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  特许税 franchise tax 
  特种债券 special bonds
  踢皮球 pass the buck
  提高国防科技工业自主创新能力和持续发展能力 Enhance the capability of self-reliance and innovation and sustained development capability in defense-related science, technology and industry.
  提高拒腐防变和抵御风险的能力 Increase its capacity of fighting corruption and guarding against degeneration
  提高快速反应能力 Capability in rapid-reaction
  提高农产品收购价格 the government's increase in its procurement prices (for farm products) 
  提价 price hike
  题外话 digression; mention in passing
  体改委 commission for economic restructuring
  体育彩票 sports lotteries
  替身演员 stunt man/woman; stand-in 
  天赋人权 natural rights
  天时,地利,人和 good timing, geographical convenience and good human relations
  天时、地利、人和 favorable climatic, geographical and human comditions; favorable objective and subjective factors for success
  天有不测风云 Anything unexpected may happen. a bolt from the blue
  填鸭式教学 cramming method of teaching
  条令\条例 Orders and regulations 
  跳槽 job-hopping 
  跳槽 job-hopping
  跳槽者 job-hopper 
  跳棋 Chinese chequers; Chinese draughts; halma 
  跳蚤市场 flea market 
  贴水 agio
  贴现公司 discount house 
  贴现率 discount market
  铁饭碗 iron rice bowl 
  铁哥们 faithful pal;buddies;sworn friend 
  铁腕人物 strongman; iron-handed person
  铁血宰相 iron-and-blood prime minister 
  厅长 head of a department (under a provincial government) 
  庭院经济 courtyard economy
  停薪留职 retain one's position with one's salary suspended; obtain an indefinite leave of absence from one's work unit 
  通存通兑 the banking procedure where deposits and withdrawals are processed at any branch bank 
  通关 be cleared by the customs
  通货回笼 withdrawal of currency in circulation
  通货混合,鸡尾酒式货币 currency cocktail 
  通货紧缩 deflation (of currency) 
  通货升值 currency revaluation
  通票 through ticket
  通商口岸 treaty port, trading port
  通用汽车公司 General Motors Corporation (GM)
  同步卫星 geostationary satellilte
  同等学力 have the same educational level (as the regular graduate or student of certain academic qualification) 
  同等学力申请硕士学位统考 general examination for applicants with education background equivalent to college graduates for master's degree 
  同类产品 like product 
  同声传译 simultaneous interpretation
  同乡会 an association of fellow provincials or townsmen 
  同业拆借 inter-bank borrowing
  统筹安排 comprehensive arrangement 
  统筹兼顾 make overall plans adn take all factors into consideration; overall planning and all-round consideration 
  统一市场 single market 
  统一税 "flat tax, consolidated tax" 
  统一战线 united front
  筒子楼 tube-shaped apartment 
  偷渡者 stowaway 
  偷工减料 use inferior materials and turn out sub-standered products
  偷税、骗税、逃税、抗税 "tax evasion, tax fraud, and refusal to pay taxes 
  偷税漏税 tax evasion 
  头寸紧 credit crunch; fund shortage
  头寸松 credit ease
  头号种子选手 No.1 seed (player); top seed 
  投标 bid for; tender for 
  投机商号 bucket shop
  投手 pitcher 
  投诉中心 complaint center 
  投资风险 investment risk
  投资环境 investment environment
  投资主体 the investment subject 
  透过现象看本质 see through the appearance to perceive the essence 
  透明度 transparency
  土地承包期 land contract period
  土地沙化 desertification of land; desert encroachment 
  土地使用权 land-use right
  土地酸化 acidification
  团队精神 team spirit; esprit de corps 
  团结就是力量 Unity is strength.
  团身 bunch up the body 
  推广科研成果 turning laboratory achievements into commercial/mass production; commercialization of laboratory achievements 
  推进军工企事业单位战略性重组 Strategic reorganization of military industrial enterprises and institutions
  推进政府机构改革 press ahead with the government institutional reform
  推进政治体制改革 to advance political restructuring
  退耕还林还草 grain for green 
  退耕还林还牧 convert the land for forestry and pasture
  退市 delist (a listed company)
  托福考试 Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL)
  拖拉作风 dilatory style of work
  拖欠工资 arrears of wage
  脱产 be disengaged from work; divorce oneself from one's work
  脱口秀 talk show 
  脱贫致富 "cast (shake, throw) off poverty and set out on a road to prosperity" 
  脱手 release grip 
  脱销 out of stock
  脱氧核糖核酸 deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA)
  脱中国化 de-Sinification 
  鸵鸟政策 ostrich policy; ostrichism
  挖墙脚 undermine the foundation of sth.; cut the ground from under sb's feet 
  歪风邪气 unhealthy practices and evil phenomena
  外层空间 outer space
  外汇储备 foreign exchange reserve (forex reserve)
  外汇管理局 Administration of Exchange Control 
  外汇管制 foreign exchange control 
  外交庇护 diplomatic asylum
  外交豁免权 diplomatic immunity 
  外交斡旋 diplomatic offices
  外联网(计算机) extranet
  外卖 take-out 
  外卖店 take-out restaurant 
  外贸单证员 vouching clerk
  外贸自营权 power to engage in foreign trade
  外企 foreign company
  外税局 foreign-related tax bureau 
  外滩(上海) The Bund 
  外逃资本 flight capital
  外向型经济 Outward-looking economy 
  外星人 extraterrestrial being (ET) 
  外需 overseas market demand
  外债 foreign debt; external debt
  完善军人社会保障制度 Gradual improvement of social security system for servicemen
  顽固分子 die-hard
  万维网(计算机) World Wide Web(WWW)
  汪辜会谈 Wang Daohan-Koo Chen-fu Talks (Wang-Koo talks) 
  王储,王太子 Crown Prince 
  王水 aqua regia 
  网吧 Internet bar 
  网虫 netter; Internet geek 
  网关 gateway 
  网恋 online love affair 
  网络出版 online publishing 
  网络管理员 network administrator 
  网络化 networking 
  网络经济 cybereconomy 
  网络恐怖主义 Cyberterrorism
  网络恐怖主义 cyberterrorism 
  网络摄象机 web cam 
  网民 netizen; net citizen; cyber citizen 
  网上冲浪 surf the Internet 
  网上交易平台 online trading platform 
  网友 net friend 
  往返机票 return ticket; round-trip ticket
  往事如风 "The past has vanished (from memory) like wind.; What in past, is past." 
  望子成龙 hold high hopes for one's child
  危房 dilapidated building
  威武之师,文明之师 mighty force and civilized force
  微软公司 Micorsoft Corporation
  微软移动构想 Microsoft Vision for Mobility; Microsoft Mobility Initiatives 
  为保持人民军队的性质、本色和作风提供可靠的政治保证 Furnishing a reliable political guarantee for maintaining the nature, charcter and work style of the people’s army.
  围垦造田 enclose tideland for cultivation; reclaim land from marshes 
  违反合同 breach of contract
  唯利是图 draw water to one's mill 
  唯一致命的弱点 Achilles' heel 
  维护人权和不断改善人权状况 safeguard human rights and steadily improve the human rights situation 
  伪君子 hypocrite; a wolf in sheep's clothing 
  伪劣商品赔还法 lemon law 
  卫冕冠军 defending champion
  卫冕世界冠军 reigning world champion 
  卫星城 satellite town
  卫星导航 satellilte navigation
  慰安妇 comfort woman
  温饱工程 Adequate Food and Clothing Program
  温饱工程 bring-warmth fill-bellies project 
  温室气体 greenhouse gases
  文化产业 culture industry
  文化底蕴 cultural deposits
  文化旅游 culture-oriented travel
  文科 liberal arts 
  文联 literary federation 
  文明街道 model community 
  文韬武略 military expertise; military strategy 
  纹身 tattoo
  稳定物价 stabilize prices
  稳定压倒一切 Maintaining stability is of top priority 
  问讯处 information office; inquiry desk 
  我们在国际上说话是算数的 We always live up to our international commitments.
  乌拉圭回合 Uruguay Round 
  乌龙球 own goal
  污染指数 pollution index
  污水处理 sewage treatment/ disposal
  屋顶花园 broof garden 
  屋漏又逢连阴雨 Misfortunes never come singly. When it rains it pours.
  无风不起浪 There are no waves without wind. There's no smoke without fire.
  无氟冰箱 Freon-free refrigerator  
  无公害蔬菜 "green" vegetable
  无力偿付的公司 insolvent corporation
  无人售票 self-service ticketing 
  无绳来电显示电话 ordless telephone with caller ID 
  无土栽培 soil-less cultivation 
  无为而治 govern by doing nothing that is against nature; govern by non-interference 
  无息贷款 interest-free loan
  无线应用协议 WAP(wireless application protocol) 
  无形资产 intangible assets 
  无形资产 intangible assets; immaterial property
  无源雷达 passive radar
  无源之水,无本之木 water without a source, and a tree wiithout roots
  无中生有 make/create something out of nothing 
  五保户 household enjoying the five guarantees (childless and infirm old persons who are guarateed food, clothing, medical care, housing and burial expenses)
  五讲四美三热爱 the movement of "five stresses, four points of beauty and three loves"(The five stresses are: stress on decorum, manners, hygiene, discipline and morals. The four points of beauty are: beauty of the mind, language, behavior adn the enviornment. The three loves are: love of the motherland, socialism and the Communist Party.)
  五金化工 metals and chemicals 
  五项国家科学技术奖励 national engineering research centers
  武侠小说 tales of roving knights; martial arts novel; kung fu novel 
  武装力量 The Armed Forces
  物价局 Price Bureau 
  物流 logistics; the interflow of goods and materials
  物业公司 property management company
  物业公司 property management company 
  物业管理 estate management, property management 
  物以类聚,人以群分 Birds of a feather flock together.
  物质文明 material progress
  物质文明建设和精神文明建设一起抓 pay attention to ethical as well as material progress
  物种起源 origin of species
  夕阳产业 sunset industry
  西部大开发 Western Development
  西电东送 transmission of electricity from the western to the eastern region 
  西电东送 transmit the electricity from the western areas to East China; West-East electricity transmission project
  西气东输 transmit the natural gas from the western areas to East China; West-East natural gas transmission project
  吸取世界文明成果 assimilate the achievements of civilzations the world over 
  吸收存款 deposit taking
  吸收游资 absorb idle fund 
  希望工程 Hope Project 
  息事宁人 pour oil on troubled waters 
  稀缺经济 scarcity economy
  洗礼 baptism
  洗钱 money laundering 
  喜忧参半 mingled hope and fear 
  细菌战 germ war
  下放权力给 delegating the management of ... (to ...) 
  下岗职工 laid-off workers 
  下岗职工基本生活费 subsistence allowances for laid-off workers 
  下海 plunge into the commercial sea 
  下网 off line 
  下游行业 downstream industry 
  下载(计算机) downloading
  夏至 Summer Solstice
  先入为主 First impressions are firmly entrenched.
  先下手为强 catch the ball before the bound
  闲散资金 scattered funds
  嫌贫爱富 despise the poor and curry favor with the rich
  险胜 "cliff-hanging win, narrow victory, nose out" 
  县改市 county upgraded to city 
  县级市 county-level city 
  现场直播 live broadcast 
  现代企业制度 modern enterprise system; modern corporate system 
  现货交易 cash market transactions; spot transactions
  现金流量 cash flow
  现身说法 warn people by taking oneself as an example
  现役部队 Forces in active service
  线下商贸运作 offline business operation 
  限制战略武器会谈 strategic arms limitation talks( SALT)
  宪法修正案 amendments to the Constitution 
  乡统筹,村提留 fees paid by farmers for overall township planning and village reserve
  乡镇企业 township enterprises
  香波 shampoo
  香港明天更好基金会 Better Hong Kong Foundation
  香港特别行政区 Hong Kong Special Administrative Region(HKSAR)
  香格里拉 Shangri-la 
  香榭里舍大街 avenue des champs-elyses
  享乐主义 hedonism
  向钱看 "mammonism, put money above all" 
  向三军一体、军民兼容、平战结合的方向发展 The system will be further developed into one that integrates the three armed services, unites the army with the people, and combines peacetime and wartime footing.
  项目立项 approve and initiate a project 
  项目申报 project application 
  项目预算 project budget 
  项目支持 project support 
  像热锅上的蚂蚁 like an ant on a hot pan
  削减战略核武器会谈 strategic arms reduction talks (START) 
  宵夜 a stoke of midnight 
  消费结构 pattern of consumption
  消费税 consumption tax 
  消费信贷 consumer credit services 
  消费者权益日 International Day for Consumers' Rights and Interests 
  消费者物价指数 consumer price index 
  消费者协会 consumers' association 
  销售景气指数 sales index
  销项税 output tax
  小巴 minibus
  小道消息 hearsay
  小而全 small and all-inclusive
  小金库 a private coffer
  小康 a comfortable level of living; a better-off life; moderate prosperity 
  小康之家 well-off family; comfortably-off family 
  小农经济 small-scale peasant economy; autarkical small-scale farming 
  小时工 hourly worker
  小型核武器 Mini-nukes
  小组讨论 panel discussions/group discussions 
  效率优先,兼顾公平 give priority to efficiency with due consideration to fairness
  效益工资 achievements-related wages; wages based on benefits 
  效益农业 profitable agriculture 
  校训 school motto 
  校园数字化 campus digitalization
  校园文化 campus culture
  协调世界时 Coordinated Universal Time (UTC)
  邪恶轴心 axis of evil
  邪教 heathendom
  斜拉索桥 stayed-cable bridge 
  写真集 photo album 
  心理素质 psychological quality 
  心想事成 May all your wish come true
  心心相印, 精神感应 telesthesia
  心照不宣 have a tacit understanding; give tacit consent; tacit understanding
  新宠 new favorite 
  新的经济增长点 new point for/ sources of economic growth
  新干线 "the Shinkansen, bullet train" 
  新官上任三把火 a new broom sweeps clean 
  新婚市场(指买卖兴旺的市场) bridal market
  新石器时代 the Neolithic Age; New Stone Age' 
  新网通 new Netcom
  新闻出版 the press and publishing
  新新人类 New Human Being;X Generation 
  新兴市场 emerging market
  新秀 "up-and-coming star, rising star" 
  信贷支持 credit aid 
  信得过产品 trustworthy product
  信息产业部电信管理局 Telecommunication Management Bureau of Ministry of Information Industry 
  信息港 inforport; cyber port 
  信息高地 information highland
  信息高速公路 information superhighway
  信息革命 information revolution
  信息含量 information content
  信息化 informationize 
  信息化带动工业化,工业化促进信息化 use IT to propel industrialization, which will, in turn, stimulate IT application 
  信息检索 information retrieval
  信用紧缩 credit crunch 
  信用危机 credit crisis 
  信用文化 credit culture 
  星火计划 Spark Program
  星期日泰晤士报 the Sunday Times 
  星球大战计划 Star Wars Program
  刑法 penal code; criminal law
  行使否决权 exercise the veto
  行头 theatrical costumes (and paraphernalia)
  行政审批制度 administrative approval system 
  行政诉讼 administrative proceedings
  形成全方位、多层次、宽领域的开放格局 form an all-directional, multi-layered and wide-ranging opening pattern
  形而上学 metaphysics 
  形式主义 formalism 
  形势逼人,不进则退 Given this pressing situation, we must move forward ,or we will fall behind.
  形象小姐 / 先生 image representative of a product or a brand 
  形象小姐/先生 image representative of a product or a brand 
  幸存者 survivors
  性别歧视 sexual/gender discrimination
  性价比 cost performance 
  虚开增值税发票 write false value added tax invoices 
  虚拟存款 window-dressing deposits
  虚拟网 virtual net 
  虚拟银行 virtual bank
  虚心使人进步,骄傲使人落后 Modesty helps one go forward, whereas conceit makes one lag behind.
  许可证制度 license granting mechanisms
  序列 Order of battle
  蓄势而发 accumulate strength for a take-off
  悬而未决的问题 outstanding question
  选举权和被选举权 the right to vote and the right to be elected 
  选举人票 electoral vote 
  选举人制 electoral system 
  选美 beauty contest
  学而优则仕 (a Confucian slogan for education) a good scholar can become an official; he who excels in study can follow an official career 
  学分 credit points
  学历教育 education with record of formal schooling 
  学生处 students' affairs division 
  学生减负 alleviate the burden on students 
  学时 credit hours
  学位授权体系 the academic degree authorization system
  熏青鱼,转移注意力的话,证券说明书,证券销售书 a red herring 
  寻呼台 paging centers 
  寻呼小姐 operators who work with paging centers 
  巡航导弹 cruise missile
  巡回医疗 medical tour
  巡回招聘 milk round 
  循序渐进 step by step
  徇私枉法 bend the law for the benefit of relatives or friends 
  徇私舞弊 bend the law for personal gain and engage in fraud
  压水花技术 rip entry 
  压线(口令) Line! 
  压轴戏 grand finale; last and best item on a theatrical program 
  鸦片战争 Opium War
  亚健康 subhealthy 
  亚太经合组织部长级会议 AMM (APEC MinisteriaI Meeting) 
  亚太经合组织工商咨询理事会会议 ABAC Meeting (APEC Business Advisory Council Meeting) 
  亚太经合组织经济领导人会议 AELM (APEC Economic Leaders Meeting) 
  亚太经合组织领导人非正式会议 IAELM (Informal APEC Economic Leaders' Meetings) 
  亚太经济合作组织 APEC (Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation)
  亚洲金融危机 financial crisis in Asia
  亚洲开发银行 ADB(Asian Development Bank )
  严打措施 "Strike-Hard"" drive " 
  严打斗争 "Strike-Hard Operation, campaign to crack down relentlessly on criminal activities" 
  严以律己,宽以待人 be strict with oneself and lenient towards others
  言情小说 romantic fiction; sentimental novel 
  沿海经济开发区 open coastal economic area
  研究成果 research results 
  研究生毕业证/学位证 graduate diploma/graduate degree's diploma 
  研究生成绩考试(美) Graduate Record Examination (GRE)
  眼前利益服从长远利益,局部利益服从整体利益,个人和集体利益服从国家利益 subordinate immediate interests to long-term interests, partial interests to overall interests and the interests of individuals and collectives to those of the state
  演绎版 demo
  羊肉串小摊 barbecue stall 
  阳春(最经济方式) no-frills 
  洋务运动 Westernization Movement
  养老保险 endowment insurance 
  养老保险制度/医疗保险制度/失业保险制度/城市居民最低生活保险制度 Basic old-age pension system/medical insurance system/unemployment insurance system/subsistence allowances for urban residents
  养老金 pension 
  养路费 road toll 
  摇钱树 cash cow 
  摇头丸 dancing outreach 
  药物检查 "dope control, drug testing" 
  野猫战斗机 Tomcat 
  野生动物园 wildlife park; safari park 
  野战食品 combat rations
  野战站台车 Mobile Platform
  业内人士 insider 
  业主 home owner 
  液晶显示屏 liquid crystal display (LCD) 
  一次性解决问题 solve the problem once and for all 
  一次性筷子 throwaway chopsticks 
  一次性用品 disposable goods
  一大二公 (concerning the people's commune) large in size and collective in nature 
  一刀切 cut it even at one stroke--make it rigidly uniform; impose uniformity in all cases; allow no flexibility 
  一帆风顺 Wishing you every success
  一方有难,八方支援 When disaster struck, help came from all sides.
  一个中心,两个基本点 one central task, two basic points
  一国两制 "One country, two systems" 
  一级戒备 highest alert 
  一级市场 primary market 
  一揽子(计划) one-package (plan) 
  一揽子购买 lump-sum purchase; basket purchase
  一切向钱看 money-oriented
  一式两联 (receipt or invoice) in duplicate 
  一手抓物质文明,一手抓精神文明;一手抓经济建设,一手抓民主法制;一手抓改革开放,一手抓打击犯罪惩治腐败 We must always work for material progress and at the same time for cultural and ethical progress; We should develop the economy and at the same time strengthen democracy and the legal system; We should promote reform and opening to the outside world and at the same time fight crime and punish corruption. 
  一线员工 worker at the production line 
  一言既出,驷马难追 A real man never goes back on his words. 
  一支接一支不停地抽烟 chain smoke 
  伊斯兰抵抗运动,简称 Hamas
  医疗保险 medical insurance 
  医疗改革 health care reform 
  医疗制度改革 reform of the medicare system 
  依法治国 manage state affairs according to law; run state affairs according to law
  依法治国,以德治国 Run the country by combining the rule of law with the rule of virtue 
  移动电话双向收费 two-way charges for cellular phones 
  移动通讯 mobile communication
  遗传工程 genetic engineering
  以......为龙头 with...as the leading role
  以产定人,减员增效 employ workers in accordance with production needs and increase efficiency while reducing the staff
  以讹传讹 incorrectly relay an erroneous message
  以法治国,以德治国 to govern the country with law and moral
  以高新技术产业为先导 to bring about an industrial pattern with high and new technology industries as the leader.
  以公有制为主体,多种经济成分共同发展 the pattern with the public sector remaining dominant and diverse sectors of the economy developing side by side 
  以经济建设为中心 focusing on the central task of economic construction 
  以空间换取时间 trade space for time
  以理服人 persuade through reasoning
  以谋略制胜 outmaneuver 
  以权谋私 abuse of power for personal gains 
  以人为本 Put people and their prosperity at the forefront
  people oriented
  以上海浦东开发开放为龙头,进一步开放长江沿岸城市 open more cities along the Yangtze River, while concentrating on the development and opening of the Pudong Area of Shanghai
  以身作则,廉洁奉公 set a good example and perform duties honestly
  以市场为导向 market-oriented 
  以眼还眼,以牙还牙 an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth
  以质量求发展 strategy of development through quality; win the market with quality products 
  以质量求生存、求发展、求效益 "strive for survival, development and efficiency on the basis of quality" 
  以资证明 in witness whereof; in testimony thereof
  以自力更生、自主创新为主,并积极借鉴国外先进技术发展武器装备 The PLA persists in stressing self-reliance and independent innovation, and actively develops military equipment with advanced foreign technology.
  义和团运动 Boxer Uprising 
  义务兵役制 "compulsory military service, conscription" 
  义务教育 compulsory education 
  义演 benefit performance; charity performance
  义演收入 proceeds from benefit performance 
  议案 bill
  异地资金汇划 fund remittance between different places 
  易爆发战争的地区 war-prone areas
  易拉罐 pop can 
  意大利粉 spaghetti
  意外风险 emergency risk; unknown risk
  意向书 letter of intent
  溢价 premium 
  溢价发行债券(以超过票面金额价发行债券) issue of bonds at a premium
  薏米 seed of Job's tears 
  因材施教 teach students according to their aptitude 
  因地制宜,合理分工,各展所长,优势互补,共同发展的原则 proceed in the light of local conditions and in accordance with a rational division of labor, with all the regions exploiting their own parricular advantages for mutual benefit and development
  因地制宜,因时制宜,因事制宜,因人制宜 suit our measures to differing conditions in terms of locality, time, issue and persons involved
  因果报应 karma
  因特网服务提供者 Internet service provider (ISP)
  音频点播 AOD (audio-on-demand) 
  银弹外交 money diplomacy; dollar diplomacy; "silver bullet" diplomacy
  银行网点 bank outlets 
  引渡 extradite
  引进技术 introduction of foreign talents; import of foreign talents
  饮食装备 feeding equipment
  隐形飞机 stealth aircraft 
  隐形轰炸机 stealth bomber
  隐形就业 hidden employment 
  隐形牧人 invisible income; off-payroll income
  隐性就业 unregistered employment 
  隐性失业 recessive unemployment
  隐性收入 invisible income; off-payroll income; side money 
  印花税 stamp duty / tax
  应急救援能力和自我发展能力 Emergency rescue and self-improvement.
  应届毕业生 this year's graduates 
  应试教育 examination-oriented education system 
  英国文化委员会 British Council of Culture 
  英雄所见略同 Great minds think alike.
  婴儿死亡率 infant mortality rate
  营销管理 marketing management
  营养不良 malnutrition
  营业税 turnover tax; business tax 
  赢利能力 profitability
  影子内阁 shadow cabinet
  硬道理 "absolute principle, top priority" 
  硬通货 hard currency
  永久正常贸易关系 permanent normal trading relations (PNTR) 
  用发展的办法来解决前进中的问题 solve problems cropping up on our way forward through development.
  优化结构 optimize structure 
  优化经济结构 optimize the economic structure
  优化资源配置 optimize the allocation of resources
  优化组合 optimization grouping; optional regrouping 
  优惠贷款 loans on favorable terms
  优胜劣汰 survival of the fittest 
  优势互补 (of two countries or companies) have complementary advantages 
  优质名牌商品 famous-brand, quality products
  忧患意识 awareness of unexpected development; being prepared for unexpected development; being prepared for any eventualities
  由传统练兵方式向科技练兵转变 from conventional training to one featuring new technology
  犹太人定居点 Jewish settlement
  邮递协议 Post Office Protocol (POP) 
  游乐场过山车 roller coaster
  游资 idle money / fund; floating capital
  友好城市 sister cities 
  友好大使 the Goodwill Ambassador 
  有法可依,有法必依,执法必严,违法必究 There must be laws to go by, the laws must be observed and strictly enforced, and lawbreakers must be prosecuted.
  有个奔头 have something to look forward to; have somehthing to expect
  有机农业 organic agriculture
  有理,有利,有节 on just grounds, to one's advantage and with restraint; with good reason, with advantage and with restraint
  有理想、有道德、有文化、有纪律 "with lofty ideals, integrety, knowledge and a strong sense of discipline" 
  有钱能使鬼推磨 Money makes the mare go. Money talks.
  有情人终成眷属 "Jack shall have Jill, all shall be well." 
  有识之士 people of vision
  有望夺金者 a gold medal hopeful 
  有线通 cable modem
  有勇无谋 use brawn rather than brain 
  有缘千里来相会 Separated as we are thousands of miles apart, we come together as if by predestination.
  有战斗力、有说服力、有吸引力的思想工作队伍 a contingent of militant ideological workers able to persuade and act as a magnet for others
  有中国特色的社会主义道路 road of socialism with Chinese characteristics
  有中国特色的社会主义民主政治 a socilalist democracy with Chinese characteristics
  幼稚工业 infant industry
  鱼米之乡 a land of milk and honey
  瑜迦 Yoga
  舆论导向 direction of public opinion 
  舆论导向 direction of public opinion 
  舆论监督 supervision by public opinion 
  与国际惯例接轨 become compatible with internationally accepted practices
  与国际市场接轨 integrate with the world market; become integrated into the global market 
  与时俱进 advance with the times
  与时俱进、开拓创新,适应国际局势和军事领域的深刻变化 The PLA persists in advancing with the times, breaking new ground and making innovations, keeping pace with profound changes in the international situation and the military field
  语音识别 speech recognition
  育龄妇女 women of child-bearing age
  预备役 Reserve forces
  预防为主,谁污染谁治理和强化环境管理三大政策 three major principles for environment control: to put prevention first, to hold those who cause pollution responsible for cleaning up and to improve environmental protection and management
  预期寿命 life expectancy
  预算外收入 extra-budgetary revenue
  预算外支出 off-budget expenditure
  域名(计算机) domain name (DN)
  欲穷千里目,更上一层楼 "to ascend another storey to see a thousand miles further; Ascend further, were you to look farther; Would eye embrace a thousand miles? Go up, one flight." 
  欲速则不达 Haste does not bring success. 
  鹬蚌相争,渔人得利 "when the snip and the calm grapple, it is the fisherman who stands to benefit; two dogs strive for a bone, and a third runs away with it" 
  冤家宜解不宜结 Better make friends than make enemies.
  冤假错案 "cases in which people were unjustly, falsely or wrongly charged or sentenced; unjust, false or wrong cases" 
  元宵节 Lantern Festival 
  原产地保护 protection of place of origin
  原始股 original issue stock 
  原始性创新初见成效 Efforts to promote original innovations have paid off
  原始性创新能力 Original innovation capacity
  原始资本 original capital
  原油 crude oil
  圆寂 Parinirvana 
  圆桌会议 round-table conference
  援藏干部 cadres sent to support/aid Tibet 
  缘分 chemical, (as if by) predestination, be preordained to come together 
  远程办公的员工 telecommuting workers 
  远程教育 distance learning 
  远景规划 perspective long-term plan
  远景计划 long-term development targets 
  远期合同 forward contract 
  跃居世界前列(产量) (output) leap into the front ranks of the world
  越境污染 trans-frontier pollution
  运球 dribble 
  运输机 cargo planes
  运载火箭 carrier rocket
  晕菜 numbed; dumbfounded 
  灾民 flood victims; flood-stricken people
  宰(客) to swindle money out of our customers 
  宰人 rip off 
  载人航天 Manned spaceship
  载人卫星 manned satellite
  再贷款 re-lending; subloan 
  再就业服务中心 re-employment service center 
  再就业工程 re-employment project / program
  再生纸 recycled writing paper
  在孵(孵化器)企业 incubated enterprises (incubator) 
  在途资金 fund in float
  在线(计算机) on-line
  在线网上书店 online bookstore
  在职博士生 on-job doctorate 
  在职研究生 on-job postgraduates
  在字面上兜圈子 festoons of words
  赃款赃物 proceeds of crime
  脏弹 dirty bomb 
  糟粕 dross 
  早恋 puppy love 
  早市 morning session 
  造假帐 falsified accounts 
  造就一支适应国防科技工业发展需要的专业配套、结构合理、素质精良的人才队伍 to bring up talented people and create a well-structured contingent of high-caliber people in a whole array of disciplines needed for the development of defense-related science, technology and industry.
  造林运动 afforestation drive (campaign)
  噪声治理 noise abatement
  责任编辑 editor in charge
  增发股票 increase issues in stocks 
  增加信任,减少麻烦,发展合作,不搞对抗 enhance trust, reduce trouble, develop cooperation and avoid confrontation
  增强全民国防观念 Enhance the popular awareness of national defense
  增强人民体质 build up people's health
  增强忧患意识,居安思危 Must be mindful of the potential danger and stay prepared against adversities in times of peace.
  增强忧患意识和使命感 a sense of urgency and duty
  增收节支 increase revenue and reduce expenditure
  增值税 value added tax(VAT)
  渣打银行 The Chartered Bank
  斋月(伊斯兰教) Ramadan/ month of fast
  债台高筑 become debt-ridden
  债转股 debt-to-equity swap 
  沾光 benefit from one's association 
  占便宜 profit at others' expense
  占着茅坑不拉屎 be a dog in the manger
  战场向陆、海、空、天、电多维空间发展 It has stretched the battlefield into multidimensional space which includes the land, sea, air, outer space and electron.
  战斗勤务保障 Undertakes the tasks of performing combat readiness support
  战俘 prisoner of war (POW)
  战俘营 prisoner-of-war (POW) camp
  战斧式巡航导弹 Tomahawk cruise missile
  战略防御计划 Strategic Defense Initiative (SDI)
  战略核导弹部队 The strategic nuclear missile force
  战略伙伴关系 strategic partnership 
  战勤作业车 Combat Service Vehicle
  战争形态正向信息化方向发展 The form of war is becoming increasingly information-oriented.
  站得住脚 hold water
  站票 standing-room-only ticket 
  站台票 platform ticket 
  涨落线 advance balance line 
  掌上电脑 palm computer 
  招标 invite a bid 
  招标投标制 the system of public bidding for project 
  招财进宝 Money and treasures will be plentiful
  招股说明书 prospectus 
  招牌菜 signature dishes
  招商局 China Merchants Steam Navigation Co. Ltd. (China Merchants) 
  招商引资 attract/bid for/invite investments (from overseas) 
  招生就业指导办公室 enrolment and vocation guidance office 
  召之即来 Be always ready to respond to the call.
  折旧费 depreciation charge
  折衷方案 a compromise proposal
  侦察飞机 surveillance plane 
  侦察航空兵 reconnaissance units
  珍爱之人或物 apple of one's eyes 
  珍稀濒危植物 rare or endangered species
  真空包装 vacuum packing 
  真善美 the true, the good and the beautiful; truth, good and beauty 
  振兴经济 revitalize the economy
  振兴中华 make China powerful and strong; revitalize the Chinese nation
  震感 seismaesthesia, feel of the earthquake(tremor)
  震级 earthquake magnitude
  震区 seismic zone
  震源 focus (of an earthquake), seismic origin
  震中 epicenter
  震中烈度 epicentral intensity
  震中区 epicentral area
  争端解决机构 dispute settlement body 
  争议地区 disputed area
  正气 uprightness; integrity; probity; rectitude
  正式会计师 Certified Public Accountant (CPA)
  正式照会 formal note 
  证券化 securitisation 
  证券监督管理委员会 securities supervision commission
  证券营业部 stock exchange; security exchange 
  政策倾斜 policy support
  政策性贷款 policy-based lending; policy-related loan
  政策性亏损 policy-related losses; losses incurred due to policy decisions
  政策性住房 "policy-related house, policy-based house"
  政策银行 policy banks
  政策组合 policy mix
  政法委 politics and law committee 
  政府采购 government procurement 
  政府搭台,部门推动,企业唱戏 "Governments set up the stage, various departments cooperate and enterprise put in the show. " 
  政府干预 government intervention
  政府工作报告 government work report 
  政府廉洁高效 a clean and efficient government
  政府上网工程 Government Online Project 
  政府特殊津贴获得者 winner of special government allowance
  政府贴息贷款 discount government loans
  政府职能转变 transform/shift the government functions 
  政改方案(英国对香港) constitutional package
  政企不分 without a clear line between the functions of the government and enterprises; the functions of the government and enterprises mixed up 
  政企分开 separate government functions from enterprise management 
  政务公开 make government affairs public 
  政治合格,军事过硬,作风优良, 纪律严明,保障有力 "be qualified politically and competent militarily, have a fine style of work, maintain strict discipline and be assured of adequate logistical support" 
  政治合格、军事过硬、作风优良、纪律严明、保障有力的总要求 in compliance with the general requirements of being qualified politically and competent militarily and having a fine style of work, strict discipline and adequate logistic support.
  政治迫害 political persecution; witch hunt 
  政治体制改革 political restructuring
  政治协商、民主监督、参政议政 exercise political consultation and democratic supervision and participate in deliberating and administration of state affairs 
  支付能力 payment capacity
  支原体 mycoplasma 
  支柱产业 pillar / cornerstone industry
  知己知彼,百战不殆 Know the enemy and know yourself, and you can fight a hundred battles with no danger of defeat.
  知识产权 intellectual property 
  知识创新工程 Knowledge Innovation Program (KIP)
  知识经济 knowledge economy , knowledge-base economy 
  知识经济 knowledge-based economy
  知识就是力量 Knowledge is power.
  知识密集 knowledge-intensive
  知识转让 transfer of knowledge
  知识资本 knowledge capital
  执法人员 law enforcement officials; law-executor; law enforcer
  执勤 Perform guard duty
  直播 "live broadcast, live telecast" 
  直接道歉 a straight-out apology 
  直接三通与双向交流 three direct links (mail, air and shipping services and trade) and bilateral exchanges
  直接选举 direct election
  直辖市 municipality directly under the Central Government 
  直销 direct marketing; door-to-door sale
  职称 professional title 
  职能转换 transformation of functions
  职务犯罪 crime by taking advantage of duty 
  职业高中(职高) vocational high school 
  职业介绍所 career service center; job center
  职业经理人 professional manager 
  职业培训 job training
  植物群落 plant community
  植物人 human vegetable; vegetable 
  只读存储器 read-only-memory (ROM)
  纸包不住火 Truth will come to light sooner or later.
  纸上谈兵 be an armchair strategist
  制海权 command of the sea
  制空权 air space control; air supremacy; command of the air; air mastery; air domination
  制止外汇流失 prevent foreign exchange flight
  治国必先治党,治党务必从严 to run the state well, we must run the Party well first.
  治理整顿 improve the environment and rectify the order; i, mprovement and rectification
  质量管理 quality control
  质量认证体系认证证书 certificate of the system of quality certification 
  质量守恒定律 law of conservation of mass
  致命要害 Achilles' heel 
  掷钱猜先 toss 
  智力引进 recruit / introduce (foreign) talents
  智力支持 intellectual support
  智囊团、思想库 the brain trust;think tank 
  智商 intelligence quotient (IQ)
  滞后影响 lagged effect
  滞销商品 unmarketable goods
  中程导弹 intermediate-range missile; medium-range missile
  中东和平进程 the Middle East peace process
  中关村科技园区 Zhongguancun Science and Technology Park 
  中国长征系列运载火箭 The “Long March” series of carrier rockets.
  中国出口商品交易会(广交会) China Export Commodities Fair (Guangzhou Fair)
  中国工程院 the Chinese Academy of Engineering
  中国坚持与邻为善、与邻为伴,不断加强区域合作 China persists in building a good-neighborly relationship and partnership with its neighbors and strengthens regional cooperation constantly.
  中国结 Chinese knot
  中国经济景气监测中心 China Economic Monitoring Center 
  中国人民解放军 The Chinese People’s Liberation Army
  中国人民解放军后勤装备条例 The Regulations on the Logistic Equipment of the PLA
  中国人民解放军军事训练条例 the Regulations on Military Training o the PLA
  中国人民解放军文职干部条例 The Regulations on Non-Ranking Officers of the PLA
  中国人民解放军战役装备保障纲要 the Outline of Operational Equipment Support of the PLA
  中国人民解放军政治工作条例 the Regulations on the Political Work of the PLA
  中国人民解放军驻香港部队干部轮换暂行规定 the Interim Provisions on the Rotation of Cadres of the PLA Garrison in Hong Kong.
  中国人民解放军装备条例 The Regulations on Armaments of the PLA
  中国人民解放军装备维修工作条例 The Regulations on Armaments Maintenance Work of the PLA
  中国人民政治协商会议全国委员会 (简称 全国政协) National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC) 
  中国实行积极防御军事战略,在战略上坚持防御、自卫和后发制人的原则 China implements a military strategy of active defense. Strategically, China pursues a principle featuring defense operations, self-defense and attack only after being attacked.
  中国始终奉行防御性的国防政策 China has consistently pursued a national defense policy that is defensive in nature.
  中国新经济峰会 China New Economy Summit 
  中国新闻出版报社 China Press and Publication News 
  中国沿海专属经济区 China's exclusive economic waters 
  中国预防医学科学院 the Chinese Academy of Preventive Medicine
  中国证监会 China's Securities Regulatory Commission 
  中国政协委员 member of the National Committee of CPPCC 
  中华人民共和国兵役法 The Military Service Law of the PRC
  中华人民共和国国防教育法 The National Defense Education Law of the PRC
  中华人民共和国国防科学技术工业委员会 The Commission of Science, Technology and Industry for National Defense of the PRC
  中华人民共和国纪律条令 Discipline Regulations of the PLA
  中华人民共和国军事设施保护法实施办法 Measures for the Law of the PRC on Protecting Military Facilities 
  中华人民共和国内务条令 Routine Service Regulations of the PLA 
  中华人民共和国人民防空法 the Civil Air Defense Law
  中华人民共和国渔政渔港监督管理局 Administration of Fishery and Fishing Harbor Supervision of the PRC 
  中华人民共和国预算法 The Budget Law of the PRC
  中华世纪坛 China Millennium Monument 
  中华医学会 Chinese Medical Association 
  中介 intermediary agent 
  中立国 neutralized state
  中流砥柱 mainstay; chief cornerstone
  中美战略核武器互不瞄准对方 non-targeting strategic nuclear weapons against each other
  中日友好四项原则: 和平友好,平等互利,互相信赖,长期稳定 The four principles of Sino-Japanese friendship: peace and friendship, equality and mutual benefit, mutual trust, and long-term stability
  中山装 Chinese tunic suit
  中式快餐 Chinese fast food
  中文信息处理系统 Chinese information processing system
  中心环节 key link
  中型商用飞机 mid-size G200 business jets 
  中央大型企业工委 Central Work Committee for Large Enterprises 
  中央国家机关 China's State organs 
  中央纪律检查委员会 Central Commission for Discipline Inspection of the CPC 
  中央经济工作会议 the Central Economic Working Conference 
  中央军委 The Central Military Commission (CMC)
  中央领导集体 central collective leadership
  中央商务区 central business district (CBD) 
  中央统战部 United Front Work Department of CPC Central Committee 
  中央综治委“严打”整治斗争检查组 Strike-hard Campaign Inspection Group of Central Committee for Comprehensive Management of Public Security. 
  中药 traditional Chinese medicine
  中专生 secondary specialized or technical school student 
  终点控制区 terminal control area
  终端服务器 terminal server
  终身学习 life-long education
  终身职务制 life-long tenure
  终审权 right of adjudication; right of giving final approval
  种植业 crop farming
  众口难调 It is difficult to cater to all tastes.; One man's meat is another man's poison. 
  众矢之的 target of public criticism
  重大科研项目 Major scientific projects
  重点发展 prioritize 
  重合同,守信用 abide by contracts and keep one's words; honor credit and promise
  重合同、守信用的原则 the principle of equality and mutual benefit and “honoring contracts adn standing by reputation“
  重视和平利用军工技术 Stress the peaceful use of military industrial technology
  重要战略机遇期 Period of important strategic opportunities
  重要作战样式 an important pattern of operations
  重灾区 the harder-hit area
  重中之重 should be given primary importance among priorities
  洲际弹道导弹 intercontinental ballistic missiles 
  珠穆朗玛峰 Mount Qomolangma
  诸边协议 plurilateral agreement 
  主板市场 main board of the stock market 
  主办2008年奥运会 host the 2008 Olympic Games 
  主持人 anchorperson 
  主渠道 main channel
  主权豁免 sovereign immunity 
  主体经济 the mainstay of the economy 
  主体思想 (DPRK) Juche Idea 
  主页 home page
  住房分配货币化进程 capitalization process of housing distribution/allocation 
  住房零首付 zero-yuan first payment (for apartments) 
  住宅小区 residence community 
  助跑 "approach run, run-up" 
  助学行动 activity to assist the impoverished students
  注册会计师 certificated public accountant (CPA)
  注册资本 registered capital
  驻港部队 People's Liberation Army garrison in Hong Kong 
  抓大放小 to invigorate large enterprises while relaxing control over small ones; focus on the restructuring of major enterprises and leave minor ones to fend for themselves 
  抓大放小,三改一加强 (Efforts were focused on) the reform, reorganization, upgrading and better management of enterprises, aiming at well managing large enterprises while adopting more flexible policies toward small ones
  抓住机遇 seize the opportunity 
  抓住机遇,深化改革,扩大开放,促进发展,保持稳定 seize the current opportunity, deepen the reform, open China wider to the outside world, promote development and maintain stability
  专访 exclusive interview
  专卖店 exclusive agency; franchised store 
  专门的营销机构 market boards 
  专门人才 professional personnel; special talents
  专升本 upgrade from junior college student to university student; students with the diploma of junior college try to obtain the undergraduate diplomat through self-taught study 
  专题报道 special coverage
  专业化分工 division of labor based on specialization
  专业化经营 specialized operation
  专用物资供应和专用勤务保障由军兵种按建制系统组织实施special material supply and service support are provided by the services and arms through their organic channels.
  专属经济区 exclusive economic zone
  转轨 transfer to a different track; retracking
  转轨经济 economies in transition; transition economy
  转化机制 (of State-owned enterprises) to shift to new management mechanisms 
  转基因生物 GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms) 
  转基因食品 GM food (genetically modified food) 
  转配股 transferred allotted shares
  转世灵童 reincarnated soul boy
  转体 truck rotation, turn, twist 
  转业 transferred to civilian work
  转业复员干部 Demobilized officers
  转移支付 transfer payment
  撞线 breast the tape 
  追潮族 fashion follower
  追车族 auto fan
  追赶型和跨越式发展 pursuant and leap-forward development 
  追究责任 call to account; ascertain where the responsibility lies 
  追平 produce the equalizer 
  追星族 star fan; groupie
  坠落的残骸、碎片 falling debris
  准备金 reserve fund; capital reserves
  准博士 all but dissertation (ABD) 
  准上市公司 pro-listed companies 
  资本额过多 overcapalisation 
  资本利润率 rate of return on capital 
  资本外逃 capital flight
  资不抵债 insolvency
  资产保值增值 maintain and increase the value of assets; maintenance and appreciation of assets value 
  资产剥离 peel off (bad) assets of a company 
  资产调控 assets control 
  资产负债表 balance sheet 
  资产阶级自由化 bourgeois liberalization 
  资产重组 reorganized assets; assets reorganization
  资金到位 fully funded (project)
  资金划拨 capital allocation 
  资金汇划 fund remittance and transfer 
  资源配置 allocation of resources
  资源优化配置 most optimum distribution of resources
  姊妹楼, 又称双子座, 美国世贸中心的主要建筑 twin towers 
  自动柜员机 automatic teller machine (ATM) 
  自发罢工,野猫式罢工(未经工会批准的罢工) wildcat strikes 
  自费留学 go to study abroad at one's own expense 
  自律机制 the self-discipline system 
  自谋职业/自主创业 Find jobs on one's own/to become self-employed
  自然保护区 natural reserve; nature preservation zone 
  自然耗损 natural wearing 
  自然资源保护区 natural resource protection areas
  自我保护意识 self-protection awareness 
  自学成才 become well-educated through self-study
  自学考试 self-taught examination 
  自营 self-run 
  自营性存款 self-operating deposit 
  自由港 free-trade port,free port 
  自由竞争 free competition
  自由流通 free flow
  自由贸易区 free-trade zone
  自由职业者 professionals
  自治权 right ti autonomy; autonomy
  自主经营,自负盈亏 make one's own management decisions and take full responsibility for one's own profits and losses
  自助银行 self-help bank 
  自足经济 self-sufficient economy
  自作自受 stew in one’s own juice 
  综合国力 Overall national strength 
  综合经济效益 overall economic efficiency; composite economic results
  综合授信 comprehensive credit line 
  综合素质 comprehensive quality
  综合业务数字网 integrated service digital network (ISDN) 
  综合业务数字网 integrated service digital network (ISDN) 
  综合整治 comprehensive improvement
  综合指数 composite index 
  综合治理 comprehensive treatment 
  总裁助理 assistant president 
  总参谋部 The General Staff Heaequarters
  总后勤部关于实行军队后勤保障社会若干问题的意见 the General Logistics Department’s Opinions on Some Issues Concerning the Socialization of Military Logistic Support
  总经理负责制 general manager responsibility system 
  总政治部 The General Political Department
  总装备部 The General Armaments Department
  走出一条科技含量高、经济效益好、资源消耗低、环境污染少、人力资源优势得到充分发挥的新型工业化路子 to blaze a new trail to industrialization featuring high scientific and technological content, good economic returns, low resources consumption, little environmental pollution and a full display of advantages in human resources.
  走过场 go through the motions
  走后门 get in by the back door
  走上良性发展的轨道 going on the track of sound progress 
  走穴 "(actors, singers, etc.) perform for outside salary income without approval by the unit they belong to " 
  走中国特色的精兵之路 The Chinese military persists in taking the road of fewer but better troops with Chinese characteristics.
  组委会 organizing committee
  祖传 handed down from one's ancestors
  祖国和平统一大业 peaceful reunification of the motherland
  最不发达国家 LDCs (Least-developed countries) 
  最初谈判权(初谈权) INRs (Initial Negotiating Rights) 
  最低工资保障制度 minimum wage guarantee system
  最低生活保证制度 system for ensuring a minimum standard of living
  最后的投票 make the final vote 
  最惠国待遇 most-favored-nation status
  最终用户 end user
  尊重世界多样性,促进国际关系民主化 we need to respect the diversity of the world, promote democracy in international relations.
  遵纪守法、廉洁奉公 observe the relevant code of conduct and the law and honestly perform one's official duties 
  左倾 pinko 
  左右为难 between the devil and the deep blue sea; between the rock and the hard place
  作训鞋 training shoes
  坐视不管 sit idle 
  作者: 新传播资讯网 (新传播资讯网2003-7-22发布)评论
  1. 双重领导制度 system of dual leadership 
  2. 大生产运动 large scale production campaign 
  3. 革命军人委员会 revolutionary armymen s committee 
  4. 新式整军运动 new type of ideological education movement in the Liberation Army 
  5. 官兵一致 unity between officers and men 
  6. 军民一致 unity between army and people 
  7. 瓦解敌军 disintegration of the enemy forces 
  8. 拥政爱民公约 pledge of supporting government and cherishing people 
  9. 党务委员会 Party affairs committee 
  10. 军政委员会 military and polotical committee 
  11. 连队党支部 Party branch of company 
  12. 前敌委员会 Party s committee in front of enemy 
  13. 政治指导员 political instructor 
  14. 军事法院 military court 
  15. 军事检察院 military procuratorate 
  16. 中国人民解放军出版社 Chinese People's Liberation Army Publishing House 
  18. 干部下连当兵代职制度 system of officers serving as soldiers in company and functioning in an acting capacity 
  19. 战场纪律 battlefield discipline 
  20. 《中国人民解放军保密条例》 Security Regulations of the CPLA 
  21. 《中华人民共和国惩治军人违反职责罪暂行条例》 Provisional Regulations Regarding the Punishment Upon Armymen Committing Crimes of Neglecting Their Duties,the People's Republic of China 
  22. 八一体育工作队 August First Physical Culture and Sports Team 
  23. 解放军艺术学院 Art Collgge of the Chinese People s LiberationArmy 
  24. 军队文艺创作 literary and artistic creation in the Army 
  25. 军乐团 Band of the Chinese People's Liberation Army 
  26. 连队俱乐部 company club 
  27. 全军体育运动大会 army wide sports meet 
  28. 全军文艺会演大会 theatrical festival of the whole army 
  29. 文艺工作团 art and culturla troupe 
  30. 《中国人民解放军战时立功条例(草案)》 CPLA Regulations Relating to Rendering Meritorious Services During Wartime〔draft〕 
  31. 中华人民共和国勋章奖章 (decoration and medal awarded by the People's Republic of China 
  32. 中国人民解放军的奖章 medal of the Chinese People's Liberation Army 
  33. 革命残废军人 revolutionary disabled armymen 
  34. 革命残废军人学校 schools of revolutionsry disabled armymen 
  35. 革命烈士 revolutionary martyrs 
  36. 革命烈士陵园 cemetery of revolutionary martyrs 
  37. 战场宣传鼓动 conducting propaganda and agitation in battlefield 
  38. 飞夺泸定桥二十二勇士 22 Warriors Who Dashed Through the Luding Bridge 
  39. 十七勇士 Seventeen Warriors 
  40. 八女投江 Eight Heroines who Drowned Themselves in a River 
  41. 狼牙山五壮士 Langya Shan Five Heroic Men 
  42. 刘老庄连 Liulaozhuang Company 
  43. 群众工作模范团 Model Regiment in Doing Mass Work 
  44. 大练岛连 Dalian Island Company 
  45. 钢铁营 Steel Battalion 
  46. 济南第一团 First Regiment in Liberating Jinan 
  47. 临汾旅 Linfen Brigade 
  48. 洛阳营 Luoyang Battalion 
  49. 塔山英雄团 Tashan Heroic Regiment 
  50. 爱国爱岛天涯哨兵 Sentries in the Remotest Corner of the Earth Who Love Their Country and Island 
  51. 洞头先锋女子民兵连 Vanguard Militiawoman Company of Dongtou 
  52. 法卡山英雄营 Faka Shan Heroic Battalion 
  53. 海上先锋艇 Vanguard Sea Vessel 
  54. 航空兵英雄中队 Heroic Aviation Squadron 
  55. 红旗民兵团 Red Flag Militia Regiment 
  56. 红旗民兵营 Red Flag Militia Battalion 
  57. 红色前哨连 Red Outpost Company 
  58. 护林灭火英雄班 Heroic Squad in Protecting Forests and Putting out Extensive Fire 
  59. 坚守英雄连 Heroic Company in Holding Fast to Its Position 
  60. 进藏英雄先遣连 〔Heroic Advance Company in Marching into Xizang(Tibet 
  61. 抗洪救灾爱民模范营 Model Battalion in Fighting Flood and Providing Disaster Relief 
  62. 南京路上好八连 Good Eighth Company on Nanjing Road 
  63. 劈山开路先锋连 Vanguard Company Cutting Its Way through the Mountains 
  64. 唐山抗震救灾模范连 Model Company in Earthquake Relief Work in Tangshan 
  65. 硬骨头六连 Hard boned Sixth Company 
  66. 丈量世界屋脊的英雄测绘大队 Heroic Mapping Unit Which Surveyed the Roof of the World 
  67. 支前模范连 Model Company in Supporting the Front 
  68. 支前模范民兵连 Model Militia Company in Supporting the Front
  作者: 新传播资讯网 (新传播资讯网2003-7-22发布)评论
    总书记:general secretary 
    (副)局长:(vice-)bureau director 
    (副)县长:(vice-)head of a county 
    (副)主任:(deputy) director 
    (副)处长:(deputy) section chief,head of a depart. 
    (副)科长:(deputy) section chief/manager 
    大专院校(副)校长:(vice-)president; (vice-) chancellor 
    (副)教授:(associate) professor 
    助教:assistant teacher 
    研究员:research fellow 
    助理研究员:assistant research fellow 
    (副)编审:(associate) professor of editorship 
    助理编辑:assistant editor 
    主任医师:professor of medicine 
    高级经济师:senior business engineer 
    高级会计师:senior accountant 
    高级统计师:senior statistician    
  作者: 新传播资讯网 (新传播资讯网2003-7-22发布)评论
    中国共产党中央委员会Central Committee of the Communist Party of China
    中央政治局Political Bureau of the Central Committee of the CPC
    中央政治局常务委员会Standing Committee of the Political Bureau of the CPC
    中央书记处Secretariat of the Central Committee of the CPC
    中央军事委员会Central Military Commission of the CPC
    中央纪律检查委员会Central Commission for Discipline Inspection of the CPC
    中央办公厅General Office, CCCPC中央组织部Organization Department, CCCPC
    中央宣传部Publicity Department, CCCPC
    中央统一战线部United Front Work Department, CCCPC
    中央对外联络部International Liaison Department, CCCPC
    中央政法委员会Committee of Political and Legislative Affairs, CCCPC
    中央政策研究室Policy Research Office, CCCPC
    中央直属机关工作委员会Work Committee for Offices Directly under the CCCPC
    中央国家机关工作委员会State Organs Work Committee of the CPC
    中央台湾工作委员会Taiwan Affairs Office, CCCPC
    中央对外宣传办公室International Communication Office, CCCPC
    中央党校Party School of the CPC中央党史研究室Party History Research Centre, CCCPC
    中央文献研究室Party Literature Research Centre, CCCPC
    中央翻译局Compilation and Translation Bureau, CCCPC
    中央外文出版发行事业局China Foreign Languages Publishing and Distribution Administration
    中央档案馆Archives Bureau, CCCPC
    The Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC) and Its Structure
    中国人民政治协商会议全国委员会National Committee of the CPPCC
    中国人民政治协商会议全国委员会常务委员会Standing Committee of the National Committee of the CPPCC中国人民政治协商会议全国委员会办公厅General Offices of the CPPCC National Committee专门委员会Special Committee
    提案委员会Committee for Handling Proposals
    经济委员会Committee for Economic Affairs
    人口资源环境委员会Committee of Population, Resources and Environment
    教科文卫体委员会Committee of Education, Science, Culture, Health and Sports
    社会和法制委员会Committee for Social and Legal Affairs
    民族和宗教委员会Committee for Ethnic and Religious Affairs
    文史资料委员会Committee of Cultural and Historical Data
    港澳台侨委员会Committee for Liaison with Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan and Overseas Chinese
    外事委员会Committee of Foreign Affairs
    中国人民政治协商委员会地方委员会CPPCC Local Committees
    《中国政党Chinese Parties》
    中国共产党(中共)Communist Party of China (CPC)
    中国国民党革命委员会(民革)Revolutionary Committee of the Chinese Kuomintang
    中国民主同盟(民盟)Chinese Democratic League
    中国民主建国会(民建)China Democratic National Construction Association
    中国民主促进会(民进)China Association for Promoting Democracy
    中国农工民主党Chinese Peasants and Workers Democratic Party
    中国致公党China Zhi Gong Dang
    九三学社Jiu San Society
    台湾民主自治同盟(台盟)Taiwan Democratic SelfGovernment League   
  作者: 新传播资讯网 (新传播资讯网2003-7-22发布)评论
    中国国家机关名称China's State Organs 
    全国人民代表大会National People's Congress (NPC)
    常务委员会Standing Committee
    办公厅General Office
    代表资格审查委员会Credentials Committee
    提案审查委员会Motions Examination Committee
    民族委员会Ethnic Affairs Committee
    法律委员会Law Committee
    财务经济委员会Finance Affairs Committee
    外事委员会Foreign and Economy Committee
    教育,科学,文化委员会Education, Science, Culture and Public Health Committee
    内务司法委员会Committee for Internal and Judicial Affairs
    华侨委员会Overseas Chinese Affairs Committee
    法制委员会Commission of Legislative Affairs
    特定问题委员会Committee of Inquiry into Special Questions
    宪法修改委员会Committee for Revision of the Constitution
    中华人民共和国主席President of the People's Republic of China
    中央军事委员会Central Military Commission
    最高人民法院Supreme People's Court
    最高人民检察院Supreme People's Procuratorate
    国务院State Council
    (1)国务院部委Ministries and Commissions Directly under the State Council
    外交部Ministry of Foreign Affairs
    国防部Ministry of National Defence
    国家发展计划委员State Development Planning Commission
    国家经济贸易委员会State Economic and Trade Commission
    教育部Ministry of Education
    科学技术部Ministry of Science and Technology
    国家科学技术工业委员会Commission of Science, Technology and Industry for National Defence
    国家民族事务委员会State Ethnic Affairs Commission
    公安部 Ministry of Public Security
    国家安全部 Ministry of State Security
    监察部 Ministry of Supervision
    民政部 Ministry of Civil Affairs
    司法部 Ministry of Justice
    财政部 Ministry of Finance
    人事部 Ministry of Personnel
    劳动和社会保障部 Ministry of Labour and Social Security
    国土资源部Ministry of Land and Resources
    建设部Ministry of Construction
    铁路部 Ministry of Railways
    交通部 Ministry of Communications
    信息产业部 Ministry of Information Industry
    水利部Ministry of Water Resources
    农业部Ministry of Agriculture
    对外贸易经济合作部Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation
    文化部Ministry of Culture
    卫生部Ministry of Public Health
    国家计划生育委员会State Family Planning Commission
    中国人民银行People's Bank of China
    国家审计署State Auditing Administration
    (2)国务院办事机构Offices under that State Council
    国务院办公厅General Office of the State Council
    侨务办公厅Office of Overseas Chinese Affairs
    港澳办公厅Hong Kong and Macao Affairs Office
    台湾办公厅Taiwan Affairs Office
    法制办公厅Office of Legislative Affairs
    经济体制办公厅Office for Economic Restructuring
    国务院研究室Research Office of the State Council
    新闻办公室Information Office
    3)国务院直属机构Departments Directly under the State Council
    海关总署General Administration of Customs
    国家税务总局State Taxation Administration
    国家环境保护总局State Environmental Protection Administration
    中国民用航空总局Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC)
    国家广播电影电视总局State Administration of Radio, Film and Television
    国家体育总局State Physical Cultural Administration
    国家统计局State Statistics Bureau
    国家工商行政管理局State Administration of Industry and Commerce
    新闻出版署Press and Publication Administration
    国家版权局State Copyright Bureau
    国家林业局State Forestry Bureau
    国家质量技术监督局State Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision
    国家药品监督管理局State Drug Administration (SDA)
    国家知识产权局State Intellectual Property Office (SIPO)
    国家旅游局National Tourism Administration
    国家宗教事务局State Bureau of Religious Affairs
    国务院参事室Counsellors' Office of the State Council
    国务院机关事务管理局Government Offices Administration of the State Council
    (4)国务院直属事业单位Institutions Directly under the State Council
    新华通讯社Xinhua News Agency
    中国科学院Chinese Academy of Sciences
    中国社会科学院Chinese Academy of Social Sciences
    中国工程院Chinese Academy of Engineering
    国务院发展研究中心Development Research Centre of the State Council
    国家行政学院National School of Administration
    中国地震局China Seismological Bureau
    中国气象局China Meteorological Bureau
    中国证券监督管理委员会China Securities Regulatory Commission (CSRS)
    (5)部委管理的国家局State Bureaux Administration by Ministration or Commission)
    (国家粮食储备局(国家发展计划委员会)State Bureau of Grain Reserve (Under the State Development Planning Commission)
    国家国内贸易局 State Bureau of Internal Trade
    国家煤炭工业局 State Bureau of Coal Industry
    国家机械工业局State Bureau of Machine Building Industry
    国家冶金工业局State Bureau of Metallurgical Industry
    国家石油和化学工业局State Bureau of Petroleum and Chemical Industry
    国家轻工业局State Bureau of Light Industry
    国家纺织工业局State Bureau of Textile Industry
    国家建筑材料工业局State Bureau of Building Materials Industry
    国家烟草专卖局State Tobacco Monopoly Bureau
    国家有色金属工业局State Bureau of Nonferrous Metal Industry
    (以上由国家经贸委管理above are all under the State Economic and Trade Commission)
    国家外国专家局(人事部) State Bureau of Foreign Experts Affairs (under the Ministry of Personnel)
    国家海洋局(国土资源部) State Bureau of Oceanic Administration (under the Ministry of Land and Resources)
    国家测绘局(国土资源部) State Bureau of Surveying and Mapping (ditto)
    国家邮政局(信息产业部) State Post Bureau (under the Ministry of Information Industry)
    国家文物局(文化部) State Cultural Relics Bureau (under the Ministry of Culture)
    国家中医药管理局(卫生部) State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine (under the Ministry of Public Health)
    国家外汇管理局(中国人民银行总行) State Administration of Foreign Exchange (under the People's Bank of China)
    国家出入境检验检疫局(海关总署) State Administration for EntryExit Inspection and Quarantine (under the General Administration of Customs)
  作者: 新传播资讯网 (新传播资讯网2003-7-22发布)评论
    测绘学会Society of Geodesy, Photogrammetry and Cartography
    地震学会Seismological Society
    国际金融学会International Finance Society
    国际战略问题学会Institute for International Strategic Studies
    海洋学会Society of Oceanography
    科普学会Popular Science Society
    全国少年儿童文化艺术委员会Nat'l Council on Cultural and Art Work for Children
    全国少年儿童工作协调委员会Nat'l Children's Work Coordination Committee
    全国史学会China Society of History
    宋庆龄基金会Song Ching Ling Foundation
    中国奥林匹克委员会Chinese Olympic Committee
    中国笔会中心Chinese Pen Centre
    中国标准化协会China Association for Standardization
    中国残疾人福利基金会China Welfare Fund for the Handicapped
    中国出版协会Chinese Publishers Association
    中国道教协会Chinese Taoist Association
    中国电视艺术家协会Chinese Television Artists Association
    中国电影家协会China Film Association
    中国法律质询中心Chinese Legal Consultancy Centre
    中国法律会China Law Society
    中国翻译工作者协会Translators Association of China
    中国佛教协会Chinese Buddhists Association
    中国福利会China Welfare Institute
    中国歌剧研究会Chinese Opera Research Institute
    中国共产主义青年团Communist Youth League of China
    中国国际法学会Chinese Society of International Law
    中国国际交流协会Association for Int'l Understanding of China
    中国红十字会总会Red Cross Society of China
    中国会计学会China Accounting Society
    中国基督教"三自"爱国运动委员会ThreeSelf Patriotic Movement Committee of the Protestant Churches of China
    中国基督教协会China Christian Council
    中国计量测试学会Chinese Society for Measurement
    中国金融学会Chinese Monetary Society
    中国考古协会Archaeological Society of China
    中国科学技术史学会Chinese Society of Science and Technology History
    中国科学技术协会China Society and Technology Association
    中国联合国教科文组织全国委员会Nat'l Commission of The People's Republic of China for UNESCO
    中国联合国协会United Nations Association of the People's Republic of China
    中国美术家协会Chinese Artists Association
    中国民间文艺家协会China Society for the Study of Folk Literature and Art
    中国企业管理协会China Enterprise Management Association
    中国曲艺家协会Chinese Ballad Singers Association
    中国人民保卫儿童基金会Chinese People's National Committee for Defence of Children
    中国人民对外友好协会Chinese People's Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries
    中国少年儿童基金会Children's Foundation of China
    中国少年先锋队China Young Pioneers
    中国摄影家协会Chinese Photographers Society
    中国书法家协会Chinese Calligraphers Association
    中国天主教爱国会Chinese Patriotic Catholic Association
    中国天主教教务委员会Nat'l Administrative Commission of the Chinese Catholic Church
    中国天主教主教团Chinese Catholic Bishops College
    中国文学艺术界联合会China Federation of Literary and Art Circles
    中国舞蹈家协会Chinese Dancers Association
    中国戏剧家协会Chinese Dramatists Association
    中国伊斯兰教协会Chinese Islamic Association
    中国音乐家协会Chinese Musicians Association
    中国杂技艺术家协会Chinese Acrobats Association
    中国政法学会China Society of Political Science and Law
    中国作家协会 Chinese Writers Association
    中化全国妇女联合会 AllChina Women's Federation
    中华全国工商联合会 AllChina Federation of Industry and Commerce
    中华全国归国华侨联合会 AllChina Federation of Returned Overseas Chinese
    中华全国青年联合会 AllChina Youth Federation
    中华全国世界语联合会 AllChina Esperanto League
    中华全国台湾同胞联谊会 AllChina Federation of Taiwan Compatriots
    中华全国体育总会 AllChina Sports Federation
    中华全国新闻工作者协会 AllChina Journalists' Association
    中华全国总工会 AllChina Federation of Trade Unions
    中华医学会 Chinese Medical Associaition