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   案件  case
   案件受理费  litigation fee
   案由  nature of case
   暗补  implicit subsidy
   暗亏  hidden loss
   颁布  issue
   颁发营业执照  license; to grant a licence to
   办案  handle a case
   办理  deal with
   办理存款业务  take deposits
   包庇罪  crime of concealing the murder
   保护农民的生产积极性  protect farmers' incentive to produce
   保税区  bonded area
   保险法  insurance law
   保险凭证  insurance certificate
   保证  warranty
   保证  guarantee
   保证金  bail
   保证金  margins
   保证金帐户  margin account
   保证人,担保人  guarantor
   保证书  indemnity
   保证书  covenant of warranty
   保证条款  warranty
   保值利率  inflation-proof interest rate
   备付金  excess reserves
   被裁定为  be adjudged to be
   被陈述人  representee
   被告人辨解  statement of the defendant
   奔小康  strive to prosper
   本外币并账  consolidation of domestic and foreign curreny accounts
   本外币对冲操作  sterilization operation
   本位利益  localized interest
   币种搭配不当  currency mismatch
   币种构成  currency composition
   避税  tax avoidance
   变相社会集资  disguised irregular fund raising
   表外科目  off-balance-sheet items
   驳回  dismiss
   驳回  reject
   驳回上诉  reject an appeal
   薄弱环节  weaknesses
   补偿报酬  compensatory payment
   不变成本  fixed cost
   不变价  at constant price
   不动产  real estate
   不具有法律效力  null
   不具有法律效力  void
   不良贷款  problem loans
   不履行合同  breach of contract
   不履行合约  repudiation of the contract
   不名誉的行为及手法  dishonourable conduct and practices
   不能成立  unable to establish
   不时  frequently
   不予支持  unassisted
   不作为  omission
   财产分割  properties division
   财产所有权  property right
   财务公司  finance companies
   财政赤字  fiscal deficit
   财政挤银行  fiscal pressure on the central bank
   财政政策与货币政策的配合  coordination of fiscal and monetary policies
   裁定  ruling
   裁定  order
   采取循序渐进的方法  in a phased and sequenced manner
   操纵汇率  manipulate exchange rate
   操作弹性  operational flexibility
   产品构成  product composition
   产品积压  stock pile
   产权关系  property relations
   产权制度  property order
   产销率  current period inventory
   产销衔接  marketability
   产业政策  industrial policy
   长期国债  treasury bonds
   敞口头寸  open position
   炒股  speculate in the stock market
   撤消并发回给  reversed and remanded to the original court
   陈述  state
   成套机电产品  complete sets of equipment; complete plant
   承担  assume
   承担责任  to be responsible for
   承典人  pledgee
   承典人  pawnee
   承购包销  underwrite
   承认  confess
   城市合作银行  urban cooperative banks; municipal united banks
   城市商业银行  municipal commercial banks
   城市信用社  urban credit cooperatives
   城市住宅局  City House Bureau
   城乡居民收入增长超过物价涨幅  real growth in household income
   持续升温  persistent overheating
   筹资渠道  funding sources
   出典人  pledgor
   出典人  pawnor
   出口统一管理、归口经营  canalization of exports
   出口退税  export tax rebate
   出口退税制度  the system of refunding taxes on exported goods
   出口押汇  bill purchased
   出资比例  ratio of investments
   初见成效  initial success
   储蓄存款  household deposits
   储蓄分流  diversion of household deposits
   储源萎缩  decline in the availability of household savings
   处罚  penalty
   触犯  violate
   传导机制  transmission mechanism
   传销  pyramid selling
   串通  collaborate
   从价税  ad valorem tax
   从紧控制  tight control
   从宽处理  lenient punishment, liberal punishment
   从轻处罚  lesser punishment
   从轻处罚  lighter punishment
   从轻处罚  impose a lenient sentence
   从轻原则  the principle of lighter punishment
   从事  commit
   从重处罚  heavier punishment
   从重处罚  severe punishment
   存贷款比例  loan ratio
   存款保险体系  deposit insurance system
   存款货币银行  deposit money banks
   存款机构  deposit-taking institution
   存款准备金  required reserves
   挫折  frustration
   措词  worded
   错漏  error|mistake
   答复  Reply
   打白条  issue IOU
   打官司  initiate legal proceeding
   打击  struggle against
   打假  crack down on counterfeit goods
   打假办  Office of Cracking down on Fake Products
   大厂回族自治县  Dachang Hui Nationality Autonomous Region
   大额存单  certificate of deposit
   大额提现  withdraw deposits in large amounts
   大股  substantial shareholder
   大股东控权人  majority shareholder controller
   大化瑶族自治县  Dahua Yao Nationality Autonomous County
   大连市  Daliang Municipality
   大律师  barrister
   大律师的收费  counsel's fees
   大律师登记册  roll of baristers
   大律师公会  Hong Kong Bar Association
   大律师见习职位  pupillage
   大律师名册  panels of counsels
   大律师事务所  barristers' chambers,chambers of counsel
   大律师书记  barrister's clerk
   大面积滑坡  wide-spread decline
   大批  bulk
   大一统的银行体制  mono-bank system
   呆账(请见"坏账")  bad loans
   呆账准备金  loan loss reserves
   呆滞贷款  idle loans
   代理国库  act as fiscal agent
   代理检察员  acting prosecutor
   代理金融机构贷款  make loans on behalf of other institutions
   代理人  agent
   代理审判员  acting judge
   代通知金  payment in lieu of notice
   代销  sales by proxy
   贷款沉淀  non-performing loans
   贷款分类  loan classification
   贷款限额管理  credit control; to impose credit ceiling
   贷款约束机制  credit disciplinary mechanism
   戴帽贷款  ear-marked loans
   丹东市  Dandong Municipality
   丹阳市  Danyang Municipality
   单位  entity unit
   单务合同  unilateral contract
   担保  guarantee
   担保人  guarantor
   担保书  certificate of guarantee
   但书  proviso
   当事人  litigant
   当事人起诉要求  the litigants sue for
   党政分工  division of labour between the Party and the government
   档案工作人员  file clerk
   倒逼机制  reversed transmission of the pressure for easing mone-tary condition
   盗窃枪支  crime of stealing firearms and ammunition
   盗窃武器装备  theft of military equipment
   道德风险  moral hazard
   道真仡佬族苗族自治县  Daozheng Mulao Nationality Autonomous County
   得到证实  to be believed
   得利者  beneficiary
   抵触  contravene
   抵押  mortgage
   抵押品  pledge
   抵押物  mortgage
   地方人民检察院  Local People's Procuratorate
   地区差别  regional disparity
   地役权  easement
   递延资产  deferrable assets
   第二产业  the secondary industry
   第二审判庭  second tribunal
   第三产业  the service industry; the tertiary industry
   第三者  the third party
   第一产业  the primary industry
   第一审判庭  first tribunal
   典当物  pledge
   调查  investigation
   调查报告  investigation
   调查取证  investigate and collect evidence
   调节流动性  influence liquidity level
   调解  mediate
   调解和强制措施  mediation and enforcement measure
   调解书  mediation agreement
   调解书字号  Written Mediation No.
   订货不足  insufficient orders
   订货合同卡片  a card of contract
   订立  formation
   定案结论  verdict
   定案理由  reason for decision
   定金  deposit
   定期存款  time deposits
   定期减免所得税  regular reduction of income tax
   定向募集  raising funds from targeted sources
   定性  determination on the nature
   丢弃  waive
   东北人民政府  Northeast People's Government
   东道国  host country
   东乡族自治县  Dongxiang Nationality Autonomous County
   董事会  board of directors
   动机  intention, motive
   冻干健康人血浆  frozen dry healthy human blood
   冻干血浆  frozen dry blood plasma
   冻结  freeze, suspend
   都安瑶族自治县  Duan Yao Nationality Autonomous County
   毒品罪  narcotic drug crime
   渎职罪  crime of dereliction of duty
   独立的不法行为  independent wrong
   独立个案  individual cases
   独立核算  independent accounting
   独立核算工业企业  independent accounting unit
   独立请求书  independent claim
   独立审判  independent adjudication
   短期国债  treasury bills
   断绝  cease
   对冲操作  sterilization operation; hedging
   对等原则  principle of reciprocity
   对等原则并参照国际惯例  the principle of reciprocity and in reference to the
  international practice
   对非金融部门债权  claims on non-financial sector
   对合同词句应当按照事情是有效的而不是无效的来理解  verba ita sunt intelligenda ut res magis valeat
  guam pareat
   对金钱借贷的规定  regulations of money lending
   对滥用职权的法律补救  legal remedy for abuses of power
   对立的一方  opposite party
   对令状的发出作确认  acknowledge the issue of the writ
   对上诉抗辩  oppose an appeal
   对书面文件的词句应当按照对提出词句的当事人尤为不利的原则来解释  verba chartarum fortius accipiuntur contra
   对外经济法律顾问处  Foreign Economic Legal Consultancy Office
   对外经济律师事务所  foreign trade law firm
   对外经济贸易仲裁委员会  Foreign Economic and Trade Arbitration Commission
   对外贸易经济合作部  Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic
   对物诉讼令状  writ in rem
   对帐  reconcile, reconciliation
   多边公约  multilateral convention
   多边国际公约  multi-latreal international conventions
   多分  a larger share
   多头  long position, bull position
   多头仲裁  multiple arbitration
   多于一名人士  2 or more persons
   多元立法体制  plural legislative structure
   多元主义  pluralism
   多种所有制形式  diversified ownership
   峨边彝族自治县  Ebian Yi Nationality Autonomous County
   恶性通货膨胀  hyperinflation
   恩施土家族苗族自治县  Enshi Tujia Nationality Miao Nationality Autonomous County
   恩恤付款  ex gratia payment
   二级市场  secondary market
   二审  second instance
   二审裁定书  order of second instance
   二审法院  Court of Second Instance
   二审判决书  written order of Second Instance
   二者只能择其一  the inclusion of one is the exclusion of the other
   发回重审  remand a lawsuit for a new trial
   发货人  consignor,shipper
   发生法律效力  be legally effective
   发现  discovery
   发行货币  issue currency
   发行审核委员会  the Issuance Examination Commission
   发行总股本  total stock issue
   发展规划  development plan
   罚款  Fin
   法案  bill
   法定部门  statutory machinery
   法定代表律师  Official Solicitor
   法定代表人  legal representative
   法定代理人  legal agent
   法定继承  legal inheritance
   法定继承人  legal heir
   法定监护人  legal guardian
   法定期限  time limit provided by law
   法定义务  legal duty
   法定语言  legal language
   法定主管当局  statuory authority
   法定准备金  required reserves; reserve requirement
   法官法  judges law
   法官考评委员会  committee for the examination and appraisal of judges
   法规  laws and regulations
   法纪  Law and Discipline
   法纪监督  supervision over legal discipline
   法理背景  jurisprudential background
   法理背景  jurisprudential base
   法理学  jurisprudence
   法令  decree
   法律程序文件  written process
   法律冲突  conflict of laws
   法律服务所  Legal Service Office
   法律概念  legal concept
   法律顾问处  Legal Consultant Office
   法律后果  legal effect
   法律解释权  power of law interpretation
   法律面前人人平等  equality before the law
   法律上的财产处分  legal disposition of property
   法律上的能力  legal capacity
   法律效果  legal effect
   法律行律  juristic act
   法律行为  act under the law
   法律性  legality
   法律性文献  legal document
   法律虚无主义  legal nihilism
   法律依据  legal basis
   法律制裁  legal sanctions
   法律制度  structure of the law
   法人  legal person
   法人代表  legal representative
   法人单位  legal entity
   法人股  institutional shares
   法人股东  institutional shareholders
   法人委托书  power of attorney
   法庭程序文件  process of court
   法团公司  incorporated company
   法系地区  relevant law area
   法学派别  School of Legal Scholare
   法学研究所  Institute of Law
   法医  medicolegal
   法院  court
   法院组织法  organic law of the courts
   法制委员会  Commission on Legislation Affairs
   法治  rule of law
   翻新  revision
   反驳  disprove
   反对通知书  notice of objection
   反革命宣传煽动罪  crime of counter revolutionary propaganda and incitement
   反革命罪  crime of counter-revolution
   反悔  repudiate, resile
   反诉  counter-claim
   反要约  counter offer
   反走私  anti-smuggling
   返还  restitution
   返还性损害赔偿金  restitutionary damages
   犯  commit
   犯人  convict
   犯罪分子  offender
   犯罪客观方面  objective aspect of crime
   犯罪客体  object of crime
   犯罪事实  particulars of offense
   犯罪心意  mens rea
   犯罪行为  actus reus
   犯罪中止  discontinuation of a crime
   犯罪主观  subject of crime
   犯罪主观方面  subjective aspect of crime
   贩卖毒品  crime of drug trafficking
   贩卖假药罪  crime of selling bogus medicines
   贩卖淫秽物品罪  crime of selling pornographic articles
   贩运伪造的国家货币罪  crime of trafficking in counterfeit national currency
   方便与公平的原则  principles of convenience and fairness
   防城各族自治县  Fangcheng Ge Nationality Autonomous County
   防止性禁制令  prohibitory injunction
   妨碍  pervert
   妨碍司法公正  interfere with the couse of justice
   妨碍司法公正  obstruction of justice
   妨害公务罪  crime of interference with public administration
   妨害公务罪  crime of interference with state functions
   妨害社会管理秩序罪  crime of disrupting the order of social administration
   妨害他人婚姻家庭罪  crime of disrupting marriage and the family
   房地产投资  real estate investment
   房款凭证  evidence of purchasing money for real estate
   房屋的产权  property right in real estate
   房屋估价单  home appraisal report
   房屋继承  successor in title,transferee in real estate, transferee mottoes
   放火罪  crime of arson
   放弃  relinguish
   放弃  waive
   放松银根  ease monetary policy
   放行条  release pass
   非法  unlawful
   非法  illegal
   非法查封  unlawful foreclosure
   非法查封财产  unlawfully seal up property
   非法逮捕, 拘禁或搜身  unlawful arrest, detention, and search
   非法的告发  wrongful prosecution
   非法的检举  wrongful prosecution
   非法购买  illegally purchasing
   非法拘禁罪  crime of unlawful detention
   非法同居关系  cohabiting unlawfully
   非法制造枪支及弹药罪  crime of illegally manufacturing firearms and ammunition
   非法转让  unlawful assignment
   非婚生子女  illegimate child
   非现场稽核  off-site surveillance
   非银行金融机构  non-bank financial institutions
   非赢利性机构  non-profit organizations
   非专业人士  lay persons
   诽谤  defame
   废除  repeal
   分割  partition
   分居  live separate and apart
   分离  severance
   分期付款  installment payment
   分期付款  by instalment
   分期支付  by instalment
   分权共有人  co-owner
   分权学说  doctrine of separation of powers
   分税制  assignment of central and local taxes; tax assignmentsystem
   分摊  apportion
   分业经营  segregation of financial business services
   分灶吃饭重点建设  key construction projects
   分租  sub-lease
   纷争的解决  settlement to disputes
   丰宁满族自治县  Fengning Manchu Autonomous Region
   风险暴露  risk exposure
   风险敞口  risk exposure
   风险管理  risk management
   风险投资  venture capital
   风险意识  risk awareness
   风险资本比例  risk-weighted capital ratios
   风险资本标准  risk-based capital standard
   封宗法主意思想  feudal legal thought
   佛山市  Foshan Municipality
   否定  repudiate
   否决权  veto power
   否认  deny
   否认立约  non est factum
   夫妻  spouse
   夫妻感情  goodwill as between spouses
   夫妻共同所有财产  joint property of the spouses
   夫妻关系  spousal relationship
   夫妻关系中的子女  a child of a union of concubinage
   夫妻间有互相扶养的义务  mutual obligation between spouses for maintenance of one
   夫妻名义  pugitive spouses
   夫妻身份  spousal relationship
   夫妻在婚姻关系存续期间  while a spousal relationship subsists
   扶贫  poverty alleviation
   扶养的义务  mutual maintenance support obligation
   扶养费  maintenance
   服务事业收入  public service charges
   符号  sign
   福利社会  welfare society
   福州市  Fuzhou Municipality
   抚顺市  Fushun Municipality
   抚养  foster
   抚养费  cost of maintenance
   抚养关系的继父子  foster father and son relationship
   父母权  parental right
   付购  re-purchase
   付清余款  paid the residual balance
   负责  be responsible
   负增长  negative growth
   附带民事诉讼  supplementary civil action
   附件  Appendix
   附录  Appendix
   附属公司  subsidiary
   附属于  collateral to
   阜新蒙古族自治县  Fuxin Mongolia Autonomous Country
   复合氨基酸  compound amino acid
   复核审法院  Court of Review
   复式预算制  double-entry budgeting
   复息  compound interest
   复议  review
   复员费  decommission pay
   复员军人  demobilized serviceman
   副检察长  Deputy Chief Procuratoy
   富川瑶族自治县  Fuchuan Yao Nationality Autonomous
   改革试点  reform experimentation
   改过自新  remorse and reform
   盖章  seal
   干部  cadre
   干扰  disturb
   干扰证人  interfere with a witness
   干预  intervention
   甘肃省  Gansu Province
   肝炎  hepatitis
   感化  influence
   感情破裂  loss of affection
   赣州市  Ganzhou Municipality
   港币发行权  authority to issue Hong Kong currency
   杠杆率  leverage ratio
   杠杆收购  leveraged buyout
   高息集资  raise funds by offering high interest
   革委会  revolutionary committee
   格式合同  standard form of contract
   格言  maxim
   个人财产  personal property
   个人股  non-institutional shares
   个体户  individual household
   个体劳动者所有权  individual worker's ownership
   各级  at different levels
   各级地方政府  local government at several levels
   各尽所能  from each according to his ability
   各省  of all provinces
   给予  assign
   给予适当的经济帮助  render suitable financial assistance
   给予援助令状  Writ of Assistance
   根本法律  fundamental law
   根本扭转  fundamental turnaround
   根据成文法推定的默示条款  terms implied by legislation
   根据法院判决推定的默示条款  terms implied by courts
   根据惯例推定的默示条款  terms implied by usage
   根据婚姻法的规定  according to Marriage Law provisions
   更改  alter
   更换  replacement
   工矿产品合同试行条例  The Trial Implementing Regulations on Contracts of Industrial
  and Mineral Product
   工矿区  industrial and mining district
   工农联盟  Alliance of Workers and Peasants
   工商统一税  unified industrial-commercial tax
   工业成本利润率  profit-to-cost ratio
   工业增加值  industrial value added
   工作场所  work place
   公安  Public Security Officers
   公安部  Ministry of Public Security
   公安部法规局  The Bureau of Policies and Regulations of the Ministry of Public
   公安处  Public Security Office
   公安机关  Public Security Organs
   公安机关行政处罚决定  Public Security Penalty Decision
   公安局  Public Security Bureau
   公安派出所  local police station
   公安人员  Public Security Officers
   公共开支  public expenditure
   公共性  public character
   公共帐目的审计制度  system for auditing public accounts
   公共政策  public policy
   公共政策的原则  principle of public policy
   公共秩序  public order
   公共主管当局  competent authority
   公积金  public accumulation funds
   公检法  public security organs, procuratorial organs and people's courts
   公检法机关  organs of the public security, the procuracy and the court
   公开  disclose
   公开聆讯方式  public hearing
   公开审理  public hearing
   公开市场操作  open market operations
   公款私存  deposit public funds in personal accounts
   公民  citizen
   公民劳动义务  civic duty to work
   公平  fair
   公社  commune
   公司  enterprise
   公司存在期限  duration of company
   公司章程  Articles of Association
   公诉  public prosecution
   公诉机关  public prosecution organ
   公诉人  public prosecutor
   公诉书  bill of indictment
   公务人员  public official
   公用事业  public utilities
   公有经济  the state-owned sector
   公有制  public ownership system
   公有制  public ownership
   公约国  Convention country
   公约证明书  Convention certificates
   公证承付  notarial act of honour
   公证会计师办事处  Notarial Accountants' Office
   公证机关  notary public
   公证人  public notary
   公证证明  notarial certification
   公职  public office
   公众假期  public holiday
   公众假日  public holiday
   公众利益  public advantage
   供大于求  supply exceeding demand
   供认  confession
   供述  confession
   供销合作社  supply and marketing co-operative
   共负盈亏  share profits and losses
   共谋  collude
   共青团中央  The Central Committee of the Communist Young League
   共识政府  Government by consensus
   共同被告人  co-defendant
   共同财产  common property
   共同犯罪  joint offence
   共同纲领  common programme
   共同权利  a joint right
   共同实施违法行为  jointly committed the offence
   共同误解  common mistake
   共同原告  co-plaintiff
   共同债务  joint debts
   共享软件  shareware
   勾结  collude
   构成要件  constitutive requirements
   估计  assess
   股东大会  stock-holder meeting
   股份合作企业  joint-equity cooperative enterprises
   股份有限公司  stock limited company
   股份制企业  joint-equity enterprises
   股份制银行  joint-equity banks
   鼓励措施  incentives
   固定资产  fixed capital
   固定资产贷款  fixed asset loans
   故意  intention
   故意的动机  intentional motive
   故意破坏公私财物罪  crime of intentionally sabotaging public or private property
   故意杀人罪  crime of intentional homicide
   故意伤害  intentional injury
   故意伤害致人死亡  intentional infliction of bodily injury resulting in a person's
   故意伤害致死罪  crime of intentionally injuring another which resulted in death
   故意伤害罪  crime of intentional injury
   故意投毒  spreading poison with intent
   雇佣合同  employment contract
   寡妇  widow
   挂靠  be subordinate to
   挂牌公司  company-in-name
   拐卖人口罪  crime of abducting and trafficking human beings
   关键  pivotal issue
   关税壁垒  customs barrier
   关税减免  tariff reduction and exemption
   关税减让  tariff concessions
   关税优惠  tariff incentives; preferential tariff treatment
   关系恶化  worsening of relations
   关系过远  remote
   关押  custody
   关员级人员  customs officer
   官僚主义  bureaucracy
   官职  public office
   管卡压  interference, obstruction and oppression
   管理办法  Administrative Measures
   管辖范围  scope of jurisdiction
   管辖权  jurisdiction
   管有令状  writ of possession
   管制  control
   管制  public surveillance
   管制  regulate
   贯彻执行  executed in fact
   广东省  Guangdong Province
   广西壮族自治区  Guangxi Zhuang Nationality Autonomous Region
   归还  restitution
   规范  regulate
   规范行为  regularize behavior
   规模效益  economies of scale
   规则  rule
   规章  directive
   桂林市  Guilin Municipality
   锅炉压力容器检验所  Inspection Institution for Boiler Pressing Containers
   国防部  Ministry of National Defense
   国防科学技术工业委员会  National Defense Scientific Technological Industry
   国计民生  national interest and people's livelihood
   国际分工  international division of labor
   国际供应合同  international supply contract
   国际惯例  international common practice
   国际惯例  international practice
   国际海事卫星组织公约  Convention on the International Maritime Satellite Organization
   国际收支  balance of payments
   国际私法  private international law
   国际运输  international transport
   国家安全局  The State Administration of National Security
   国家版权局  State Copyright Bureau
   国家保密局  State Bureau of Protection of Confidential Documents
   国家编制委员会  State Organization Commission
   国家标准局  State Standard Bureau
   国家测绘局  State Bureau of Surveying and Mapping
   国家城市建设总局  State City Construction General Bureau
   国家出版局  State Publication Bureau
   国家出入境检验检疫局  The State Administration for Entry-Exit Inspection and
   国家档案局  State Archives Bureau
   国家地震局  State Seismology Bureau
   国家电力公司  State Electric Power Corporation
   国家对个人其他支出  other government outlays to individuals
   国家发展计划委员会  State Development & Planning Commission
   国家防汛总指挥郭办公室  State Flood Prevention General Command Office
   国家房管局  State Housing Management Bureau
   国家纺织工业局  State Administration on Textile Industry
   国家纺织工业局  State Textile Industry Bureau
   国家风险  country risk
   国家工商行政管理局  State Administration for Industry and Commerce
   国家公诉人  State Prosecutor
   国家广播电影电视总局  The State Broadcasting Film and Television Administration
   国家国防动员委员会  National Defense Mobilization Commission
   国家国内贸易局  State Administration for Domestic Trade
   国家国有资产管理局  State State-ouned Assets Administration Bureau
   国家海洋局  State Oceanic Administration
   国家核安全局  State Nuclear Safety Bureau
   国家环境保护总局  State Environment Protection Administration
   国家黄金管理局  State Gold Administration Bureau
   国家机关人民防空办公室  State Organ People Air Defence Office
   国家机械工业局  State Administration of Machinery Industry
   国家基本建设委员会  State Infrastructure Commission
   国家计划生育委员会  State Family Planning Commission
   国家计划委员会  State Planning Commission
   国家计量局  State Metrological Bureau
   国家建筑材料工业局  State Construction Materials Industry Administration
   国家教育委员会  State Education Commission
   国家结构  state structure
   国家进出口管理委员会  State Import & Export Regulatory Commission
   国家进出口银行  State Import & Export Bank
   国家禁毒委员会  National Ban Brugs Commission
   国家经济贸易委员会  State Economy & Trade Commission
   国家经济体制改革委员会  State Commission for Restructuring Economy
   国家经济委员会  State Economy Commission
   国家开发银行  State Development Bank
   国家开发银行办公厅  General Office of State Development Bank
   国家科委自然科学奖励委员会  State Science Commission
   国家科学发明评选委员会  State Science Commission Invent Selection Commission
   国家科学技术委员会  State Scientific and Technological Commission
   国家劳动总局  State Labour Bureau
   国家粮食储备局  State Grain Reserves Bureau
   国家林业局  State Bureau of Forestry
   国家旅游局  State Bureau of Tourism
   国家煤炭工业局  State Coal Industry Administration
   国家密码管理委员会办公室  State Secret code Regulatory Commission Office
   国家民族事务委员会  State National Affairs Commission
   国家南极考察委员会  National South Pole Investigation Commission
   国家能源投资公司  State Energy Resources Investment Corporation
   国家能源委员会  State Energy Resources Commission
   国家农业委员会  State Agriculture Commission
   国家农业综合开发办公室  State Agriculture Comprehensive Development Office
   国家破产储量管理局  State Minerals Reserves Administration Bureau
   国家器具  state apparatus
   国家轻工业局  State Light Industry Administration
   国家轻工业局  State Light Industry Bureau
   国家人防委员会  State People's Air Defense Commission
   国家人事局  State Personnel Bureau
   国家商标局  State Trademark Bureau
   国家商检局  State Commodity Inspection Bureau
   国家石油和化学工业局  State Petroleum and Chemical Industry
   国家水产总局  State Aquatic Product General Bureau
   国家税务局  National Taxation Head Office
   国家税务总局  State Administration on Taxation
   国家所有权  state ownership
   国家体育运动委员会  State Physical Culture and Sports Commission
   国家体育总局  State Administration of Sports
   国家统计局  State Statistics Bureau
   国家土地  State owned land
   国家土地管理局  China Land Administration Bureau
   国家外国专家局  State Foreign Expert Bureau
   国家外汇管理局  State Foreign Exchange Administration Bureau
   国家文物局  State Cultural Relic Bureau
   国家无线电管理委员会  State Radio Regulatory Commission
   国家物价局  State Price Control Bureau
   国家物资局  State Commodities Bureau
   国家新闻出版署  National News Publication Bureau (National Copyright Bureau)
   国家行政区域划分  demarcation of national administrative zones
   国家行政学院  Chinese Academy of Engineering Sciences
   国家烟草专卖局  State Tobacco Monopoly Bureau
   国家药品监督管理局  State Drug Administration
   国家冶金工业局  State Metallurgical Industry Bureau
   国家邮政局  State Post Office Bureau
   国家有色金属工业局  State Non-Ferrous Metal Industry Bureau
   国家语言文字工作委员会  State Lanuage Affairs Commission
   国家知识产权局  State Intellectual Property Bureau
   国家制度  state system
   国家质量技术监督局  State Bureau of Quality Technical Supervision
   国家中医药管理局  State Chinese Medicine Administration Bureau
   国家主席  President of the State
   国家自然科学基金委员会  State Natural Science Funds Commission
   国家宗教事务局  State Bureau of Religious Affairs
   国库券  treasury bills
   国民政府  National Government
   国体  polity
   国土资源部  Ministry of Natural Resources
   国务院  State Council
   国务院  Safety manufacture Commission of the State Council
   国务院办公厅  General Office of the State Council
   国务院参事室  Counsellor Office of the State Council
   国务院出版事业管理局  Publication Cause Administration Bureau of the Council
   国务院电子振兴领导小组办公室  Electronic Rejuvenation Leading Group Office of the State
   国务院发展研究中心  The State Development Research Center
   国务院法制办  Legal Affairs Office of the State Council
   国务院法制局  Bureau of the Legislative Affairs under the State Council
   国务院扶贫开发办  Aid-the-Poor Development Office of the State Council
   国务院港澳办  Hong Kong and Macao Office of the State Council
   国务院工资制度改革小组  Salary Reform Group of the State Council
   国务院关税税则委员会  Customs tariff Commission of the State Council
   国务院环境保护领导小组  Environment Protection Leading Group of the State Council
   国务院机关事务管理局  Bureau of Institutional Affairs of the State Council
   国务院计划生育领导小组  Family Planning Leading Group of the State Council
   国务院减轻企业负担部际联席会议  Lighten the Burden on the CHINESE COMMUNIST PARTY
   国务院经法规研究中心  Research Centre for Economic Legislation Under the State Council
   国务院经济法规研究中心  Economic Law Research Center of the State Council
   国务院经济贸易办公室  Economic and Trade Office of the State Council
   国务院纠正行业不正之风办公室  Correcting Industrial Illegitimate Practice Office of the
  State Council
   国务院军队转业干部安置工作小组  Demobilized Army Cadre Emplacement Leading Group of the
  State Council
   国务院科技干部局  Science and Technology Cadre Bureau of the State Council
   国务院科技教育领导小组办公室  Science and Technology Education Leading Group Office of the
  State Council
   国务院口岸领导小组  Port Leading Group of the State Council
   国务院农村发展研究中心  Rural Development Research Center of the State Council
   国务院贫困地区经济开发领导小组  Impoverished Area Economic Development Leading Group of the
  State Council
   国务院企业管理委员会  Enterprise Regulatory Commission of the State Council
   国务院侨务办公室  Oversea Chinese Affairs Office of the State Council
   国务院清产核资领导小组  Liquidition and Assets Check Group of the State Council
   国务院清产核资领导小组办公室  Liquidation Assets Check Leading Group Office of the State
   国务院清理固定资产投资项目领导小组  Liquidition Fixed Asset Investment Projects Leading Group
  of the State Council
   国务院清理三角债导小组  Clearing "Chain Debts" Leading Group of the State Council
   国务院三峡工程建设委员会  Three Gorges Project Construction Commission of the State
   国务院三线建设调整改造规划办公室  San Xian Construction Adjustment Reorganization Planning
  Office of the State Council
   国务院生产办公室  Manufacture Office of the State Council
   国务院水土保持委员会  Water Soil Conservation Commission of the State Council
   国务院税收财务物价大检查办公室)  Taxation Accounting Commodity Price Examination Office of
  the State Council
   国务院台湾事务办公室  Taiwan Affairs Office of the State Council
   国务院特区办公室  Special Zone Office of the State Council
   国务院体制改革办公室  System Reform Office of the State Council
   国务院统一着装管理委员会  Uniform Regulatory Commission of the State Council
   国务院退伍军人和军队离退休干部安置领导小组  Demobilized Soldier and Army Retired Cadre
  Emplacement Leading Group of the State Council
   国务院外事办  Foreign Affairs Bureau of the State Council
   国务院稀土领导小组  Rare-Earth Leading Group of the State Council
   国务院新闻办公室  News Office of the State Council
   国务院信息化工作领导小组  Information Work Leading Group of the State Council
   国务院学位委员会  Academic Degree Commission of the State Council
   国务院证券委员会  Securities Commission of the State Council
   国务院知青办  Intellectual Young People Office of the State Council
   国务院知识产权办公会议办公室  Intellectual Property Working Meeting Office of the State
   国务院住房制度改革领导小组  Housing System Reform Leading Group of the State Council
   国有独资商业银行  wholly state-owned commercial banks
   国有股  state-owned shares
   国有股减持  reduce state's stake in listed companies
   国有经济  the state-owned sector
   国有企业  state-owned enterprises
   国有制  state-ownership
   国有资产流失  erosion of state assets
   国债回购  government securities repurchase
   国债投资  treasury bond investment
   国债一级自营商  primary underwriters of government securities
   国债专项资金  special fund for treasury bond
   过度竞争  excessive competition
   过度膨胀  excessive expansion
   过热迹象  signs of overheating
   哈尔滨市  Harbin Municipality
   海关法  customs law
   海关税  customs duties
   海关总署  General Customs Administration
   海军司令部  Commander Department of the Navy
   海事法院  admiralty court
   海洋公约  the Hague Convention
   含糊  ambiguity
   邯郸市  Handan Municipality
   汉族  Han people
   合并  merger
   合法  lawful
   合法的  legitimate
   合法的房屋所有权  legitimate land ownership right
   合法继承人  lawful successor
   合法权益  lawful benefit
   合法权益  lawful right
   合法收入  legitimate income
   合法受让人  lawful assignee
   合法性  legality
   合肥市  Hefei Municipality
   合伙生意  partnership
   合计惩处  aggregate punishment
   合理的  reasonable
   合理的考虑  reasonable contemplation
   合理的预见  reasonable foreseeability
   合理期限  reasonable time
   合理时限  reasonable time
   合理性方面的要求  requirement of reasonableness
   合理性要求  requirement of reasonableness
   合理预期  rational expectation
   合谋  conspire
   合谋诈骗  conspiratorial swindling
   合适的处分  appropriate penalty
   合适的处分  just penalty
   合适人选  fit person
   合同变更  modification of contract
   合同当事人  contracting parties
   合同当事人相互关系  privity of contract
   合同法  law of contract
   合同前仲裁  pre-contract arbitration
   合同条款的分类  classification of terms
   合同转让  assignment of contract
   合议纪要  summary of discussion
   合议庭  Collegiate Bench
   合议制  collegiate system
   合营期限  duration of joint ventures
   合约  contract
   合约一方  party
   合约责任  contractual obligation
   合资企业  joint-venture enterprises
   合作经营企业  co-operative venture
   和解  accord
   河北省高级人民法院  High People's Court of Hebei Province
   核实  verify
   核实证据  verified evidence
   核心资本  core capital
   黑龙江省  Heilongjiang Province
   横向关系horizontal relationship  
   衡平法  equity
   衡平法赋予的自由裁量权  equitable discretion
   衡平法上的补救措施  equitable remedy
   衡阳市  Hengyang Municipality
   哄抢财产  roaring seizure
   红利  dividend
   宏观调控  macroeconomic management
   宏观调控目标  macroeconomic objectives
   宏观经济基本状况  macroeconomic fundamentals
   宏观经济运营良好  sound macroeconomic performance
   后法优于前法  lex posterior derogat lex priori
   后果的严重程度  severity of consequence
   后续条件  condition subsequent
   呼和浩特市  Huhehaote Municipality
   互免签证协议  visa exemption agreement
   互相帮助  assist each other
   互相抵押  mutual security
   互相供养的责任感  a sense of mutual obligation to support one another
   互相印证  corroborate
   互选  elect from among themselves
   互争权利诉讼  interpleader proceedings
   户口尚未解决  residence account in the city not yet properly arranged
   华侨事务委员会  Oversea Chinese Affairs Commission
   淮南市  Huainan Municipality
   坏账  bad debt
   还本付息  debt service
   缓期执行  suspension of execution
   缓刑  suspended sentence
   换汇成本  unit export cost;local currency cost of export earnings
   患精神病  mentally ill, psychologically ill
   恢复  resume
   恢复行使主权  resume the exercise of sovereignty
   挥霍浪费  spendthrift
   挥霍浪费  waste
   徽章  honour
   回报  return
   回报  payoff
   回报率  rate of return
   回避  withdrawal
   回购协议  repurchase agreement
   回扣  commit
   悔改  remorse
   悔改  repent
   悔罪  repentance
   汇兑在途  funds in float
   汇兑支出  advance payment of remittance by the beneficiary's bank
   汇率并轨  unification of exchange rates
   汇率失调  exchange rate misalignment
   汇票  draft
   会计准则  accounting standard
   贿赂  bribery
   惠州市  Huizhou Municipality
   婚外性关系  sexual relations outside marriage
   婚姻登记所  Marriage Registration Office
   婚姻法  marriage law
   婚姻基础  basis for marriage
   婚姻授产协议  marriage settlement
   混合饲料  mixed provender
   混合所有制  diversified ownership
   活期存款  demand deposits
   货币政策态势  monetary policy stance
   货款拖欠  overdue obligations to suppliers
   货证  bill of lading
   获得  procurement
   机部机械设备成套总局  General Office of Complete Set of Machinery of the First
  Machinery Industry Ministry of the State Construction Commission
   机关团体存款  deposits of non-profit institutions
   机会成本  opportunity cost
   机械工业委员会  Machinery Industry Commission
   积压严重  heavy stockpile; excessive inventory
   基本法  Basic Law
   基本法律  basic statute
   基本建设投资  investment in infrastructure
   基本经济要素  economic fundamentals
   基本权利和义务  fundamental rights and duties
   基本人权  fundamental human rights
   基本适度  broadly appropriate
   基本性国家法律  overriding national law
   基本政策  fundamental policies
   基层公安机关  grassroots public security agencies
   基层人民法院  Basic People's Court
   基层人民法院副院长  Basic People's Court vice-president
   基层人民法院院长  Basic People's Court president
   基准利率  benchmark interest rate
   缉私  anti-smuggling
   激励机制  incentive mechanism
   及时  promptness
   即此函达 尚希见复为荷  respectfully submitted for clearance
   极刑  capital punishment
   集会结社  assembly and association
   集体经济  the collective sector
   集体企业  collectively owned enterprise
   集体所有  collective ownership
   集体所有制单位  unit under collective ownership
   集体土地  collective-owned land
   挤提存款  run on banks
   挤占挪用  unwarranted diversion of financial resources from designated uses
   计划单列市  municipalities with independent planning status
   计划经济  planned economy
   计划生育  family planning
   技改投资  investment in technological upgrading
   技术产权交易所  technology equity market
   技术密集型产品  technology-intensive product
   济南市  Jinan Municipality
   济宁市  Jining Municipality
   继承  in succession
   继承纠纷  succession dispute
   继承权  right in succession
   继承人  successor
   继承人多  many successors and beneficiaries and not suitable for division
   继承遗产  take as a beneficiary under an estate
   继父母  step parent
   继续进行  to proceed
   继子女  step-child
   寄递  consignment
   寄养子女  foster child
   寄运  consignment
   加大结构调整力度  intensify structural adjustment
   加工贸易  processing trade
   加快态势  accelerating trend
   加强税收征管稽查  enhance tax administration
   加权价  weighted average price
   加权平均值  weighted average
   加重刑罚  Aggravate Punishment
   佳木斯市  Kiamusze Municipality
   家庭财产分割协议  marriage settlement
   家庭成员  family members
   家庭法  family law
   家庭副业  family sideline production
   价格放开  price liberalization
   价格形成机制  pricing mechanism
   假冒商标  passing of trademark
   假冒商标罪  crime of passing off trademarks
   假释  parole
   假证据  false evidence
   奸淫幼女罪  crime of having sexual intercourse with a minor
   坚决要求  firmly demanded
   间接法  indirect rule
   兼容性  compatibility
   监察部  Ministry of Supervision
   监察局  Supervisory Bureau
   监督  supervise
   监护人  guardian
   监内执行  execution of punishment inside the prison
   监视  surveillance
   监视居住  residential surveillance
   监狱  Prison and Detention houses
   减亏  reduce losses
   减轻处罚  reduced punishment
   减轻损失  mitigation
   检查鉴定结论  conclusion after examination
   检查员  censor
   检察长  chief procurator
   检察机关  procuratorate
   检察人员  procurator
   检察委员会  Procuratorial Committee
   检察委员会会员  Procuratorial Committee member
   检察委员会检察员  Procuratorial Committee procurator
   检察委员会书记员  Procuratorial Committee clerk
   检察委员会助理检察员  Procuratorial Committee assistant procurator
   检举  accusation
   检控  institute a public prosecution
   检验  examination
   简单合同  simple contract
   简化手续  cut red tape
   建筑许可证  Construction Licence
   建筑业协会  Architecture Industry Association
   鉴定  identification
   鉴定员  identifier
   江阴市  Jiangyin Municipality
   交付  delivery
   交给  relinguish
   交通部  Ministry of Communication
   交通事故行政裁决  administrative decision of traffic accident
   交通银行  Bank of Communication
   交投活跃  brisk trading
   缴存准备金  to deposit required reserves
   缴获  seize
   教唆犯  instigators
   教唆者  instigators
   教育,挽救,感化  education, saving, influence
   教育部  Ministry of Education
   教育附加费  additional education tax
   阶级斗争  class struggle
   接管  take over
   接纳上诉  appeal allowed
   接受存款公司  deposit-taking company
   接受令状的送达  accepts service of the writ
   接受宣判的当事人  the party to accept the judgment to be pronounced
   结案  wind up a case, close a case, settle a lawsuit
   结构扭曲  structural distortion
   结构失调  structural imbalance
   结构性矛盾突出  acute structural imbalance
   结构优化  structural improvement
   结合  united
   结汇、售汇  sale and purchase of foreign exchange
   结婚登记  marriage registration
   结束  termination
   解除  determine
   解除合同  termination of contract
   解答  clarification on
   解放军总直属队  The Army Units Directly under the Chinese People's Liberation Army
   解交被拘押者到庭作证令状  writ of habeas corpus ad subjiciendum
   解决未果  fail to resolve
   解释  Interpretation
   介入人  intervener
   介入诉讼  intervene in proceedings
   介绍信  letter of introduction
   借据  IOU
   藉内庭发出传票  by summons in chambers
   斤  jin
   金钱赔偿  monetary compensation
   金融脆弱  financial fragility
   金融动荡  financial turbulence
   金融风波  financial disturbance
   金融机构  Financial agency
   金融恐慌  financial panic
   金融市场  financial market
   金融危机  financial crisis
   金融压抑  financial repression
   金融衍生物  financial derivatives
   金融诈骗  financial fraud
   金融租赁公司  financial lease companies
   金税工程  Golden Tax Project
   紧缩银根  tighten monetary policy
   紧缩政策  austerity policies; tight financial policies
   锦州市  Jinzhou Municipality
   近亲属  near relatives
   禁渔期  closed fishing seasons
   禁制令  injunction
   经办人员  handling personnel
   经常性贷款  commercial lending
   经常账户可兑换  current account convertibility
   经调解  upon mediation
   经纪  broker
   经济案件级别管辖  Jurisdiction by amount in controversy in economic cases
   经济帮助  financial assistance
   经济承受能力  ability to shoulder economically
   经济等检察厅  Economic Affairs
   经济法  economic law
   经济犯罪  economic crimes
   经济合同法  Economic Contract Law
   经济合同仲裁委员会  Economic Contract Arbitration Board
   经济合作合同  contract on economic co-operation
   经济价值  economic value
   经济审判庭  Economic Division
   经济审判庭副庭长  Economic Division Associate Chief Judge
   经济审判庭庭长  Economic Division Chief Judge
   经济师  economist
   经济损失  economic loss
   经济特区  special economic zones
   经济特区法规  laws and regulations of the special economic zones
   经济体制改革  economic reform
   经济增长方式的转变  change in the main source of economic growth
   经济增长减速  economic slowdown;moderation in economic growth
   经济制裁  economic sanction
   经济仲裁制度  economic arbitration system
   经理负责制  manager responsibility system
   经研究,特答复如下  upon review, we hereby reply as follows
   经营活动  operational activities
   经营期限  operating period
   经营自主权  autonomy in management
   荆条蜜  chaste honey
   精神病人  mentally disordered person
   精神不正常  insane
   精神不正常  insanity
   精神文明  spiritual civilization
   精神药物公约  Convention on Psychotropic Substances
   精饲料  contracted feed
   景德镇市  Jindezhen Municipality
   景气回升  recovery in business activity
   警务人员  police
   竞争加剧  intensifying competition
   境外投资  overseas investment
   纠纷  dispute
   纠风办  State Council Office for Rectifying
   纠正  rectifications
   九江市  Jiujiang Municipality
   九龙  Kowloon
   酒类专卖行政处理决定  administrative sanction decision of wine monopoly
   救济  remedy
   就土地而缴付  payable out of land
   就暂时让货品入口而协定的暂准进口证的海关公约  Customs Convention on the A.T.A. Carnet for the
  Temporay Admission of Goods
   居楼屋的抵契  deed of property
   拘捕  arrest
   拘传  summon for detention
   拘传票  summons
   拘留审查决定  decision of detention for investigation
   拘留审查通知书字号  Notice of Detention for Investigation No.
   拘役  detention
   拘役判刑  sentence of penal servitude
   拘役作为处罚  detention as a punishment
   局部性金融风波  localized financial disturbance
   拒绝颁发持枪证  refusal to issue gun owner's certificate
   拒绝履行  refusal to perform
   具备必要的资格  have the requisite qualification, be qualified
   具法团地位的公司  incorporated company
   具体处罚行为  specific punishment
   具体行政行为  concrete act of administration
   具体行政行为  specific administrative action
   具有法律约束力  legally binding
   具有权限的主管当局  competent authorities
   具有中国特色的  with Chinese characteristics
   据称的父亲  reputed father
   据此  based on this, because of this, evidenced by this
   聚氯乙烯  polyvinyl chloride
   聚众扰乱公安场所秩序罪  crime of assembling a crowd to disturb order in public places
   卷中所存  as stated in the document
   决策权债  decision-making power
   决定书  Written Decision
   绝对必要事项  absolutely required item
   绝对信任  utmost good faith
   绝卖  foreclose, foreclosure
   军兵种  The Categories of Troops
   军区  The Regional Military Command
   军人通行证  army pass
   军事法院  Military Court
   军事检察院  Military Procuratorate
   军委总政治部  The General Political Department of the Military Commission
   君子协定  gentlemen's agreement
   开办人民币业务  engage in RMB business
   开放政策  policy of invigorating the domestic economy and opening to the outside
   勘验 检查笔录  transcript of inspection and examination
   抗税  tax evasion
   抗诉  protest
   抗诉人  protestor
   科目  subject
   科学技术部  Ministry of Science and Technology
   可变成本  variable cost
   可变条件  contingent condition
   可驳回的  rebuttable
   可撤销的  voidable
   可持续经济增长  sustainable economic growth
   可动财产  movable property
   可反驳的  rebuttable
   可公诉罪行  indictable offence
   可流转票据  negotiable instrument
   可凭票要求付款  payable on demand
   可强制执行的  enforceable
   可商销的品质  merchantable quality
   可实施的  enforceable
   可使无效的  voidable
   可收回的  recoverable
   可提出公诉  an indictment may be preferred
   可行性报告  report of feasibility
   可行性研究报告  feasibility study report
   可宣布失效的  voidable
   可循公诉程序审讯  triable upon indictment
   可循公诉程序审讯的罪行  offence triable upon indictment
   可以  May
   可转换债券  convertible bond
   可转让票据  negotiable instrument
   可追偿的  recoverable
   可自由兑换货币  freely convertible currency
   可作多种解释  ambiguity
   客观标志原则  principle of objective marks
   客观结论  objective conclusion
   客户  client
   空头转帐支票  rubber cheque
   控股公司  holding company
   控制现金投放  control currency issuance
   口述陈词  oral submissions
   口蹄疫  foot-and-mouth disease
   口头辩论  oral argument
   口头陈述  oral statement
   口头词句  spoken words
   口头的  oral
   口头的法律程序  oral proceedings
   口头方式  vival voice
   口头覆问  re-examine viva voce
   口头盘问  oral cross-examination
   口头问题  viva voce question
   口头形式  orally
   口头讯问  oral examination
   口头遗嘱  oral will
   口头证供  oral testimony
   口头证据  oral evidence
   扣除物价因素  in real terms
   扣留文件  suppresses a document
   扣押  Detain, withhold
   扣押财产  seize property
   扣押债务人财产令状  writ of fieri facias
   扣押证物  seizure of material
   库存产品  inventory
   跨国银行业务  cross-border banking
   跨年度采购  cross-year procurement
   宽城满族自治县  Kuancheng Manchu Nationality Autonomous County
   亏损企业  enterprises running in the red/under deficit
   扩大  enlarge
   垃圾债券  junk bond
   来料加工  processing of imported materials for export
   莱茵河航行公约  Rhine Navigation Convention
   赖以保护  relying on
   蓝牙技术  bluetooth
   滥用职权  abuse of power
   劳动保险  labour insurance
   劳动法  labour law
   劳动改造  reform-through-labour
   劳动和社会保障部  Ministry of Labour and Social Securities
   劳动纪律  labour discipline
   劳动教养  rehabilitation-through-labour
   劳动教养处罚  punishment of rehabilitation through labour
   劳动教养决定  decision of rehabilitation through labour
   劳动教育  re-education through labour
   劳动能力  ability to work
   劳役  penal servitude
   老家  one's own home
   泪愤状态  provocation
   类推审核  analogy review
   类推审核法院  Court of Analogy Review
   类推适用  application by analogy
   累犯  recidivist
   离岸价格  FOB
   离岸价格  free on board
   离岸银行业务  off-shore banking (business)
   离婚  divorce
   离婚判决  divorce decree
   离婚诉讼  suit for divorce
   理顺外贸体制  rationalize foreign trade regime
   历史法学派  historical school
   立案  filing a case
   立案条件  condition for filing a case
   立法  legislation
   立法程序  legislative procedure
   立法机关  legislature
   立法解释  legislative interpretation
   立法精神  legislative spirit
   立法权  legislative power
   立法宗旨  purpose of legislation
   立宪国家  constitutional state
   立约能力  capacity to contract
   立约资格  capacity to contract
   利改税  substitution of tax payment for profit delivery
   利滚利  compound interest
   利害冲突  conflict of interest
   利率杠杆的调节作用  the role of interest rates in resource allocation
   利润驱动  profit-driven
   利息回收率  interest collection ratio
   隶属关系  relationship of administrative subordination
   连带责任  joint and several liabilities, joint liability
   连工包料合同  contract for work and materials
   连锁企业  franchise (businesses)
   联邦法  federal law
   联合国  the United Nations
   联合国大会  United Nations General Assembly
   联合兼并  conglomeration and merger of enterprises
   联合经营  joint venture
   联行清算  inter-bank settlement
   联营投资资本  joint trading investment capital
   廉政建设  construction of a clean and honest administration
   恋爱阶段  in courtship
   良性循环  virtuous cycle
   两级仲裁  two instance arbitration
   两极分化  growing income disparity
   两审终结  final judgment after two trials
   量刑原则  sentencing principle
   辽宁省  Liaoning Province
   辽阳市  Liaoyang Municipality
   了结法律程序  compete legal proceedings
   了结诉请  satisfies the claim
   了结诉讼因由  satisfaction of the cause of action
   林区  forestry district
   临经税  temporary business tax
   临时付款  provisional payment
   磷化锌  phosphorate zinc
   零售物价指数  retail price index
   零售业  retail trace
   领导责任  leadership resp, onsibility
   领使人员  consular agent
   领养的父母  adoptive parent
   领养的子女  adopted child
   领养父亲或领养母亲  adopting parent
   令公众觉得不雅的行为  offence against public decency
   令公众利益受到损害  injurious to the public interest
   令公众受到损害  injurious to the public interest
   令人反感  offensive
   令人反感的文字  offensive writing
   令人厌恶  offensive
   令人厌恶的人物  offensive personalities
   令状  Precept, warrant, writ
   令状文稿  draft writ
   另行发布  promulgated otherwise, provided otherwise
   流动性比例  liquidity ratio
   流动资产周转率  velocity of liquid assets
   流动资金贷款  working capital loans
   流氓  hooligan
   流氓行为  act of hoolighism
   流氓罪  hooliganism
   流通速度  velocity of liquid assets
   流通体制  distribution system
   流通网络  distribution network
   留购  hire purchase
   硫酸铵  ammonium sulphate
   柳州市  Liuzhou Municipality
   六法全书  Complete Book of Six Codes
   六亲不认  repudiate all of one's relatives
   垄断行业  monopolized industry
   路演  road show
   铝  aluminium
   履行  performance
   履行合同  perform contract
   履行合同义务  perform someone's duty under the contract
   履约能力  contractual capacity
   律师费  retainer
   律师或大律师  attorney
   律师事务所  Law Firm
   律师行业  the practice of law
   律政人员  legal officer
   乱搞男女关系  unjustifiable man and woman relationship
   乱集资  irregularfund raising
   乱收费  irregularcharges
   乱摊派  unjustifiedlevies
   略有帮忙  is of some assistance
   罗马法  Roman law
   洛阳市  Luoyang Municipality
   麻黄素片  ephedrine
   麻醉品单一公约  Single Convention on Narcotic Drugs
   麻醉药品  anaesthetic medicine
   马鞍山市  Maanshan Municipality
   埋藏物  property buried underground
   买方市场  buyer's market
   买卖合同  contract on sales and purchases
   买卖婚姻  mercenary marriage
   卖出回购证券  matched sale of repo
   卖方市场  seller's market
   卖淫  prostitution
   满足  satisfaction
   满族  Man minority people
   冒充  impersonate
   冒充国家工作人员招摇撞骗罪  offence of posing as a state personnel in order to cheat
   贸易壁垒  trade protectionism
   贸易差额  trade balance
   贸易惯例  trade usage
   贸易逆差  adverse balance of trade, trade deficit
   贸易顺差  favorable balance, trade surplus
   贸易限制  restraint of trade
   没收  Forfeit, confiscate
   没收财产  confiscation of property
   没有配偶的男女  men and women without spouses
   煤炭行业关井压产领导小组办公室  Coal Industry Closing mine Pushing Down Production Leading
  Group Office
   美散痛  methadone
   门户网站  portals
   盟  prefecture
   孟村回族自治县  Mengcun Hui Nationality Autonomous Region
   免除  remit
   免二减三  exemption of income tax for the first two years of making profit and
  50% tax reduction for the following three years
   免收地价批给的土地  land granted at nil premium
   免予起诉书面决定  a written decision to exempt from prosecution
   面值  nominal value
   民法  civil law
   民法典  Civil Code
   民法理论  civil law theory
   民法通则  the General Principles of Civil Law
   民间信用  non-institutionalized credit
   民警  People's Police
   民事法律程序文件  civil process
   民事纠纷  civil dispute
   民事判决书  paper of civil judgment
   民事赔偿  civil compensation
   民事侵权法  law of tort
   民事权利  civil rights
   民事审判人员  civil judicial officer
   民事审判庭  Court of Civil Division
   民事诉讼  civil proceedings
   民事诉讼程序公约  Civil Procedure Convention
   民事诉讼法  Civil Procedural law
   民事责任  civil liability/liabilities
   民事主体资格  qualifications of civil subject
   民用航空管理制度  system of civil aviation management
   民政  civil affairs
   民政部  Ministry of Civil Affairs
   民主集中制  democratic centralism
   民族平等  equality of the peoples
   民族乡  nationality township
   名牌产品  brand products
   名义上的  nominal damages
   名誉权  right of reputation
   名誉权案件  case concerning the right of reputation
   明补  explicit subsidy
   明亏  explicit loss
   明码标价  sell at expressly marked price
   明政专员  ombudsman
   命令  injunction
   模棱两可  ambiguity
   默示合同  implied contract
   默示条款  implied terms
   谋取暴利  reap staggering profits, seek exorbitant profits
   谋杀  murder
   某甲  John Doe one
   某人应当为某事负责  Somebody shall be (is) held liable for something
   母法  mother law
   母公司  holding company
   母国  home country
   母女关系  mother and daughter relationship
   亩  mu
   牡丹江市  Mudanjiang Municipality
   内部交易  insides dealing
   内部控制  internal control
   内部审计  internal audit
   内部通知  internal circular
   内地段  inland lot
   内地与香港  the mainland and Hong Kong
   内乱  civil commotion/civial disturbance
   内蒙古自治区  Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region
   内幕  backdoor
   内幕交易  insider dealing
   内幕交易审裁处  Insider Dealing Tribunal
   内幕交易者  insider dealer
   内庭  chambers
   内庭处理  dispose of in chambers
   内庭法官  judge in chambers
   内庭法律程序  proceedings in chambers
   内债  domestic debt
   纳妾  concubinage
   纳税卡  Taxation Payment Voucher
   男方离婚没有理由  the husband has no reason for divorce
   男女平等  men and women are equal(s)., equality of men and women, equality
  between [of] the sexes
   南昌市  Nanchang Municipality
   南京市  Nanjing Municipality
   南宁市  Nanning Municipality
   南平市  Nanping Municipality
   南通市  Nantong Municipality
   脑外伤综合症  combined external head injuries
   年报  annual report
   年度账目  annual accounts
   宁波市  Ningbo Municipality
   宁静的占有权  quiet possession
   宁夏回族自治区  Ningxia Hui Nationality Autonomous Region
   扭亏为盈  turn a loss-making enterprise into a profitable one
   扭曲金融分配  distorted allocation of financial resources
   纽约公约  New York Convention
   农村剩余劳动力  surplus rural labour
   农村信用社  rural credit cooperatives
   农副产品采购支出  outlays for agricultural procurement
   农工商联合企业  agro-industrial-commercial combines
   农垦区  land reclamation district
   农民集体  peasant collective
   农药残留物  pesticide residue
   农业部  Ministry of Agriculture
   农业发展银行  Agriculture Development Bank
   农业税  agricultural tax
   农转非  rural residents become urban residents
   虐待  maltreat
   虐待罪  crime of abuse
   挪用公款  misappropriation of public funds
   殴打他人  assault
   偶犯  casual offender
   排斥外在证据原则  parol evidence rule
   排除责任条款  exclusion clause
   排纷解讼  dissolution of disputes and litigation
   排他性的独占权  exclusive monopoly right
   派生的分租人  derivative under-lessor
   派生的分租租契  derivative under-lease
   判案理由  adjudicative reasons, grounds of judgment
   判处  sentence
   判定  confirm
   判定债务人没有付款的誓章  affidavit of default on the part of the judgment debtor
   判决  judgment
   判决理据  grounds of judgment
   判决书  written judgment
   判决执行  enforcement of the judgment
   判刑  sentence
   泡沫经济  bubble economy
   泡沫效应  bubble effect
   培育新的经济增长点  to tap new sources of economic growth
   赔偿  compensate
   赔偿金  compensation money
   赔偿损失  compensation for losses
   赔偿责任  liability to damages
   配股  allotment of shares, rationed shares
   配合饲料  compound/mix feed
   配偶  spouse
   配偶的父母  parents-in-law
   配套改革  concomitant reforms
   配套人民币资金  local currency funding of
   批复  Reply
   批评教育  re-education
   批准  approve, approval
   批准机关  approval authority
   批准文号  registered number of approval
   批租土地  leasehold
   批租土地财产  leasehold property
   批租土地权益  leasehold interest
   披露  disclose
   皮包公司  briefcase company
   片面追求发展速度  excessive pursuit of growth
   偏瘫  hemiplegia
   姘居  illicit cohabitation
   拼音隔音符  notes and comment
   品质  quality
   平仓  close out, cover, position squaring
   平仓价  exit price
   平等互利协商一致的原则  principles of equality and mutual benefit and of negotiated
   平等权  equal right
   平调给  assign
   平顶山市  Pingdingshan Municipality
   平衡发展  balanced development
   平价  parity
   平价期权  at-the-money option
   平均价盘  average value order
   平均每日成交额  average daily turnover
   平买入仓  closing buy
   平卖出仓  closing sale
   平稳回升  steady recovery
   评价  assess
   凭票要求付款予持票人的银行纸币  bank notes payable to bearer on demand
   凭样品的货物销售  sale of goods by sample
   瓶颈制约  bottleneck
   迫使  coerces
   破产管理人  receiver
   破产清算  liquidation
   破坏电力设备  sabotage of electrical power equipment
   破坏军人婚姻罪  crime of damaging the marriage of a member of the Armed Force
   破坏社会主义经济秩序罪  crime of undermining the socialist economic order
   破坏司法公正  perverting the course of justice
   破坏他人财产  destroy private property
   破裂  collapse
   铺底流动资金  initial working capital
   普遍回升  broad-based recovery
   普遍优惠制  generalized preferential system, general system of preferences
   普通法  common law
   普通法院  Common Court
   七五环保项目领导小组  The Seventh Five Year PlanEnvironmental Protection Projects
  Leading Group
   期初存货  opening stock
   期末存货  closing stock
   期票  promissory note
   欺压  oppression
   欺诈性不作为  fraudulent omission
   齐齐哈尔市  Qiqihaer Municipality
   企图妨碍司法公正  attempting to pervert the course of justice
   企业办社会  enterprises burdened with social responsibilities
   企业产权  property rights of enterprises
   企业法人  enterprise legal person
   企业集团战略  corporate group strategy
   企业兼并重组  company merger and restructuring
   企业领导班子  enterprise management
   企业所得税  enterprise income tax
   企业效益  corporate profitability
   企业重组  reshuffle of the enterprises
   企业注册局  Enterprise Registration Bureau
   企业资金违规流入股市  irregular flow of enterprise funds into the stock market
   企业资信证  capital credit certificate
   启蒙时代  Age of Enlightenment
   起诉  bring a suit against sb
   起诉  initiate a public prosecution
   起诉书  Bill of Indictment
   起诉要求赔偿损失  sue for damage, start a suit to one's loss
   起诉意见书  Written Opinion Recommending Prosecution
   起诉状  statement of complaint
   汽垫船  hovercraft
   契据  deed
   契据式合同  contract by deed
   契税  deed tax
   契约法  law of contract
   契约自由  freedom of ntract
   洽商  discussion
   迁徙自由  freedom of movement
   前父母  former parent
   前提条件  pre-conditions
   潜逃境外  absconding abroad
   欠缴  default of payment
   欠款证明书  certificate of arrears
   欠缺抗辩书  in default of defence
   欠缺所有权  want of title
   欠缺真诚  want of good faith
   欠税  tax arrears
   欠条  IOU
   欠妥  Defect, deficient
   欠妥之处  defect
   欠息  overdue interest
   强化税收征管  strengthen tax administration
   强奸  rape
   强迫婚姻  coerced marriage
   强迫仲裁  compulsory arbitration
   强制  coerces
   强制措施  coercive measure
   强制措施  enforcement action
   强制交付令状  writ of specific delivery
   强制力  power of enforcement
   强制履行  enforced performance
   强制性禁制令  mandatory injunction
   强制许可  compulsory licensing
   强制执行  enforce
   强制执行措施  implementing measures
   抢夺罪  crime of forcible seizure
   抢购  panic buying
   抢劫  robbery
   敲诈勒索罪  offence of extortion by blackmail
   翘尾因素  carryover effect
   切一刀  partial application
   妾  concubine
   亲权  parental right
   亲生父母  natural parents
   亲生父亲或母亲  natural parent
   亲生子女  natural child
   侵犯  encroach on, infringe upon, violate
   侵犯财产罪  crime of property violation
   侵犯公民人身权利民主权利罪  crime of infringing upon personal rights and the democratic
  rights of citizens
   侵害  infringe
   侵权  Tort, infringe
   侵权人  infringing party
   侵权诉讼  action in tort
   侵权行为  infringing acts, invasive conduct
   侵入  trespass
   侵吞公款  embezzlement
   青岛市  Qingdao Municipality
   青海省  Qinghai Province
   青霉素  anka penicillin
   青少年罪犯  juvenile offender
   轻率承诺  mere promise
   轻微犯罪  minor offences
   轻微缺陷  light defects
   轻微违约行为  trivial breach
   倾向性的  tendentious
   倾销  dump
   倾斜政策  preferential policy
   清偿  repay
   清理收回贷款  clean up and recover loans
   清龙满族自治县  Qing Long Manchu Nationality Autonomous Region
   清算公司  clearing corporation
   情节  circumstances of the case
   氰化钠  sodium cyanide
   请求  petition
   请示  request
   请示报告  Request for Instructions
   请予批复  We hereby respectfully request for a reply thereto
   区别对待  differential treatment
   区域经济  regional economies
   趋势加强  intensifying trend
   衢州市  Quzhou Municipality
   取保候审  obtain a guarantor pending trial
   取得  procurement
   取得补偿的权利  right to compensation
   取得物质帮助权  right to material assistance
   取消大律师资格  disbarred
   去世债务人财产官方扣押令状  writ of diem clausit extremum
   圈封土地  enclosed land
   全国爱国卫生运动委员会  National Patriotic (Public) Health Campaign Commission
   全国博士后管理委员会  National Post-Doctor Regulatory Commission
   全国残疾人康复工作办公室  National the Handicapped Recovery Working Office
   全国打击走私领导小组  National Crack Down Smuggling Leading Group
   全国电子交易系统  National Electronic Trading System (NETS)
   全国电子信息系统推广办公室  National Electronic Information System Promotion Office
   全国妇女联合会  National Women's Federation
   全国高等教育自学考试指导委员会  National Higher Education Examination For the Self-Study
  Steering Commission
   全国工业产品生产许可证办公室  National Industrial Product Manufacture Licensing
  Certificate Office
   全国供销合作总社  National Supply and Marketing Cooperative General Agency
   全国技术市场协调领导小组  National Technology Market Coordination Leading Group
   全国加强企业管理领导小组  National Strengthening Enterprise Management Leading Group
   全国教育工会  National Education Labour Union
   全国禁毒工作领导小组  National Ban Drugs Work Leading Group
   全国控制集团购买力办公室  National Group Purchasing Power Control Office
   全国老旧汽车更新领导小组办公室  National Crate Replacement Leading Group Office
   全国老龄委  China Aging Problem National Commission
   全国绿化委员会  National Aflorestation Environmental Protection Commission
   全国普及法律常识办公室  National Popularization of Legal Knowledge Office
   全国清理三乱领导小组办公室  National Clearing "Three Mess"Leading Group Office
   全国清理整顿公司领导小组  National Clean-up and Rectification Companies Leading Group
   全国人大常委会  The Standing Committee of the National People's Congress
   全国人大及其常务委员会  National People's Congress and its Standing Committee
   全国人民代表大会  The National People Congress of the People's Republic of China
   全国人民代表大会常务委员会  The Standing Committee of the National People's Congress
   全国人民代表大会主席团  Presidium of the National People's Congress
   全国扫黄工作小组办公室  National "Campaign against Pornography" Working Group Office
   全国扫盲工作部际协调小组  National Eliminating Illiteracy Work Inter-Department
  Coordination Group
   全国水土保持工作协调小组  National Water and Land Preservation Work Coordination Group
   全国土地资源调查办公室  National Land Resources Investigation Office
   全国哲学社会科学规划领导小组  National Philosophy Social Science Planning Leading Group
   全国政协科教文卫体委员会  Science Education Culture Health and Sport Commission of the
   全国支持经济不发达地区资金管理委员会  National supporting Economic Underdeveloped District
  Funds Regulatory Commission
   全国职工教育管理委员会  National Workers Education Regulatory Commission
   全国专业标准化技术委员会  National Professional Standardization Techniques Commission
   全面摊薄每股盈利  fully diluted earnings per share
   全面仲裁  comprehensive arbitration
   全民所有企业  enterprise under the ownership of the whole people
   全球化  globalization
   全球期货交易系统  Globex
   全资附属公司  wholly-owned subsidiary
   权利和利益  rights and interests
   权利人  creditor
   权利文件  entitlement document
   权利义务相一致的精神  the spirit that rights are equated with responsibilities
   权利主体  subject of right
   权限  limit of authority
   权限文件  authority
   权益回报率  returns on equity
   泉州市  Quanzhou Municipality
   缺乏后劲  unsustainable momentum
   缺乏可接受的依据  absence of acceptable grounds
   缺陷  defect
   确定  assese
   确定  confirm
   确定数额  quantify
   确权纠纷案件  controversy over ownership of patent right
   确权决定案件  case concerning decisions on ownership
   确权之诉  interpleader cause
   确认  affirmation
   群众  the general public
   让与  relinguish
   扰乱办公秩序  disturbing the order in the workplace
   扰乱公共秩序  public disorder
   扰乱社会秩序罪  offence of disrupting the social order
   绕规模贷款  circumvent credit ceiling
   人参  ginseng
   人大财政经济委员会  Financial and Economic Affairs Committee of the NPC
   人大法制委员会  Law Committee of the NPC
   人大华侨委员会  Overseas Chinese Committee of the NPC
   人大教育, 科学, 文化, 卫生委员会  Education, Science, Culture and Public Health Committee
  of the NPC
   人大民族委员会  Nationalities Committee of the NPC
   人大外事委员会  Foreign Affairs Committee of the NPC
   人道理由  humanitarian grounds
   人均国内生产总值  per capita GDP
   人均收入  per capita income
   人类精子库  human sperm bank
   人民  People
   人民币升值压力  upward pressure on the Renminbi
   人民代表大会制  system of the people's congress
   人民法庭  People's Tribunal
   人民法庭书记员  People's Tribunal clerk
   人民法院  People's Court
   人民法制  People's legal system
   人民公社  People's Commune
   人民检察员  People's Procurator
   人民检察院  People's Procuratorate
   人民民主专政  People's democratic dictatorship
   人民陪审员  People's Assessors
   人权  human rights
   人权法案  Bill of Rights
   人权思想  idea of human rights
   人身  person
   人身保护令  write of habeas corpus
   人身保护令状  write of habeas corpus
   人身不得侵犯权  personal inviolability
   人身监护人  guardian of the person
   人身伤害  personal injury
   人身受到攻击  attack on ... person
   人身自由  personal freedom
   人事部  Ministry of Personmel
   人寿保险  life insuance
   人寿保险单  life insuance policy
   人体器官  human organ
   人体器官移植委员会  Human Organ Transplant Board
   人头税  poll tax
   人员编制  manning quotas
   人质  hostage
   人种本源  ethnic origins
   认定  Cognizance, verification
   认购股份  subscription for shares
   认缴资本  subscribed capital
   认可  approve
   认为  assumed as, taken as
   认罪  plead guilty
   任何人不使自己入罪的权利  a person's right not to incrominate himself
   任意记载事项  arbitrary item
   仍未了结  pending
   日内瓦公约  Geneva Convention
   入股金  premium
   入境  entry
   入境者, 移民  immigrant
   入境证  entry permit
   入罪  incriminate
   软贷款  soft loans
   软预算约束  soft budget constraint
   软着陆  soft landing
   三产  tertiary industry
   三分之二大多数  majority of two-thirds
   三高农业  three highs" agriculture (high yield, high quality and high efficiency
   三个代表  three represents theory (The Party should always represent the
  development needs of China's advanced social productive forces, always represent
  the onward direction of China's advanced culture, and always represent the
  fundamental interests of the largest
   三角债  chain debts
   三来一补企业  the enterprises that process raw materials on clients' demands,
  assemble parts for the clients and process according to the clients' samples, or
  engage in compensation trade.
   丧事  funeral
   森林法院  Forest Court
   沙市市  Shashi Municipality
   山东省  Shandong Province
   山西省  Shanxi Province
   煽动文件  seditious words
   陕西省  Shaanxi Province
   汕头市  Shantou Municipality
   善政廉政  good governance
   擅自  selfishly
   擅自  unauthorized
   赡养  spousal support
   伤害罪  crime of injuring another person
   商标  trademark
   商标使用许可合同  trademark licensing contract
   商法  commercial law
   商检局  Commodity Inspection Bureau
   商品检验  commodity testing
   商业贷款  commercial loans
   商业企业  merchandizing enterprising
   商业仲裁会  Commercial Arbitration Association
   商誉  goodwill
   上层架构  superstructure
   上访  appeal to the higher authorities for help
   上海公证会计师事务所  Shanghai Notarial Accountants' Office
   上海市  Shanghai Municipality
   上海市海事律师事务所  Shanghai Municipal Marnimc Affair Lawyers' Office
   上海专利事务所  Shanghai Patent Agency
   上课令  attendance order
   上市  listed
   上市公司  listed company
   上市公司  listed corporations
   上市股份  listed shares
   上市证券  listed securities
   上述  above
   上诉  appeal
   上诉案件聆讯表  list of appeals
   上诉被撤回  appeal withdrawn
   上诉驳回  appeal dismissed
   上诉当事人  party to the appeal
   上诉的权利  right of appeal
   上诉的诉可  leave to appeal
   上诉登记册  registers of appeals
   上诉动议通知书  notice of motion of appeal
   上诉法庭  the Court of Appeal
   上诉法庭法官  Justice of Appeal
   上诉法庭庭长  chief justice of the Count of Apeal
   上诉获得解决  appeal disposed of
   上诉理由  grounds of appeal
   上诉权  right of appeal
   上诉人  appellant
   上诉审裁处  appellate tribunal
   上诉司法管辖权  appellate jurisdiction
   上诉通知  notice of appeal
   上诉通知书  notice of appeal
   上诉委员会  Appeal Committee
   上诉许可申请书  appealication for leave to appeal
   上诉用案件呈述的方式  appeal by way of a case stated
   上诉摘要  memorandum of appeal
   上诉状  petition of appeal
   尚在其母腹中的子女  a child en ventre sa mere
   少年  juvenile
   少年法庭  juvenile court
   少年犯管教所  juvenile reformatory
   少年犯人  juvenile offender
   少年人  yong person
   少年罪犯  yong offenders/youthful offender
   少数权益  minority interests
   绍兴市  Shaoxin Municipality
   设备利用  capacity utilization
   社尔伯特蒙古族自治县  Duerbote Mongolia Nationality Autonomous County
   社会保障  social safety net
   社会保障制度  social security system
   社会法学派  sociological school
   社会福利法  social welfare legislation
   社会公德  social ethics
   社会和经济利益  social and economic interests
   社会经济权利  social and economic right
   社会主义公有制  socialist public ownership
   社会主义企业  socialist enterprises
   涉外案件  case concerning foreign interests
   涉外经济  foreign-related business
   赦免  pardon
   麝香虎骨膏  musk & tiger bone electuary
   申请  apply
   申请不获批准  application was rejected
   申请在先原则  first-to-file principle
   申诉  appeal
   申诉裁决书字号  Written Decision of the Security Administration Punishment Appeal
   申诉告诉庭  Petition and Filing Division
   申诉权  right to appeal
   申诉人  appellant
   申诉庭  Appealing division
   身份识别文件  identification document
   身份证明文件  identity document
   身居父母地位  in loco parentis
   深层次矛盾  deep-rooted structural imbalance
   深圳市  Shenzhen Municipality
   深圳市宝安区人民法院  Shenzhen Baoan District People's Court
   沈阳市  Shenyang Municipality
   审裁委员小组  panel of adjudicators
   审裁小组  tribunal
   审查  investigate
   审查机关  examining authority/authorities
   审察员  censor
   审级  level of trial
   审计机关  auditing body
   审计署  Audit Bureau
   审结时间  date of conclusion of hearing
   审理  Try
   审理案件  try cases
   审理阶段  inquisition stage
   审理上诉  hearing of appeals
   审理诉案  hold pleas
   审判  trial
   审判长  chief judge
   审判程序  judicial process
   审判管辖  trial jurisdiction
   审判机关  trial institution
   审判监督  judicial supervision
   审判监督程序  procedure for trial supervision
   审判教育  education at trial
   审判阶段  process of adjudication
   审判权  judicial power
   审判实践  judicial practice
   审判庭  trial division
   审判委员会  Judicial Committee
   审判委员会审判长  Judicial Committee Chief Judge
   审判委员会审判员  Judicial Committee Judge
   审判委员会助理审判员  Judicial Committee Assistant Judge
   审判员  judge
   审判组织  trial organization
   审批国家预算  examine and approve the State budget
   审批金融机构  license financial institutions
   审慎监管  prudential supervision
   审受理费  court costs
   审议  review
   生产大队  production team
   生产国  manufacturing country
   生产能力闲置  unutilized capacity
   生产数据  means of production
   生产数据所有制  ownership of the means of production
   生产许可证  manufacturing permit, manufacturing license
   生产资料  production means
   生活准则  Living criteria
   生活资料  means of livelihood
   生活资助费  living expenses support
   生息资产  interest-bearing assets
   生效  take effect
   生效的判决  binding judgment
   生效日期  effective date
   生效实施  comes into effect
   省辖市  The Municipality Directly Controlled by a Provincial Government
   失去时效的  stale
   失实陈述  misrepresentation
   失效  invalid
   失血性休克  haemorrhagic shock
   失职行为  misconduct
   失职行为  dereliction of duty
   施工许可证  Construction Permit
   施行的  operative
   十堰市  Shiyan Municipality
   十足代价  full consideration
   十足弥偿  complete indemnity
   十足诉讼费  full cost
   十足效力  full operation
   十足有值代价  full valuble consideration
   石家庄市  Shijiazhuang Municipality
   实际利用外资  disbursement of foreign capital
   实际履行  specific performance
   实际履行令  decree of specific performance
   实际问题  practical issue
   实际有效汇率  real effective exchange rate
   实施  Enforce, put into effect
   实施合理的关注  take reasonable care
   实施细则  Implementing Rules
   实时  real time
   实事求是  seek truth from facts, be pratical and realistic
   实收资本  paid-in capital
   实体法律  substantive law
   实体经济  the real economy
   实物证据  tangible evidence
   实习大律师  pupil
   实现利润  realized profit
   实行国民待遇  grant the national treatment to
   实用主义  pragmatism
   实证法  positive law
   实证法学家  positivists
   实质审查原则  examination-as-to substance principle
   实质性金钱损失  sbstantial pecuniary loss
   实质性损害赔偿金  sbstantial damages
   使失效  vitiating
   使无效  nullify
   使用权  right to use
   使用伪造或虚假的文件  uttering a forged or false document
   世界贸易组织协议  World Trade Organization Agreement
   世界人权宣言  Universal Declaration of Human Rights
   世界知识产权组织  World Intellectual Property Organization
   世系  stock
   市场波幅  market volatility
   市场参与者  market participant
   市场从业员  market practitioner
   市场调节的辅助作用  auxiliary function of market adjustment
   市场定价  price discovery
   市场分割  market segmentation
   市场风险  market risk
   市场经济  market economy
   市场气氛  market sentiment
   市场占有率  market share
   市场占有率(市场份额)  market share
   市场准入  market access (指商品和劳务的进入)
   市价总值  market capitalization
   市区  district
   市盈率  price/earnings ratio
   市政工程  municipal works
   市值  capitalisation
   事实婚姻  de facto marriage
   事实婚姻的男女  men and women under de facto marriages
   事实上的财产处分  factual disposition of property
   试用期  probationary period
   是第三者造成的  wrought by a third party
   是合理合法的  is correct under both reason and law
   适当人选  fit and proper person
   适当主管当局  appropriate authority
   适度从紧  appropriately tight
   适时调节  timely adjustment
   适用  application
   适用法律  applicable law
   适用性  fitness
   释放  dischargg
   释义  construction
   收购  acquisition
   收购单位  purchasing station
   收购兼并  merger and acquisition
   收购土地  acquisitioh of land
   收回对金融机构贷款  to recall central bank loans (to financial institutions)
   收回土地  recover land
   收回债款扣押令状  writ of extent
   收集  collect
   收盘价  closing price
   收取费用  charge fees
   收取已拒付汇票的付款  receive payment suprà protest
   收容审查  sheltering for investigation
   收容审查决定  decision of sheltering for investigation
   收容审查决定字号  Written Decision of Sheltering for Investigation No.
   收市价  closing price
   收市盘  at-the-close order
   收受贿赂  accept bribes
   收养  adoption
   收养法  law of adoption
   收养关系  adoptive relationship
   收养手续  adoption process
   收益  revenue
   收益率  yield
   收益率曲线  yield curve
   手工业管理局  Handicraft Industry Administration Bureau
   手令  warrant
   手令上的批注  endorsement on the warrant
   手续  procedure
   守约方  non-breaching party
   首次公开发行的股票  initial public offering
   首份法律程序文件  first proceeding
   首席大律师  leading counsel
   首席法律顾问  chief law adviser
   受挫  frustration
   受供养子女  dependent child
   受害人  Victim, sufferer
   受害一方  injured party
   受贿罪  crime of accepting bribe
   受寄人  bailee
   受监护的未成年者  ward
   受看守的被告人  accused in custody
   受理  accept and hear a case
   受理案件  accepting and hearing the case
   受理上诉的法院  appellate court
   受理一件案件  accept and hear a case
   受屈人士  person aggrieved
   受让方  assignee
   受让人  assignee
   受让人公司  transfere company
   受托保管人  bailee
   受托人  bailee
   受托人  trustee
   受委托送达的法院  The People's Court to whom the service is entrusted
   受益人  beneficiary
   受赠的财产  property received as gift
   受赠人  donee
   受制于付款判决的财务人  debtor under a judgement for money
   授权委托书  letter of authorization
   授权文件  authority/powers
   书记员  clerk
   书面保证  letter of guarantee
   书面报告  written report
   书面词句  written words
   书面答辨  a written defence
   书面的  in writing
   书面审理  documentary trial
   书面协议  agreement in writing
   书面遗嘱  a written will
   书面证据  written evidence
   书证  documentary evidence
   疏忽大意  negligence
   疏忽职守  dereliction of duty
   术语  terminology
   数罪并罚  cumulative punishment
   双边公约  bilateral convention
   双边合同  bilateral contract
   双方所承担的责任作相应赔偿的原则  principle of proportionate responsibly of each side
   双方自愿离婚  consensual divorce
   双务合同  bilateral contract
   水利部  Ministry of Water Conservancy
   水利电力部  The Ministry of Water Resources and Power
   水上运输法院  Water Transport Court
   水上运输检察院  Water Transport Procuratorate
   水务监督  Water Authority
   水域  territorial sea
   水运  shipping
   税后还贷  amortization (repayment of loans) after tax
   税款延解占压  taxes delayed withholding
   税收流失  tax erosion
   税收行政处罚  administrative decision imposing a penalty by local tax authority
   税收优惠  favourable tax conditions
   税务局  Tax Bureau
   税务违章处理通知书字号  Notice of Penalty for Violating Tax Regulation of Tax No.
   税务违章行政决定  administrative decision on violating taxation rules
   税源不足  weak tax base
   说明  interpretation
   说明书的货物销售  sale of goods by description
   司法  administration of justice
   司法部  Ministry of Justice
   司法程序文件  judicial process
   司法复核  judicial review
   司法公正  justice
   司法管辖权  jurisdiction
   司法建议  judicial opinions
   司法鉴定结论  conclusion of judicial evaluation
   司法鉴定科学技术研究所  statutory Specified Scientific Technology Research Institute
   司法解释  Judicial Interpretation
   司法警察  judicial police
   司法权  judicial power
   司法人员  judicial officer
   司法审查权  judicial examination power
   司法审核  judicial review
   司法损害  judicial determents
   司法体制  judicial structure
   司法文件  judicial documents
   司法协助条约  judicial assistance treaty
   司法行为  judicial action
   司法以外文件  extra-judicial documents
   司法制度  judicial system
   司法主管当局  judicial authority
   私法  private law
   私房政策落实办  Private House Policies Implementation Office
   私权  private rights
   私人土地  private land
   私营独资企业  sole proprietorship
   私营工商业  privately run industrial and commercial enterprises
   私营工商业者  private industrialists and businessmen
   私营经济(私人经济)  the private sector
   私有财产权  private ownership
   私有财产神圣不可侵犯  inviolability of private property
   私有制  private ownership
   私章  signet
   私自涂改  unilateral amendment
   死刑  death sentence
   死刑案件  death sentence case
   死刑复核  death sentence review
   死刑复核程序  death penalty review procedure
   死刑核准权  the power of approving the death penalty
   死刑缓期二年执行  death sentence with a two-year reprieve
   死因裁判人员  coroner's officer
   死者  the deceased
   四川省  Sichuan Province
   四固定  four-fixation
   四无公司  four-without company
   饲料  Forge, fodder, feed
   饲料添加剂  feed additive supplement
   饲养自留畜  raise private domestic animals
   怂恿  instigate
   讼累  caseloads
   讼争物  thing in controversy
   送达法律程序文件  service of process
   送达回执  service return receipt
   送达证  proof of service
   搜查纪录  record of search
   搜查证  search warrant
   苏州市  Suzhou Municipality
   诉称  allegation
   诉讼  Lawsuit, litigation, legal action, judicial action, action
   诉讼保全, 财产保全  property preservation
   诉讼标的  Subject matter
   诉讼参与人  litigant participant
   诉讼程序  judicial proceeding
   诉讼代理人  agent ad litem
   诉讼的最后一份预备文件  last prelimary act in the action
   诉讼费  litigation cost
   诉讼请求  claim
   诉讼权  right of actioe
   诉讼权利  litigious right
   诉讼时效  statute of limitation
   诉讼文书  lawsuit writs
   诉讼中止  discontinuance of proceedings
   溯及既往动力  retrospective effect
   损害程度  degree of harm
   损害公众利益  injurious to the public interest
   损害估计  assessment of damage
   损害赔偿金  damages
   损害赔偿金项目  heads of damages
   损失  loss
   损益表  statement of gains and losses
   唆使  incite
   所得税  income tax
   所诉的是已提供付款  pleads a tender
   所有权  ownership
   所有权欠妥  defect in title
   所有者权益  owner's equity
   索取  extort
   索取贿赂  extort bribe
   索取贿赂  solicit bribe
   他罪成立的裁定  alternative convictions
   太原市  Taiyuan Municipality
   贪污  corruption
   瘫痪  hemiplegia
   坦率诚实  uberrimae fidei
   唐山市  Tangshan Municipality
   逃犯  escape criminal
   逃犯  fugitive criminal
   逃税(请见"避税")  tax evasion
   淘汰  fall into disuse, die out
   套购倒卖  fraudulently purchasing and reselling
   套汇  currency swap
   套汇 非法  illegal purchase of foreign exchange
   套利  arbitrage
   特别法庭  Special Court
   特别法庭副庭长  Special Court vice-president
   特别法庭庭长  Special Court president
   特别公证人  special referee
   特别规定  special provisions
   特别检察厅  Special Procuratorate
   特别检察厅副厅长  Special Procuratorate deputy director
   特别检察厅厅长  Special Procuratorate director
   特别条件条款  special condition
   特别行政区  special administrative region
   特别注明的令状  specially endorsed writs
   特此通报  so reported
   特定行政行为  specific administrative action
   特定用途  particular purpose
   特立此据为证  drafted specifically as evidence for this preface
   特请予解释并望指示  hereby request for clearance and instructions
   特权待遇  privileged treatment
   特殊侵权民事责任  special torts
   特提别起诉 请求依法惩处  a public prosecution was hereby initiated and the defendants
  were asked to be given punishments according to law
   特许税  franchise tax
   特许文件  licence
   特种债券  special bonds
   特准人员  authorized officer
   剔除季节性因素  seasonally adjusted
   提案  bill
   提案上诉  legal an appeal
   提出  raise
   提出反对  lodge an objection
   提出具体意见  submit detailed opinions on
   提出如下意见  render the following opinions
   提出上诉  lodge an appeal, file an appeal
   提出上诉  appeal against
   提出行政复议  apply for administrative review to
   提供  offer
   提货单  bill of lading
   提起诉讼  institute a proceeding
   提起指控  commence a prosecution
   提起指控  initiate a prosecution
   提取  seize
   提审  deliver
   提审判决书  written judgment of retrial
   替代  in lieu
   替代履行措施  substituting performance
   天津市  Tianjing Municipality
   天灾  act of God
   挑拨性  provocative
   条件  condition
   条例  Regulations
   条文  article
   贴现窗口  discount window
   贴现公司  discount house
   铁道部  Ministry of Railways
   铁路运输法院  Railway Transport Court
   铁路运输检察院  Railway Transport Procuratorate
   铁路运输中级法院  The Intermediate Railroad Transportation Court
   通存通兑  the banking procedure where deposits and withdrawals are processed at
  any branch bank
   通告  notice
   通货回笼  withdrawal of currency in circulation
   通奸  commit adultery, adultery
   通辽市  Tongliao Municipality
   通知  notice
   同案犯  joint offender
   同比  on year-on-year basis
   同居  Cohabitation
   同居生活  cohabiting
   同谋  accomplice
   同业拆借  inter-bank borrowing
   同业拆借市场利率  CHIBOR
   同业融通票据  inter-bank financing bills
   同业往来  inter-bank transactions
   同意  consent
   铜  copper
   童养媳  child daughter-in-law
   统一若干有关提单的法律规则国际公约  International Convention for the Unification of
   统一政令  unified policies and decrees of the State
   统一仲裁  unitary arbitration
   偷税  tax evasion
   偷税罪  crime of tax evasion
   头寸  position
   头破血流  crashed the head and caused bleeding
   投保人  policy holder
   投机倒把  speculation and profiteering
   投机倒把罪  crime of speculation
   投票代表  proxy
   投入生产  put into production, go into operation
   投资比例  proportion of investment
   透露文件  discovery
   透支  overdraft
   徒刑  imprisonment
   土地  land
   土地按揭  mortgage on land
   土地财产  real property
   土地发展公司  Land Development Corporation
   土地估价  land valuation
   土地管理法  land management law
   土地及其他财产  real and assumed property
   土地交换权利  land exchange entitlement
   土地纠纷处理决定  land dispute decision
   土地开发建设基金管理领导小组  Land Development Construction Fund Management Leading Group
   土地契约  leases of land
   土地权益  interests in land
   土地审裁处  Lands Tribunal
   土地审裁处法官  Presiding Officer, Lands Tribunal
   土地使用权  Land Use Right
   土地使用证  Certificate of Land Use Right
   土地诉讼  real action
   土地通行权  wayleave
   土地委员会  Land Commission
   土地行政处罚  land administrative punishment decision
   土地行政处罚决定  land administrative sanction
   土地行政决定  land administrative decision
   土地遗赠继承人  devisee
   土地征用  land acquisition
   土地注册  land registration
   土地注册处  Land Registry
   土地注册处处长  Land Registrar
   土地注册处注册记录册  Land Registry register
   推翻  override
   退出公约  denounced the Convention
   退库  Refund, withdraw from treasury
   退库凭证  refund vouchers
   退税  tax refund
   退休  retire
   吞吐基础货币  adjustment of monetary base
   托收承付  collection payment
   托运人  shipper
   拖带合同  contract of towage
   脱离  Abandon
   脱媒现象  disintermediation
   脱逃罪  crime of escape
   外部审计  external audit
   外国直接投资  foreign direct investment
   外汇储备  foreign exchange reserve
   外汇储备  foreign exchange reserves
   外汇调剂  foreign exchange swap
   外汇风险  foreign exchange exposure
   外汇管理及外汇收支平衡  foreign exchange management and balance
   外汇管制  exchange control
   外汇期权  forex option
   外汇占款  the RMB counterpart of foreign exchange reserves
   外交部  Ministry of Foreign Affairs
   外交代表  diplomatic agent
   外交人员  diplomatic agent
   外商独资企业  Wholly foreign-owned enterprise
   外向型经济  export-oriented economy
   外债  sovereign debt
   外债  external debt
   外资股  foreign share
   外资企业  foreign enterprise
   外资企业  foreign-funded enterprises
   完善现代企业制度  improve the modern enterprise system
   完税凭证  tax payment documentation
   玩忽职守  neglect their duties
   危害公共安全  endangered public security
   危害公共安全罪  crime of endangering public security
   危害种族罪公约  Genocide Convention
   威海市  Weihai Municipality
   微碳铬铁  chromic carbide iron
   微小价值  nominal value
   为保障公众起见  for the protection of the public
   为公众利益  in the public interest
   围场满族蒙古族自治县  Weichang Manchu and Mongolian Autonomous County
   违法  illegality
   违法的处罚决定  unlawful penalty decision
   违法经营  illegal business
   违法乱纪  violate the law and discipline
   违法行为  actus reus
   违反  Breach, violate
   违反公共秩序  contrary to public order
   违反公平  contrary to fairness
   违反公众利益  contrary to the public interest
   违反合同  breach of contract
   违反监规  in violation of the jail regulations
   违反外汇管理规例  breach of foreign exchange control regulations
   违约  default
   违约  breach of someone's duty
   违约罚金  contractual fine
   违约金  liquidated damages
   违约任  liabilities for breach of contracts
   维持  sustain
   维持原判决  original judgment sustaines
   维尔纳领事关系公约  Vienna Convention on Consular Relations
   维修  maintenance
   潍坊市  Weifang Municipality
   伪冒文件  simulated papters
   伪造  forgery
   伪造车票未遂罪  crime of attempting to counterfeit train tickets
   伪造车票罪  crime of counterfeiting train tickets
   伪造车票罪  crime of counterfeiting vehicle tickets
   伪造国家货币  counterfeits national currency
   伪造国家机关公文及印章  forging official documents and seals
   伪造文件  forged document
   伪证罪  crime of falsifying evidence
   委托  instruct
   委托存款  entrusted deposits
   委托大律师  instruct counsel
   委托代理  agency
   委托代理人  entrusted agent
   委托律师  mandatory lawyer
   委托人  bailor
   委托人民法院  entrusting People's Court
   委托事项  matter entrusted
   委托书  Letter of Entrustment
   委员小组  panel
   猥亵行为  indecent assault
   卫生部  Ministry of Health
   卫生局  Public Health Bureau
   未被提及的  silent
   未成年  under age
   未成年犯  juvenile offender
   未成年人  minor
   未成年人的监护人  gardian of person under 8
   未成年子女  minor child
   未成年罪犯  minor offender
   未批租土地  unleased land
   未设定抵押或债权  free from charge or encumbrance
   未有效  not yet in effect
   温州市  Wenzhou Municipality
   文本  text
   文告  proclamation
   文化部  Ministry of Culture
   文件  document
   文件清单  lists of documents
   文件透露  discovery of documents
   文件证物  documentary exhibits
   文书  copy clerk
   文书错误  clerical mistakes
   文字商标  word trade mark
   稳步增长  steady growth
   稳健的银行系统  a sound banking system
   稳中求进  make progress while ensuring stability
   窝藏赃物罪  crime of concealing the booty
   窝赃罪  crime of harbouring stolen contraband
   乌鲁木齐市  Urumqi Municipality
   诬告陷害  false accusation
   诬告陷害罪  crime of false accusation
   诬告罪  crime of false accusation
   无产阶级专政  proletarian dictatorship
   无法律代表  not legally represented/unrepresented
   无国籍人士  stateless persons
   无过错的  innocent
   无过错责任原则  doctrine of no-fault liability
   无过失责任  liability without fault
   无力偿还  unable to repay
   无力偿还公司  insolvent company
   无律师代表的诉讼人  litigant in person
   无民事行为能力的人  person with no legal capacity
   无名条款  innominate term
   无期徒刑  life imprisonment
   无权干涉  with no right to interfere
   无人反对的破产呈请  unopposed bankruptcy petition
   无息贷款  interest-free loan
   无锡市  Wuxi Municipality
   无限公司  unlimited company
   无限责任  unlimited responsibility
   无效  avoid
   无效的  invalid
   无行为能力  incapacity
   无形财产  intangible property
   无纸交易  book-entry transaction
   无主财产  unclaimed property
   无资格  incapacity
   无罪  innocence
   无罪判决  verdict of innocence
   芜湖市  Wuhu Municipality
   五讲四美  five attentions and four beauties
   五金化工  metals and chemicals
   武断判决  arbitrary judgment
   武汉市  Wuhan Municipality
   武警总部  The Headquarters of the People's Armed Police
   侮辱  insult
   侮辱诽谤  Libel, slander
   侮辱妇女  humiliating women
   侮辱罪  crime of insult
   物价监测  price monitoring
   物流  the interflow of goods and materials
   物业管理  estate management, property management
   物质生活  material living
   物质损失  material loss
   西安  Xian
   西部大开发  Western Development
   西藏自治区  Tibetan Autonomous Region
   西南军政委员会司法部  Judicial Department of the Southwestern Military and Political
   吸纳流动性  absorb liquidity
   希参考为荷  for your reference only
   希各查照  implemented accordingly
   析产  division
   稀缺经济  scarcity economy
   稀释剂  thinner
   洗钱  money laundering
   系统内调度  fund allocation within a bank
   系统性金融危机  systemic financial crisis
   瑕疵  defect
   下毒  poisoning
   下发给  handed down to
   下岗工人  laid-off employees
   下级法庭  inferior court
   下级法院  inferior court
   下级人民法院  the lower People's Courts
   下令  order
   下同  hereinafter inclusive
   下一停靠港  next port of call
   下游企业  down-stream enterprises
   厦门市  Xiamen Municipality
   先锋必素  Xianfengbisu
   先锋二号  Xianfeng II
   先估计  pre-estimate
   先进先出  first in, first out (FIFO)
   先决条件  condition precedent
   先前洽商  antecedent negotiation
   先天性缺陷  congenital defect
   先予执行  prejudgment execution
   显露  discovery
   显属错判  clearly an erroneous judgment
   县城乡建设环境保护局  Urban and Rural Construction and Environmental Protection Bureau
  of ... County
   县城乡建设统一管理领导办公室  Central Administering and Leading Office for Urban and Rural
  Construction of ... County
   现场调查  field investigation
   现场稽核  on-site examination
   现代企业制度  modern enterprise system, modern corporate system
   现将有关事项通知如下  Hereby notify the related matters as follows:
   现金滞留  cash held outside the banking system
   限期拆除临时建筑行政处罚决定  administrative punishment decision of demolishing a
  temporary structure by a prescribed time
   限期选购权  option with time limit
   限期选择权  option with time limit
   限制  restrict
   限制民事行为能力  limited capacity for civil conduct
   宪法基础  constitutional basis
   宪法性法律  constitutional law
   宪法修改案  amendment to the constitution
   宪委级人员  gazetted officer
   乡镇级  township level
   乡镇企业  township and village enterprises
   相对必要事项  relatively required item
   相关联公司  affiliated company
   相互关系  privity
   相互误解  mutual mistake
   相近性  proximity
   相信  believe
   相应损害赔偿金  consequential damages
   香港大律师公会  Hong Kong Bar Association
   香港大律师公会执行委员会  Bar Council of the Hong Kong Bar Association
   香港特别行政区基本法起草委员会  HKSAR Basic Law Drafting Committee
   香港特别行政区行政长官  chief executive of the HKSAR
   襄樊市  Xiangfan Municipality
   襄阳市  Xiangyang Municipality
   响应时间  response time
   向法院起诉  file lawsuit with
   向公众招标  put up for public tender
   向人民法院提起诉讼  commence a lawsuit in the people's court
   向上级人民法院提出上诉  file an appeal to the higher level people's court
   项目建议书  project proposal
   象征性的  nominal damages
   削减冗员  shed excess labor force
   消费税  excise tax
   消费物价指数  consumer price index
   消费信贷  consumer credit services
   消灭财政赤字  balance the budget; to eliminate fiscal deficit
   销货款回笼  reflow of corporate sales income to the banking system
   销售合同  contract of sale
   销售平淡  lackluster sales
   销赃罪  crime of disposal of stolen goods
   小额钱债审裁处  Small Claims Tribunal
   小额钱债审裁处诉讼人储存金帐户  Small Claims Tribunal Suitor's Funds Account
   小额薪酬索赏仲裁处  Minor Employment Claims Adjudication Board
   小股东控权人  minority shareholder controller
   小组  panel
   小组委员会  committee
   协商  consultation
   协商  negotiation
   协议  agreement
   协议外资金额  committed amount of foreign investment
   协议一方  party to the agreement
   胁迫  menace
   胁迫  duress
   泄露国家机密  disclosure of state secrets
   心智发育迟缓  retarded development of mind
   心智发育停顿或不完全  arrested or incomplete development of mind
   心智上无行为能力  mental incapacity
   新华通讯社  Xinhua News Agency
   新华通讯社  The Xinhua News Agency
   新疆生产建设兵团  The Production and Construction Corps of Xinjiang
   新疆维吾尔自治区  Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region
   新经济增长点  new sources of economic growth
   新开工项目  new projects; newly started projects
   新乡市  Xinxiang Municipality
   新增贷款  incremental credit; loan increment; credit growth; credit expansion
   新增就业位置  new jobs; new job opportunities
   信贷规模考核  review the compliance with credit ceilings
   信贷合同  contract on loans
   信访  Petition letter
   信访办  Complaint letter and request handling office
   信号  sign
   信号失真  distorted signals
   信赖  relying on
   信赖利益  reliance interest
   信任  reliance
   信托  trust
   信托公司  trust company
   信托投资公司  trust and investment companies
   信息不对称  information asymmetry
   信息产业部  Ministry of Information Industry
   信息反馈  feedback
   信息共享系统  information sharing system
   信息披露  information disclosure
   信阳地区中级人民法院  Intermediate People's Court of Xinyang Prefecture
   信用合作社  Credit Co-operative
   信用紧缩  credit crunch
   信用扩张  credir expansion
   信用评级  credit rating
   信用危机  credit crisis
   刑二上调字号  Criminal Appeal Mediation No.
   刑法大纲草案  draft outline of the criminal law
   刑法指导原则草案  Guiding Principles of The Criminal Law Draft
   刑复  Criminal Review No.
   刑核字号  Criminal Review No.
   刑监字号  Criminal Supervision No.
   刑抗字号  Criminal Protest No.
   刑判字号  Criminal Appeal No.
   刑上字号  Criminal Appeal Order No.
   刑申字号  Criminal Retrial No.
   刑事裁决书  criminal ruling
   刑事处罚  imposing criminal punishment
   刑事处罚  criminal punishment
   刑事处分  criminal punishment
   刑事附带民事诉讼  civil suit collateral to criminal proceedings, penal action
   刑事上诉  criminal appeal
   刑事审判庭  The Criminal Division
   刑事诉讼法  law of criminal procedure
   刑事责任  criminal liability
   刑事责任  criminal responsibility
   刑再  Criminal Retrial No.
   刑重  Criminal Retrial No.
   行贿  bribe
   行贿罪  crime of offering bribes
   行判上诉字号  Administrative Appeal No.
   行判字号  Administrative Judgment No.
   行使主权  exercise of sovereignty
   行为  conduct
   行为规范  Code of Behaviour
   行为能力  disposing capacity
   行为人  actor
   行业限制  restraint of trade
   行政部门  administrative agency
   行政惩罚  administrative punishment
   行政处罚  administrative penalty
   行政处罚决定书字号  Administrative Punishment Decision No.
   行政处罚决定通知书  Notice of Administrative Penalty Decision No.
   行政处罚通知书  The Notice of Administrative Punishment Decision
   行政处分  disciplinary sanctions
   行政措施  Administrative Measures
   行政法  administrative law
   行政法规及规则  administrative rules and regulations
   行政法院  Administrative Tribunal
   行政复议  administrative reconsideration
   行政管理条例  Administrative Regulations
   行政规例  administrative regulations
   行政机关  Administrative organ
   行政机器  administrative machinery
   行政拘留  administrative detention
   行政赔偿  administrative compensation
   行政强制措施  administrative compulsory measure
   行政侵权  administrative infringement
   行政侵权  administrative tort
   行政区域划分  administrative division
   行政权利  administrative right
   行政上诉  adminstrative appeal
   行政审判庭  The Administrative Division
   行政审批制度  administrative approval system
   行政诉讼  administrative lawsuit
   行政职权  administrative authority
   形成  formation
   形式与程序 ,  formality
   姓资还是姓社  pertaining to socialism or capitalism; socialist or captialist
   性价比  cost performance
   修订  amend
   修理  repair
   修宪  constitutional amendment
   须付款的债务人  debtor for money
   须付款予持有人的支票  cheques payable to bearer
   虚开增值税发票  write false value added tax invoices
   虚伪存款  window-dressing deposits
   需求膨胀  demand expansion; excessive demand
   徐州市  Xuzhou Municipality
   许可证制度  licence system
   许诺  promise
   许诺的  promissory
   许诺的履行  promised performance
   许诺人  promisor
   宣布  announce
   宣布无效  set aside
   宣布无罪  be acquitted of the crime
   宣布有罪  be convicted of
   宣告  announcement
   宣告无效  declare null and void
   宣判  announce a judgment
   选举和被选举  voting and standing for election
   勋章  honour
   寻衅滋事  causing disturbances
   寻租  rent seeking
   巡视官  ombudsman
   询问  interrogation
   循公诉程序  upon indictment
   循公诉程序定罪  conviction upon indictment
   循环令状  Writs of Restitution
   训政时期约法  Provisional Constitution of the Titulary Period
   迅速  promptness
   迅速反弹  quick rebound
   徇私舞弊  commit illegalities for personal gains
   压票  hold down bills
   押送人员  escort officer
   鸦片  opium
   亚洲和太平洋地区  Asia Pacific
   烟台市  Yantai Municipality
   延聘大律师  emplyment of counsel
   严重缺陷  serious defects
   盐酸吗啡  morphine hydrochloride
   验货  examination
   养父母  adoptive parent
   养老抚幼  provide for children and parents
   养老基金  pension fund
   养女  adopted daughter
   药检站  Medicine Inspection Station
   要求轻判  mitigation
   要式法律行为  formal juristic act
   要约  offer
   要约人  offeror
   要约文件  offer document
   要约邀请  invitation to treat
   业权文件  document of title
   业务上的责任  business liability
   一般安全证明书  general safety certificate
   一般保税仓  general bonded warehouse
   一般保税区  general bonded zone
   一般代表  general proxy
   一般地或在任何个别情况下  generally or in any particular case
   一般多数, 简单多数  simple majority
   一般谨慎责任  common duty of care
   一般宽免  general waiver
   一般授权  general authority
   一般授权书  general power of attorney
   一般司法管辖权  ordinary juridiction
   一般条件条款  general condition
   一般遗产管理人  general administrator
   一般指定受益的权力  general power of appointment
   一刀切  universal application; non-discretionary implementation
   一方当事人  party
   一机部  First Machinery Industry Department
   一级市场  primary market
   一级仲裁  one instance arbitration
   一经循公诉程序定罪  on convction upon indictment
   一经循公诉程序定罪  on conviction upon indictment
   一律予以没收  be confiscated without exception
   一审  first instance, fist trial
   一审法院  Court of First Instance
   一审判决书  written judgment of first instance
   一整笔款项  lump sum
   一致表决  unanimous vote
   一致裁决  unanimous verdict
   依从  compliance
   依法  according to law
   依法查处  investigate and prosecute/punish
   依法处理  lawfully dealt with
   依法严厉打击犯罪  severely punishing according to law the crimes
   依据  legal grounds
   依式合同  deed
   宜昌市  Yichang Municipality
   遗产  inheritance
   遗产  estate
   遗产享有的继承份额  a share in the estate
   遗弃罪  crime of abandonment
   遗赠扶养协议  maintenance agreement by will
   遗赠人  testator
   遗赠书  will
   遗嘱  will
   遗嘱继承  inheritance by will
   遗嘱性质文件  testamentary writing
   乙醚  ether
   已采取所有合理的预防措施  took all reasonable precautions
   已登记工会联合会  registered trade union federation
   已登记所有人  registered proprietors
   已登记押记  registered charge
   已付的  executed
   已过时的条例  obsolete Ordinances
   已缴纳  paid
   已缴足股款的股份  fully paidup shares
   已结成年并具行为能力  of full age and capacity
   已届成年  of age
   已进行部分聆讯  part-heard
   已拒付汇票的参加承兑  acceptance for honour suprà protest
   已批租土地  leased land
   已生效的  executed
   已提供付款的抗辩  defence setting up tender
   已提供付款的确诉  plea of tender
   已提供付款的诉  plea of tender
   已完税货品  duty-paid goods
   已证明债权的债权人  creditor who has proved his debt
   已执行的  executed
   以呈请方式提出上诉  appeal by way of petition
   以抵销或反申索方式作出的申索  claim by way of set-off or counterclaim
   以法律程序各方未全为由而提出反对  object for want of parties
   以夫妻名义同居生活  cohabiting in the name of being spouses of one another
   以契据的形式  by deed
   以前法律的修改或撤消  the revision or repeal of a previous law
   以上事实均有证据证明  all of the above facts are supported by clear evidence
   以事实为根据, 以法律为准绳  take facts as the basis, and law as the criterion
   以书面形式  in writing, in written form
   以土改登记为准  according to land ownership change registration
   以文件宣誓作证的人  deponent to a document
   以在诉讼前已提供付款为抗辩  defence of tender before action
   义务  obligation
   议定损害赔偿金  liquidated damages
   异地资金汇划  fund remittance between different places
   异性装扮癖  habit of cross-dressing
   异义  contrary opinion
   异议  dissent
   谊父母  godparent
   谊子女  godchild
   意见  Opinion, guideline
   意思自治原则  principle of autonomy of will
   意图  intention
   意向  intention
   溢价  premium
   因果关系  causation
   因特网服务提供者  Internet service provider (ISP)
   淫秽音像制品  pornographic audio-visual products
   银川市  Yinchuan Municipality
   银行汇款底单  bank remittance
   银行网点  banking outlets
   引渡  extradite
   引渡程序  extradition proceedings
   引渡法律程序  extradition proceedings
   引渡条约  extradition treaty
   隐藏财物  hidden property
   隐瞒  conceal
   隐匿  conceal
   隐性失业  recessive unemployment
   印花税  stamp duty
   印章  seal
   应当  Shall
   应当宣布无效  shall be null and void, shall be invalidated
   应当因某事追究某人责任  shall hold somebody liable for something
   应该采纳  should be accepted
   应收未收利息  overdue interest
   应予维持  should support
   应支付的  payable
   英国属土公民护照  Passport for British Dependent Territories Citizens
   迎刃而解  resolved there and then
   营口市  Yingkou Municipality
   营业税  business tax
   营业税条例  Business Tax Law
   营业执照  business licence
   赢利能力  profitability
   硬贷款  commercial loans
   佣金  commissions
   永久租借  perpetual lease
   用词  worded
   用地审批  grant land use right
   用类推的方式  by way of analogy
   优惠贷款  loans on favorable terms
   由 拥有  be vested in sb.
   由成文法形成的默示条款  terms implied by legislation
   由法院判决形成的默示条款  terms implied by courts
   由惯例形成的默示条款  terms implied by usage
   由律师代表  legally represented
   邮递规则  postal rule
   游资  hot money
   友好调解人  amiable compositeur
   有碍公正  defeat the ends of justice
   有产与无产  haves and the have-nots
   有抵押权证  collateralised warrant
   有法可依,有法必依, 执法必严,违法必究  make law, follow the law, uphold the law, and hold
  violators accountable
   有法律代表  legallly represented
   有关部门  the relevant government agency/agencies
   有关强制性禁令之行政诉讼  administrative litigation for mandatory injunction
   有管理的浮动汇率  managed floating exchange rate
   有价物  valuables
   有价证券  negotiable securities
   有据的  based on evidence
   有令状开展的诉讼  action begun by writ
   有期徒刑  fixed-term imprisonment
   有期徒刑缓刑  probation for fixed-term imprisonment
   有权请求赔偿  right to claim compensation
   有缺陷的履行  faulty performance
   有市场的产品  marketable products
   有条件的赠与  a conditional gift
   有条件协议  conditional agreement
   有限法律责任的公司  company with limited liability
   有限公司  limited company
   有限责任  limited responsibilities
   有限责任公司  limited liability company
   有限制授予的土地  settled land
   有效  validity
   有效的  valid
   有效的  operative
   有效供给  effective supply
   有形财产  tangible property
   有形资产净值  net tangible assets
   有形资产投资  material investment
   有罪  guilty
   诱发新一轮经济扩张  trigger a new round of economic expansion
   诱供  inducement
   于法有据  with lawfully recognized evidence
   于理于法不合  contrary to reason and to law
   予以起诉  proceeded against
   予以行政处罚  impose administrative sanctions
   逾期贷款  overdue loans; past-due loans
   逾期上诉许可  leave to appeal out of time
   与法不同  contrary to law
   与国际惯例接轨  become compatible with internationally accepted practices
   与国际市场接轨  integrate with the world market
   与讼一方  party to legal proceedings
   预备文件  preliminary act
   预调  pre-emptive adjustment
   预审  preliminary interrogation
   预审阶段  preparatory examination stage
   预算级次  budgetary levels
   预算外支出(收入)  off-budgetexpenditure
   预先估计  pre-estimate
   原本的分租人  original under-lessor
   原本的分租租契  original under-lease
   原告  plaintiff
   原告就被告的原则  principle of the plaintiff accommodating the defendant
   原告人  plaintiff
   原判决  original judgment
   原审  original trial
   原审判决  original judgment
   原诉法律程序文件  originating process
   原诉文件  originating document
   约定的  promissory
   约定管辖  agreement jurisdiction
   月环比  on a month-on-month basis
   越权行为  ultra vires action
   云南省  Yunnan Province
   允诺  promise
   允许  assent
   允许书  assent
   运输毒品罪  crime of transporting drugs
   运送他人偷越边境罪  crime of transporting other persons secretly across the border
   运用合理的技能  to exercise reasonable skill
   砸烂公,检,法  smash the public security organs, prosecutorial organs and people's
   载体  carrier
   再贷款  central bank lending
   再上诉  further appeal
   再审案  case of retrial instituted through trial supervision procedure
   再审法院  Court of Retrial
   再审判决书  written judgment of first instance retrial
   再贴现  rediscount
   在 过程中  in the course of
   在 期间  Duration
   在不抵触合同的情况下  subject to a contract
   在该文件上画押  make his mark on the document
   在国际金融机构储备头寸  reserve position in international financial institutions
   在海外送达民事或商务事宜中的司法及非司法文件的公约  Convention on the Service Abroad of Judicial and
  Extra-Judicial Documents in Civil or Commercial Matters
   在合同履行中  during the course of performance
   在建工程  construction-in-progress
   在交易所买卖的期权  traded option
   在卷为凭  evidenced by receipt
   在料想之中  in the contemplation of
   在内庭初次传讯的传票  summons returnable in the first instance in chambers
   在内庭开庭  sit in chambers
   在人行存款  deposits at the central bank
   在审理购销合同纠纷案时  In the trial of the disputed case of the purchase and sale
   在提交答辩状期间  during the reply period
   在途资金  fund in float
   在土地实益享有的利益  beneficial enjoyment of land
   在土地所占的份数  shares in land
   在外地(根据需要单指或复指)  in other localities or locality
   在无反对的情况下作出的命令  orders in default
   在预料之中  in the contemplation of
   暂时扣押令状  writ of sequestration
   暂时中止  supspend
   暂行规定  Interim Rules
   暂行条例,临时条例  Interim Regulations
   暂准进口公约  Convention on Temporary Admission
   早期公开和延迟审查制度  system of early publication and deferred examination
   早市  morning session
   枣庄市  Zaozhuang Municipality
   责令  Order, instruct, charge
   责令赔偿  compel restitution
   责任  liability/liabilities
   责任解除文件  discharges
   增长平稳  steady growth
   增发股票  increase issues in stocks
   增加农业投入  increase investment in agriculture
   增势减缓  deceleration of growth
   增收节支措施  revenue-enhancing and expenditure control measures
   增值税  value-added tax
   诈骗罪  crime of fraud
   诈骗罪  crime of swindling
   宅基地  house site
   债券  debentures
   债务  debt
   债务人  debtor
   展开讼案的令状  writ for commencement of a cause
   占有权  rights of possession
   占住  occupation by force
   占住  unlawful occupation
   湛江市  Zhanjiang Municipality
   张家港市  Zhangjagang Municipality
   章程  rule
   漳州市  Zhangzhou Municipality
   涨幅偏高  higher-than-desirable growth rate
   账外账  concealed accounts
   招认  confession
   招摇撞骗罪  crime of cheating and lying
   折价  discount
   折旧  depreciation
   折扣  to offer a discount
   浙江省  Zhejiang Province
   针对判决的上诉通知书  notice of appeal against the judgement
   侦查  investigate
   侦缉人员  detective
   真诚的  bona fide
   真实的  bona fide
   镇江市  Zhengjiang Municipality
   争吵  quarrel
   争议  in dispute
   争议案件  Disputed case
   争议数额  Amount in controversy
   争执  dispute
   征用  requisition
   整笔付款  lump sum payment
   整顿  retrenchment
   整批  bulk
   正确  correctly
   证据  evidence
   证据来源  source of evidence
   证据种类  categories of evidence
   证明方法  method of proof
   证明文件  certificate/documentary identification/documentary proof
   证券交易清算  settlement of securities transactions
   证券投资  portfolio investment
   证券业务占款  funding of securities purchase
   证人  witness
   证人证言  testimony of witnesses
   证书  Certificate
   证言  testimony
   郑州市  Zhengzhou Municipality
   郑州市中级人民法院  Intermediate People's Court of Zhengzhou City
   政策工具  policy instrument
   政策性贷款  policy-based lending
   政策性亏损  policy-related losses, losses incurred due to policy decisions
   政策性业务  policy-related operations
   政策性银行  policy banks
   政策组合  policy mix
   政法委  Commission of politics and law
   政府干预  government intervention
   政府机关  government agencies
   政府土地  Government land
   政府与民众的纵式关系  vertical relationship of the government to the people
   政企不分  without a clear line between the functions of the government and
  enterprises, the functions of the government and enterprises mixed up
   政体  form of government
   政务院  Government Administration Council
   政务院  The Government Administration Council
   政务院财经委员会  Finance and Economic Commission of the GAC
   政务院秘书厅  The Secretariat of the GAC
   政治权力和自由  political rights and freedoms
   之前的所有权持有人  predecessor in title of
   支持  assist
   支持聆讯  preside at sittings
   支持文件  supporting documents
   支付困难  payment difficulty
   支付能力  payment capacity
   支付诉讼命令  an oder for costs
   支票  cheques
   知识产权  intellectual property
   执法  administration of law
   执法人员  law enforcement officer, officer of justice
   执行  execution
   执行程序文件  execution
   执行法律程序文件  process of execution
   执行令状  writ of executioh
   执行庭  Execution division
   执行性禁制令  mandatory injunction
   执行员  marshal
   执照  License
   直接调控方式向  increase the reliance on indirect policy instruments
   直接法  direct rule
   直接经济损失  direct economic loss
   直接口头证据  direct oral evidence
   直接审理  direct trial
   直接损害赔偿金  direct damages
   直辖市  Municipality directly under the Central Government
   职能管辖  functional jurisdiction
   职能转换  transformation of functions
   职权  functions and powers
   职务侵权  infringement committed on duty
   职业道德  professional ethics
   职责  duty
   止赎  foreclosure
   止赎的权利  right to foreclose
   止赎或赎回任何按揭  foreclosure or redemption of any mortgage
   止赎权  foreclosure
   止赎诉讼  foreclosure action
   指导性计划  planning by guidance
   指定代理人  appointed agent
   指定代理人  designated agent, designee
   指定监护人  designated guardian
   指定人员  designee
   指控  Accusation, allege
   指令性措施  mandatory measures
   指令性计划  planning by directive
   指令性计划  mandatory plan; administered plan
   指明公职人员  designated public officer
   指认父亲  putative father
   指示  instruction
   至诚孝心  most sincere fidelity
   制裁  Punish, sanction
   制定  enact
   制定和实施货币政策  conduct monetary policy
   治安惩治处分  specific administrative punishment
   治安处罚  security punishment
   治安处罚申诉裁决书字号  Security Administrative Punishment Complaint No.
   治安处理  security administration
   治安警告  security warning
   治安联防队员  Public Order Joint Defense Force
   治安行政裁决  security administrative decision
   治安行政处罚  security administrative punishment
   质量  quality
   致命缺陷  fatal defects
   滞后影响  lagged effect
   滞纳金  fine of delaying payment, overdue fine
   中保财产保险公司  PICC Property Insurance Company
   中保财产保险有限公司  PICC Property Insurce Company Limited
   中共税收征管暂行条例  Provisional Regulations of the PRC on Tax Collection and
   中共卫生部进口药材部  The Import Medicine Department of the Ministry of Public Health
  of the PRC
   中共行政复议规例  Regulations of the PRC on Administrative Reconsideration
   中共药品管理法  The Medicine Management Law
   中共药品管理法突施办法  The Measures of Enforcement of the Medicine Management Law
   中共营业税征收规例  Regulations of the PRC on Business Tax Collection
   中共中央  The Central Committee of the Communist Party of China
   中共中央办公厅  The General Office of CCCPC
   中共中央调查部  Investigation Department of the CCCPC
   中共中央纪律检查委员会  Commission for Inspecting
   中共中央书记处研究室  Research Section of the Secretariat of the CCCPC
   中共中央统战部  The United front Work Department of CCCPC
   中共中央宣传部  The Propaganda Department of CCCPC
   中共中央政法委员会  Politics and Law Commission of the CCCPC
   中共中央组织部  The Organizing Department of CCCPC
   中国保险监督管理委员会  China Insurance Regulatory Commission
   中国兵器工业总公司  China Weapon Industry Corporation
   中国财贸工会  China Finance & Trade Labour Union
   中国残疾人福利基金会  China Disabled People Union
   中国残疾人联合会  China Disabled People Union
   中国长江三峡工程开发总公司  China Yangtse River Three Gorges Project Development
   中国城建建材工会  China City Construction Material Labour Union
   中国船舶工业总公司  China Ship Industry Corporation
   中国地名委员会  China Place Name Commission
   中国典型物培养中心  China Typical Model Cultivation Center
   中国对外承包工程商会  China Foreign Undertaking Contract Project Chamber of Commerce
   中国法律史学会  Chinese Law History Society
   中国法律事务公司  China law firm
   中国法律与习俗  Chinese law and custom
   中国法律资询中心  China legal consultancy center
   中国法学会  China Law Science Association
   中国纺织总会  China Textile Association
   中国个体劳动者协会  China Individual Labour Association
   中国工程院  The Chinese Academy of Engineering Sciences
   中国工商银行  The Industrial & Commercial Bank of China
   中国工商银行办公室  General Office of the ICBC
   中国工商银行财务会计部  Accounting Department of the ICBC
   中国工商银行工交信贷部  Industry and Communication Credit Department of the ICBC
   中国公民  Chinese citizen, Chinese national
   中国公证员协会  China Notary Public Association
   中国国籍  Chinese nationality
   中国国际单位推行委员会  China Commission of Promoting of International
   中国国际法学会  Chinese Society of International Law
   中国国际贸易促进委员会  China Council for the Promotion of International Trade
   中国核工业总公司  China Nuclear Industry Corporation
   中国红十字总会  China Red Cross Association
   中国华能集团公司  China Hua Neng Group Corporation
   中国环球律师事务所  China Global Law Office
   中国婚姻法学研究会  China's Marriage Law Society
   中国建设银行  The Construction Bank of China
   中国建设银行北京市分行  The Construction Bank of China Beijing Branch
   中国交通银行  The Communications Bank of China
   中国旧式婚姻  Chinese customary marriage
   中国科学技术协会  China Science and Technology Association
   中国科学院  The Institute of Science of the People's Republic of China
   中国科学院  The Chinese Academy of Sciences
   中国老龄问题全国委员会  China Aging Problem National Commission
   中国连锁经营协会  China Chain Operation Association
   中国聋哑人协会  China Deaf and Mute Person Association
   中国盲人协会  China Blind Person Association
   中国煤矿工会  China Coal Mine Labour Union
   中国民用航空总局  The State Civil Aviation Administration of the People's Republic
  of China
   中国民主建国会中央委员会  China Democratic National Construction Association Central
   中国农业发展银行广西区分行  Guangxi Branch of the Agriculture Development Bank
   中国农业银行  The Agricultural Bank of China
   中国企业家协会  China Entrepreneur Association
   中国气象局  The State Meteorological Administration of People's Republic of
  China, China Meteorological Administration
   中国气象局  China Meteorological Bureau
   中国汽车安全玻璃认证委员会  China Automobile Safety Window Authentication Commission
   中国汽车工业联合会  China Automobile Industry Union
   中国汽车工业总公司  China Automobile Industry Corporation
   中国轻工总会  China Light Industry Association
   中国人民保险公司  The People's Insurance Company of China
   中国人民大学  Renmin University of China
   中国人民建设银行  The Construction Bank of China
   中国人民解放军财务部  Finance Department of PLA
   中国人民解放军军事法院  the Military Court of the People's Liberation Army
   中国人民解放军土地管理局  Land Administrative Bureau of PLA
   中国人民解放军总参谋部  The Headquarters of the General
   中国人民解放军总后勤部  The General Logistics Department of PLA
   中国人民解放军总政治部  The General Political Department of PLA
   中国人民解放军总装备部  The General Reserve Department of PLA
   中国人民银行  The People's Bank of China
   中国人民政治协商会议  the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference, CPPCC
   中国人民政治协商会议全国委员会  National Committee of the Chinese People's Political
  Consulative Conference
   中国人民政治协商会议全国委员会主席  Chairman of the National Committee of the Chinese
  People's Political Consulative Conference
   中国少年先锋队全国工作委员会  China Young Pioneers National Working Commission
   中国社会福利有奖募捐委员会  China Social Benefits Lotlery Commission
   中国社会工作者协会  China Social Workers Association
   中国社会科学院  The Institute of Social Science of the People's Republic of China,
   中国石化总公司  China Petroleum Chemicals Corporation
   中国石油天然气总公司  China Petroleum Natural Gas Corporation
   中国食品工业协会  China Food Industry Association
   中国水泥产品质量认证委员会  China Cement Products Quality Authentication Commission
   中国丝绸公司  China Silk Corporation
   中国统配煤矿总公司  China Unified distribution Coal Mine Corporation
   中国投资银行  China Investment Bank
   中国图书进出口总公司  China Book Import & Export Corporation
   中国外汇交易中心  China Foreign Exchange Center
   中国外轮代理公司  China Ocean Shipping Agency Corporation
   中国微生物菌种保藏委员会  China Microbial Culture Preservation Commission
   中国消费者协会  China Consumer's Association
   中国新闻工作者协会  China News Worker Association
   中国烟草总公司  China Tobacco Corporation
   中国银行  Bank of China
   中国银行总管处  General Director's Office of the Bank of China
   中国有色金属总公司  China Non-Ferrous Metal Corporation
   中国招商银行  China Merchant Bank
   中国证券监督管理委员会  China Securities Regulatory Commission of the People's Republic
  of China, CSRC
   中国证券业协会  China Securities Industry Association
   中国知识产权研究会  China Intellectual Property Research Association
   中国肢残人协会  China Disabled People Association
   中国治安管理处罚条例  Regulations of PRC on punishments in public order and security
   中国注册会计师协会  China Certified Public Accountant Association
   中国专利基金委员会  China Patent Fund Commission
   中国专利局  China Patent Office
   中华全国工商业联合会  China National Industry & Commerce Union
   中华全国律师协会  China National Lawyer's Association
   中华全国手工合作总社  All-China Handicraft General Cooperative
   中华全国总工会  All-China Federation of Trade Unions
   中华人民共和国  People's Republic of China
   中华人民共和国财政部  The Ministry of Finance of the People's Republic of China, MOF
   中华人民共和国对外贸易经济合作部  The Ministry of the Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation
  of the People's Republic of China , MOFTEC
   中华人民共和国公安部  The Ministry of Public Security of the People's Republic of
  China, MOPS
   中华人民共和国国防科学技术工业委员会  The Commission of Science, Industry and Technology for
  National Defense of the People's Republic of China , COSTIND
   中华人民共和国国家发展计划委员会  The State Development & Planning Commission of the
  People's Republic of China, SDPC
   中华人民共和国国家计划生育委员会  The State Family Planning Commission of the People's
  Republic of China, SFPC
   中华人民共和国国家经济贸易委员会  The State Economy & Trade Commission of the People's
  Republic of China, SETC
   中华人民共和国国土资源部  The Ministry of Land and Resources of the People's Republic of
  China, MOLR
   中华人民共和国国务院  State Council of the People's Republic of China
   中华人民共和国建设部  The Ministry of Construction of the People's Republic of China,
   中华人民共和国交通部  The Ministry of Communications of the People's Republic of
  China, MOC
   中华人民共和国教育部  The Ministry of Education of the People's Republic of China
   中华人民共和国科学技术部  The Ministry of Science & Technology of the People's Republic
  of China, MOST
   中华人民共和国农业部  The Ministry of Agriculture of the People's Republic of China ,
   中华人民共和国铁道部  The Ministry of Railway of the People's Republic of China, MOR
   中华人民共和国外交部  The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the People's Republic of
  China, MOFA
   中华人民共和国卫生部  The Ministry of Public Health of the People's Republic of China,
   中华人民共和国香港特别行政区  Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of the People's
  Republic of China
   中华人民共和国香港特别行政区筹备委员会  Preparatory Committee for the Hong Kong Special
  Administrative Region of the People's Republic of China
   中华人民共和国香港特别行政区基本法  Basic Law of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region
  of the People's Republic of China
   中华人民共和国香港特别行政区驻军法  Garrison Law of the Hong Kong Special Administrative
  Region of the People's Republic of China
   中华人民共和国信息产业部  The Ministry of Information Industry of the People's Republic
  of China, MOII
   中华人民共和国中央当局  Central Authorities of the People's Republic of China
   中华人民共和国中央人民政府  Central People's Government of the People's Republic of China
   中华人民共和国主席  President of the People's Republic of China
   中华邮电工会全国委员会  China Posts and Telecommunications Labor Union National
   中级人民法院  Intermediate People's Court
   中间媒介  intermediary
   中间人  Interposed person
   中间收益  mesne profits
   中间条款  intermediate term
   中间业主  mesne landlord
   中介机构  intermediaries
   中介人  broker
   中介人  go-between
   中介人  intermediary
   中募委  China Social Benefits Lotlery Commission
   中南军政委员会司法部  Judicial Department of the Central and Southern Military and
  Political Commission
   中期报告  interim report
   中期付款  interim payment
   中期济助  interim relief
   中期命令  interlocutory orders
   中期证明书  interim cerficates
   中签  win the lot for IPO
   中人  intermediary
   中山市  Zhongshan Municipality
   中伤  vilification
   中途停靠港  intermediate port
   中外合营企业  sino-foreign joint venture
   中外合作企业  sina-foreign contractual joint venture
   中央  Central Authorities
   中央党校  Party School of CCCPC
   中央对台工作领导小组办公室  Central Taiwan Affairs Leading Group Office
   中央对外宣传小组  Central External Propaganda Group
   中央国家机关  central state organ
   中央机构编制委员会办公室  Office of Central Institutional Organization Commission
   中央精简小组办公室  Central Simplify Administration Office
   中央精神文明建设指导委员会办公室  Office of the Spiritual Civilization Development Steering
   中央军事委员会  Central Military Commission
   中央军事委员会主席  Chairman of the Central Military Commission
   中央军委  The Military Commission of the Central Committee of CPC
   中央军委纪律检查委员会  Commission for Inspecting Discipline
   中央人民政府  Central People's Government
   中央人民政府委员会  Central People's Government Commission
   中央社会治安综合治理委员会  Central Committee of Public Security Commission
   中央生产救灾委员会  Central Manufacture Disaster Relief Commission
   中央银行  central bank
   中央与地方财政  delineation of fiscal responsibilities
   中央政府  central government
   中央职称改革工作领导小组  Central Professional Titles Reform Work Leading Group
   中央转业建设委员会  Central Transfer to Civil Work Construction Commission
   中英联合声明  Sino-British Joint Declaration
   中直机关事务管理局  Organ Directly Under CCP Affairs Management Bureau
   中止  Abate , prorogui
   中止付款  suspend payment
   中止管有  discontinuance of possession
   中止检控  nolle prosequi
   中止实施  discontinue the operation
   中质协委员会  China Quality Association Commission
   终审  final judgment, final instance
   终审裁定  final order
   终审判决  final judgmen
   终审权  power of final adjudication
   终生共同生活  life long cohabitation
   终止  termination
   种族血缘  ethnic origin
   仲裁  arbitration
   仲裁裁决  arbitral award
   仲裁地  arbitration locality
   仲裁机构  arbitral body
   仲裁庭:  Arbitral Tribunal
   仲裁委员会  Arbitration Committee
   仲裁员  Arbitrator
   重大责任事故  serious accident involving serious consequences
   重大责任事故罪  crime of major liability accident
   重复布点  duplicate projects
   重复建设  building redundant project, duplication of similar projects
   重婚罪  crime of bigamy
   重收土地  re-entry
   重新立案侦查  reopen the case for investigation
   重置成本  replacement cost
   重组计划  restructuring plan
   周口市  Zhoukou Municipality
   周期谷底  bottom (trough) of business cycle
   周转速度  velocity
   株州市  Zhuzhou Municipality
   珠海市  Zhuhai Municipality
   逐步到位  phase in
   逐步取消  phase out
   主办银行  main bank
   主承建商  main contractor
   主持  preside
   主动提起诉讼  initiation of proceedings
   主犯  culprit
   主观恶性  subjective culpability of the mind
   主观故意  subject intent
   主管  principal
   主管部门  the competent authority/authorities
   主管船东  managing owner of the ship
   主管当局  authority
   主管当局  competent authority
   主管机构  authority
   主管机关  competent authorities
   主管司法机构  competent judicial authority
   主理精神病患者财产帐目聆案管  Master in Lunacy
   主理讼费评定事物聆案管  taxing master
   主权  sovereign/sovereignty
   主权风险  sovereign risk
   主权国  sovereign powers
   主权国政府  sovereign government
   主权豁免  sovereign immunity
   主任裁判官  Principal Magistrate
   主任审裁官  Principal Presiding Officer, Labour Tribunal
   主任审裁官  Principal Adjudicator, Small Claims, Tribunal
   主审裁判官  adjudicating magistrate / presiding magistrate
   主审法官  trial judge
   主事人  principal
   主题  subject matter
   主体条例  principal Ordinances
   主体资格  right as principal
   主问  examination in chief
   主问证据  evidence in chief
   主要  pivotal
   主要办事处  principal office
   主要保证  principal security
   主要的居所  principal residence
   主要的业务地点  chief place of business
   主要民事赔偿责任  major compensation liability
   主要全部责任  main whole responsibility
   主要受益人  pricipal beneficiary
   主要嫌疑犯  major suspect
   主要业务  principal business
   主要业务地点  principal place of business
   主要责任  primary responibility
   主要债务人  principal debtor
   主要证据  material evidence
   主租客  principal tenant
   主租赁  principal tenancy
   属公正的例外情况  just exceptions
   属任何保有形式的土地  land of any tenure
   属于同类规则  ejusdem generis
   住所  place of residence
   注册商标  registered trademark
   注册资本  registered capital
   注册资金  registered capital
   注意事项  point for attention, matters needing attention
   驻马店市  Zhumadian Municipality
   驻外  stationed abroad
   著作权法  copyright law
   抓大放小  seize the big and free the small
   专款专用  earmark a fund for its specified purposes only
   专款专用  use of funds as ear-marked
   专利保护期限  duration of patent right protection
   专利代理人考核委员会  Patent Agent Examination Commission
   专利法  patent law
   专利局  Patent Bureau
   专利权归属  ownership of the patent right
   专利申请  patent application
   专卖店  exclusive store
   专门法庭  Special Courts
   专门人民法院  Special people's Court
   专门人民检察院  Special people's Procuratorate
   专业店  specially shop/store
   专属管辖  exclusive jurisdiction
   转贷  on-lending
   转轨经济  transition economy
   转机  turnaround
   转让  assignment
   转让方  assignor
   转让人  assignor
   转业费  military severance pay
   转业军人  retired servicemen, demobilized soldier
   转移所有权  pass ownership
   转帐支票  bearer cheque
   转折关头  turning point
   撰写  draft
   追偿  recover
   追回  Recover, retrieve
   追回款  recoveries
   追究行政或法律责任  sb. Shall be subject to administrative sanctions or legal
   追溯效力  retrospective effect
   追索抚养费案件  case involving a claim for case of upbringing
   追讨  recover
   准财政赤字  quasi-fiscal deficit
   准货币  quasi-money
   准时  promptness
   准司法机构  quasi-judicial organ
   准许离婚  divorce granted
   准予  permit
   捉拿归案  bring to justice
   酌情权  discretionary power
   着令出庭作证的传召出庭令状  writ of subpoena ad testificandum
   着令提出反对因由的命令  an order to show cause
   资本不足  under-capitalized
   资本充足率  capital adequacy ratio
   资本利润率  return on capital
   资本外逃  capital flight
   资本账户可兑换  capital account convertibility
   资不抵债  insolvent
   资产保值增值  maintain and increase the value of assets, maintenance and
  appreciation of assets value
   资产剥离  peel off assets of a company
   资产调控  assets control
   资产负债表  statement of assets and liabilities
   资产负债表  balance sheet
   资产负债率  liability/asset ratio
   资产贡献率  asset contribution factor
   资产集中  asset concentration
   资产利润率  return on assets
   资产质量  asset quality
   资产重组  reorganized assets, assets reorganization
   资产状况  condition of assets
   资产组合  asset portfolio
   资格审查委员会  credentials committee
   资金成本  cost of funding; cost of capital
   资金到位  fully funded
   资金划拨  capital allocation
   资金汇划  fund remittance and transfer
   资金宽裕  have sufficient funds
   资金利用率  fund utilization rate
   资金缺口  financing gap
   资金体外循环  financial disintermediation
   资金占压  funds tied up
   资深大律师  Senior Counsel
   资助  financial assistance
   资助诉讼  maintenance
   淄博市  Zibo Municipality
   子民与子民之间的诉讼  action between subjects
   子女  child
   子女抚恤金  children's pension
   自筹投资项目  self-financed projects
   自动弃权行为  act of abstention
   自检  self-examination, self-scrutiny
   自留地  private plot
   自然法  natural law
   自然法学家  naturalists
   自然法学派  School of Natural Law
   自然解除  should dissolve by itself
   自然人  natural person
   自首  surrender
   自首  voluntarily surrender
   自诉  private prosecution
   自诉人  private prosecutor
   自卫  self-defence
   自我检讨  self-criticism
   自营性存款  self-operating deposit
   自由裁量权  discretion
   自由恋爱  freedom of romance
   自有资金  equity fund
   自愿  voluntarily
   自愿仲裁  voluntary arbitration
   自治机关  organ of self-government
   自治区  antonomous region
   自治权  right of autonomy
   自治县  autonomous county
   自治州  autonomous prefecture
   宗教信仰自由  religious freedom
   宗教指导者  religious adviser
   综合补偿  comprehensive compensation
   综合国力  overall national strength
   综合效益指标  overall efficiency indicator
   综合治理  comprehensive adjustment
   综上  summing up the above
   总成本  total cost
   总成交额  total contract value
   总纲  general principles
   总交易量  total amount of transactions
   总论  general provisions
   总则  general provisions
   走私毒品配料罪  crime of smuggling auxiliary materials for the making of narcotics
   走私毒品罪  crime of smuggling drugs
   走私活动  smuggling activities
   走私罪  crime of smuggling
   租船人  charterer
   租借合同  lend-lease contrac
   租借人  leaseholder
   租赁  lease
   租赁土地  leasehold
   租用人  charterer
   阻碍司法公正  obstruction of the course of justice
   阻止性禁制令  prohibitory injunction
   组织  organization
   组织法  organic law
   组织他人偷越国境罪  crime of organizing other persons to secretly cross the national
   组织运送他人偷越边境罪  crime of organizing the transportation of other persona
  secretly across the border
   祖遗  received in succession
   最高国家权力机关  supreme organ of state power
   最高人民法院  The Supreme People's Court of the People's Republic of China (SPC)
   最高人民法院各法庭或处室  individual Court or Department of the Supreme People's Court
   最高人民法院公报  Gazette of the Supreme People's Court
   最高人民法院研究室  The Research Office of the Supreme People's Court
   最高人民检察署  The Supreme People's Procuratorate Bureau
   最高人民检察院  The Supreme People's Procuratorate of the People's Republic of
  China (SPP)
   最高审判和监督机关  highest trial and supervisory organ
   最后贷款人  lender of last resort
   最终控股公司  ultimate controlling company
   罪犯  criminal offender
   遵守  compliance
   遵守  observe
   遵守,服从  comply with, abide by
   遵循  comply
   作证  testify