民登记工作
registration form 选民登记表格
registration of electors 选民登记
registration of interests [Provisional Legislative Council] 个人利益登记〔临时立法会〕
Registration Officer 登记主任
registration period 选民登记期
registration procedure 登记程序
regulation of ballot 规管投票
Regulations of the People's Republic of China Concerning Consular Privileges and Immunities 《中华人民共和国领事特权与豁免条例》
Regulations of the People's Republic of China Concerning Diplomatic Privileges and Immunities 《中华人民共和国外交特权与豁免条例》
regulatory authority 监管当局
regulatory framework 规管架构
reimbursement of election expenses 发还选举开支
rejected 不获接纳
rejected ballot paper 不获接纳的选票
rejection objected to 反对此选票不获接纳;选票不获接纳遭反对
relative majority 相对多数
relative majority system of counting 相对多数点票制
"relative majority system of voting [also known as ""first past the post"" voting system]" 相对多数选举制〔亦称“得票最多者当选”投票制〕
religious subsector 宗教界界别分组
remainder of valid votes 有效余票
repeal 废除
repeated ballot system 重复投票制度
reporting obligation 报告责任
representational arrangement 代表安排
representative body 代表机构
representative democracy 代议民主
representative government 代议政制;代议制政府
"Representative Government in Hong Kong [white paper, 1994]" 《香港代议政制》〔白皮书;一九九四年〕
representative institution 代议机制;代议政制机构
representative member [representative of Provisional District Board serving on the Provisional Urban Council or Provisional Regional Council] 代表议员〔出任临时市政局或临时区域市政局议员的临时区议会代表〕
representative organization 代表团体
reprimand 严厉谴责
re-registration 重新登记
residential population 居住人口
residential qualification 居留规定;居留资格
residential requirement for candidature 候选人的居港年期规定
resolution 决议;决议案
"Resolution on the Capital, Calendar, National Anthem and National Flag of the People's Republic of China" 《关于中华人民共和国国都、纪年、国歌、国旗的决议》
Resolution on the National Day of the People's Republic of China 《关于中华人民共和国国庆日的决议》
resolution procedure 决议程序
respondent to a petition 呈请书的答辩人;质询书的答辩人
restoration of draconian laws 还原恶法
restricted canvassing area 拉票管制区
restricted paper 祇限有关人士阅览的文件;限阅文件;祇限内部传阅的文件
restriction on candidacy 候选人资格的限制
restriction on voting right 限制选举权
retiring chairman 卸任主席
Return and Declaration of Election Expenses Already Incurred and Cross-authorization of Candidates on a List of Candidates in a Geographical Constituency Election 地方选区选举候选人名单内的候选人已招致的选举开支和互相授权之申报书及声明书
Return and Declaration of Election Expenses and Donations 选举开支及接受选举捐赠之申报书及声明书
Return and Declaration of Election Expenses and Donations by a Geographical Constituency List of Candidates 地方选区名单选举候选人开支及接受选举捐赠之申报书及声明书
Return of Election Deposit 发还选举按金表格
Returning Officer 选举主任
re-verification of ballot paper account 选票结算复核书
Revising Officer 审裁官
right of association 结社权利
right of privacy 隐私权
right to be voted 被选权
right to land 入境权
right to vote 投票权;选举权
rising vote 起立表决
rival candidate 竞选对手
roll-over arrangement [provisional register] “延续”安排〔临时选民登记册〕
rule by consensus 以大多数意见为依归
rule of collective responsibility 集体负责规则
rule of confidentiality 保密规则
rule of law 法治
rules of court 法院规则
Rules of Debate [Provisional Legislative Council] 辩论规则〔临时立法会〕
Rules of Order [Provisional Legislative Council] 会议规程〔临时立法会〕
Rules of Procedure of the Provisional Legislative Council of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region [formerly known as Standing Orders of the Legislative Council of Hong Kong] 《香港特别行政区临时立法会议事规则》〔前称《香港立法局会议常规》〕
"Rules of the High Court, the" 《高等法院规则》
rural body 乡事组织
rural committee 乡事委员会
rural election 乡村选举
rural electoral system 乡村选举制度
salaried functionary 受薪官员
sample ballot paper 选票样本
sanction 制裁;谴责
saving provision 保留条文
scheme of control agreement 管制计划协议
scope of authority 权力范围
screening 甄选
screening of candidates 甄别候选人
scrutinize 审议
sealing certificate [ballot box] 封箱证〔投票箱〕
sealing device [ballot box] 封箱装置〔投票箱〕
seat 议席
second a motion 和议
second poll 第二次投票
second reading 二读
seconder 和议人;赞成人
secrecy of ballot 投票保密
secrecy of votes 投票保密
secret ballot 不记名投票
secret deal 秘密协议
secret session 秘密会议
Secretary for Constitutional Affairs 政制事务局局长〔前称宪制事务司〕
Secretary for Home Affairs 民政事务局局长〔前称政务司〕
Secretary for Home Affairs Incorporated 民政事务局局长法团
Secretary for Justice [formerly known as Attorney General] 律政司司长〔前称律政司〕
Secretary General of the Provisional Legislative Council Secretariat 临时立法会秘书处秘书长
sector 界;界别〔选举委员会〕
select committee [Provisional Legislative Council] 专责委员会〔临时立法会〕
Select Committee on Legislative Council Elections 立法会选举事宜专责委员会
Selection Committee [for recommending the candidate for the first Special Administrative Region Chief Executive] 推选委员会〔负责推举第一任特别行政区行政长官人选〕
self-determination 自决权
self-governed 自治
semi-official mission 半官方机构
semi-proportional voting system 半按比例投票制
Senior Representative [Sino-British Joint Liaison Group] 首席代表〔中英联合联络小组〕
sense of belonging 归属感
separation of powers 三权分立〔立法、行政、司法〕;分权而立;分权
servant of the Government 政府的受雇人
service voter 公职选民
session 会议;会期
short title 简称
show of hands 举手表决
Silver Bauhinia Star [SBS] 银紫荆星章
simple majority 过半数;简单多数
simple majority system of election 简单多数选举制
simple system of counting 简单点票制
simultaneous registration 同期进行登记
single candidate list 单人候选人名单
single candidate voting system 等额投票制
single constituency 单一选区
single nominee list 单人获提名人名单
single non-transferable vote system 不可转移单票制
"""single seat, single vote"" system" 单议席单票制
single transferable vote system 可转移单票制
single vote 单票
single-member constituency 单议席选区;单议席选举组别
single-member functional constituency 单议席功能界别
single-seat constituency 单议席选区;单议席选举组别
single-seat geographical constituency 单议席地方选区
Sino-British Joint Liaison Group [JLG] 中英联合联络小组〔联合联络小组〕
sitting time 会议时数
situation report [sitrep] 现况报告;情况报告
size of the electorate 选民人数;总选民人数
smooth transfer of government 政权顺利交接
smooth transition 顺利过渡;平稳过渡
Social Democratic Front 社会民主阵线
social welfare functional constituency 社会福利界功能界别
solicitation of treating 要求款待
sorting/counting zone 分票区/点票区
sound amplifying device 扬声器材
sovereign regime 宗主国政权
sovereign state 宗主国;主权国
sovereignty 主权
speaking note 说帖;发言讲稿
special committee [National People's Congress] [China] 专门委员会〔全国人民代表大会〕〔中国〕
special count 特别点票
Special Finance Committee Meeting 财务委员会特别会议
special functional constituency 特别功能界别
special functional constituency polling station 特别功能界别投票站
special interest group 特殊利益组别
special polling station 特别投票站
special provision 特别规定
special session 特别会议
special supplement 特刊
specialist sub-group 专家小组
specific legislation 具体法例
specified address 指明地址
specified form 指明表格;指明格式
spent provision 已丧失时效的条文
sphere of interest 利益范围
spoilt ballot paper 损坏的选票
"sports, performing arts, culture and publication functional constituency" 体育、演艺、文化及出版界功能界别
"sports, performing arts, culture and publication subsector" 体育、演艺、文化及出版界界别分组
staggering terms of office 交错任期
Standard Form of Receipt for Donations 划一格式捐赠收据
Standard Form of Receipt for Donations to Individual Candidate on the Geographical Constituency List 捐赠地方选区个别名单候选人划一收据
Standard Form of Receipt for Donations to the Geographical Constituency List As a Whole 捐赠地方选区候选人名单的划一收据
standing committee 常设委员会
Standing Committee of the National People's Congress [NPCSC] [China] 全国人民代表大会常务委员会〔全国人大常委会〕〔中国〕
standing order 会议常规;会议规程;常规
Standing Orders of the Provisional Regional Council 临时区域市政局会议常规
Standing Orders of the Provisional Urban Council 临时市政局会议规程
Star Chamber 高层资源会议
State Council [China] 国务院〔中国〕
State Council Decree [China] 国务院令〔中国〕
status quo 现状
statute 法规
statutory board 法定委员会;法定仲裁处
statutory body 法定团体;法定机构
statutory criteria 法定准则
statutory declaration 法定声明
statutory footing 法定地位
statutory obligation 法定责任
statutory offence 法定罪行
statutory public company 法定公营团体
statutory timetable 法定时间表
statutory tribunal 法定审裁处
statutory voter registration exercise 法定选民登记运动;法定选民登记工作
steering committee 指导委员会;督导委员会
"""stick-on"" poster" “粘贴式”海报
Stipulations for the Display and Use of the National Flag and National Emblem and the Regional Flag and Regional Emblem 关于展示及使用国旗、国徽及区旗、区徽的规定
sub-committee 小组委员会
submission date 提交日期
subregion 分区
subscribe [nomination of candidates] 签署为提名人
subscriber 签署人
subsector 界别分组
subsector election 界别分组选举
subsector final register 界别分组正式投票人登记册
subsector provisional register 界别分组临时投票人登记册
subsector register 界别分组投票人登记册
subsidiary legislation 附属法例;附例
substantial connection 密切关系
substantive motion 主体议案
substitute resolution 替代的决议
sub-subsector 小组
successful candidate 当选者
suffrage 选举权;投票权
summary of donations 捐赠摘要
summary record 摘要记录
summer recess 夏季休会
supervisory role 监督功能;监督作用
supplement to the Government of Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Gazette 香港特别行政区政府宪报副刊
supplementary list 补充名单
supplementary question 补充问题
supplementary report to the United Nations 提交联合国定期报告的补充资料
support a motion 支持动议
Support Clean Elections [ICAC] 《维护廉洁选举》〔廉政公署〕
surplus vote 剩余票
Survey Office [1987] 民意汇集处〔一九八七年〕
Survey Research Hong Kong Limited [SRH] 香港市场研究社
suspensive veto 暂时否决权
swear 宣誓
swearing-in 宣誓就职
symposium 座谈会
synopsis 提要;提纲
synoptic table 一览表
system of administration 行政制度
system of consultative government 咨询政制
system of geographical representation 按地区推举代表的制度
system of proportional representation 比例代表制;比例代议制
system of representation 代议制度
system of representative government 代议政制
table 提交……省览
tendered ballot paper 重复的选票
tenure 任期
tenure of office 任期
term of office 任期
terms of reference 职权;职责范围
territorial integrity 领土完整
territorial population 全港人口
textiles and garment functional constituency 纺织及制衣界功能界别
textiles and garment subsector 纺织及制衣界界别分组
third reading 三读
three tiers of representative government 代议政制三层议会
three-tier councils 三层议会
three-tier government structure 三层政府架构
through train 直通车
tie of votes 票数相等
"""tie-on"" poster" “绑结式”海报
tourism functional constituency 旅游界功能界别
tourism subsector 旅游界界别分组
transfer of sovereignty 主权移交
transfer of votes 转移选票
transient population 流动人口;暂住人口
transport functional constituency 航运交通界功能界别
transport subsector 航运交通界界别分组
"""tripartite"" constituency" 由三区组成的选区
triple-member functional constituency 三议席功能界别
turn-out rate of electors 投票率
two-tier system 两层架构
ultra vires 越权;在权限以外
unanimous vote 全票
unconstitutional 违宪
uncontested election 无竞争的选举;无对手的选举
under-representation 代议机会不足
Undertaking on the Use of Electoral Records 使用选民登记册资料承诺书
undue influence [voting] 不正当的影响〔投票〕
unicameral 单议院制
unissued ballot paper 未予发出的选票
United Democrats of Hong Kong [UDHK] [merged with Meeting Point to form Democratic Party in 1994] 香港民主同盟〔港同盟〕〔一九九四年与汇点合并组成民主党〕
universal franchise 普选权
universal suffrage 普选;普选权
unlawful expenditure 非法开支
unliquidated liabilities 未决算法律责任
unmarked ballot paper 未经填划的选票
unofficial member 非官方议员
unspent donation 未用捐款
unused ballot paper 未用的选票;未予使用的选票
urban area 市区;市区范围
Urban Council [UC] 市政局
Urban Council Area 市政局辖区
Urban Council functional constituency 市政局功能界别
vacancy 悬空席位
vacancy in membership 议席空缺
valid vote 有效选票;有效票
validly nominated candidate 获有效提名的候选人
verbatim record of proceedings 会议过程的逐字记录
verification of a ballot paper account 选票结算核实书
vested interests 既得利益
veto 否决
vetting exercise 审核工作
village representative 村代表
voice vote 口头表决
void for uncertainty 有疑问而作废
voluntary voter registration system 选民自愿登记制度
vote 表决;投票;选票
vote across constituencies 越区投票
vote across lists 越单投票
vote buying 买票
vote by ballot 投票表决;投票选举
vote by mail 以邮递方式投票
vote by open ballot 以记名投票方式表决;以记名投票方式选举
vote by post 以邮递方式投票
vote by proxy 委派代表投票;委派他人代为投票
vote by roll call 点名表决
vote by secret ballot 以不记名投票方式表决;以不记名投票方式选举
vote by show of hands 举手表决
vote of censure 谴责票
vote of confidence 信任票
vote of non-confidence 不信任票
vote planting 种票
vote rigging 操纵选票
vote switching 转换选票
vote-counting method 点票方法
voter 投票人〔界别分组〕;选民
voter register 选民登记册
voter registration 选民登记
voter registration campaign 选民登记运动
voter registration drive 选民登记运动
voter registration exercise 选民登记运动;选民登记工作
voter registration rate 选民登记率
Voter Registration Week 选民登记家访周
voter turnout 投票人数
voter turnout rate 投票率
voting 表决;投票
voting age 投票年龄
voting arrangement 投票安排;投票办法
voting by individuals 个人投票
voting compartment 投票间
voting en bloc 投全票
voting member 有投票权的成员
voting method 投票方法
voting pattern 投票模式
voting procedure 投票程序
voting rate 投票率
voting right 投票权;选举权
voting system 投票制度
warrant 授权令
water down 淡化
white bill 白纸条例草案
white paper 白皮书
White Paper on District Administration in Hong Kong [1981] 《香港地方行政白皮书》〔一九八一年〕
White Paper on The Development of Representative Government: The Way Forward [1988] 《代议政制今后的发展白皮书》〔一九八八年〕
White Paper on The Further Development of Representative Government in Hong Kong [1984] 《代议政制白皮书-代议政制在香港的进一步发展》〔一九八四年〕
wholesale and retail functional constituency 批发及零售界功能界别
wholesale and retail subsector 批发及零售界界别分组
winning candidate 当选者
withdraw a nomination 撤回提名
withdraw a petition 撤回呈请书;撤回质询书
Withdrawal of Candidature 退出竞选通知书
Working Group on Administrative Matters [Provisional Legislative Council] 行政事宜工作小组〔临时立法会〕
Working Group on Population Distribution [Planning Department] 人口分布工作小组〔规划署〕
working party 工作小组
Working Party on Judiciary Administration 司法机构行政事务工作小组
working people 工作人口
working population 工作人口
working procedure 工作程序;工作方法
working relationship 工作关系
working-level meeting 工作层面上的会议
World Conference on Human Rights 世界人权会议
written constitution 成文宪法
written representation 书面申述
Xinhua News Agency 新华社
xth Session of the xth National People's Congress 第X届全国人民代表大会第X次会议